Bengali wife’s visa application interview

Bengali wife’s visa application interviewMy wife’s visa application fee from Bangladesh to UK. We received letter from Dhaka immigration office specifying the date n time of the interview to be taking place in sylhet by chouhatta high commissions. It said in clear detail that in order for the interview will be completed within the 5 hour period ‘that’s right you heard me 5 hours’ it clearly said that prior to the interview in two weeks before hand that we must not commit in sexual intercourseAnd also that she must not shave her private regions and at least have the 14 day gap after the period if there is a problem with that date specified we are to let them know immediately. It also stated that she must be preparing herself to walk in stiletto heels ranging from four inches plus in height and also not to use any pleasuring items such as dildo or vegetables ,its about time I told you about my wife she is 29 years old 38 c 36 40 4 ft 9 inches tall she is one hell of a plumb juicy babe any man walking past her would look twice even though she is wearing aBurka, in sylhet many women wear Burkha in the village areas. Now getting back to the letter it said also that the interview will be held by four chairpersons of the immigration authority and in Bangladesh it is the law for any new brides that are to immigrate out with their spouses to be approved by these chairman and chancellor of immigration, senior high commissioner and foreign minister.Although we are Muslims the authority officers and chairpersons are all Hindu we cannot say anything against them as it is the law and we must follow at any cost.The day arrived I hired a Toyota lite ace and told my father in law and mother in low also my missus to get ready it was a very hot and sunny day acknowledging the letter she wore a jyoti saree with very thin material tied it beneath her belly button it was of black and red with shiny glossy and glittery stitches and a black blouse with similar pattern see thru also and a black petticoat no underwear with silver stiletto heels on which were strapless so that every time she took a step it slapped against her heelsI got her to put her favorite toe ring and anklet on which sounded very sexy she wore it in such a way that her hips and ass looked even wider, finishing it off with makeup artist whom I hired from beauty parlor she gave fake eyelashes mascara eye shadow eyeliner and thick lip liner ending it with light lipstick, asma tied her hair into a bun but more like a pineapple and sought of put her anchal of saree to cover her head she looked like a high class woman.We all got in to the car and left for the bumpy and long journey for sylhet it took 1 hour to get to our destination once we arrived there was another family in the waiting room we checked into the reception area whilst we did that the gentleman at the reception was looking at my wife from head to toe and also my mother in law as she is a spitting image of her mother they asked us to take a seat so we sat down and mean time my father in law asked the person we were sitting next toHow long they have been waiting he said 2 and half hours he looked kind of nervous just as they were talking a man opened the door from which the interview was probably taking place and said that the interview would be for further 3 hours to which the man then said that he would like to speak to his wife other person said that he can only after the interview had finished and also the chancellor will be coming in to do further interview with her as he was closing the door we heard a snuffling and howling moan which as ifThough sounded like it was a woman’s I got frightened and looked at my wife only at that split second our interview room door opened and there were four men one of them was in lungi they came out and introduced themselves we shake their hands they were eying my wife thoroughly from head to toe they asked if we would like anything o drink while we wait but we thankfully accepted .Without any delay one person said that my wife’s interview session will have to increase as the regulation has changed last week.We agreed as we needed the visa in order to bring her back with me to stay in the UK so she went in me my father and mother in low were waiting in the waiting area 5 minutes past and we heard some groaning and thumping noise that was coming from the room thump after thump after thump then a light howling noise very similar to mine when I came into my condom on night of marriageIt wasn’t long before the thumping started again like that 3 hours past by and then a man came out holding an empty jug he bought with him to collect water as he opened the door when coming out of room I quickly glanced and saw that my wife was on the desk lying on her back with her knees to her chest and foot in the air spread wide still with her heels on legs were on the chancellors shoulder he was the one that was thumping way in full force whilst her mouth was busy sucking the foreign minister’s penis as I said earlier they people were Hindu andHindu people don’t circumcise their penises and they are of extreme girth and length, again thumping stopped for about 2 minutes then this time there were slow thumps like a thump every 3 seconds slow but very loud thumps one of them must have seriously gone in deep inside her stomach coz with every thump there was a moan coming out of my wife’s mouth just then aaaaah o shuna maigo aaaah waaaa ahhha that was my wife orgasm, but the thumping kept going on and on for another hour whilst we eagerly await there came in another group of people in theOffice but strangely they were male I thought to myself that the men are interview differently in another office down at Dhaka why were they here, they men went in to the room next to room of which my wife was being interviewed, I got up and asked the guy at reception he said smilingly that shaheb orake to arek office theke bhabir interviewer jonno phone kore deke ataşehir escort ana hoyeche , I almost shit myself there was 7 of them they all seemed to be of big and muscular physique.Just then a man came out of the room and said that my wife would need to stay in for fewMore hours till then they offered to take us to hotel we greed and so as we got up to get out my mother in law dropped her handbag and she then bent down to pick it up only then the gentleman that was about to go in the room stopped us and said that the hours of interview and further questions would not be required if providing my mother in low was to stay over and assist my wife in the interview she had to agree as she wants my wife ‘her daughter toBe able to get visa’ so she went in and thumping stopped for 5 minutes after that reception guy took escorted me and father out to the hotel next to the high commission office I nervously asked that if he could check up on my wife to see if she was okay he quickly agreed and said that shaheb ami chesta korbo bhabir ekta quick fotu ante I said okay fine he left the room went to the hotel it was 6 o clock in evening we came for interview at 1 oClock so it had been five hour we had waited we decided that it has been long enough and that we must get back to high commission office so we went out and back in to the reception when I got there the other family were no longer there I also noticed semen trails that were leading out of that room all the way to the exiting area, I enquired about my wife and mother in low the receptionist said that due to facial difference of my wife picture she looked different in person so they took her to Dhaka for approval by furtherMinister I asked about mother they said that she was in that room and also she requested for me to go and assist her in interview I almost raan into that room I knocked on the door ‘who is it’ its me ahmed shaeb come in I walked in closed the door behind me father was trying his best to look thru but I deliberately didn’t let him she was bent over the stool whilst the hindu chairmand was thumping her deeply but slowly her head on floor and ass up in air she said eshecho baba dekho interview kemon kore dite hoy ,,,I then asked there was no reason for me to have been sent to Dhaka he replied saying your wife is of rare breed and that this is the only type u get when mixed with Pakistani semen with Bengali fish eggs I asked mother if it’s true she said ‘yes son in 1971 all of my sister my mother and aunties were taken to camp and gang bang for 4 months in a row she said she was fucked by at least 10 men a day one after another but when mukti judda battled and won overMy father in law married her but by then she was already pregnant my wife has got her moms height but her figure and looks are of actually Pathani Pakistani women,the man just then gave couple of loud grunts and fell on my mother on lows bak after a couple of minutes he got up is penis was shrunk it fell out of my mother in lows pussy he was wearing a condom unfortunately but then g he got something out of fridge a test tube he took cap offAnd his condom flicked it inside out to let the semen drop into test tube gave it a shake told mother to lie on her back lift legs and spread wide and he then tied her legs to the board so that she can take them down he to out an injection but no needles he then filled injection with mixed and father semen fingered mothers pussy then shoved all 10 inches of the injection inside mother ones it was deep enough to the hilt of the injector her depressed the trigger very hard and fast emptying the injector the n he took it out slowlyMother in law asked what was point of that you could have just cum inside he then said that he had to find out for himself if paki semen can overpower Bengali semen and who’s would fertilize egg first she then said what then you wouldn’t know unless I gave birth to a c***d and doing test on the c***d on lay after birth u will b able to do DNA test they said it has been a part of the immigration test for past 29n years since the war against Pakistan andThat the committee was left in irony with all most every woman in the country falling pregnant from the fucked. I then asked what will happen to my wife he said mister Ahmed I can assure u she is in good hands and dick don’t worry I then asked if they will try to fertilize her with similar method, He said that 1971 hybrid breed women were giving birth to actually Pakistan c***dren so that they were good looking always surprisingly he said that every fertilization occurring within the high commission resulted in a female c***d. Hence the impregnating cycle continued .Mother in law put her saree down sorted her hair and face then we then walked out as we did he said that my wife had the tightest of vagina similar to a virgins every time they entered her they fell she was actually being broken into he said that we must remain at hotel for further 7 days till my wife returns once her interview has reached satisfactory level..Seven days passed we were told to come to the office as we were eagerly waiting for the good news .We went into the office told at reception he told me that bhabi is in the room .So I walked up knocked on the door ‘come in ‘ a voice said I went in smilingly closed the door then looked at my wife she looked absolutely gorgeous as she left she smiled ask at me I sat next to her the high commissioner gave us the good news that she has got the visa but there was one problem due to immigration crashes she will only be able to leave the country in 8 months time I asked why he replied in saying that we have put your wife thru many tests she has passedBut on e test for sure is the fertility test as we speak your wife womb is being attacked by semen from a hundred different men around Pakistan India and Bangladesh we thanked got up then left for our house once I got home I quickly took her to bedroom lifted ataşehir escort bayan her saree and slid my dick straight inside her I realized that I felt no restriction from her vaginal muscles her pussy was actually stretched by the intense fucking inDhaka day and night I asked her how many times a they didi the interview she replied u mean khobar amare sudise tara ar koizone naini I replied yes she said at first day of arrival to Dhaka there were ten Bengali executive and ten Pakistani executives each one took her pussy twice and ass once so she got fucked 60 times on first nit e I asked if they wore protection ,,she said obviously not the whole point of this ordeal was to seed my womb dear,only then I shot my load into her she didn’t feel a thing , next day I we woke upI got ready as I had flight to catch for UK she felt so sad she cried in my arms I had to push her away from me I d=finally got in car got to airport and departed from Dhaka then Manchester another week passed my wife rang me up and said that she missed her period and also she received a letter from embassy to go and declare the pregnancy on following day at Kenyan high commission just then I asked its supposed to be british why Kenyan they must av made a mistake she replied jee naa amar mone khoi ota Dhaka koyekjonVIP area maje koyekjon khala jamaicani officer dekhte lasilo tara amrae tol taki ufre khub libsha aise mone loe othare giya o semtitham oimu, I said that be carfull jaan itar botoi khoob lamba she said na kono oshu bida oito nai ami sai je baich a ekhe noshto oi jaouk then is said oh I see then she said she will have to take them deep I hagvae her the go ahead I said I love u then bye and put phone down right then the door bell rang it was the postman with a parcelI signed and checked that it was from Dhaka british high commission I opened it there seemed to be to DVDs inside one said in writing sylhet interview appendix1 the other dhaka interview appendix 2 I thought to myself that they filmed the whole **** ordeal in the disk to either humiliate me and my wife or just for their records .I put the first one on it started off with my wife walking in to the room when a man told her to lie on her back on desk she did as she was told the man came held her hands second on e held her stomach third began to maul herBreast with one hand and cover her mouth with other fourth one old tip if his cock only grabbed her legs lifted saree up till above her thighs spread her legs wide and placed them on shoulder my wife was mumbling trying to get off the guy s dick was at least 8 to 9 inches in size with one very hard thrust he split open my wife’s vagina his pelvic bone was against my wife’s three were tears in her eyes but he kept on humping her like an a****l not of this earth the guy holding herMouth let go once he did there were light cries and moans coming from her mouth her noise must have turned the monster on even more just then he grabbed her legs from his shoulder holding one in each hand pushed her feet towards her head one either wife her shoulder and started hammering her very deeply that’s when the thumping thump started so I realized that it was when I hard whilst I was at the office in waiting area and it was only about 5Minutes since she walked into office for interview my wife was very big for a short woman but not so scarily over weight if you know what I mean she is a small woman hence it was the reason for her flexibility. Within 30 minutes he gave a couple of light grunts it took him 30 seconds to empty hiss seeds inside her as he withdrew he said we also have to retain from sexual intercourse for two weeks and that hisBalls ere of full load dripping to fill her up next man holding her hand s took his place but he kept her knees to her chest grabbed her breast and nipples kept squeezing them hard he wasn’t that big but his cock head was the biggest I have seen dick was about 4 inches long his cock head was about size of her fist hi=e split her open even further than the previous person he started at full speed after ten minutes he came inside her he withdrew his cock funnily what I noticed was that these Hindus must have cum in veryDeep because there was even a drop of sperm coming out of her vagina he was still hard he told heat to turn around bend over and arch her ass up in air and told her to keep her head done to the table at any cost she quickly did what he said the guy stood behind her and said that ‘I Sucking cannot believe that i ‘’he basically her ass was very wide 44 inches but when she wears saree it looks like its 46 inches the man near her head could see theHips of the man standing behind her he said dusto madamer pchone to tumake khuje dekha Jacchena ‘ that’s when the guy rammed it back inside her and spoke that saying maguke to Dhaka pathiye aro officer der naali thanda korar jonno pathiye debar bebostha kor on the guy got his phone out and called someone to bring in the minister sons and couple of high end mawali mastans .I stopped the video because I had to go to work I start at nine in the morning any way following day she called me and said that she is setting off to the Kenyan embassy in Bangladeshi I asked whom she is going with she said mother in law and my elder sister in law I asked why she not take her brother along she then said that they were strictly told to go on their own and also that the interview time may increase when they are once there I then asked her if mother in law is missed period she said yes thenI asked about my elder s*s in low (bhabi ) although she is mature she was still having menstrual cycle she was the only one on her fertile period out of the three women I she said that bhabi offered to come willingly as my brother could not impregnate her so I thought that she was most likely to keep the c***d if conceived she then put phone down , as usual I set off to work eagerly waiting to know what happened three weeks escort ataşehir passedI got really worried and at three in morning London time I got call from Bangladesh from my mother in low and wife I was happy to hear there voice she said that the ordeal has finished my wife’’’amra barit jairamgi I asked her house bhabi she said that the black men of authority took liking in her and kept her for further assessment I asked if she saw her within the three weeks she saying nothingI asked her again she then dsaid jaan don’t be upset but we were in same room in different beds almost with different men every hour , I thought to myself that these bastards might give my bhabi triplets or even quadruplets as she was 46 year old but still very young looking and was 5ft 7with an even wider ass but small tits she had 50 inch ass and fleshy thighs she said her anus was paining from severe intrusionI quickly got a hard on hearing this I asked about their sizes she blushed and said three times the length of mine I asked her if she preferred black cock she laughed and said that there was a man in room nick named three snake he had 12 in cock almost the length of her thighs but as u know she is a big woman so she was capable enough to withstand the severe beating asked what she wore in this occasion she replied saying she wore tight fitting churidar dress that showedHer curves imminently and high heels to match it was of silver color with silver bangles ear and nose rings with silver nail polish eye makeup and lipstick she said they thought she was high end hooker as for my mother in low she just wore her traditional saree but with high heels also and heavy makeup which made her look like a madam from the jyoti Indian serial. Bhabi wore her saree as usual making her huge ass look even bigger wives backless and sleevelessBlouse she looked adorable nobody cud tell she was a mother of 7 c***dren eldest son is 23 years old yet if she stood next to them u would assume she is elder sister. They were taken immediately for questioning they asked all of them to answer individually. Kenyan lord chancellor asked ladies please answer clearly and truth fully, have you ever committed affairs after marriage all answered yes , it’s the video they did not know about then suddenly bhabi asked is this information going to be within this building only if anyone found out they would lose name in society,They asked the number of men the slept or committed adultery with babi said eight mother in law said she lost count because she was in 1971 shag houses along with her sisters and mother next was my wife she said before marriage she only had anal sex with baby taxi and rickshaw wala from sylhet one time when she was studying in college by two people , then the big question do you all swallow your husband’sSemen they asked there was silence for a minute in room then my wife answered that yes I keep my husband happy by swallowing they also said if she swallowed anyone else other than husbands before marriage she said yes her teachers semen he was a Hindu bangle teacher they asked have you conceived any c***dren with a stranger other than the husbands if they have how many bhabi said 7 c***dren all of whom were of different man mother in low and my wife justStared at her then my mother said only my eldest daughter that is here with me then my wife said I am expecting my first c***d from various semen she don’t know exactly whom the father r is they all laughed in a very evil way they ladies laughed too then my bhabi was asked that if she has any objection in case for which she will most likely be conceiving a stranger c***d tonight she said that there won’t be any problem as we need our little sin know to get visa pass the man then said that you have to sign a document fFor my bhabi that for next three coming consecutive years she shall only conceive Kenyan semen thru her womb which she then paused and asked doe that meant she will have to have three babies they said yes because they felt that having ten c***dren would equal everything up and they liked her figure also they men stood up and pointed the ladies to go into next room where there were three king sized beds they women got up and beganWalking just then as they entered the room they were booty slapped one by one on both ass cheeks they told them to lie on their back and spread leg and put mustard oil on their vaginas they all did just that they said that it will sting and may hurt more just then one mangot doan and put his tongue in my mother in low fanny started licking her then their other men followed all women were about to cum then suddenly the men rammed in to them atSame time with terrible strength only half their dicks went in then the second thumpo sent the rest of there dicks completely inside the men grabber there tits on top of their clothes without undressing and kept thunder humping away for a good 45 minutes till they shot there semen inside their wombs my wife was already fixed up by someone else load so there were no worries about her getting pregnant again but them man screwing bhabi kept howling like a wolf saying u bitch u whore ooh whore aha aaah he filled her cervix upCompletely then withdrew the cock it took a good five minutes before bhabis pussy leaked semen bhabis round was over she then asked what about the rest he said that she has conceived his c***d for definite and that the other two men would fertilize her vagina in the future the women got up tidied themselves up but were told not to clean the vagina for two days they allAgreed the women went home feeling fully gap open by the dicks I waited in UK months went by then 8 months I got news that bhabi gave early delivery to a healthy and big boy looking of Jamaican but Bangladeshi features so thank goodness people won’t suspect anything as for my wife she had a baby girl, mother in low was fixed so she never conceived but bhabiWent back to Kenyan embassy following week after the birth of c***d to get seeded again this time they kept her for two nights and fucked her at random till she passed out, I have a happy life now but unfortunately for bhabi they kept appointing her in for next 6 years she gave birth to 4 more c***dren.

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