Best Sex with My Best Friend

Best Sex with My Best FriendI bet you have read a lot of stories where happiness is the ending. I am sorry to tell you this but this story is not one of those happy endings. It is a rather sad story.(Fictional story)Let me begin by painting a picture for you.It was the time of the year when c***dren started waking up early to be sure they wouldn’t miss their bus. Those who were fortunate enough to have to chase after the bus because they wanted to continue to enjoy sleeping in were able to get their exercise in early as well. Luckily for me, I did not have to catch a bus. I was able to drive myself to school. As I pulled up into the school parking lot my best friend pulled up right next to me. I smiled as I thought to myself this was going to be a great senior year. We walked in to the building side by side like we always would. We sat in front of my locker until it was time for class. Throughout the day the only time we got to see each other was in-between classes. I hated that we didn’t have any classes together. But soon the final bell rang and we walked out the same way we did that morning.I was about to say goodbye and head home when Sam my friend asked if I wanted to come over for a while. So I agreed and we drove to his house which was just on the other side of town. I only had been to his house a couple of times just because of his father which he hated.So we went inside and to my surprise it was empty. I asked him where everyone was, he said that his parents were out on a trip for the week. We both aksaray escort agreed that was pretty awesome. I told him that he should have suggested taking mine alone. He laughed and we sat on his sofa in front of the television, unfortunately nothing good was on.Sam didn’t know that I fancied him, in fact nobody did. I have felt very guilty ever since I knew because Sam and I promised that we would never hold secrets between us ever. So I thought now was a great time to tell him.We chatted about stupid stuff like always. Then a silent arose which rarely happened because Sam was a very talkative person. But I broke the silence by telling Sam half-jokingly that he was pretty hot for a guy. Sam just thought I was messing around and he started to laugh, which I did as well. He replied after a long laugh, “You’re not half bad either” the statement had surprised me. I just said thanks still in shock. Another silence appeared. We both stared at each other trying not to laugh. It was one of our little games. Finally Sam burst out laughing, which made me laugh and soon Sam ended up on the floor still laughing and eventually I couldn’t stop laughing either and I fell on top of him. Before I knew it Sam had flipped me and pinned me to the floor. He had his victory face on now. However he knew that I wouldn’t have given up that easily. Eventually we were wrestling on the floor and I was enjoying it quite a lot because Sam kept accidentally grazing over my crotch which excited me and a bulge had formed. escort aksaray I was unsure if he had noticed because he had a slight delay which gave me the opportunity to pin him down. I am still hovering over him with his arms pinned to the floor. Started to lean in and I kissed him…I expected him to throw me off of him but he didn’t he started to kiss me back. After a few seconds of passionate kissing I finally broke it. I stared into his bright green eyes and I felt safe for a moment until he pushed me on my back and now I was pinned underneath him. He vigorously pressed his lips into mine and I suddenly felt something else. I realized that he was poking my lips with his tongue. I opened my mouth for a split second to gasp for air when I was interrupted by his forceful tongue. He started to French kiss me. It felt like his tongue was dancing with my tongue. It was so intense I let out a moan. I felt instantly embarrassed. He grinned and pressed forward not moving his hands under my shirt rubbing up and down my chest. His cold hands made my shiver at his touch. On each motion he made sure to make contact with my nipples which sent feelings that can’t be described all over my body. He pulled my shirt off and was kissing my neck. He continued down my chest to my stomach, then back up licking my left nipple. He sucked it and swirled it around like a hard candy. He continued to the right and did the same. I started to pull off his shirt and revealing his perfect abs and the tone of his body was gorgeous. aksaray escort bayan He came up and kissed me again and at the same time he unzipped my pants and pulled them off. Then he undid his own leaving us both in our underwear. We continued to kiss and at the same time he pressed his torso against me and he started to grind. I groaned loudly at the feeling. After a few moments he kissed my stomach and slowly started to pull my underwear down until the head of my dick poked out. He licked it very slowly and gently so that it tickled. He then continued to pull my underwear down and as he did he licked lower and lower down my dick. Once my underwear was completely off he held my throbbing dick in his hand and licked the head in a circular fashion before putting the whole thing into his mouth. The sensation was amazing the warmth of his mouth felt so great. He continued to thrust my dick in his mouth faster and faster. He finally pulled it out and motioned for me to do the same to his so I did it was hard at first trying to get his in but it tasted amazing. I was like the world’s best lollipop. We continued to suck until I moaned aloud and I started to cum in his mouth. He kept swallowing it and licked every drop. I did the same but was unable to keep it all in. The taste was salty and sweet at the same time but the texture was not the greatest. I squinted and swallowed quickly. After I could still feel the texture in my mouth and I ended up washing out my mouth. After we cleaned up, we made small talk. I ended up staying the night and just before we drifted off the sleep Sam said,”I am leaving for the marines soon”TO BE CONTINUED*PLEASE POST COMMENTS IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS BETWEEN THEM AND TO FIND OUT IF THEY GO ALL THE WAY!!!***

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