Becoming Emily – Part X


Becoming Emily – Part XAfter a much needed soak and a somewhat half hearted orgasm I got dressed and eventually found my way to the kitchen. I hadn’t realized just how hungry I was until I opened the refrigerator and found it to be damn near bare. My grocery shopping trip the previous day was interrupted by Roxie, not that minded, but now not only was I starving but I was also out of coffee. This just would not do so I headed off back into town. The effects of last nights blizzard were obvious but thankfully the streets were passable and this time I made certain that I had plenty of gas. I decided that my first stop would be to the local coffee house and much like yesterday that would prove to be a very interesting decision.The place was rather busy this morning but I was able to find an open table to sit while I enjoyed my coffee and browsed through the real estate section of the paper, I guess some habits are harder to break then others. I was halfway through my coffee when I noticed the blonde sitting at the table directly across from me with her attention focused on the book she was reading. I couldn’t immediately place it but there was something familiar about her. I racked my brain as I tried to remember where I had seen this girl before but I just couldn’t place her. It wasn’t until she took a sip from her drink and whipped a bit of whip cream from her mouth when it hit me. Paige! This was Paige! I had watched her glory hole video so much that I was shocked that I didn’t instantly recognize her but truth be told, that video did her no justice. She is even more beautiful in person. I pulled my phone from my purse and texted the man I referred to as Daddy.Me: Is Paige home from school?Daddy: Yes. How did you know?I nonchalantly snapped a pic of her and sent it to him.Daddy: Guessing you’re at the coffee house. She got in last night and I’ve had a hard-on ever since.Me: I can see why. She is gorgeous.Me: I’d love to fuck her to ;)Daddy: Oh I’d love to see that!Me: Watch her lick her Daddy’s cum from my lil pussy?Daddy: Oh you’re going to have to stop. I’m about to head into a meeting and I can’t do that with a hard-on. Lol.I sat there for another 15 minutes as I imagined her Daddy fucking her the same way that he had been fucking me. Then I thought about me fucking her. I was lost in this thought when a female voice wrangled my attention.“Oh I’m sorry. What?” I snapped back to the here and now to find Paige looking directly at me with a slight smile.“I asked if you were finished with the Help Wanted section.” she motioned to the newspaper laying on the table.“Oh. Yea, sure. Here you go.” I reached across and handed it to her and for a brief moment I caught a whiff of her perfume.“Thanks. Trying to find a job, make a little extra money for the holidays you know.” there was that soft smile and even though it wasn’t of a sexual intention I couldn’t evade the image of several loads of cum splattered along her lips. I snuck little glances at her as she searched through the want ads, and after another 15 minutes I approached her.“I hope this doesn’t sound weird but is your name Paige?”“Um yeah. Do I know you?” “No. No you don’t my name is Emily. Emily Hart.” I made up the last name on the spot and felt rather pleased with it. “I was just thinking that you looked really familiar and it just dawned on me where I’ve seen you before.” I leaned in closer so as to not be overheard. “I saw your video on-line. The porno.” Her eyes snapped open wide an she quickly scanned to see if anyone else had heard me before a smile crept across her lips.“Oh wow I can’t believe you saw that. This is so embarrassing.” I took the seat directly next to her and moved in a little closer as she started to blush.“Oh don’t be embarrassed. It was hot. I’ve probably watched that a dozen times.”“I should have known that even in this small town you can’t escape the internet.” her demeanor still showed signs of shyness and embarssment but the redness in her cheeks started to fade away.“Listen, who gives a damn what other people think. Did you have fun? Did you enjoy it?”“Well yeah. I mean I wouldn’t do it for a living but it was one of my dirty little fantasies I guess.”“That’s all that matters. Any women that put you down because of it are either jealous or out right prudes.” I was channeling Lilly’s words to me and it seemed to alleviate her anxiety.We chatted for the next half-hour and even though it was mainly non-sexual in nature I kept imagining her getting fucked and sucking cock….and eating my pussy. I wondered what her reaction would be if I revealed to her that I had been acting as a surrogate daughter for her daddy because he wanted nothing more than to ram his cock deep inside her and fill her with cum. Eventually we both had to leave but not before exchanging numbers and even as I left to go shopping I knew that somehow, someway I was going to fuck her.As horny as I was I made it through my grocery shopping excursion. Almost everything reminded me of sex. I needed milk which made me think of cum, the cucumber I bought obviously made me think of cock and even the eggs made me think of all the cum that had been shot up inside me. I hadn’t even made it home before I was touching my needy little pussy. I kept thinking about Paige and how I was going to get her to into my bed and by the time I finally pulled into my driveway I had concocted plan. I would need some help with it and I hadn’t worked out all the details but it was a start. I would ponder more after I had put away the groceries and had a much needed orgasm or three. I was holding onto that cucumber when the phone rang.“Hello?”“Emily, hey it’s Mitchell. Mitchell Ross.”“MMM well hello Mr. Ross.” I wondered if he could sense the sexual hunger in my voice. “How are you?”“I’m well but I would be a lot better if you would have dinner with me again tonight.” I bit my lower lip at the thought of his huge cock.“I’d halkalı escort love to. Are you staying at the same hotel?”“No they’ve politely asked me not to return. Seems that they received a lot of complaint from other guests about the noise coming from my room.”“Well how about you just come here? I’ll make you dinner. About 8 o’cock….I mean clock.” “Oh it’s more than 8.” he teased.“Oh I know….” I moaned. After I hung up the phone I was insanely horny. I needed to feel something inside me….deep inside me and pounding me like there was no tomorrow. I gave serious thought about straddling that cucumber but ultimately decided against it. I had six hours to kill before Mitchell Ross would be here. My 6 inch toy would have to suffice until then plus it gave me time to refine my plan to fuck Paige. I would need Lilly’s help but when I tried calling all I got was her voice mail. I thought about calling Daddy but in the end I ended up watching Paige’s video again while I fucked my needy pussy with my toy.************************************************************************After several orgasms and a quick little nap I eventually started getting ready for my “date” with Mr. Ross. I gave absolutely no thought to actual food though. I just figured we could order a pizza in-between fucks. The last time he fucked me I dressed in a manor that sort of made me seem older but this time I wanted to accentuate my youth. I wanted him to know that he was sinking his huge, throbbing cock into a younger girl. I had bought, and quickly forgotten about, a slutty girl scout uniform and when I saw it hanging there in the closet I knew it would be perfect. The skirt was short, like bottom of my ass showing short and the top barely buttoned around my tits. The sash had fake achievement badges such as “blow job”, “anal”, “facial” and the like. I finished off the look with white knee high socks and pair of platform heels. When he finally arrived his eyes seemed to pop out when I opened the door.“Holy. Shit.”“Hi there Mr. Ross! My Daddy isn’t home but you can come on in.” I smiled and arched my back which pushed my tits out at him and it also almost caused one of the buttons to pop off. “I just got back from a scout meeting. “You like my uniform?” I did a slow, teasing twirl to show him.“Oh I do Emily. I really, really do!” I felt myself get hot as his eyes followed the curves of my body. “I uh, brought this….” his voice trailed off as he held up a bottle of wine.“Oh wine! You won’t tell my Daddy if I have little sip will you?” I wasn’t exactly sure how Mitchell Ross would respond to this little role play but thankfully he was quick to pick up on it and he went right along.“No. I won’t tell him.” he just smiled and licked his lips at me.“Awesome. You’ll have to open it though and I’ll get some glasses.” I slowly walked towards the kitchen making sure that he watched my ass sway from side to side. When I returned e was sitting on the couch where I joined him. He poured us both a glass and I just let him stare at me.“That’s a lot of badges you have there Emily.” his fingers slide along the sash and between my tits while he read the fake achievements. “You know, I was a scout when I was younger and you know that old joke about a scout eating his first brownie?” his cock was already swelling against his pants and it was becoming more difficult not to rip it out and jump on it.“Well Mr. Ross I’m not a brownie and I don’t have any. But I do have a sweet, sweet little cookie.” my hand slide along the bulge in his pants aching to be set free. “Would you like to see Mr. Ross?”“MMMM I would love some Emily.” I hadn’t bothered to wear panties so I leaned back slightly and slid the hem of my skirt up. His eyes caught site of my bald mound and he moaned loudly. “That is a delicious looking cookie.”“You wanna taste Mr. Ross? You want to eat my little cookie?” I reached down and slid a finger up my slit. In turn he calmly took the glass from my hand and set it on the table then pushed me back onto the couch and before I knew it his mouth was against my quivering little cunt. “Oh my god yesssss! Oh Mr. Ross! Eat me! Eat my little pussy!” I was gyrating as I pulled his mouth against my sex. “That taste good? My little cunt taste good Mr. Ross?” I soon realized that while Michell Ross has a giant cock and is an amazing fuck he lacks in the pussy eating category, so much so that after a few minutes I pulled him up from between my thighs. “You know I have one badge left to earn and maybe you can help me with it?”“MMMM and what badge would that be Emily?”“The deep throat badge.” I moaned and slid onto his lap, my wet pussy dampening his pants as I pushed against the bulge. “Can I Mr. Ross, Please?” I had began to unbutton my shirt and finally pushed it away from my tits as I dropped onto my knees.“Well no one has ever been able to before but go ahead Emily, take my cock out. Let’s see if you can earn that badge.” he watched as I slowly undid his pants and finally let his throbbing cock spring free. As I stared in awe at his immense pole I thought back to the night at the club with Lilly and the last man that fucked me that night. I had thought that he was about the same size as Mitchell Ross but now, kneeling before him, I realized that I was wrong. Mr. Ross was definitely bigger and thicker. It was already boiling pre-cum from the head as I wrapped my hand around it and started to take it between my lips.“Oh fuck how I’ve missed this huge cock.” I uttered as I started to swallow him. I took as much as I could before I gagged then went back down a little further. It soon became obvious that wouldn’t be able to deep throat him but at that point I didn’t care. I just wanted to suck it, feel it in my throat, taste him and soon I was bobbing up and down his shaft. My lips sliding up his length to the tip of his head and then back down taksim escort again as far as I could take him. My ears were filled with the sound of a wet sloppy blow job mixed with his words of encouragment.“Oh that’s it Emily. You filthy fucking slut! Suck my big cock! Oh fuck you nasty little girl!” my face was wet with a saliva/pre-cum mixture and my pussy was literally drooling. “Show me those pretty eyes Emily….show me while you suck my fucking cock like a cheap little whore.” he brushed my hair back and I looked up at him while I worked on his cock. I blew him until I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to feel him inside me. I wanted that monster cock to stretch me open again. I pulled him free of my mouth with an audible pop and let it slap against my face. It was like fleshy club being lightly drummed against my cheeks.“MMMM you gonna fuck me now Mr. Ross?” I straddled him again and let his wet cock slide against my slit. “MMMM I can feel your fat cock throbbing against my young little pussy. Take me and fuck me in Daddy’s bed.” apparently he didn’t have to be told twice. He literally lifted me up and carried me and with some guidance found my bedroom where he dropped me onto the bed. I laid there and watched him undress, that big cock sticking straight out as he closed the gap between us. I felt the head push lightly against my slit and braced myself for it. “Oh do it Mr. Ross! Do it! Shove that huge cock into me and fucking pound my teen cunt!” when he finally pushed into me I screamed.“Oh fucking shit Emily! You’re so fucking tight!” he stated through gritted teeth as he slammed his entire length up inside me and began to saw in and out of my cunt fast, deep and hard. His balls began slapping loudly against my ass and my tits were flaying about wildly as he repeatedly slammed into me with all his weight.“Ohhhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Take it! Take my little fucking pussy! Use my fucking cunt!” I was screaming at the top of my lungs and getting closer and closer to cumming. “Oh Mr. Ross! Make me cum! Make my little pussy cum!” and that is exactly what happened. I wrapped my legs around him to hold him still as my body began to shake in a ferocious orgasm. I felt myself constrict round his girth and my juices fighting to get out of me, the problem being that his fat cock was like a cork. He worked his way free and pulled out and my pussy erupted like a geyser.“Oh fuck that’s a good girl. Cum Emily. Fucking squirt that cream!” he watched in glee as I did just that and as soon as it subsided he rammed back inside me with out warning. “Naugty little fucking slut, cumming all over your Daddy’s bed.” he moaned as he continued to invade my young pussy. “You want to ride my big dick?”“Oh god yes! Yes! I want it!” he pulled out and laid down next to me. I slide my shirt off completely and started to straddle him when he stopped me.“Lose the skirt, but keep the sash.” he winked and I did as I was asked.“MMMM you dirty old man. You like watching your fat cock fucking my lil girl scout pussy?” I slid down his pole and started to ride him with reckless abandon. “MMMM watch that big fucking cock going up into my young little fuckhole….my tiny little pussy stretching around it.” I teased while I worked my tiny cunt up and down his hard thick cock. His hands found my waist and when I would slide up he would pull me back down with force. My ass slammed down hard against his thighs and my tits were again bouncing wildly.“Emily! Oh fuck! You’re going to make me cum!”“Oh god yes! Cum for me Mr. Ross! Cum inside me! Dump your load deep into my young little pussy!” I screamed and he began thrusting up into me as I slammed down onto him even harder. “Do it Mr., cum! Cum in me! Cum with me!” I felt another orgasm quickly building and just as it began to hit he pulled me hard down on him and I felt him erupt inside me. My body reacted to the feel of spurt after spurt of cum being shot deep into me by having orgasm after orgasm. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I collapsed onto him. We kissed and I rolled off, watching and feeling his spunk dripple out of my puff little cunt.“You are an amazing little fuck, you know that?” he asked while watching his cum develop into a pool on the bed. I responded with a sly smile and a moan before scooping up some of the fresh jizz and licking it from my fingers.“MMMM you taste so good Mr. Ross.” I purred as I savored his cream from my fingers then diverted my attention to his wet cock laying against his thigh. I was silent as I slid down his body and let his semi-soft dick glide between my lips. I caught sight of myself in the mirror, nude save for the white knee socks, platforms and sash, slightly bent over and swallowing his length. “You do love sucking cock don’t you?” he smiled down at me and I just nodded with a mouth full of dick. I could feel his fluids still seeping slowly from my slit and I was thoroughly enjoying the taste of our combined juices when he pulled up and kissed me hard on the lips while his hands roamed over the roundness of my ass. “You have one of the most perfect asses I have ever seen in my life….and I have seen a lot of ass.”“MMMM spank it.” I heard myself whisper to him. His hand softly landed against my smooth firm butt. “Harder Mr. Ross. I been such a bad little girl.” he grinned and let his hand slap hard against my bare ass, once, twice, three times before letting it linger. I felt a finger search for and find my asshole. I moaned.“I see you’ve already earned your anal badge huh?” the last time he fucked me I had yet to take it up the ass and as I lay on him feeling his cock starting to swell I had mixed emotions. A large part of me wanted to feel his insanely huge cock pushing up my tightest of holes but there was a small part of me that was scared at the same thought of it. After all he was fucking huge. His finger slid down and rubbed şişli escort against my cum soaked slit then back to my ass. I gasped when I felt the cum lubed digit work into my tight hole. “Fuck! You ass is so fucking tight.” he almost whispered while he finger fucked my asshole.“More. Another one.” I pleaded. I felt his cock stiffening and suddenly the thougt of taking that monster up my butt excited me more than it scared me. A second finger worked it’s way inside. “Get me ready Mr. Ross. Get my tight little ass ready to take your big fucking cock.”. A third cum wettend finger found it’s way up my ass and his mouth latched onto one of my tits. I laid there on top of him getting my ass finger fucked while he feasted on my young firm tits. “Oh god Mr. Ross! I need you to fuck me, I need you to fuck me right now! Shove that fat fucking cock in me!” he forced me onto my back and I instinctively spread my legs. Mr. Ross was quick to kneal between my opened thighs, slapping his club-like cock against my clit.“Horny little girl scout slut ready to get fucked in the ass?”“Yes! Yes! Oh my god yes!” I fully expected and braced myself for him wedging his immense cockhead up my puckerd asshole but instead he rammed it ball deep into my pussy and began to fuck me harder and deeper than before. I felt his hands grab my ankle and he held my legs up and open as he drove himself into me. I watched in facination as his thickness disappeared again and again into my sopping wet cunt lips. My hands reached grabbed onto my wildly flaying tits.“Yeah! That’s it Emily. Grab your fucking tits! Hold your fucking whore tits while I fuck you!” he was grunting and groaning while he drove himself deeper and deeper into me.“Oh Mr. Ross! Fuck me! Fuck my young little pussy! Oh Mr. Ross, please! Please!”“Please what Emily. What does the little whore want?”“My ass! Fuck me in the ass! Make me take it! Make me take your cock up my ass!” he put my ankle on his shoulders and leant forward, jackammering his huge cock into me. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh my god yes…..fuck meeeeeee!” he grunted and groaned as my little fuckhole constricted around him like a vice and then he finally pulled out and felt the tip of his dick pressing against my ass. “Wait!” I pointed to a small bottle of lube on the nightstand. He grabbed it and skillfully lubed himself as well as my ass.“MMMM here it comes little girl.” he moaned as I felt the tip again press against my tight asshole and I braced for it.“Ohhh go slow. Please? You’re so big.” I pleaded and he complied. I felt his throbbing meat slowly sliding up inside me.“Oh fuck you’re so fucking tight baby.” slowly but surely he would work a little deeper and deeper and thankfully my ass loosened to let him. Eventually I felt his balls press against me and when I looked down I had every inch of Mitchell Ross’ huge cock up my ass. It hurt a bit but at the same time it felt amazing. His eyes were shut in pleasure as he started to slowly hump into me.“Ohhh fuck my ass Mr. Ross! Harder! Fuck me harder now! Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little asshole! Gape my teen ass you filthy old fuck!” he pinned my wrists to the bed as he jammed his cock in and out of my now stretched out asshole. He grunted with every thrust and I felt his sweat dripping down onto my body. I felt like such a whore and I loved it.“Such! A! Tight! Fucking! Ass! Where is that fucking cock now little girl?”“My ass! Ohhhhh fuck you’re so deep in my ass! Pound my fucking ass!” his body smacked against mine as he threw himself into me. I knew it would probably be sore later but at the moment that he was doing me I didn’t care. I just wanted to be his little fuck-toy.I loved the sight of watching him fuck my ass, pulling back until the head was just barely up my ass then forcing himself back in and it must have lulled me into a sex induced trance. All that I was aware of was the intense pleasure so I wasn’t really expecting it when he pulled out of my ass and roughly flipped me onto my stomach. I felt the weight of his body on me and the feeling of his cock working back up inside my butt and his hands roughly latching onto my ass cheeks. “Ohhhh fuckkkkk meeeeee!” I screamed.“That’s it Emily, fucking scream for my cock up your slutty little ass!” one of his hands had grabbed onto my hair and pulled hard, jerking my head back while he fucked my ass in a frenzy.“Emily! Oh fuck, Emily! I’m going to cum! I’m going to fucking cum all over that pretty face!” and with that he quickly withdrew from my butt. I didn’t want to miss a single drop of his spunk and moved so that I was on my back with my head hanging off the edge and his pulsating cock at my lips.“Shove it down my fucking throat! Make me take it all!” his hand guided his surging dick into my mouth and I let him push and push until finally I had every inch inside. I had managed to deep throat Mr. Ross and I felt a certain perverse satisfaction in his amazement. He guided himself in and out a few inches as he watched this young girl taking every inch of his manhood down her throat, something that he claimed had never been done. “Ahhh fuck! Ahhhhhhhhhh!“ he moaned even as he began pulling his dick free of my throat and took it into his hand, pumping it fast and within a few strokes he erupted. I felt his load splat against my face, my nose, my lips and even my tits. He grunted as he worked his cock for every last drop and deposited it on varios parts of my face until he collapsed in a heap next me. “Oh shit that was incredible.” he panted. I knelt next to him and let him admire his handy work, fresh fluids coating my skin and dripping down. I scooped up a large portion and licked it from my fingers then rubbed the rest onto my tits.“MMMM delicious.” I teased. “And you made such a mess of Daddy’s bed….and his little girl.” a girl-ish giggle escaped from my lips.“What would you Daddy say f he could see you know?” he laughed.“Who do you think helped me earn all these badges.” I winked and laid down on the bed.“Oh you are a naughty lil girl aren’t you Emily?” his hand cupped my tit.“MMMM you have no idea.” I winked at him. “I’m hungry. Let’s order pizza.”************************************************************************

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