Beth’s Sexual Awakenings


Even eight years later I can hardly believe my experience. It all started with me and my boyfriend, Dave, getting in a fight on that fate filled Friday night.

Men behaving as children, I thought to myself. Why had I thought this Friday night would be any different than the last several. Dave, my fiancé, appeared to be more interested in hanging out with his marine friends then spending the night with me. That is how I found myself on a Friday night all dressed up with limited places to go.

I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Beth Travel. At the time I was nineteen , I’m now 27, I am 5′ 8″ with blonde hair that comes down to my shoulders. My ski sloped breast are a perfect 36C which helps to emphasis my narrow waist and exotic hips. When it came to boys and men I was a little inexperienced but as with any teenager I was full of life and the will to experiment. I enjoyed the thought of visiting new places, meeting new people and experimenting with my sexual desires. I was a little naive but was very willing to learn.

Dave, my boyfriend at the time, was nearly 28 at the time. He was 5’11”, stick thin, and every bit the marine he’d signed up to be. He had a thin and narrow face hidden by large wire rim glasses and surrounded by thin blonde hair that was already starting to recede. His friends nicknamed him Dave the dork. However, there was something both physically and emotionally that attracted me to him. I was young and dumb and had never been in an adult relationship before. This may have accounted for some of the attraction. We had been living together for two months and everything was fine except for Dave’s continual willingness to leave me at the drop of a hat to spend time with his marine buddies. Two to three nights a week Dave would leave to hang out with his buddies and I was starting to suspect he was having an affair with an old girlfriend.

Having expected to spend the night with Dave, I had dressed for the evening in my best black blouse, black skirt and heels. As I put on my favorite Lilac bra I had pinched my sensitive nipples so they were clearly visible through the bra. I chose not to wear any panties. I wanted to make sure Dave wouldn’t make a mistake about how I wanted the evening to turn out.

Well maybe Dave would rather spend the evening with his friends, but I wasn’t going to spend another evening watching movies alone. I thought as I headed out for the evening. I had been invited to a party latter in the evening. I decided to go to the high school football game until it was time for the party.

As I started climbing the bleachers I saw Josh. We had known each other since sixth grade and had always teased each other about becoming serious. Josh was six feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Josh had been the star track team member and I had spent numerous high school days watching him turn laps around the track. I started to wonder what must be underneath those shorts he was wearing as I sat down on the bleacher next to him. As the game progressed, I saw Josh, eyeing my legs and almost staring at where my panties should be.

The game proved to be boring; our team was losing badly by half time. “Josh, do you want to leave and find something more exciting to do.” I asked in my sexist voice. “I don’t have any plans for the night and I thought maybe we could spend a little time alone reminiscing about old times.” I did have the party I could go to, but those plans could change depending on Josh.

“Beth, why don’t we go to my place and I’ll see what I can cook up” Josh said as we both got up and headed down the bleachers. We made quite a pair walking down the bleachers hand in hand. What a sight we must have been with me in the short skirt, and Josh in his T-shirt and shorts.

At Joshes apartment, he spent quite a bit of time getting the place set up. He lit a candle in each room and I smelled incense burning throughout the house. The Lilac fragrance toyed with my nose.

“Josh, this is wonderful.” I said as he took my hand and lead me to the dinner table. There before my eyes was my favorite dish of spaghetti with meat sauce. I watched Josh as he poured a glass of wine. I pulled by skirt up to give Josh a better view of my shaved pussy.

Josh set down across from me. We made small talk about school, graduation, and plans for the future as we sat and ate the excellent meal he had prepared. Slipping my foot out of my shoes, I slowly began to trace them up Joshes’ leg. He didn’t seem to mind my attention. This evening might turn out better than I had anticipated.

Leading me to the couch, Josh slipped a CD into the player. Looking me deeply in the eyes he said “Beth, we have been teasing each other for years but tonight let’s stop the teasing and start doing what each of us wants.” As he said this the CD began to play.

There on the screen, a man with a twelve inch cock was playing with the woman’s’ breast as his cock was pounding her pussy. “Does this excite you Beth.” Josh asked as his hands touched my thighs.

“Yes” I gasped as I slowly leaned over and kissed him. I felt my body temperature rising as our lips met for the first ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar time. My hands slid down to his trousers and I started to stroke his cock. Would he ever get hard I wondered. Then I realized he was hard but he definitely didn’t have enough to satisfy my desires No wonder he could run like the wind. His manhood would definitely not offer any wind resistance. At that moment I felt sorry for him. He would never satisfy a woman on his own but I had been excited all day since he had invited me over and I decided he deserved a quick blow job for all the efforts. A pity blow job is what my girl friends would call this.

“Josh your my best friend and I really want to satisfy you” I lied as I leaned over and unzipped his pants. His midget cock was still flaccid reminding me of my nine your old brother’s poor excuse for manhood. As I gently brought his cock to my lips, I thought of all the times I had imagined Josh oh top of me, fucking my pussy until I screamed. Now with his cock in my mouth, I knew I wouldn’t even offer a pity fuck to this size member

Not surprising Joshes fully erect member didn’t ever reach the back of my throat. After just a few seconds of sucking and licking, Joshes’ weak stream went down my throat. From the look on his face you would have thought he was a god accepting the offering he deserved from his followers. After this minor eruption in my mouth, Josh curled up next to me and fell asleep. Hopefully plan number two will work out better I thought to myself as I left Josh with a smile on the corner of his sleeping face.

Staring at the dark windows of Eric’s’ house, I began to wonder if this was a cursed night. Then I heard Eric’s’ voice coming from across the street. As I walked toward the sounds, I heard water splashing and the unmistakable noise of a whirlpool. Peeking around the corner of their neighbor’s house I saw Eric, Bob, Stacy and a female I didn’t know drying off with towels.

“Eric, are you sure the neighbor won’t mind us using the spa while they are out of town” I heard Stacy ask in her mouse like voice. Whining again, I thought to myself as I listened to their conversation. She must be very good in bed for him to stay with a woman who has that voice.

“It will be fine Stacy, What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” Eric said in his commanding police officer voice. “Now that we’re done, let’s go back to our place and see what else is cooking.” Hearing this I rushed back across the street before I was noticed by the group.

I watched as Eric walked across the street. A towel wrapped around his broad shoulders, his hairy chest exposed and his manhood barely covered by Speedo bathing trunks. Eric was 5’10, short black hair with a little boys face. Yet, he was very handsome at the same time with dazzling blue eyes. At 33 Eric had the physic of a man half his age. Most men that were almost twice my age didn’t excite me, but as I watched Eric prance across the street I began to wonder how magnificent he must be in bed.

At 35 Bob was slightly older then Eric and was Eric’s’ sergeant on the local police force. He was 5′ 8″ with blonde hair. His military buzz cut outlined his handsome face. Like Eric, Bob was very muscular.

Then there was poor mouse like Stacy, Just over five feet with thin black shoulder length hair. She had been married to Eric just over a year and no one around town could explain the attraction between her and Eric. No boobs was the nickname my fiancé Dave had for Stacy.

The second woman I had never met before, she had obviously been a blind date for Bob. Standing less than five feet she left no memorable impression.

Eric smiled when he saw me standing in their doorway. “I’m glad you could make it over Beth” he said as pulled me to him and slid his arms down the back of my leg till he reached the bottom of my skirt. Then he slid his hand back up underneath my skirt. “Not wearing any panties as usual” he said releasing me. I giggled as I got his hands off me and my face blushed but I was glad he remembered last weekend’s beer run.

I had been introduced to Eric by my boyfriend Dave just last weekend at the last party Eric had thrown. Towards the end of that party Eric had asked me to help him with one last beer run. As I was getting in his cruiser after picking up the beer, my skirt slid up and exposed my shaved pussy. “Seeing things like that make me horny” is all Eric has said, but I saw the huge bulge in his pants. As he drove back to the party, I stroked his cock through his pants. How could I possibly refuse to relief the tension in his cock? On the ride home, I gave Eric a blow job and was amazed at the size of his cock as I sucked it down my throat. He came in bucketfuls but I managed to lick him dry before arriving back at the party.

Standing in the driveway with Eric’s’ hand on my bare ass, I hoped tonight would be just as eventful as the beer run. Dare I hope, maybe even more eventful?

“Eric that hot tub didn’t help my back; I think I’m going to take my medication and go to sleep. I hope you enjoy yourself.” Stacy said as she headed off to the house. ankara götü büyük escortlar “I need to go to.” said Bobs date leaving.

“Well it looks like I ruined this party.” I said with a sly look in my eye.

“Nonsense” said Eric. “Let’s go inside have a beer and see what kind of movies we have. With 300 channels of satellite there must be something we can watch.” he said as he slide his hand under my skirt. With his hand on my bare ass, we walked into his house and down to the basement.

Eric’s’ house had a large finished basement with a fifty inch plasma flat screen TV. I sat on the couch facing the TV as Eric and Bob sat on either side of me. “It’s a little cold in here.” Eric said as he spread a blanket across all three of our laps. The TV came alive, and there in fifty inch splendor was the same movie I had been watching at Joshes’. “I hope you don’t mind.” Eric said “but I love to watch porn just before going to bed, it gives me the lift I need to face Stacy.” he said turning to watch the TV.

“I’ve heard this is a great movie.” I said stretching my legs out.

Sitting there, I began to wonder how this night was going to end. As the action on the TV heated up, I suddenly felt Eric’s hand on my left knee and Bobs hand on my right knee. I spread my legs farther apart letting both men know I wanted them just as bad as they wanted me. What will happen when their hands meet, I wondered with excitement.

Appropriately the movie was about a three way between two men and one woman. As more and more of the cloths came off the actors on the TV. Bobs’ and Eric’s’ hands inched their way up my leg. Caressing and massaging my thigh. Eric’s and Bobs breathing continued to get deeper. Both men were oblivious to the other one playing with me leg. My pussy started to ache as both men were kneading my thighs and squeezing me hard. My juices were starting to flow. Their massaging of my thighs and my dreaming of two men at once was making me hornier then I had ever been.

Their hands touched. “As the Sergeant you get the choice sir but I can tell you this little slut has the best mouth for cock sucking I have ever felt on my shaft” said Eric.

“I want a blow job.” Bob said looking deep in my eyes. “Eric’s’ advice is all I need. Suck my cock dry Bitch.” Bob commanded.

As if in a dream I heard my voice saying “Only if Eric fucks my ass as I suck your hard cock.” Neither man needed any more encouragement.

I leaned over and freed Bobs’ cock from his trousers. It was almost as big as Eric’s’ and at least twice the width and length of poor Joshes’. I started by licking his balls and stroking his shift. My tongue was moving up and down and around and around his shaft

As I was playing with Bobs’ manhood, Eric lifted my ass up on the couch so I was on my knees; he slid my skirt up over my ass and placed the tip of his dick at my hole. I instinctively moved back against him. As I was devouring Bob in my mouth and toying with his balls, Eric was ramming his hard cock into my hole.

IN and OUT, Eric was pounding. Up and Down my mouth was going on Bob. Body temperature rising. Bodies started to sweat. Eric and Bob began groaning. Eric’s’ hard cock continued to pound my ass until I screamed.

Heaven, I was in heaven, I thought as the ass pounding and cock sucking continued. Eric’s’ cock was swelling in my ass. I kept grinding my ass harder and harder against Eric. Bob’s cock kept swelling in my mouth as he came closer and closer to Cuming.

The sweet taste of CUM as Bob shot his load down my throat. I licked every ounce off his shaft as Eric with a loud groan exploded in my ass. Collapsing into each other I thought the night was done. Luckily I was wrong.

After a few minutes, Eric announced that he needed to take the dog Barbara for a walk. The rumor around town was that Barbara was Stacy’s’ middle name

Bob grabbed me and pulled me to him as Eric was leaving the house. “It appears there is one last hole we didn’t fill” Bob said fingering my pussy to wetness and sucking on my nipples. Squeezing my breast and lightly spanking my ass. Hearing me moan and feeling my wetness on his finger tips, Bob propped me on his erect shaft. I stared into his eyes as my young wet cunt surrounded his shaft.

Knowing I was in control. I began riding his shaft UP and Down UP and Down. I could see the look in his eyes. He wanted to shot his load but I stopped and sat on his cock. Waiting and watching the look in his eyes, knowing I was in command. This man who was normally in complete control was now totally dependent on me for his satisfaction. I sat on his shaft for what seemed like hours before I took mercy and started humping again.

His hard cock stretched my pussy lips. With each movement he was nearing satisfaction. Finally Cuming and screaming as we both reached our sexual enjoyment. Cuming, both of us Cuming together with a load scream of satisfaction. Exhausted we lay on each other until Eric came back with the dog. Dressing quickly Bob left the house without saying a word.

Seeing what had happened while he was walking the dog. Eric looked at ankara çıtır escortlar me and said “You like fucking don’t you bitch. Without giving me a chance to respond, he forced me to my knees and started fucking me doggie style. Grabbing my breast and pinching my tits hard. Eric wasn’t interested in fulfilling my desires. He wanted to cum and cum now.

He was ramming my pussy hard. Pushing his shaft into me and penetrating me deeply. Grabbing my waist and pulling me hard against his cock. Within seconds he had cum. He pushed me aside and said “Come back anytime and I will fuck your pussy until you cry.” Saying that he left the room and I passed out from exhaustion.

In the morning I heard Stacy and Eric yelling at each other. While I couldn’t make out the words, I’m pretty sure they were talking about last night’s escapades. I left his house without being noticed and headed for home.

I returned home to find that Dave was not there and Aaron our roommate in a very foul mood. I had never seen Aaron in this bad of mood and I had known Aaron for over a year. He was a friend of Dave’s’. Soon after we had moved in together, Dave and I had agreed that we needed a roommate to help pay the bills. Aaron, a rookie Wayne county deputy couldn’t afford an expensive apartment and was glad when we allowed him to move in.

“What’s the matter?” I asked Aaron.

“Beth, I don’t know any good way to tell you this but when I got home tonight. I caught Dave messing around with Eric’s wife. They both are gone now but I thought you should know.”

Well that explained why Stacy had left early. She wasn’t feeling that bad. She had come here to fuck my boyfriend. I couldn’t control myself any longer I just had to laugh. Aaron, thinking I had finally lost my mind set next to me on the couch and hugged my shoulders.

“Aaron” I said. “I thought Dave was cheating, the funny thing is as he was fucking Stacy. I was fucking Eric.” I said and then explained everything that had happened that night. As I got to the part about the threesome with Eric and Bob, Aarons’ hand started moving down my sides.

How should I describe Aaron?

Aaron was….oh Aaron. I met him a year and a half earlier when he joined the force in Dalton. He was the youngest cop and he’d come into the pizza shop I worked in with his uniform and dark sunglasses on and I’d go instantly wet. 6 ft. tall with dark brown hair with a combo of gorgeous eyes and smile that would stop my heart. He came in to get an ice tea every day I worked. He’d be in his police cruiser waiting in front of the pizza shop at 4PM when we opened just to get a damn ice tea that he could get anytime at the two gas stations in town. I fell hard for him of course but never thought I’d have a chance in hell to get a guy like him so I never asked him out, never even came close to it.

Then I started dating Dave and saw even more of Aaron. During the day when he’d be on duty he’d call me up and say, “Meet me at the Bliss for lunch” or “I’m stopping at the station for a cigarette, want to have one with me?” In my younger stupidity I never once thought he was interested in me but later I realized that everything he’d been doing had been sending clear signals that he was interested. Too bad I didn’t realize it till after I was engaged to Dave the Dick head.

Once Dave and I moved in together, Dave started disappearing regularly for 3-5 days at a time. Guess it was hard living with two girlfriends at once. I had always thought it was with his marine friends, now I know it was with Stacy the mouse.

As I sat next to Aaron, his hand started stroking my side and he started whispering in my ear.

“Beth, I have wanted you from the first day I saw you.” Aaron said as he kissed my neck.

His hands began cupping my breast though my clothing. Having dreamt of being with Aaron, I felt my body starting to give in to him.

He continued kissing my neck and cupping my breast. Our lips met and we french kissed passionately. My hands reached out and started stroking his nine inch cock through his pants. We removed out clothing in what seemed a second. He started kissing his way down my neck. I shivered as is lips passed gently over my nipples. Aaron began kissing his way down to my shaved pussy.

His tongue began licking my outer lips. His sweet tongue began to slowly enter my pussy. Slowly I began sucking his nine inch cock. I felt his hardness in my mouth. His lips felt like velvet on my pussy. We lay there licking and sucking each other until we came. Then we cuddled and slept in each other’s arms for the remainder of the night.

In the morning I woke and realized I didn’t miss Dave at all.

Aaron was the best I had ever had. . Now, I say he was the best I’ve ever had for a few reasons. His dick is the biggest I’ve ever had. When I said 9″ I was guessing because for a white guy to actually be larger than that doesn’t seem possible to me but he very well could’ve been. He was also thick. I couldn’t wrap my hand around it and touch my fingers. Also, I’ve never seen a dick get hard like his did. You know when a guy has a hard on, even when he’s rock solid, you can still move the outside layer of skin around but with Aaron, no, even his skin was rock hard. All that coupled with the insane crush I’d harbored for over a year made it just absolutely incredible sex. I’ll never find that again with anyone but I certainly keep those memories fresh in my mind.

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