Before We Met – Part 3 – More Background:


Before We Met – Part 3 – More Background:WOW – a lot has happened (for the better) the last few months. SD has moved into the Master Bedroom, three of my FIL’s friends come over on a regular basis, and my FIL’s heath is much better according to his doctors. I’ve also gotten to hear SD tell her dad and his friends the stories (and a few I hadn’t heard before) about her (SD’s – my wife’s) sex life and how she led two separate and distinct sex lives – the part of her story is a combination of what she told me and what she told her father in front of me at the supper table a few days ago. To continue the story of my wife’s (SD) sexual training – awakening – enlightening – continued – Wednesday, December 4th, 1974 – NATTC Memphis:My wife (SD) said that while they were being escorted over to the van she felt like running away but didn’t as Dee W reached over and grabbed her hand and pulled her to the van saying “you are going to love this” and opened the back door of the van. There were two other men in the back of the van who reached out and pulled my wife (SD) into the van as the other two men and Dee W pushed her into the van from behind which caused her skirt to ride up to her waist. My wife said that at that point, being a little woozy from the beer, she just let them move her around as they desired which was face down on the back seat, skirt around her waist and legs spread. She said that she noticed Dee W sitting next to her and felt her hand on her head – petting her – and heard her say that Steve and John need to cum before we get to the club – you’ll help them won’t you. SD said that she didn’t answer – just looked up at Dee W when she noticed that they were moving, then a smack on her butt and someone moved between her spread legs as she knelt there. canlı bahis Then Dee W pulled her hair and asked her again if she’d take care of the guys. SD said she said yes a few times as her butt was smacked a few more times and then she felt the guy kneeling being her thrust into her – no prep – just shoved in – and she heard the guy say “She’s wet – real wet” and started pounding her hard.SD said that being fucked like that – being used – felt great and she came before the guy fucking her came. She, SD my wife of 40 years, said that she reached over to Dee W and put her arms around her and pulled herself to her so that her head was in her lap and nuzzled her face into Dee W’s just barely covered crotch. Then she felt the guy fucking her speed up and then stop and pull out – he came in her. SD said that everything was happening so fast – the other guy was between her legs and began fucking her and Dee W took her head in her hands and held her head to her covered crotch and said “later – later – right now it’s for the guys” and held her head in place. The guy fucked her for a couple of minutes and then came in her – two loads of cum. Then she heard the guy driving say that they were there. SD heard the doors open and the guys get out and say “Dee – she’s going to be great – meet you inside” and the doors slammed shut.Dee W turned on the overhead light and pulled SD up to her and hugged her tightly and said that she did good – real good and the guys liked her a lot. Dee W reached between SD’s legs and rubbed her hand over SD’s cum filled pussy and brought her hand to SD’s face and wiped her hand on her face – leaving SD’s face smeared with cum and asked her if she was on the pill – SD said yes – Dee W said good and pulled another handful of cum her bahis siteleri pussy and wiped it in her hair and brought her open palm to SD’s mouth and told SD to lick her hand clean. SD said that she took Dee’s hand in hers and proceeded to clean the cum from her hand. SD said that she had only tasted cum twice up to that time but loved being told to clean Dee’s hand and would do anything for her..Dee asked her if she like the taste and she said that she liked anything she told her to like and stuck her tongue out and cleaned between Dee’s fingers – making a big show of using her tongue between her fingers. Dee then asked her, as SD was using her tongue between her fingers, if she’d ever sucked pussy before. SD said that she hadn’t but would do anything she (Dee W) said. Dee said good and then told her to get up and that there was something that she (SD) had to do so that they (all six of them) could get something to eat. SD said that she said great and got up with Dee and opened the door. She said that she began to wipe the cum from her face and Dee told her to leave it the way it is. SD said that she said that she couldn’t go in there (The Longbranch) the way she was and Dee stopped her and told her that she’d do whatever I (Dee W) said to do. SD said yes and noticed three other cars in the parking lot and walked with Dee to the backdoor. Dee W took hold of the rear door handle and looked at SD and said “follow me” and opened the door and walked into the bar. There was a short hallway with three doors – men’s room, lady’s room, office and the hallway ended in the bar area which was dimly lit.SD said that Dee then surprised her by opening the men’s room door and pulling her inside. SD said that it was a small room with a toilet, sink and wall heater güvenilir bahis – just enough room for both of them. Dee then told SD to take her blouse and skirt off – leave her flats on. SD said that she hesitated and Dee W smacked her and told her again to take her clothes off. SD said that she took her clothes off and began to whimper. Dee then told her to turn around and used put her hands behind her back – which she did – and Dee used SD’s blouse to tie her hands behind her back with Dee saying as she tied her hands that this would make it easier for her (SD). SD agreed. Dee W then took SD into her arms and hugged her and told her that on Wednesday’s she usually gave at least 4 blowjobs which gave them a discount on the food and drinks; but, because she did so well she (SD) was going to do the Wednesday duties and smacked her on the butt and said that these guys (the ones she gave blowjobs to) were short but had a lot of cum – drink up and turned off the light as she left.SD said that she was glad the heater was on and noticed that cum was dripping from her on down the insides of her legs. Then the door opened and a heavy set man with a beard came in and said “so you’re the new cocksucker?” SD looked at him and said yes. He told her she was a good looker – had a good body as he put his hand on her should and pushed her to her knees.SD paused at this point when she was telling her dad this story – she didn’t pause when she initially told me the story. She told her dad that up to that point she had sucked a dozen or so different cocks (many numerous times) but only had cum in her mouth twice – which she tolerated but didn’t really like. SD continued telling her dad that she had always been in control of her sex life – giving head and fucking when SHE wanted to and wasn’t pushed into anything. Anytime she said no the guys stopped – period – in High School and College. If they didn’t she’d leave. Now, she continued, I had no control – I was being “forced” and loved it.

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