Becoming a Sissy Part 8


Becoming a Sissy Part 8Tom makes a decision. It lists Mandy’s help. And Sissy proves herself.Tom had already made his decision concerning Peter. He had thoroughly enjoyed his role-play with Mandy, but knew that having his best friend as his sissy would be even better. He trusted that what Peter wanted was to service his Daddy, and he knew from the way Peter (Sissy from now on) had serviced him on that evening, that he would do anything for his Daddy.He too had explored X hamster and was aware of the degree of training that went into turning his friend into a genuine sissy. He also knew that he, Tom, wasn’t just doing it for his own pleasure but that his sissy would extract enormous pleasure from serving his Daddy.He was deep in thought when he saw a message coming in in this phone. He looked at it, puzzled, it was from Tom but was a photo of a sexy woman. Then he realised it was his Sissy. As he flicked through the photos he saW sissy deep throating a strapon and then getting fucked with it. He fully realised the commitment that his sissy was making to him. He felt the power surge through him and his massive cock started to engorge. If there had been any doubt, there wasn’t now.He called Mandy again to seek her advice, about the only subject she had any knowledge of. How do you turn somebody into a total sex object for the pleasure of others. Mandy so proud that her advice was being sought, came rushing over to Tom’s. Obviously, Tom wasn’t going to miss out on an opportunity, so when she came in the door he walked over to his bed and lay down. “Strip me, and suck me” he said. Mandy crawled up the bed and immediately stripped all his clothes off. As she went to work on his cock and balls, Tom reached for his laptop and started looking at some sissy videos. While he could feel the lips and mouth licking and sucking him he couldn’t see who was doing it. He turned up the sissy training video which was giving instructions “now take the head of daddy’s cock in your mouth” Mandy responded “take his balls in your mouth and play with them” then ” take this cock in your mouth and start to deep throat him”Mandy immediately responded by forcing her head mouth and throat down over Tom’s massive engorged penis. She gagged and sputtered but got it all in there. “Now fuck his cock with your throat” Mandy responded. Tom felt his orgasm building and while still looking at his laptop but his right hand on top of Mandy’s head and held it there, waiting for its explosion. When it came it shocked Mandy, she gagged and gagged, but didn’t try to move her head from where it belonged. She took it all down her throat with just a little escaping onto his cock and balls. Tom had to admit, this was Mandy’s best performance yet. He raised his knees so Mandy could have access to his anus and she responded by cleaning up just like she had done the previous night. The next hour was the happiest of Mandy’s life as Tom consulted her about how he could turn Peter into a sissy. He showed her the photographs and she immediately understood muğla escort that Sissy had probably already received some advice. She felt pangs of jealousy as she knew she would not have Tom exclusively to herself, but nonetheless, what could she do? For the first time in her life Mandy felt a lightbulb going off in her head “well your sissy looks very nice, but maybe she needs some professional help with her make-up, what do you think?” Tom nodded in agreement, “know anyone?” He realised how dumb his question was the minute he said it and didn’t mind when Mandy sniggered. “Oh yes I think I know somebody who might help” she wracked her brain more and remembered how Tom had looked approvingly at her own completely bald pussy and ass. “What about getting some professional help with all his body hair? I’ve had mine completely removed by laser, do you like it?” Tom really liked that idea as there was an element of emasculating his sissy. “I’ve never done it myself, but if he’s really going to be your sissy, shouldn’t he have a tattoo?” Tom looked at Mandy and understood that she probably wasn’t as dumb as she looked (well nobody could be that dumb). He remembered a video he’d seen of a sissification which included the sissy getting a tattoo just above their arse reading “Daddy’s”. He felt himself getting erect again.He made a decision. “Okay Mandy, I’ll keep fucking you if you give me some help with this. I even have in mind a starring role for you if you help me” Mandy, the poor dumb plastic bimbo, almost cried.With that Tom took a photo of his erect cock and texted it to sissy. “My place in 30 minutes.”Sissy received the text and was overjoyed. He debated how we should dress (as she was, or full slut wear), but decided in the interests of time to go as he was. He called a minicab and was at Daddy’s within 15 minutes. Tom answered the door completely naked, and looked sissy up and down admiringly. Sissy returned the compliment focusing on the magnificent cock and balls which she had had in her mouth a few days earlier. She started to salivate. Tom turned and walked in to his bedroom with sissy following. He was shocked to see a bimbo sitting in the corner and stopped. “What’s wrong, afraid of a spectator?” Daddy asked. Sissy was reassured that she was going to be the main course. “Okay Sissy the other night was really good and I think you have potential to serve me, but obviously if you are to be my sissy you need to be able to take this (he grabbed his obscenely large cock and balls) in your little boy pussy, how about now?”Sissy knew that this was make or break. She was so happy that she had received instruction from mistress earlier in the day. Momentarily she reflected on how tender her boy pussy was, after getting reamed, but she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind. He immediately clicked into full on sissy mode. He went over to the bimbo, turned around saying “can you unzip me” Mandy did as she was asked and sissies dress slid down to the floor. Sissy muş escort stepped out of it and presented her body to her daddy. He gave a low whistle saying “wow, that’s hot” he was especially impressed by the effort sissy had gone to replicate the big tits that he so enjoyed. The corset was a total surprise and he had to admit a turn on. Seeing sissy standing there in the red high heel shoes, stockings and suspenders and a corset with his little clit dangling, Daddy went to full mast.”Would Daddy like me to pleasure his cock?” Sissy asked her eyes cast down in a submissive manner. “Daddy would like that” came the answer. With that sissy walked over to Daddy and assumed the position that would become one of her two natural poses. Looking up into daddy’s eyes she took his cock in her mouth, kissing and caressing the huge slab of meat, making love to it with her lips and mouth. She then pushed his cock back to his belly and started to lick his giant balls. A groan escaped daddy’s lips, it really had been as good as he remembered. Sissy continued giving pleasure to his balls and then kissed her way up the giant penis. He was aware that the bimbo in the corner was probably competition, so this had to be good. Looking demurely into Daddy’s eyes she took the head of his cock in her mouth and slowly but surely pushed and pushed until her tongue was able to lap his balls. Daddy looked down into her eyes with admiration. With that, sissy reached around clasping daddies powerful ass cheeks and started to fuck her own throat with daddy’s cock. In the corner, Mandy realised she would never have Daddy to herself. Sissy fucked and fucked her own throat with the massive cock and Daddy felt the spunk starting to boil in its balls. Despite himself he pulled the sissy off his cock saying “let’s try out your pussy”.Immediately Sissy assumed the second position which would become her favourite. She got on all fours lowered her shoulders so that she was resting on her elbows and then reached around to take out the ever present butt plug. “That’s okay, leave that to me” Daddy said. He remembered the previous evening when he had gently fucked his sissy with the butt plug. He started to pull it in and out of sissys pussy but quickly realised that this was much bigger and fatter. His admiration for the dedication his sissy had shown him knew no bounds. He thought he actually felt love for his sissy.As he pulled and pushed on the butt plug he was aware that there must be some pain for sissy, but also knew that if he were to be able to get his own cock in there and to fuck sissy like they both wanted, that he had to be cruel to be kind. He pulled and pushed on the plug watching the sphincter ring tightened and loosened around the grotesque toy. As he continued to play with it he was aware that his Sissy was starting to pant gently, presumably starting to take some pleasure. He looked underneath and saw that Sissy’s little clit was fully erect, how cute it looked. As he looked down he knew he was missing escort bayan an opportunity. “Mandy get down between Sissy’s legs and give her a blow job while I fuck his pussy” Mandy looked at him, a hint of resistance in her dumb face but then scurried over, lay on the floor between Sissy’s legs and shifted herself upwards so that she could blow his clit. For her it was a pleasant surprise. She was used to taking massive cocks all the way down, with this all she had to do was a little sucking and nibbling, no problem.With her in position Daddy decided it was time to get down to business. He pulled the butt plug roughly out of Sissy’s pussy and marvelled at the yawning gape of the pussy hole. He spat into the chasm before him, shaking his head in wonder. Then he saw the gape beginning to close and he knew we had to get to work. He roughly pushed the bulbous, beautiful mushroom head of his cock into the opening which it took easily. Beneath him Sissy sighed deeply. This was unquestionably going to be the most fulfilling day of sissys life. Daddy took that as a sign to invade the pussy even more deeply and slowly but surely pushed his giant engorged cock into the pussy before him. He was astounded when his balls were resting on sissies arse within minutes. He rested there for a moment not wanting to cause sissy too much pain (he would have to stop doing that, he still occasionally thought that it was his best friend beneath him and took his feelings into consideration). His thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of sissies pushing against him, “cripes, you’re a greedy little sissy” with that he grabbed Sissy around the hips and started to pound the little pussy before him. Beneath him he could hear Mandy doing her best. His mind was melted by the total perversity of what was happening and with that went into a blaze of rapidfire pounding which lasted three or four minutes. He had thought that he would deposit his load all over Sissy’s face, but in the end his orgasm came too quickly and he exploded deep in her bowels. He started roaring as he felt spunk gushing from him into sissys guts. With that he heard sissy whimper and whimper and then gasp, as he assumed Mandy had enticed an orgasm out of her. For a minute or two they all held their position out of breath and trying to get their heads around what had happened. Finally as he felt the sissy sphincter start to tighten around him daddy pulled his b**st out and went over to the bed and lay down on his back. He bent his knees and looking over at them asked “well who’s gonna clean up this mess” Sissy reached for her butt plug and inserted it easily into her pussy. She wanted to keep Daddys seed in there for as long as she could. With that she helped Mandy to her feet and they both crawled up on the bed to clean up daddy.Tom got lost in his own thoughts as his two submissive slaves went about their business. “Why oh why did I wait this long to get what I truly deserve?” he thought. When they had finished he indicated that they could come either side of him. As he fell asleep with sissies head on one shoulder and Mandys on the other an image flashed through his mind. It was of a beautiful big pair of natural tits bouncing to the rythmn of his pounding a bald pussy. The tits belonged to Sarah…………………

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