Best Friend Ever! Christmas Ch. 02


Best Friend Ever! Christmas – A note from the author. Please scroll down to the beginning of the story if you aren’t interested.

I originally intended to write this tale for the Literotica Winter Stories Contest, but realized it would not qualify as it is not strictly a stand-alone story. Therefore, it got put on a back burner, and is a little late for the Christmas season, but I trust, still enjoyable in that context.

This is really the final episode of Kelly and Ron as told In “Best Neighbor Ever!”, currently chapters 1 through 4. I have re-titled this slightly, intending to keep it separate as I think it stands on it’s own merits. I trust my friends at Literotica will agree to that. It is essentially the final two chapters of the overall story, but it is my intention to add one more short chapter – “Best Friend Ever – The End”, or similar – very shortly. It will not contain much erotica, but may be of interest to some.

I should also mention that there may be at least one additional chapter in the original “Neighbor” series. The events will occur chronologically before this story.

A note about the French: One of the characters is French Canadian, and I decided to try out my ancient high school French to add a little spice. I ended up liberally using a translator for a lot of it, and could not find any source for authentic Canadian French. If any finds glaring errors in the French, (put your cucumber in my jar!) please let me know and I may be able to do a later edit. I did not add translations for every line, and if you wish to figure it out, Google and Word Monkey offer the translators I used. I am very fond of this story, and I hope you will be too.

Comments, votes and feedback welcomed.

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I climbed out of the tub, then gave them each a hand, helping them up. We went into the bathroom and stood under the heat lamp as Kelly helped Marie dry her hair. Marie seemed a little self conscious, uncertain what to do, but Kelly said to her, “Come relax with us, dear,” and we each took her hands and led her out to our bed. Kelly climbed up first, and put out a hand to Marie, who followed. As they settled onto the pillows I moved up against Marie’s back and put an arm around her.

We all snuggled together, and I whispered to her, “We love having you with us, and I hope you feel comfortable enough to stay tonight.” Kelly already had her arms around Marie, and covered her lips with a long, tender kiss.

Marie smiled when the kiss ended and said softly, “This feels so good, how can I not? I would love to!” We all hugged again, and she sighed when I kissed the back of her neck. After our long day, the alcohol and our recent exertions we were all feeling drowsy, and when I pulled up the covers we were all quickly asleep, enjoying the warm softness of each others bodies.

I awoke somewhere in the early morning hours, feeling very groggy, perhaps, in part, because of the alcohol, which was more than I was used to. Gradually I realized it was Marie’s soft body I was still clinging to, and I could hear the soft breathing of my two beautiful companions. I shifted a little and heard Marie sigh and stir a little too. She seemed to stiffen, I’m sure disconcerted by realizing she was sandwiched between two other bodies, but after a moment she relaxed. When I very lightly kissed her shoulder she snuggled back against me with a little sigh of pleasure, obviously comfortable and happy to be there. When I tightened the grip of the arm I had around her slightly she rolled back a little towards me and simply whispered, “Ronnie.”

I kissed her again and quietly murmured “mmmmmmmm” against her skin. Her arm moved slightly, and I felt her fingertips move up and down my hip. I also felt another stirring. I moved away a bit and she rolled onto her back and turned her head to me. I could see her smile in the dim light, and grinned back at her. I heard a quiet rustling from behind her and realized Kelly was now awake too, having had her arms around Marie also, and knew she would soon be with us. I leaned over and gave Marie a kiss, which quickly deepened as our lips pressed harder and harder together.

While we kissed, Kelly crawled across the bed and snuggled against me from behind, one arm squeezing us together. I rolled onto my back, and the two of them leaned against me, a hand from each on my chest. I wasn’t surprised when they leaned across me and kissed each other. I smiled, then groaned with pleasure as I reached and grasped a breast in each hand. I felt them both jump, but they continued with their kiss and perhaps lengthened it, as my touch added to their pleasure. When their lips parted I turned my head to Kelly and murmured, “Good morning, baby,” as our lips joined. Her tongue went deep into my mouth and I felt her hand slide down my body. Marie’s head was on my shoulder, and I gasped when I also felt her hand sliding over me.

Kelly’s kiss ended suddenly when the two of them giggled as they felt their hands meet… at my cock! But neither shied away, and together they ran their hands ankarada yeni escortlar lightly up and down my shaft, already hard and swollen by now, squeezing teasing and playing. I still had my hands on their breasts, and they felt my fingers tighten at the excitement and intense pleasure of their touches. Marie’s head lifted, and with a giggle, she said, Kelly…?”

Kelly giggled back, “Uhhuh…!” and pushed the covers down as the both got up on their knees. I hoped I knew what they had in mind, and my dreams came true as I suddenly felt two mouths on my cock, one licking and sucking on my head, the other licking up and down my shaft. I didn’t even care who, and put my head back, eyes closed, hands gripping wads of the sheet as I tried to withstand the pleasure of their lips, tongues and mouths on me. One bobbed gently up and down on my head, tongue swirling liberally and getting me soaking wet. A hand gently lifted my balls as the other mouth sucked on one, then the other. Another hand joined the mouth on my shaft, stroking up and down in time with each other. I could tell the hand came from Marie’s side and realized she had claimed me first, but the next moment she lifted from my cock and they ran their mouths and tongues together up and down opposite sides of my shaft. There was a lot of giggling, along with sucking and slurping sounds.

I knew Kelly had taken over when I felt a mouth engulf my tip, then slide all the way down to my balls in one swift motion. I heard a gasp, and opened my eyes to see Marie staring wide-eyed as Kelly ground her lips against my groin. Kelly showed off, as she quickly came up for a breath, then right back down my dripping wet and shuddering cock again, lips tight and sucking hard. She bobbed up and down, alternating a series of long slow strokes with fast short ones. I was gasping, moaning, writhing on the bed, hoping the pleasure would never end and knowing it wouldn’t last long if she kept it up. After three or four times she took pity on me and slid her lips slowly up me, kissing the tip as it slipped from her mouth.

But it wasn’t over. Kelly put her hand around the base of my shaft and held me as Marie lowered her lips over me and started stroking. She couldn’t take me as deep, but did a wonderful job, sliding me to the back of her mouth, then slowly out, then ramming down again. As I started moaning louder and louder I hoped they realized I couldn’t take much more.

Finally, Kelly whispered to Marie, “I think somebody’s getting very excited. Marie lifted her head and they both giggled again.

Still on their knees, they straightened up and leaned across me, arms around each other as they ground their lips together in another hard kiss. But I watched as their hands slid to each others breasts, and it was their turn to squirm and moan as they fondled each other. I was so turned on by the erotic sight that I couldn’t resist putting my hand on my cock and stroking it slowly. I realized what a gorgeous creature Marie was as I saw her silhouetted in the soft light, with her jet black hair trailing all the way to the top of her softly rounded ass. I could see they didn’t want to part, and when the finally gave in they were both gasping.

Marie was breathing deeply and said shyly to Kelly, “Ohhhh, Kellee, Je n’ai jamais touché une femme avant, I’ve never touched a woman before, but that was so wonderful! You have such beautiful soft breasts! Kelly smiled and said, “You have gorgeous breasts Marie, so round and pointed and firm, and the tips are like little pebbles!”

I couldn’t help it; I said, “Both of you are such beautiful women… I can’t believe you are both here with me!

Kelly gave me a big smile and said, “Aww baby, you are the reason we are all here!”

Marie added, “Oui Ronnee, c’est vrai. C’est tu. Merci beaucoup!” I didn’t understand it, but it sounded great!

Kelly asserted herself, “This time, I’m first!” She bent over me, grasping my cock and stroking me hard. Marie giggled and crawled back up to me and we kissed for a moment, but we both wanted to watch Kelly. She squeezed me hard and said, “Mine!” as she lowered her head and rammed her mouth down over my cock again. She looked up at me with her mouth full of my cock and I gasped and moaned and squirmed on the bed as her tongue ground and swirled over my invisible shaft. If she kept that up she could make me cum in seconds and she knew it, but what she wanted now was to make sure I was rock hard. When she lifted her head from my cock and took a deep breath, there was no doubt of that!

Quickly, she straddled me and grasped my shaft. With no hesitation she pressed down hard and, with a loud moan, slid all the way down in one rapid thrust. I shuddered, as she was so tight it was almost worse than the terrible pleasure of her mouth. I reached down and grabbed her hips in both hands, pinning her down on me, knowing that if she moved I would cum instantly. Instead, she leaned forward and slowly ran her hands up my body till they rested on my chest. When I slowly let go she lifted and very slowly bayan escort ankara started to fuck me as her cunt began to adjust to me.

I had an even more exquisite pleasure and a little diversion from the sweet torture of Kelly’s tight cunt when Marie slid both arms around my neck and locked her lips on mine. As our lips ground together, she moved against my chest and those hard little points scratched trails of fire into my skin. I wrapped my arms around her and ran my hands all the way from her shoulders to her sweet ass and back. With the double stimulation of both Marie and Kelly, my hips were soon churning in time with Kelly’s thrusts.

Kelly began to moan and picked up the pace, hips rolling, ass bobbing up and down as she fucked me harder and faster. I could no longer put aside the feeling of her tightness sliding over me, and began breathing hard, my hips answering her thrusts, ramming my cock hard into her as she slid down on me. Marie rolled back and watched too, and I gave Kelly the best smile I could, in between gasps and moans. “Oh damn,” she gasped, “I love to fuck you in the morning!”

I reached up and slid my arms around Kelly, slowly tightening them till she was forced to collapse onto my chest. I whispered in her ear, “I love to fuck you in the morning too, and it’s my turn now! With that I tightened my grip and suddenly rolled, taking her with me, until I was on top.

I pushed myself up and stared down at her, my cock still buried in her cunt, as I slid my hands down her sides until they grasped her hips. I pulled slowly back then rammed into her hard and she grunted, wide-eyed, as her body shook. I started fucking her with hard staccato thrusts, and she locked her legs around me, using them to pull me into her even farther. From the bed next to us I heard, “Mon dieu!” as Marie watched. But I knew Kelly loved it when I fucked her hard, taking control and pounding her. Especially in the morning!

I leaned forward, putting my hands at her sides and stared down into her face. I was fucking her hard, my pace rapidly increasing and she was gasping and grunting as her body shook with every stroke. She managed to gasp out, almost growling, “You know what I want, do me!” I did, indeed, and I loved it when she wanted to be fucked hard and fast. I knew neither of us could last long, but the excitement of watching her body under me, bouncing with the force of my thrusts was overwhelming!

Her hands went to my shoulders, her nails clawing at me, and she spread her legs wide as I rammed my shuddering cock into her. Only the strain and effort of pounding her into the mattress was keeping me from cumming as my sweat dripped from my face to her breasts. Her grunts and moans turned to little hoarse cries, and I clenched my eyes shut tight as I tried to fuck her even harder, the whole bed shaking. She moved her hands from my shoulders to her breasts and grasped the nipples in her fingertips, squeezing hard. When she pulled and stretched them she gave a moan that sounded like agony, but I knew was pure pleasure for her, and that’s what she needed.

Suddenly she exploded under me, with a snarl that turned into a screech, and almost her entire body lifted from the bed, taking me with it. I buried myself in her and her hips pumped time after time as she writhed on the bed, her hands pounding the mattress. I opened my eyes and watched, the sight so erotic I lost what little control I had left. I rammed my self into her with stiletto thrusts, one, two, three times and ground against her as my own orgasm slammed into me, and my cum spurted deep as her cunt clamped around me. My hips were bucking and my fingers left bruises on her hips as I rode Kelly and my orgasm.

I was panting, desperately needing to catch my breath, and I collapsed on top of her. She wrapped her arms around my sopping wet body, so tightly I almost couldn’t breath again, and she had tears running down her cheeks as she repeated, “Oh baby, oh baby, oh BABY!” and rocked back and forth.

We had almost forgotten Marie, until her soft voice said, “Oh putain! Etes-vous deux d’accord? Ron! I was terrified you would hurt her!” Then she giggled, “But Kelly looked like she enjoyed it!”

We both looked over at her, suddenly realizing she had witnessed our passions. I moved to Kelly’s side and we both grinned at Marie. “Oh, Marie,” Kelly smiled, “I know Ron would never hurt me, maybe just make me a little sore though!” She giggled. “Sometimes I like being in control, but sometimes I love it best when he takes over and I am at his mercy!”

I laughed and added, “I can be the boss whenever she lets me!”

Kelly gave me playful little whack, but then squealed when I leaned over, pinned both her arms above her head and ground my lips against hers! When I finally let her go we were both gasping, then laughing. I looked over at Marie and said, “See? We get along just fine!”

Marie laughed, “You guys are incredible!” I thought so too!

I realized our beautiful new friend had been left out of our morning’s play so I scooted over escort bayan ankara a bit, and soon she was nestled between us. The three of us giggled and touched and kissed and caressed, but I knew it would be a while before I was able to do too much. Touching her beautiful body was an inspiration, though, and Kelly and I were both running our hands over her.

Kelly gently pushed her onto her back, and lay, breast to breast, kissing her. I ran my hands slowly over her body, then down her thigh, letting my fingers trail lightly. Leaning over, I slipped my lips over the tiny but incredibly hard nipple of her still-exposed breast. She gasped and moaned into Kelly’s mouth, her body stretching and squirming as I sucked and swirled my tongue against her. When I dragged my fingers slowly back up the inside of her thigh, she groaned, her legs spread a bit, and her hand went to the back of my head, pushing me down hard against her breast.

I moved my hand higher and let my fingers barely graze her pussy, sliding up over her lips, and I felt her body shudder. After sliding my hand back down again with a bit more pressure, I cupped her pussy in my palm and squeezed lightly. She pulled her lips from Kelly’s and gasped, “Oh mon Dieu Ronnee, c’est si bon!” as her hips lifted and she pushed herself into my hand. I discovered she was already very wet, my fingers becoming very slippery as I slid them up and down her lips and slit.

Her hips were rolling slowly, and she was moaning and gasping with every touch. Kelly moved her lips to the breast she had been pressing against and sucked in the tiny point, and for a moment we were each nursing on a rock hard little nipple. But I slipped away from her and quickly moved between Marie’s legs, kneeling upright and staring down at her beautiful slim body squirming below me. For the first time I could see that she had a large but well trimmed jet black bush, ending just above her slit.

I gently lifted one of her legs by the ankle and placed it against my shoulder. Turning my head, I kissed and teased her foot and ankle, then slowly kissed and licked down her calf. When I reached her knee I lifted her leg a bit more and kissed and licked behind the knee, and she shuddered and moaned. As I bent lower her foot was resting on my back, and I kissed, nipped, licked and teased my way down her inner thigh, running my hand up and down the other leg. By now she was gasping and moaning steadily, her body squirming on the bed, and I could already smell her sex as I got higher and higher between her legs.

I ran the tip of my tongue down the creases of her legs, all the way from her hip to the beginning of her smooth rounded ass. She was panting and groaning, her hips rolling steadily, and when I looked up I could see she had one hand on Kelly’s head, holding her down on her breast. The fingers of the other had hold of the nipple I had abandoned, and she was pulling, squeezing and rolling it. I moved my head slowly up over her pussy, not actually touching it, but letting her feel my warm breath. Then I nestled my nose into that beautiful black bush as the tip of my tongue gently licked the very top of her slit.

Her body stretched with tension, and she groaned with anticipation as I slowly slid my tongue lightly down her slit. When my tongue moved between her legs, I licked, and lapped up the juices that had already leaked and were running slowly down towards her ass. Her hips lifted and she gently pressed against my mouth, asking, begging for more.

I put my hands on the outside of her thighs and slowly ran them up to her hips and down again as my tongue pressed and slid between her lips. She was full to overflowing there, and I kissed and licked and lapped and sucked my way up again, enjoying her wetness and her taste. Her moans and gasps had turned to little cries and throttled squeals with each new touch of my lips and tongue. When I reached the top, once again I nuzzled her furry patch, lightly kissing and licking, enjoying the softness and texture.

But when I started sliding down again, both her hands were suddenly on my head, pushing me down and deep into her. She jumped suddenly, and I could feel my tongue flicking over the beginnings of her swollen little bud. I circled and ground my tongue against it and she groaned loudly, her ass lifting from the bed as she pressed herself into my face, her hands grasping little clumps of my hair. She was getting wetter by the second and my face was soon soaking wet as I continued to kiss, suck and lick, only avoiding what she wanted most.

When I again moved my face between her legs I looked up and saw that she was lying with head back, breasts arching upward, and her hands had left me and now had a death grip on the sheet. I slid my hands under her round cheeks and lifted as I buried my face into her, ramming my tongue as deep as it would go into her cunt, my nose pressing against her clit. I was literally drinking the creaminess from her as I ground my face against her, and her hips began pumping wildly. She began a series of short, staccato squeals and her cum gushed into my mouth, around my face, down her ass cheeks and onto the bed. Her hands were randomly yanking at the sheet as her violent orgasm overcame her and took control of her body, and in between cries, she was making little growling sounds.

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