Becca’s Revenge Pt. 02

Classroom Sex

Licking some of the cum off my lips I opened the door to Jason’s car, “hey” I said climbing into the front seat. Eyeing my topless tits he replied, “hey”. Still not having made eye contact with he realized there’s something dried all over my body and asked what it was.

As a drop of Mykeal’s brother’s cum fell to my chest I whipped it on my finger and stuck it in my mouth and said, “Do you really want to know?” Finally seeing the fresh cum all over my face he knew just what was all over my body. With no words he put the car in drive and took me home.

I kept the jizz on my face the whole way home, but as Jason pulled up to my house I took the towel he brought me whipped my face with it and threw it at him before he could say anything. I could hear him cursing at me as I walked my slutty loose ass to the door. But before I opened it I remembered I was topless my dad would flip if he saw me. So I did what I always did when I was trying to sneak in, I climbed the tree next to my room and went through the window I always leave open.

I immediately stripped what was left of my clothes and headed for the shower and went straight to bed.

The next morning I woke up got ready and went to school. When I showed up my reputation had changed. I went from being the cute soccer girl to full on cum dumpster. I wasn’t the only one Mykeal had sent the video to, he must’ve sent it to the whole school. I was receiving cat calls walking down hallways , having guys grab my ass as I put my books away in my locker, even the teachers were giving me different looks like they knew what had happened somehow.

But the most crazy thing was, I enjoyed it a little.

While I was walking to 3rd period, I saw Jason but I didn’t stop to talk him. Instead he did most of the talking for the both of us, “hey whore, how’s your ass after fucking all those guys? I bet when you fart it sounds like a wind tunnel huh.” His friends giggled a little.

I stopped in the middle of the hallway and said, “how’s your tiny dick? I bet you jerked it off to that video didn’t you? You’ll probably go home and jerk off your baby dick to it again huh?” Everyone erupted with Ohs and laughter.

“Fuck you bitch!” He said, getting teary eyed.

“Bye baby diiiiiiick” i said as I walked off, laughter still filling the room.

Sitting in class I kept noticing Jake staring at me a lot then it dawned on me, I’m the school slut. Jake was hot, he played baseball and rumor around school was that he had a big dick. So I winked at him.

I got up to go to the bathroom, and Jake followed.

As I pushed open the door to the girls bathroom, he shoves me into an open stall and rips my jeans down around my ankles. “You work fast.” I said with a smile as I turned around to unbuckle his shorts. I could see his budge straining his boxers as his shorts dropped ankara duşta veren escortlar to the floor, I lick my lips as I pulled on them and out sprung a thick dick at least 8 inches, that would spilt the old Becca in half.

“Huge, huh?” he said with a cocky smile.

“I’ve seen bigger.” I replied shooting a wink up at him as I gripped he cock getting ready to swallow it.

I gazed up at him with a slutty smile on my face then licked his cockhead three times before opening my mouth over it. As began to suck, taking in as much of the shaft as i could on each stroke. But it was just so fucking thick and big. Two or three inches was all i could manage, because my throat was still really sore from Mykeals party.

With every lick and pump my pussy grew wetter. Tim impressed me more and more by the second. I mean, we’re not talking world-record-big, but he was definitely in the could-fuck-for-money range. By the time he was fully hard, my fingertips only touched when I squeezed his girth and I felt like there was a fire between my legs.

I shifted onto my hands and knees and reached back to peel my thong off and slide it down to my knees. I supported myself with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. Sucking one of the schools biggest dicks and running my fingers up and down my slit almost made me miss the fact that the bell rang, and that the bathrooms were soon to be filled with other mean bitchy teenage sluts that we’re sure to take pictures and videos to expose me online.

As I slowed down running my tongue along jakes cock, I realized I didn’t care. I didn’t care if they took pictures of me, or videos, or even knew what a slut I am. Because that’s what I am a slut. Stuffing my face with his thick cock I heard all my girls giggle and telling everyone in the hallway.

I felt Jake start to twitch inside my mouth I knew he was about to cum. I moved my lips faster and faster, stroking his dick with every motion I went down. As his moans grew louder I took my mouth off of him and jacked him off aiming down my throat.

The first shot of cum flew into my hair, what a waste I thought as the next 4 ropes landed right on my tongue. As Jake pulled his pants back up, tucked his dick away and stared to leave everyone with a phone swarmed in front of the stall to get a picture of me.

Not having swallowed yet I thought I’d give my fans what they want. I opened my mouth to a flood of cum flowing down my chin as I smiled and posed for the crowd. The bell rang again signaling it was time for 4th period, as the crowd began to thin out I cleaned up enough to where I’d be able to walk out of the bathroom without it being totally obvious I just sucked dick.

Walking out of the bathroom I noticed Matt standing outside in the hallway. Matt is also on the baseball team like Jake so he probably ankara fetiş yapan escortlar knew what I had done already and he is also one of Jason’s best friends.

“Hey Becca” he said.

“Matthew…” Matt had always flirted with and I knew he had a crush on me and I always liked to tease him when Jason was around.

“So I heard what you did during the break…”

“You like what your heard?” I said biting my lips still a little sticky from jakes cum.

“How much?”

“How much, what?”

“How much for you to suck me off?” As he said that I glanced down noticing the tent in his pants.

I smiled and turning around I said “My mouth isn’t for sell Matt, but nice try.”

Adjusting his now tight pants “Just think about it, alight” he said as I strolled off.

Turning the corner I immediately threw up into a trash can. I thought it was a mixture of getting sick and all the dicks I’ve been sucking causing wear and tear so I took it as an excuse to go home and sleep. But as I woke up I ran to the bathroom and threw up again. I sat on the bathroom floor for a second and then remembered Mykeals party, and how I left the box of condoms here and I let the whole basketball team fuck me raw dog, and then continued to throw up.

Finally I stopped throwing up and got ready for school, while thinking of what I was going to do if I was for sure pregnant. I could keep it and get through high school without anyone noticing until we all graduated. Or abort it, but that costs money and I’m dirt poor.

But as I pulled into the school parking lot I saw Jason and Matt talking and remembered what Matt proposed to me. I got out of my car and walked over to them.

With Jason still standing next to him, “Ok fifty bucks.”

“What” they both responded.

“Fifty bucks and I’ll suck you off, a hundred if you want to fuck me.” Looking right in his eyes.

Shocked, Matt pulled on his wallet and fumbled with it before pulling out all he had.”All I have is 87 dollars… But I can get more!”

“I know you’re good for it” I said with a slutty smile.” I’ll come get you later Matt.”

“Tiny dick.” I said putting my hand on Jasons shoulder as I walked past him, and hearing the muffled anger Jason was having with Matt.

As lunch time came I thought I’d give Matt something to enjoy. I headed to the bathroom went in a stall, took my shirt off, and sent him a titty pic.

I got an immediate response, the text read “126 dollars if I can fuck you right now”

“You have all the money right now on you?” I replied.


“Meet me at your car.”

We ended up getting to his car at the same time, and with everyone hanging out in the parking lot I had thought we’d head to his house to do the dead but I was mistaken.

Putting my hand on his ankara iranlı escort chest and seductively saying, “Hey Matt” as he handed over the money, was enough to pitch a tent in his pants.

With no words he opened the back driver side door and pushed me in. I rolled over as he was climbing on top of me. I began to kiss him as I rubbed his already throbbing cock. It made me horny thinking that I was about to fuck someone, while having the possibility that I was pregnant and not knowing exactly who the father is.

As I lifted my ass off the seat Matt yanked my shorts off, along with panties. With my legs now spread wide, I felt just how wet I actually was, “Oooo, come feel this. I’m so wet. I need your dick inside me.” I then stuck my finger in my mouth and licked my own juices, “Mmmmm, this pussy tastes good. You want some Matt?”

I rocked back to where I was able to have my legs up and my feet pushing on the hood of his car. Matt slide his dick in my with ease. His chest pressed against my breasts and he began to pump. His cock felt great as it slid in and out of me. Ramming me, and mixing my insides the car began to shake. Within minutes I began to scream and moan.

Pushing deeper and deeper with every stroke, it was like he was angryat me for making him wait this long to fuck me. Like he was taking his sexual frustration out on me. I didn’t mind one bit.

“Oh yes…fuck me…do it! Aughh, I’m cumming! Ohhhhh shit. Ohhhhhh shit.” Screamed as Matts car shook.

Matt was on top of me, his pants around his ankles grunting and thrusting like a champion, filling me up like the naughty girl I was. Even when people walked past his car, he never slowed down.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum. Oh fuck, I’m about to unload.” As he announced he was getting close. he kept pumping and pumping, but he needed something to put him over the edge.

I yelped each time he slammed into me while saying, “Go ahead, daddy. Do it! Cum inside me. Fill my sluttly fucking pussy with your warm sticky jizz.”

That took it to another level as his body became uncontrollable “There it is! Auggghhhhhh, yesssssssss! FUUUUUCK. Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh my god, Jesus Christ. Ohhhh!”

I realized the feeling of his cum inside my slippery vagina was what I was really after, the money was just bonus. My pussy felt like it was actually sucking the cum out of his dick like my mouth would do. When Matt finished, he let out a huge sigh and laid on top of me as we both caught our breath, while the car stopped rocking back and forth.

As Matt pulled his pants up to cover his dick still shining with both our juices I heard the cheering coming from behind the car. While I was gathering my shorts he reminded me, “Don’t forget your panties.” As he handed them to me.

Climbing out of the car the cheering and clapping grew loader. Walking off one the girls that saw me in the bathroom with Jake said, “Wow Becca who’s next?”

“Your mom.” I said, too tired to come up with a better comeback. But everyone laughed anyway.

With panties in one hand and Matts jizz rolling down my leg, I walked to class.


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