Best friend makes me a sissy


Best friend makes me a sissyI waited nervously at arrivals. His flight had landed 20 minutes ago so I guessed he would be through quite soon. He wasn’t expecting me, but I wanted to catch him by surprise, and also thought if I relied on a normal venue I would back out………. let me explain.My life had fallen apart over the past two weeks. I had always hidden my perversions from my wife (her description, not mine). However once too often I had decided not to go on a night out with her which had raised her suspicion. I left work early, knowing that I had up to 4 hours to myself to wank and goon over my favourite pornography. Knowing she would be out for a while would allow me to relax and really get into it.When I got home from work I immediately went through my perfect goon scenario. I stripped off, and lay in the bath, shaving my legs (I told my wife it was for my occasional cycling expeditions) and around my balls and cock. I then arched my back with my beautiful tiny bald penis pointing down at my face started to urinate all over my body, face and hair. I loved the perversion of it.Then I had a shower and towelled off, and sauntered through to the lounge room with my little bag of tricks I I sat back on a sofa chair and hooked my laptop up to the giant TV in front of me and started playing my favourite sissy videos. I took my beautiful silver bulbous butt plug out of my bag, sucked on it and then popped it into my anus. I felt more and more like the beautiful shemales on the video I was watching. I hung my legs over the arms of the chair playing with my cock in one hand and the butt plug with the other. I felt my orgasm build and build, but like a true gooner I held it at bay. I wanted to wait for my favourite trigger video.It came on, and I knew I had 15 minutes to complete. The scene involved two wank buddies gently wanking to a porn video. One was an obviously beta male with a tiny cock like mine. The other was pure alpha, big cock, big balls. As they continue to wank I lay on the floor, knowing I didn’t have long to go. On the screen the beta after surreptitiously eyeing up the alpha male got on her knees and got between the alpha male’s legs taking his balls manisa escort in her mouth. I rolled back raising my hips above my face jerking my tiny little penis “I love your beautiful cock and balls Roger, give me everything you have” I repeated my usual plea to my imaginary friend. I was timing my orgasm with what I knew would be a huge orgasm on screen, 30 seconds to go as I pulled at my cock and balls.”What is this, you dirty little pervert” I collapsed on the floor and saw my wife standing above me with her iPhone out taking photographs. “I knew there were something pathetic about you but jerking off imagining sucking your best friends cock is truly pathetic”That evening she left to go to her mother’s, leaving a note saying “I’ll give you two weeks to tell Roger”The truth is I wasn’t jerking off to an imaginary friend, it was always my best friend that was in my mind in this scene. I was a beta male he was all alpha, huge cock and balls which I have become obsessed with.To make matters worse the week after I was caught I broke my leg playing football so here I was in the airport waiting for Roger sitting in a wheelchair. He was coming home from a business trip and I had precisely 12 hours to tell him about my obsession before my soon-to-be ex-wife did, it was now or never.Just then I saw him striding through arrivals with purpose. He wasn’t expecting anyone to meet him so was looking straight ahead as he walked past me. “Roger, Roger, it’s me” I whimpered. He looked down at me puzzled seeing the wheelchair and the plaster all the way up to my thigh. “Tom what happened, why are you here?””I broke this playing football, three months in plaster, and in this bloody wheelchair””Okay, okay, but why did you come all the way out to the airport without telling me?””Well I have something to tell you, can we find somewhere quiet?””Sure, sure, where were you thinking?” I had already scoped out the airport and bizarre as it may seem the only quiet empty space was the prayer room. I led him there and he opened the doors for me and indeed it was empty.I was extremely nervous as I knew I was either going to lose a friend or again access to the most maraş escort beautiful cock and balls imaginable,Roger sat down beside me, and asked “so what’s up mate””Liz has left me” I stuttered. Roger started asking questions but I just held up my hand and said “don’t interrupt this is going to be very difficult for me”For the next five minutes I told Roger my story, not just the bit about getting caught but the whole story about never feeling like an adequate man when I was in his presence. About at first envying and hating his huge cock and balls, but then worshipping, trying to get a glance of them any chance I could, and devoting hours and hours wanking and gooning, all the while thinking about him and his big bull cock. I said most of this with my eyes cast downwards, not daring to look Roger in the eye, humiliated yet at the same time glad I was finally getting this off my chest.When I had nothing left to say I lifted my eyes and looked Roger in the face. He looked at me for 20 seconds, with a quizzical look on his face.Then his face hardened and finally he stood up and went to the doors of the prayer room finding the latch and shutting the door, he came back to me standing right in front of my face, straddling my broken leg ” okay Sissy, start wanking my cock” I looked up into his eyes I wasn’t sure if I saw lust or derision.I nervously reached for the fly in his trousers and reached in, almost squealing with delight when I realised he was commando. I wrapped my right hand around his cock and pulled it out. Looking up into his eyes I started gently wanking him.”That’s it bitch, you are here to please daddy” I smiled knowing I had not lost a friend but I had gained a dominating bull, this was going to be an awesome day.I didn’t want to take anything for granted so as his cock became more and more engorged I took its head in my lips, causing my heart to somersault in my chest. This truly was my sexual role. I kept eye contact with him, wanting to read his face and gestures for reassurance. He groaned gently, so I took more of his cock in my mouth. It felt incredible, my first ever cock and it was magnificent. It’s head was like a bulbous escort bayan mushroom soft and spongy, demanding me to nibble and lick it. I truly was in sissy heaven.By now Roger was what I assumed to be at full mast, a magnificent 10 inches of manhood. He took my head in his giant hands and slowly but consistently started to fuck my brains. Thrust by thrust I took another little bit in my mouth and down my throat. Jesus, this was truly magnificent. In my trousers I felt my little clit respond.I reached into his trousers and pulled the giant testicles out. As he fucked my face I fondled and squeezed his beautiful sperm filled balls. By now I had taken all of his cock (practising with dildo’s at home had paid off, this had truly been meant to happen). Spit was starting to drip off my chin and my trousers, but I didn’t care I quickly applied the brakes to my wheelchair as with the force of his pounding I was rolling backwards.‘Okay Sissy, I’m going to paint your face” with that he took his cock out and held its beautiful mushroom head against my face and with a loud grunt started to come and come, as if anointing me as a true sissy in this place of prayer. I cupped my hands around my face, as I already knew I wanted all of his calm in my mouth and then down my throat. He grunted like the alpha a****l he was and his sperm was over my eyes my forehead my nose and cheeks. Rope after rope decorated me until finally he was spent and sat back down in his chair. He popped his cock back into his trousers and studied me. He took out his phone saying “put on a show for me” Slowly, copying the cum sluts I worshipped, I used my index fingers to deposit his cum on my outstretched tongue. I made sure not to miss any, scr****g it from my eyes and my cheeks as my tongue felt heavier and heavier with his beautiful spunk.It was my first taste of anybody else’s cum and I felt empowered as he looked at me, continuing to take photos. “Okay, let’s see you swallow”I withdrew my spunk filled tongue closed my mouth and tilting my head backwards swallowed his beautiful load. I felt empowered by the pleasure I had given and looked two Roger for confirmation comedy he looked at me approvingly as I showed him my empty mouth. “Next time, I’m going to take your little boi pussy, so you better be ready” with that he stood up and locked the door of the chapel and left. I reached into my trousers and furiously brought my little clit to completion. What a day.

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