Bedding the Babysitter Ch. 08


Summary: Jenny is a maid at lesbian fundraising orgy for Gov. Greene.

Part 1: Eighteen-year-old Jenny is a shy, curious babysitter who is pulled into the lesbian lifestyle by her pretty, seductive neighbor and employer, Megan.

Part 2: Jenny is taken out for a makeover where she meets her high school crush (cheerleader Karen) and ends up at a lesbian club (Le Château Club) where she accepts unconditionally that she is a submissive lesbian.

Part 3: Jenny, now also a sub to cheerleading captain Karen, becomes popular, sets new fashions with her thigh high stockings fetish, begins the seduction of a female teacher and serves as the pet for a group of cheerleaders at a retreat.

Part 4: Jenny completes her seduction of her pretty teacher.

Part 5: Returning home, she walks in on her Mom who has submitted to Karen. Shocked, Jenny listens to how her mother became a sub just like her.

Part 6: Jenny goes on her first lesbian date with Ashley, another cheerleader…who, unlike Karen, is not a Domme.

Part 7: Jenny flashes back to her first night with Governor Greene (which immediately follows the timeline from Chapter 2); Karen places Jenny in compromising situations; Ashley protects Jenny at all costs. The chapter ends in a strange triangle/standoff between Ashley, Karen and Jenny.

Note 1: As always, a great thanks to Robert, sexnovella, David, goamx86, and Wayne for editing this chapter. A major rewrite occurred in May 2018 by Tex Beethoven.

Note 2: Of course all participants are at least eighteen years old.


Ashley and I brought each other off in my bedroom in a lengthy, sweet, sixty-nine before I reminded her, “We need to do our faces and hair for tonight and go talk with Mistress Megan.”

Ashley said, “I find it weird that you have an adult Mistress.”

“Without her we wouldn’t have ever gotten to know each other,” I smiled, kissing her affectionately. And she’s no Karen, she’s always a benign dominatrix even when she seems cruel. Smart, too!”

“I hope so,” she nodded. “And maybe she can help us with this Karen problem.”

“I hope so too,” I nodded.

So we did a rush job of fixing and primping each other up, giggling and acting like little girl besties, not worrying about how we were dressed since I knew suitable clothing would be provided.

Twenty minutes later we knocked on Megan’s door with a mixture of trepidation and excitement.

Part of me knew I couldn’t let Karen control me with such carelessness, and yet another part of me was addicted to my utter submission and mindless following under her control. After all, she was the one who had transformed me from a nerdy wallflower into a popular, sexy cheerleader. (Of course with a major assist from Mistress Megan.)

On another note, I was undoubtedly falling ever more deeply in love with Ashley. I wanted to be with her and be her girlfriend… Yet I also needed to be the submissive I naturally was… and in spite of her ferocious protection of me today, I was sure Ashley couldn’t play the dominant I craved. That just wasn’t who she was.

These conflicting and confusing thoughts were ricocheting around in my head as Megan opened the door.

“Speak of the devil,” she smiled.

“Can we talk?” I asked.

“Yes, we need to,” she nodded, as she glanced down and saw I was holding Ashley’s hand.

“And you must be Ashley,” Megan greeted.

“How would you know that, Mistress? I haven’t told you about her yet.”

“Your Mom did; it was part of our pillow talk last night. Ashley, Jenny’s mother wants you to know you’d better be good to her daughter. You’ve captured her heart and you need to cherish it.”

“I promise, ma’am,” Ashley nodded, nervous in the presence of my original Mistress, but giving my hand a hard squeeze.

“Please come in,” Megan welcomed.

We did and I was surprised when little Max didn’t come running. I asked, “Where’s Max?”

“I needed him to be with your mother,” she answered, telling me something was going on. “Let’s go into the living room and talk.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, wanting to make it clear I was still her pet.

As we walked into the living room, I was shocked to see Karen sitting there sipping on a Slurpee.

“Hi, my slut,” Karen purred with a wicked smile.

“You bitch!” Ashley growled, snapping into her own bitch mode, stepping protectively in front of me, which I found sexy and comforting. I loved having someone who cared about me that much!

Mistress Megan spoke up in a firm, no-nonsense tone, “Ladies! There will be none of this silly high school power trip drama in my home. Is that clear?”

Both Karen and I responded simultaneously, “Yes, Mistress.”

I squeezed Ashley’s elbow with intent and she apologized, “Sorry ma’am. That was disrespectful bahis firmaları of me to say in your home.”

Megan nodded, “It’s okay, you’re upset and I know why, but don’t let it happen again.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Ashley nodded, nervous in front of Megan, who just oozed an authoritative persona that demanded respect… even though it was disguised by an urbanity that was hard to explain.

“And no more of this ma’am stuff,” Mistress Megan continued, “it makes me feel old. Please call me Megan.”

“Okay, Megan,” Ashley agreed, relaxing slightly.

“Please be seated,” Mistress Megan said graciously, as if she had invited us in for coffee.

We did.

“So Karen tells me we have a problem,” she began as she sat down.

“Mistress, it’s gotten complicated,” I began.

“I understand complicated, and that’s what we’ll need to sort out,” she nodded, before continuing, “now please tell me your version of today.”

“Um, I…” I wasn’t sure what to say.

“May I?” Ashley asked.

“Thank you but no, dear,” Megan shook her head. “I’ll have some questions for you later, but right now I need to hear everything from Jenny.”

I took a deep breath and retold the day, including the call from Governor Greene, the conflict with Sabrina, the humiliation that included Miss Morgan and the tug-of-war over me between Ashley and Karen.

Once I was done, Megan asked, as if she were a psychiatrist, “And how does all this make you feel, my dear?”

“Confused,” I admitted.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I’m conflicted,” I admitted.

Ashley interjected, “Jenny wants Karen and the others to leave her alone!”

“Is that true?” Megan asked.

“I don’t know,” I admitted.

“What?! What do you mean?” Ashley asked, surprised.

I felt bad at not being able just to say yes, I loved Ashley and that’s what mattered. But as I looked at Karen, who had been my first female fantasy and the dominant, influential girl who had taken me under her wing, I was confused again.

Megan, able to read my confusion said, “Well, I see a couple of problems and a few possible resolutions.”

We all looked at her as if she were the messiah who could solve all our problems.

Megan began by turning to Karen, “First, you. You were careless with your pet. Forcing her onto her teacher and then domming her with the other cheerleaders is not going to build trust. That takes time.”

Karen’s usually confident aura faded as she whispered, “Yes, Mistress.”

“You need to understand your pet’s needs because they are just as important, if not more important, than your own,” Megan continued. “A good Mistress nurtures and provides a safe environment for her subs to satisfy their needs, even if those needs include being humiliated.”

“I understand,” Karen nodded.

“Do you?” Megan asked. “Tell me what Jenny needs.”

Karen studied me as if the answer were written on my face.

Ironically, I couldn’t have answered that question to save my life! I was more confused now than I’d been back when I was still puzzling over my sexuality before Megan had awakened my submissive side.

Megan had left a deliberately pregnant pause for Karen to struggle for a sensible answer before breaking it with, “Don’t worry for now, it’s an unfair question. Our sweet Jenny herself doesn’t even know what she wants. But as a Mistress, your duty and your brilliance as you develop it, is to help her discover what she wants, and more importantly what she needs.”

“How do you do that?” Karen asked, curious to know.

“It takes time, understanding and experience,” Megan said. “And you are still very young.”

“Okay,” Karen said, looking confused.

“Karen, you have the potential to become a great Mistress, but you’re only trying to be a domme,” Megan said.

“There’s a difference?” Karen asked.

“A large one. A domme revels in dominating her subject. The relationship, if it can even be called one, is hierarchical with a clear top and bottom and the hierarchy itself is the only point. Which, by the way, was forever immortalized in the ‘Shades of Gray’ movies. But that series is hugely flawed since in the end, Christian changes and becomes compassionate. Real life people don’t change, not in such basic ways. If there were a part four, it would likely be about him cheating on her. ‘The Story of O’ is even worse: at the end the sub is given permission to commit suicide, which she then does. It’s impossible to argue that the submissive’s needs were met.”

“The Story of O was way before my time, but those Grey books were terrible,” Ashley chipped in.

“Yet you read all three,” Megan pointed out.

“Yes,” Ashley nodded.

“Because we all want to trust that we can find the happy ending. To justify the crazy belief held by women that we can change men. We can’t. Trust me, I’ve tried. Oh sure, we can get them to put the toilet seat down or learn how a laundry machine works, but those are trivial things. You can’t reach inside somebody and change their kaçak iddaa personality. Anyway, now I’m lecturing. What was my point?”

“Mistress versus domme,” I reminded her, by now very curious to know the difference .

“Right, right,” Megan laughed. “So a Mistress, on the other hand, cares for her submissive as if she were one of her children. She will reward her when she is good, punish her when she is bad. But the bottom line is that she will always look out for the best interests of her pet. A pet’s greatest pleasure comes from pleasing her Mistress. Conversely, the greatest pleasure a Mistress can receive is from watching her submissive obtain what she needs. It’s far more than sex, it’s an unspoken understanding that both Mistress and submissive gain equally, albeit in very different ways. With a domme it’s only about sex and power. There is no love, no nurturing, no growth.”

“Oh, God,” Karen said, mortified by a new interpretation of her treatment of me today.

“Now Karen,” Megan continued, “don’t be too hard on yourself. Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’?”

“In Macbeth,” I nodded, like the geek I am.

“Right,” Megan nodded. “The point I’m making, although long-winded, is that Karen, you lost your way today. You let your power go to your head. Do you care about Jenny?”

“Yes, I do,” Karen nodded seriously, surprising me.

“And is sharing her thoughtlessly with a vindictive person like Sabrina a helpful form of discipline?” Megan questioned.

“No,” Karen admitted.

“And is blackmailing a teacher into potentially losing her job so you can make a point a responsible thing to do?” Megan continued.

“No,” Karen whispered, guilt written all over her face.

I jumped in, feeling guilty about seeing Karen looking so vulnerable and needed to interject, “But Miss Morgan said she liked submitting to Karen. She even said she might want to do it again.”

“That may indeed be true, Jenny. I believe Karen has a natural gift of sensing the submissive inside if it’s there. But Karen, that doesn’t mean you may ever use blackmail or risk someone’s career to get what you want. If you are who I think you are, you’ll end up hating yourself if you continue doing things like that.”

Karen looked at me and said sincerely, “I’m very sorry, Jenny.”

She then turned to Ashley. “I’m sorry to you too, Ashley. I let my power override my common sense.”

“Good,” Megan nodded. She looked at Ashley as if expecting a response. When none came, she continued, “Every good Mistress needs to understand the humility of being a submissive. I learned that from my Mistress, and Karen will learn that from me.”

Karen, without orders, dropped to her knees in front of Megan and said, “I understand, Mistress. How can I regain your trust?”

Megan opened her legs and said aggressively, “Eat me, bitch; I think that will be a good start.”

Both Ashley and I watched the usually strong-willed head cheerleader bury her face between Megan’s legs… her humility being tested. On the surface it appeared Mistress Megan had become no more then the domme she had just been disparaging. But I could see how it was satisfying Karen’s need to understand, to grow.

“Now you, Jenny,” Megan said, turning to me and acting casual as if she weren’t having her pussy licked.

“Yes, Mistress?” I nodded, unsure whether I was in trouble or not.

“What do you want?” she asked bluntly.

“What do you mean?” I asked, even though I knew exactly what she was asking. What I didn’t know was the answer.

“Not even two weeks ago you were lusting after Karen and eagerly asking me to make her your Mistress.”

“Things change,” Ashley said.

Megan turned to her. “Ashley, you appear to be a nice girl and a passionate person who cares deeply for Jenny and her welfare. I get that. But this is my home and at the moment I am speaking with her, is that clear?”

Her voice was firm and no nonsense, yet not condescending or rude.

“Yes, ma’am,” Ashley nodded.

“Thank you,” Megan smiled. “You are a beautiful young woman, inside and out.”

“Thank you,” Ashley blushed, getting caught in the exotic seductive web Megan always created without even trying.

“Now Jenny, you can’t fluctuate about being a pet,” Megan continued. “You are one or you aren’t one. It’s not a club you can attend on Tuesdays and take the rest of the week off.”

“I know,” I whispered, distracted by watching Karen between her legs and wishing it was me.

“For example,” she continued, running her fingers through Karen’s hair. “If I told you to go to Sabrina’s right now and be her unconditional pet for the evening, would you do it?”

I didn’t look at Ashley, not wanting to disappoint her. But the answer was black and white. I answered, “I would obey you, Mistress.”

“And if Karen gave you the same instruction?” Megan continued.

I clearly saw her message. I didn’t get to pick and choose my obedience. Either I was a submissive pet to a kaçak bahis Mistress or I wasn’t.

I answered, still avoiding looking at Ashley, fearing our relationship was over before it had really begun, but thankful for one last satisfying romantic encounter just twenty minutes ago (was it just twenty minutes ago? It seemed an eternity). “I’d obey.”

“Good answer,” Megan nodded, letting out a soft moan. “Because your Mistresses should never put you in situations that will put you at real risk, although we may often put you in situations that test and push your boundaries.”

“Of course, Mistress.” I nodded, her words making complete sense. Yet, I still felt guilt at not standing side by side with Ashley.

“That said,” Megan continued, “A good caring Mistress would never do such a thing to her pet as sending her to a Sabrina unless she knows that’s what the pet wants or needs. And by the way Karen, a pet’s needs must always trump her wants. You may override her wants almost on a whim if you have cause, but never her needs.”

Ashley asked, “Ma’am, may I ask a question?”

“Of course, my dear,” Megan nodded, sounding more like a mother figure or philosophy teacher than a powerful Mistress. “But remember, please call me Megan.”

“Right, sorry, Megan… Megan, I understand what you just said. But how do you balance it? I mean, I’ve always been a rather submissive person myself. Yet today I totally lost it. I felt the need to protect my Jenny at all costs and acted on it at all costs,” Ashley said, looking vulnerable. Had she committed some sort of unforgivable sin today?

“Well, that is a tough question,” Megan nodded. “It’s nature versus nurture. Your nature is who you are and in sexual terms, determines whether you’re a natural submissive or dominant. Although some girls can be a switch, meaning dominant or submissive depending on mood, relationship and time. As for nurture, we’re all human beings with feelings, and it’s a caring woman’s natural role to nurture and protect the person they care most about. So in the end, your reactions and feelings today make complete sense. In essence, all I have to say about that is, ‘Well done.'”

“Really?” Ashley asked, completely taken by Megan just as I’d been from the start.

“Of course, my dear,” Megan nodded. “I’m pretty sure you’re also only a few steps along the path to understanding your sexuality. Like the rest of us, you have a long journey.”

“Oh, I’m definitely a lesbian,” Ashley stressed, looking at me.

“That may well be and I won’t disagree with you,” Megan nodded, “but your basic sexual orientation is only the first step to understanding your sexuality. The complete picture is very complex and it takes years to completely understand who you are as a sexual being.”

“What do you mean?” Ashley asked confused, thankfully asking the very question I was burning to ask.

“Well, for example: Do you prefer to dominate? To be dominated? If being dominated is your basic nature, do you respond best to humiliation or to being controlled with kindness, or sometimes one and sometimes the other? Do you yearn to dominate or submit or both, making you a Switch? Do you yearn to give the strap-on or take the strap-on? What toys get you off the best? If there were no physical restrictions what would send you furthest into ecstasy? Where is your g-spot? Your trigger zones? What are your most longed-for fantasies?” Megan listed on and on, touching on fetishes like bondage, exhibitionism, voyeurism, choking, latex and on and on.

“Oh my,” Ashley responded, overwhelmed by this endless list.

“It took me years to learn that I get the most satisfaction from seducing and training young women who are obviously lesbian or bi but haven’t yet come to grips with that reality,” Megan explained, looking directly at me.

I nodded my understanding and yes…my gratitude.

“The key to being a Mistress instead of a thug is that you need to care about your pet,” Megan said, lifting up Karen’s head from between her legs and asking her face to face, “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Karen answered, looking so obedient and so submissive.

Megan shoved her trainee mistress back into her pussy and said, “So Jenny, you have a decision to make. You can resign from being a submissive and return to the so-called normal world, or you must resolve to be a true pet and accept that your Mistress, or in your case Mistresses, know what is best for you. Two different paths, one or the other, and once you decide, no turning back.”

I looked helplessly at Ashley, feeling torn apart.

I wanted it all! I longed to bury my face in Megan’s pussy, I yearned to be a submissive to Karen and I also desperately needed to be in a relationship with Ashley. I had no idea what to say, and once again the room went silent endlessly in another one of Megan’s pregnant pauses.

Then Megan, wonderful Megan, my beautiful and wise Mistress Megan, reading my mind like she often did, added, “And yes, sweetheart, you can have it all.”

That statement felt like she’d just dumped a huge bucket of ice water on my despair! “What? Really? How?” I was stunned by how quickly I found myself pleading, “Oh God, Mistress, please tell me how!”

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