Bi-Curious Xhamster Hookup With Married Dude

Bi-Curious Xhamster Hookup With Married DudeLuke and I had been messaging on Xhamster for about a week and finally decided we were ready to try sucking each other’s cocks. He’s married and I have a girlfriend. But the memory of how my c***dhood buddy’s dick felt in my mouth has been haunting my fantasies lately. I like girls and don’t connect with guys in a sexual or emotional way. But, lately I just want to suck a cock and feel it throbbing in my mouth with a load shooting while I stroke it with my tongue. Once I found Luke and found out he wanted to try the same thing, we decided to meet up on the DL and see how it went.I pulled up next to his car in the Texas Roadhouse parking lot, looked around nervously, then hopped into his SUV. Luke was not bad looking, with a ginger beard and a tiny bit of grey. “Never done this before, right?””Nope,” he said. He was not a big conversationalist but it didn’t matter. He could have been 30 years older or 50 pounds heavier. I wouldn’t care as long as his dick got hard and spurted in my mouth. “Me either.” I answered, not really having anything else to say.I scouted the spot, so I was navigator. We had little other dialog. Not really the point for two straight guys about to suck each other’s cocks. “Git’er done” as we say in Texas.We atakum escort pulled into a secluded spot in the back of a crappy apartment complex that seemed as likely to have d**g deals going on as straight dudes blowing each other for fun. “I should do you first cuz I’ll lose interest after I cum,” I said, afraid I might feel obligated to go down on him after my hetero feelings inevitably returned.”Cool,” he said and began to undo his jeans. He stretched them down his thighs, dragging boxers with them to reveal his milky white dick, small and flaccid. I’d seen pix of it erect, long and thin with a large mushroom top on it. “I’m a little nervous, sorry.””No big,” I said. “If anyone understands that, it should be a guy, right?” I took his dinky dick in between my fingers, leaned my head down towards his lap and sucked the soft flesh into my mouth.”Oh gawd…” he said. I pulled it in and out using suction, extending my tongue out and down to lap at his balls. He smelled like body wash and a tad of male musk. The musk is off-putting to me, I definitely prefer women smell. But, the more I licked his privates, the more neutral the odor became. The hot thing was feeling his penis hardening in my mouth, slowly growing out in length.”Mmmm, fuck…” he said. “You’re atakum escort bayan making me hard.”Soon the head of his cock was pushing on the back of my throat. I gave the front of his shaft special attention, the way I wanted every woman who’d ever taken my cock in her mouth to do, though few had. In and out his rigid dick slid, slick and shiny. I played around the tip with my lips, kissing it, then taking it back in. I could feel a pulse when I did this. A little precum dripped out and I let it coat my lips against his skin before licking it off and taking him into my mouth again.I reached down in between his legs, under is balls. He lifted his hips to ease my access down there. As I covered his cock with my tongue, I massaged the stiff part of it below his scrotum, licking down to his balls and back up again.”I’m gonna cum already, are you ready for it…?” He said between gasps.”Mmm-hmm…” I said, his erection swelling slightly in my mouth. I let the shaft rest against my tongue, my lips closed around it and swayed back and forth, wiping all over the sensitive skin on the front and tip.Then the pulses started, from the hard part in his groin, up through his balls, out the tip. My mouth began to fill with a warm wash of semen, injecting suddenly escort atakum and repeatedly. I swallowed it as fast as it entered, keeping it at the back where I didn’t so much taste it as I felt it. I gobbled mouthful after mouthful, enjoying the pulsating rhythm of thrusts that came with it.”Ohhh, fuck. Wow…” He said. I licked the last of his cum off the head of his penis, coming up off of it. The peehole was red now, his mushroom head engorged and sensitive. Sitting up, I swished the last of his jizz down my throat. He was gathering himself.”Good?” I asked.”I’ve never cum like that. You have skills. I need a minute.”Hafta admit I was pretty pleased with myself. I kinda wished I could do it again, the way some women can just cum and cum over again.”Cool if I try it on you, too?” He asked, [putting himself back together. I nodded and unfastened my jeans. It felt weird to expose myself in the cool of the car in a parking lot. I was hard as a rock. My cock bounced free of my compression shorts as I pulled them down. It was hot to feel him wanting to suck it. It feels like most girls aren’t really that into it. They are just doing it cuz I like it. But, he fucking wanted to make me cum in his mouth, just for the sexual fantasy of it.I had a moment of hetero-resistance as I watched him bow down and take my cock in his mouth. Just a little internal, “Oh noooooo…” But, once his warm tongue was caressing it, I forgot all about that. I was in for this whole guys sucking each other thing. Fuckkkkk it felt amazing!

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