Bettering Their Marriage Ch. 03


This is the third and last chapter of the “Bettering Their Marriage” series, reading the first two chapters will put this chapter into context. The length of this chapter is around 10,500 words and takes up 3 pages on Lit.

Everyone in the story is over 18 years old. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

This story includes scenes of graphic sex and sexual perversions needed to further the plot, and should NOT be read by minors or anyone that might be offended by such filth.

This story includes scenes of female domination, forced cross dressing, and other activities often found with those topics, including revenge. Do not read if you don’t like these themes.

I have had many suggestions as how this story should progress, but it would be impossible to include all the different scenarios that were sent to me. So in the end I went in the direction of my original plan. Thanks to all of you who sent encouragement and suggestions, they are appreciated and may be used on future stories I write.

The Cast:

Jeff – The husband. He has been gradually introduced to wearing lingerie and has accepted it, but has recently found out that his wife has been conspiring with his boss the whole time. Doubts are forming in his mind.

Mary – his wife, totally devoted to, and in love with, Cheryl.

Cheryl – Jeff’s boss and the mistress of Mary.

Gwen – Cheryl’s administrative assistant.

Jeff was standing the corner of his bedroom, his feet were spread slightly apart and he stood close enough that his toes touched the baseboards on either side of the corner.

His shoulders were back, and they brushed the walls on either side of the corner. His nose was inches from the corner and he stared forward with his eyes glazed over, his mind turned inward.

He was wearing a baby-doll nightie in pale blue with darker blue satin bloomer panties that had ties at the bottom which were loosely tightened. The whole outfit was accented with contrasting lace.

There was a small bow at the front of his bloomers and another adorned his top just below the cleavage created by his glue-on breasts. They were high-dollar appliances, and looked like the real thing, perfectly matching his skin tone.

Jeff was in pain, partly from standing still for so long and partly because his cock was trying to become erect in a chastity device he wore. The only sounds in the room came from the bed behind him, on it his boss Cheryl and his wife were naked.

Jeff’s wife, Mary was servicing Cheryl, there were sighs, groans and grunts coming from the two women as Cheryl prompted Mary with one word commands like ‘Yes’, ‘there’, ‘harder’, ‘softer’, ‘more’ and ‘good girl’

Finally Cheryl pushed Mary away from between her legs.

“Very good Mary, you’re getting better every time. Why don’t you go over to Jeff and let him lick your fingers.”

Mary rolled out of the bed and stepped behind her husband, reaching around she pushed two fingers into his mouth. He needed no command to lick and savor Cheryl off of his wife’s hand.

The last time he had any sexual contact with his wife was just before the first time Cheryl visited their house. Once she arrived it was technically a threesome, but he had sex with his boss, not his wife.

Not that Mary missed any sex that night, she gave Cheryl many orgasms and received several herself. The closest that Mary and Jeff came was watching each other and the occasional kiss while Cheryl rode him. Afterwords the three of them cuddled up and fell asleep.

Cheryl had only visited one other time, a week ago. Jeff didn’t get to participate and was left in the kitchen, in his chastity device and handcuffed to the water faucet at the kitchen sink. He stood like that, naked and bent over the sink for two hours. Once Cheryl left Mary released his wrists, but not his chastity device.

He savored Cheryl’s scent even after Mary went back to her mistress. Not that he hadn’t tasted his boss before. Since that first night he had orally serviced her nearly every day at work.


She would call him into her office during the day. He still remembered the first time. He was expecting something, but not a word from her until mid-afternoon. Then he got a call ordering him to report to her office with a specific file. The meeting went for on for about ten minutes as he explained what was in the file. Then she started.

“That’s fine Jeff, you can proceed with this as you see fit, you’re doing a good job here and I have been keeping Mr. Holloway informed of that.”

“Thank you Cheryl.”

“Now I want you to stand in the middle of the floor there.”

He went to the spot she indicated, about half way between her desk and the door that led into the outer office. Only a thin wall separated him from Cheryl’s secretary. Beside the door was a narrow frosted glass panel, shadows might be distinguished through it. He was nervous.


He stared at her. Not daring to say anything he bahis firmaları looked over his shoulder to the door.

“Yes, she might come in at any minute.” Cheryl said with a grin. Then continued.

“Or did I remember to tell her not to disturb me?” Her face turned grim.


He didn’t want to anger her, regardless of what she did with his wife, she was his boss, a few words in the ear of the company president and he would be looking for a new job. That would really hurt.

He made good money, but the house they lived in was just on the edge of what they could afford, and Cheryl had insisted on an expensive car recently. He couldn’t afford to be out of work for very long.

He slipped off his shoes and placed them by the chair next to her desk, followed by his socks, then coat and tie, shirt, and finally his trousers. He stood in front of her in just his panties, pink today, and a white camisole.

“Your camisole doesn’t match does it? As long as you behave, I’ll let you wear white under your shirt.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

“You’re not done, get the lingerie off.”

He slowly pulled the silky camisole over his head. In spite of his predicament he still noticed the slinky silky sensations of the wispy garment sliding over his skin, he shivered from the sensation and his encased cock twitched.

Next were his panties, they were pink satin with a darker pink bow in front and frills along the waistband and leg openings, he slid them down and again his cock tried to swell within its prison. He couldn’t tell if it was because he was turned on by stripping in a near-public place, or because of the satin sliding down his shaved legs. He pulled the sensual garment over his feet one at a time.

He stood naked except for his clear plastic cock prison. His cock tried again to inflate and he winced in pain.

Cheryl stood and came over to him, she inspected him closely, verifying that he was without any body hair. She directed him to raise and lower his arms, she played a riding crop over his body sending shivers up his spine.

“Very well slave, keep yourself hairless, completely hairless except for your head.”

“Yes ma’am.”


He did. She pulled up her dress.

“Remove my panties.”

When he had removed them she went behind her desk and sat on her chair. She directed him to get his clothing and put it in the closet. Then motioning him forward she soon had him backed partially under her desk and kneeling between her spread legs. Leaning forward she caressed his chin and looked into his eyes.

“I want you to get as far under my desk as possible you are going to lick and play with my pussy, gently, for the next half hour. I advise you to make yourself as quiet and small as possible as I may have people in this office.”

He gulped and cramped himself down and tried to edge himself into the knee space of her desk. He was extremely uncomfortable. When he leaned forward to her pussy she took a picture with her cell phone and then flipped her dress over him.

As he began his worship of her pussy he reflected that if anyone caught them she would be as likely to lose her job as he was, that was no comfort to him. He heard her start talking, apparently on her cell. He could only hear her side of the conversation.

“Slut, can you see the picture I sent”

“Yes, in my office.”

It had to be his wife.

“Mmmm he’s very good, very good indeed.”

“No, he’s completely naked, well, with a chastity device of course. I have complete control of him.”

“No body hair at all, and he wears lingerie all the time. I’m thinking of putting him in stockings and garter belt under his work clothes as well.”

That’s odd he thought, surely she doesn’t have to tell Mary all that. She knew already.

“Yes that’s the best part, not only is he married, but I have his wife under my control as well, I actually enslaved her first.”

“That’s very funny.”

“No, so far just me and each other, no-one else, yet.”

“Really, you think so?”

“That would be exciting. Why not? Yes, right now.”

She hung up, then her heard her use the office phone.

“Gwen, someone’s coming down to my office, let them right in. Yes.”

She touched his head.

“Back to work slave, and remember, softly and gently, and quietly, you wouldn’t want Gwen to hear you if she comes in. It’s about the time for the inter-office mail to arrive.”

He was on autopilot, did she just invite someone else from the office in? Had she sent his picture, he wanted to shrink into nothing. His cock nearly had.

He heard the office door open and then close. Any footsteps were muffled by his position and the carpet on the floor.

“Come in, come in, don’t say a word, lets keep him guessing.”

He felt her hand on his head and sensed her body turn to the side. He heard what could have been a kiss.

“He’s right here, his clothes are in the closet there, oh, he’s a wonderful cunt licker.”

He felt another kaçak iddaa hand on his head, a man, a woman? It pulled away. He heard the closet door open.

“Yes, go look, isn’t it precious? I would like it to be pink, but we don’t want it to show through his white shirt too obviously. Of course if he were to misbehave….”

He heard Cheryl laugh.

“I’ve a wicked idea, take your panties off, and put his on, then we’ll have him wear yours home. He can wash them tonight by hand and bring them in tomorrow.”

“He’ll have some explaining to his wife tonight.” She laughed.

“Oh it will be so much fun, he won’t know if he’s wearing a woman’s panties or the panties of another man! He doesn’t know how many slaves I might have.”

More laughing and she closed her legs over his head, he couldn’t hear or breathe, finally she opened them, he thought he heard the door close as he gulped for air.

An hour later he was at his desk, he didn’t know who’s panties he was wearing, but he did rather like them. They were black satin with red trim. He didn’t dare sniff the crotch to see if it smelled of a woman or man, not in front of Cheryl, and now they would smell of him.

Later that evening Mary had asked about the panties hanging in the bathroom and he had to explain the entire episode. She laughed and became turned on, he fell asleep curled up in the bed licking his wife, and getting no relief for himself.

Since then each day had been a variation of the theme, sometimes just Cheryl, sometimes blindfolded, or crouched under Cheryl’s desk, while the mysterious person or person’s visited. At least he knew now that it was a woman, assuming there was only one.

Twice he had gotten relief. Once from Cheryl and once from the other woman. The first time it started out to be the standard humiliation of stripping and going down on Cheryl as she lounged in her office chair. This time at least she had her chair turned sideways so that he didn’t have to crouch under the desk.

“Very very good Jeff, very good.” Cheryl said after she came, then continued:

“But I’m not quite satisfied, move the side chair over here.”

It was an older, armless wooden office chair, she had him move it away from the desk and stand in front of her while she released his cock. It immediately sprang into full erection. She made him go to the en-suite office bathroom and wash it up, then return.

Cheryl commanded him to sit in the chair, and after she carefully hiked up her dress she straddled him. With one hand on his shoulder and the other guiding him into her, she lowered herself onto him while he held her dress up out of the way.

“Oh, that’s nice, you have a very nice little cocklet.” She grinned at him.

“Does it bother you that we always talk about it that way, as if it’s small and insignificant?”

“I’m getting used to it.” He replied carefully. He sat without moving, his hands still on her hips, holding up her dress. He didn’t know how long he could hold out. Luckily she was just sitting on him and not moving.

Cheryl laughed at his answer, and then unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra cups down, freeing her breasts, it was a visual treat, she had long nipples, his mouth almost started watering with desire to suck them. She pulled his head down and he eagerly began to nuzzle and suck her nipples.

At that same time she began to move up and down on his cock, he still thought of it as his cock, even if Cheryl and Mary wouldn’t allow him to call it that. He was pleased that Cheryl had such a snug and juicy pussy, he was loving the way it held him and stimulated him.

“Mmm that feels good little Jeffy, I’ll have to do this more often.”

Jeff murmured an answer and started to push into her in time with her subtle movements.

“Are you sure no-one will come in?”

“Mostly sure, Gwen will give me warning.”

They continued their secret fuck, then suddenly Cheryl convulsed over his cock without warning. She bit into his shoulder painfully as she pushed down on his cock. With his head buried between her breasts he lurched upwards and came into her.

They sagged together for a few minutes while their breathing slowed down, with his slowly deflating cock still in her pussy. After a minute or two of relaxation Cheryl made him get up and clean himself, then she put his chastity device back on.

The second time was humiliating, the mystery woman and Cheryl lounged on the couch, while Jeff, blindfolded and kneeling on the coffee table had to masturbate himself to orgasm, catch his cum and eat it down. The entire time Cheryl insulted and berated him. It took a long time for him to get hard and then to cum.


He was brought back to the present when he felt a hand, Cheryl’s hand, caress his satin encased bottom.

“You are such a sweet obedient boy Jeff, and I know that you do everything you can for Mary, but she does miss a good hard cock, too bad yours is all tied up.”

Cheryl laughed at her joke, then went on:

“Turn kaçak bahis around and help me get this situated will you?”

She pressed on his shoulder as he turned and he sank to his knees. In front of him Cheryl was naked, her pussy with it’s landing strip was in front of him.

“Here Jeff, help me with this.”

She was holding a strapless strap on, it had a part to fill Cheryl up, and was curved so that any pressure on the cock end would press against her clit as well as move inside of her.

He took it and eased it into her pussy, seating it fully into her, as she turned away the artificial cock slapped him in the face. He saw her fasten a single strap around it and present her back to him so that he could tighten it.

“I suppose I don’t really need the strap, but I like the security of having it.” She commented, almost to herself. It was a little irritating to Jeff that she talked as if he was incapable of getting an erection, rather than that he was in a chastity device.


He thought to himself that he could easily just cut it off, but for his wife’s sake he let it stay on, she seemed to really enjoy being a sex slave to Cheryl. He also had to admit to himself that even though fewer, the orgasms he got were exceptional. He wished he could go back and change things to the way they were when it was just he and his wife.

Then he realized that it hadn’t been just he and Mary for a long time, since before she started to introduce him to lingerie. They didn’t have much in the way of a marriage before then, but they certainly didn’t have much of one now either. But even with his device he still came more than he did in the years prior to all this.

It had been some time since they had a ‘normal’ relationship. Mary had gradually introduced him to lingerie and that was fun too. All the humiliating things that Mary said to him in the privacy of their home were more in jest, as an added spice to their games.

But she slowly morphed the things she said into the hurtful insults that the two of them battered him with. He had gotten used to letting them roll of his back like rain off a duck that generally he could stand anything they said, listening to them as if they were happening to someone else.

Lately though the humiliation by Cheryl at the office was impossible to ignore. And stripping and servicing her at work wasn’t in any way loving. Although he loved it when she let him cum. Until the first time that she did release him, he worried that even without the chastity device he would never be able to get an erection again, but he was wrong.

One of his fears was that he would come to enjoy being naked, vulnerable and used in Cheryl’s office. Another fear was that he wouldn’t. If only he didn’t get turned on by the sensual feel of his lingerie.


Snapping back to the present, he watched Cheryl walk up to Mary, who knelt in front of her. Mary took the dildo into her mouth and started sucking as if her life depended on it. She had hated to suck Jeff under any circumstances, so much so that when they were first experimenting with the Dominant lifestyle, and she was playing the submissive partner, he didn’t make her do it to him.

He wished he had now, he wondered where she got to be so good at it. He watched as she slid her head forward and took the entire dildo into her mouth, it had to be in her throat as she pushed her lips into Cheryl’s mound.

As Mary pulled back her lips were drooling saliva, he heard her take a few deep breaths and she slid forward again. There was no sound in the room except for the drooling gagging of Mary as she gasped for breath.

The demonstration went on for only a few minutes, but to Jeff it seemed forever. Then Cheryl told Jeff to sit in the chair near the foot of the bed, she positioned Mary on her back with her legs drawn up and spread apart.

“You see Jeff, this is how she behaves for me. Watch as someone who knows what Mary needs fucks her.”

She knelt between Mary’s legs and slowly slid her imitation cock into her slave’s pussy. Jeff watched it spread his wife’s lips and slide in accompanied by Mary’s moans of satisfaction.

The two women soon established a rhythm and were bringing themselves to several mutual orgasms as they fucked. Mary looked up at Cheryl with love in her face, perhaps worship and they often kissed with deep, tongue tangling passion.

Jeff watched impassively as he could. He recognized that it was an erotic sight but he kept his mind elsewhere for fear that his cock would betray him. He had enough mental pain right now without having to suffer the physical pain that an erection attempt would bring.

Somewhere in the back of his brain he started to think about getting out of this situation with Cheryl and his wife. He reasoned that it would be different if he was free to make love to his wife, and if she didn’t so obviously prefer Cheryl over him.

When Cheryl was finished the two women went into the bathroom and showered together. Jeff heard their laughing and playing through the open door. He managed to stare ahead. When they had cleaned up Cheryl left. Mary ordered Jeff to re-make the bed with fresh sheets. Mary climbed between the sheets naked and settled herself.

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