Big City Temptations

Double Penetration

Chapter One: The Suite

Carol almost didn’t make the trip to Chicago. When her daughter’s softball team qualified for the prestigious tournament and she saw the dates, Carol knew her husband would be out of town and wouldn’t be able to go. Although all the other parents would be there, Carol dreaded the thought of being in the big city without him.

She was shy and naïve, uncomfortable outside the confines of her little rural community, and highly dependent on her husband. Just the thought of being alone in Chicago made her quiver. It took weeks of persuading by the close-knit set of parents to guarantee Carol that they would travel to and from the games together and that Carol never had to leave the luxurious downtown hotel they were staying at when her daughter wasn’t playing.

The kids would be fine. They were staying in another location outside of town and were chaperoned by trusted, volunteer parents. The other parents had chosen the downtown location for shopping and the sheer elegance of the place. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some of them.

Carol eventually caved in and timidly said she would go.

If nothing else, she made a lot of the fathers happy. Carol was easily the cutest and sexiest mother in the group. She was average height and slim, but with exceptionally fine breasts and an ass that screamed to be held. Her face was framed by short, straight brown hair that made her look younger than the thirty six she really was. Her dark eyes and petite nose and mouth would not have looked out of place on one of the daughters. Carol was a brunette Barbie doll come to life.

Nobody was more surprised than Carol at what happened when they arrived in Chicago and began to settle into the hotel. She felt like she was on another planet, or in another dimension with absolutely nothing resembling what she was used to. It was a fantasy world and she found herself slowly wanting to explore more and more of it as the hours passed.

That first evening, she tagged along with a group of parents that explored Michigan Avenue and, later, took cabs to The House of Blues. Despite urgings from several she was with, Carol never made it onto the dance floor. But she came closer to accepting than she ever thought possible.

The next day involved the first set of softball games and another late dinner. It was well past ten o’clock when the group dispersed in the lobby and Carol waited for an elevator up to her room.

She was beginning to miss her husband’s constant companionship. For all her introverted tendencies, Carol needed a man around her more than most women. And if the fathers on the team knew of another of her characteristics, she wouldn’t be standing alone by the elevators: Carol loved sex, to the point of near addiction. She always told herself it was compensation for her shyness. In lieu of making male friends, she drove her husband to the edge of exhaustion with an insatiable sexual appetite.

Whatever it was, she was feeling it after a couple days away from home.

A man close to her own age joined her at the elevators and smiled. Carol bashfully returned the smile of the handsome stranger. When they entered the elevator, the man inserted his room key and punched the top floor, marked Suites.

“What floor?” he asked Carol.

“Uh, fifteen.”

She started to say something, then stopped. He looked at Carol as if to question her. She paused.

“I bet the suites are nice. My tiny, little room is nice, but…,” she said softly.

The man grinned. “Would you like to see one?”

Carol instantly replied, “Oh, no. I was just saying….”

“I’ll show you one. It won’t hurt.”

Carol shook her head but did not respond.

“C’mon,” he said, not quite pleading. “Just a quick walk-through. We won’t be alone. The company I’m with is having an annual meeting this week. Other people will be there.”

They had reached the fifteenth floor. The doors opened. Carol stood frozen in place, fumbling with her purse and key card. When the doors began to close, the man reached for the button to keep them open.

“Oh, OK. Just a peek inside,” Carol finally said.

“Great. You’ll enjoy it. By the way, my name’s Andy.”

“Hi. I’m Carol.”

Silently, they rode to the suites floor. Carol’s nerves were ready to snap by the time the door opened and Andy motioned for her to exit first.

“This way,” he said, leading them down the plush hallway.

Carol nearly changed her mind when she realized how informally she was dressed. She wore a simple polo shirt and black jeans that hugged her hips and legs. Surely she would be out of place in the suite full of businessmen if they were dressed anything like Andy with his sports coat, expensive shirt and perfectly pressed pants.

She managed to ask, “What does your company do, Andy?”

“Oil and gas. It’s a profitable field to be in,” he said, looking over at her with a wry grin. “Here we are.”

The moment he pulled his key card out and opened the door, Carol was convinced the entire trip was, ankara duşta veren escortlar in fact, a dream. She stood at the entrance, looking into what appeared to her to be the inside of a mansion. Andy let her take it all in, and then closed the door behind them once she was finally in the suite.

In front of her was a massive living room, with lavish furniture, a stone fireplace, and ten foot windows looking out over the lake. Two or three men were in a corner, holding drinks. Their conversation ended the second they saw Carol and their unrelenting stares made her uneasy.

“Would you like a drink?” Andy asked her in a tone that almost forced her to reply positively.

“Sure. Whatever you recommend.”

“Follow me,” Andy said. “I’ll show you where the bar is and you can help yourself after that.”

“I won’t be staying,” Carol told him as they walked into the next room.

“Just in case.”

The dining room they entered was another immense space with a bar extending nearly the entire length of one wall, windows again from floor to ceiling, and a table that must have sat twenty. Two more men were at the bar as Andy and Carol walked up. She acknowledged their welcomes and accepted a glass of wine from Andy, who opened a beer for himself.

“How big IS this place?” Carol inquired.

Andy chuckled. “About sixteen hundred square feet. A small house.”

“My house,” Carol admitted. “Without the million dollar furniture.”

“Two bedrooms. Two and a half baths. A small home theater,” Andy said.

“Nothing in here is small.”

“Carol, this is Doug and Tony,” Andy said, directing her to the two middle-aged men next to her. “Gentlemen, this is Carol. She asked for a guided tour.”

“You offered a tour,” she quickly added. “Nice to meet you.”

“Glad you came,” Doug said. “How do you know Andy?”

“I don’t.”

Her straight-faced reply left the men momentarily speechless. Then Tony said, “Why doesn’t that surprise me.”

“You’ll give me a bad reputation,” Andy stated.

“You mean, add to it,” Tony responded.

“He wouldn’t let me out of the elevator and insisted he show off his room to me,” Carol told the men. “I figured it was a line, but fell for it anyway.”

“Works every time,” Andy said.

She was well beyond her comfort zone and asked Andy to show her the rest of the suite before she had to leave. She thought to herself that vocalizing that she had to leave would make it easier, but she also didn’t want the dream to end.

As they passed back through the living area, two young women had joined the men in that room and Carol felt somewhat better.

“What do you do for the company?” Carol asked Andy.

“Vice President for Exploration and Drilling.”

“Sounds important,” she said dryly.

“It’s a job.”

They entered the theater and Carol couldn’t withhold a ‘Wow.’ It was not in use and tiny ceiling lights barely illuminated the room, but the essence was still there.

“Very nice,” she said.

“The guys watch adult films in here until the boss kicks them out.”

Carol cringed. “I won’t sit down, then.”

Andy took her into the first bedroom they came to and she expressed her amazement again.

“Not like any hotel bedroom I’ve ever been in,” she admitted. “In fact, this is about the size of the entire room I get in a hotel.”

They did a quick reconnaissance of the remainder of the suite. At the end, as they reentered the living area, Carol asked, “Will I meet the boss?”

“If you stay long enough, I suppose you will,” Andy told her.

“Nice try. I can’t stay. I’ll finish your excellent wine and then I have to get back.”

“Back to your husband?” Andy inquired.

Carol looked him directly in the eyes and held the gaze.

“They guys were right,” was all she said.

He never flinched.

“You ARE married,” he said.

“He’s not here.”

“But you are. Why don’t you allow yourself to be entertained, Carol?”

She grinned. “You’re entertaining me. That’s enough for a simple country girl like me.”

He looked down at her empty wine glass. “Well, you can leave any time you want, simple country girl. But you’ll lay in bed thinking about what we’re doing in this suite. How about another glass of wine?”

She wanted to cuss at him. Or slap him. Or cuss at him, slap him, and walk out.

“I can help myself,” she said.

“You aren’t staying.”

“If I do, it won’t be because of you.”

She walked past him towards the bar, every nerve in her body twitching and her heart about ready to burst through her chest. Andy never took his eyes off her ass as it swayed across the room.

“She’s not with us, is she?” a voice behind him said.

“She will be soon,” Andy said to Bill, another Vice President. “And I predict she won’t regret it.”

Carol’s face was still blushing as she walked up to the bar and found the wine bottle Andy had poured from before. Just then, a hand reached around and took the bottle.

“May I?”

She ankara fetiş yapan escortlar turned and recognized Tony, who was already refilling her glass.

“Thank you, um, Tony, right?”

“Good memory,” he said. “Meeting new people is hard. I’m no good at it. Andy, on the other hand…, but, then, maybe that’s why he’s a VP.”

“And you?”

“A lowly director. A peon.”

Carol giggled for the first time that evening. “Somebody in my own class. I like that.”

She took Tony to be about forty five or fifty. He had a closely shaven beard and dark hair, reinforcing her impression that, aside from the name, he was of Italian descent. But unlike many of his countrymen, he was in good enough shape to be an athlete. She liked him.

“I hope you’ll stay a while,” Tony pleaded.

“Oh, I don’t know. Parties are not my thing.”

“It’s not technically a party,” Tony explained. “We just get this suite every year and hang out here.”

“And Andy’s in charge of the women?”

Tony laughed, but was shaking his head immediately. “We kid him. That’s not his job. I’m sure whatever happened was pure coincidence.”

“Yeah, right,” Carol joked. “Is he married?”


Carol nodded. “I can’t imagine why.”

Then she asked, “Who are the other women I saw?”

Tony smiled. “We’re not a totally sexist company. A director. The human resources gal. I’m not sure who else is here, or who else is coming.”

“Well, I feel very out of place. Like I don’t belong,” Carol admitted.

“Nah. Don’t. This is a good group of people. Stick around for a while, at least. The men will appreciate it, Carol.”

The red came back to her cheeks. “Thanks, I guess. You’re not convincing me you aren’t all pigs, though.”

Her smile eased Tony’s mind. “Just beware of Doug.”

“Thanks for the warning. I’ll avoid Doug at all costs.”

Andy entered the dining area and bar by himself.

“Speaking of pigs,” Tony quickly said.

“Quit talking about me,” Andy told him. “I’m being nice and rescuing Carol from you to get her to like me again.”

“And if I don’t need rescued?” she posed.

“Then I’ll just stay and bother you both.”

They talked for about fifteen minutes about the company, Carol’s daughter’s team, and life outside the city. She was feeling much more composed, and not just because of the wine. The sound of voices in the other rooms steadily increased and it seemed to Carol that a couple dozen people might now be present.

During a lull in the conversation, Tony said to Andy, “Have the movies started?”

“I think so,” Andy told him. “I saw some guys heading in there.”

“You’re all perverts,” added Carol.

“I thought they were showing The Wizard of Oz tonight?” Tony said.

Carol scoffed, “Yeah, except in this one Toto does Dorothy.”

“Just to prove to you how innocent we are, why don’t you let us take you in for a minute and watch,” Andy suggested.

Carol was instantly torn between two strong urges: She knew she didn’t belong in the theater and yet the idea of it excited her. It was like wanting to go into the boys’ locker room in high school.

She suspected that neither man had any expectations of her approving the suggestion. So when she said, ‘OK. Let’s go’, the look on their faces was priceless.

They left their drinks at the bar and Andy led the trio through the living area to the entrance of the theater. The door was closed. Andy opened it as silently as he could and Carol saw that the light emanating from the huge flat screen gave an eerie glow to the otherwise dark room. They entered quietly.

Andy motioned for them to stay in the back of the room along the wall, looking over the several rows of posh chairs, half of which had men in them. Only then did Carol focus on the movie. Two blondes, already topless, were combining their efforts to undress a muscular young man in what appeared to be an island beach cabin.

Every now and then a member of the small audience made a short comment that caused laughter among the men. In between, the room was hushed. Carol watched the women in the movie pull off the lucky man’s shorts and attack his exceedingly large cock with their mouths.

Carol noticed Tony looking over at her and she glanced back with a nervous grin. She didn’t want to be the prude in the crowd, nor did she expect to stay long. But Tony leaned over to Carol’s ear and whispered, “Look at Andy’s pants.”

After a pause to not make it look obvious, she shifted her eyes to the right and saw the same bulge in the front of Andy’s pants that Tony noticed. She felt her pulse quicken. She watched the women sucking on the raging hard on the man on the bed had and Carol’s pussy began to throb. She had to leave that room.

“Touch it, Carol,” Tony was whispering to her.

“No!” she mouthed back silently.

“You know you want to.”

Carol knew she did. Tony knew she did. She looked over again and the swelling had grown. She could nearly make out the outline of Andy’s ankara iranlı escort erection.

‘God, I want it, but…I can’t…not here…oh God…just one little stroke….’

Amid a myriad of whirling thoughts in her brain, Carol reached over with her right hand. It softly landed on his pants and her heart skipped a beat at the wonderful feel of it.

Andy looked at her, but it was as if nothing extraordinary had happened. He smiled a little—just a grin of acknowledgment—and Carol pressed harder. She let her palm slide up and down a few inches along the pants.

Then Tony was in her ear again: “Face him, Carol.”

She turned a little and Tony moved behind her. His body was against hers. His hands came around to her chest and lightly held the bottom of her breasts. Carol switched hands and rubbed Andy’s cock harder.

Tony pulled on Carol’s shirt and tugged it out of her jeans. She didn’t protest and his hands slid up her body, inside the shirt, to her tits. He whispered, “Unzip him. Take it out, Carol.”

She might have ended it right there but Tony’s hands were massaging her tits through her bra and her ultra-sensitive nipples began to stiffen. She felt the waves of pleasure clear down to her pussy. Carol pulled down Andy’s zipper, stroked his cock through his shorts for a second, and then brought it out.

Tony was unhooking her bra. With Carol almost totally entranced by the cock in her hand, he had no problem pushing her bra up and gaining access to both of her firm breasts.

The trio had escaped scrutiny so far, but that was about to change. One of the men watching the film happened to turn his head just enough to see the back of the room. It was clear, even in the shadows, what was happening. One by one the members of the audience were made aware.

Carol was now the show.

That’s when Tony lifted her shirt until it was stopped by Carol’s outstretched arm. With only a fleeting second thought, she let go of Andy’s cock and raised her arms. Tony pulled off her shirt and bra at the same time. A murmur of male voices flowed through the room.

Carol didn’t need instructions from Tony any longer. She crouched down and kissed Andy’s erection, which now rose out of his pants like a pole. She heard Andy and Tony exchange a few very short, muted words. Just as she was about to put the cock to her lips, Andy was gently lifting her to her feet.

Tony moved behind her again. Andy pulled her closer and kissed her. Tony’s hands started at her breasts, but quickly moved down over her stomach to the top of her jeans. He had them unbuttoned very rapidly and his hand was inside. Before Carol could end the kiss or object, even if she wanted to, Tony was rubbing her pussy.

The first moan came from her lips when he found her clit. Without delay, he pulled down the jeans to expose her panties. She and Andy kissed more passionately and Andy’s hands were all over her tits. Tony had her naked ahead of any opposition she might have, but Carol was beyond the point of attempting to stop anything they had planned.

She was too engrossed in what the three of them were doing to be concerned with the fact that every eye in the room was now on her and that two new visitors to the theater were now standing off to the side taking in the whole thing from a few feet away.

Carol bent over at the waist and licked Andy’s cock. She cupped the balls in her hand and ran her tongue repeatedly up and down the shaft before putting it between her lips. Then, with a swift lowering of her head, she had the entire thing in her mouth.

Behind her, Tony had pulled out his cock. He placed it on Carol’s ass and let it fall between her legs. She spread them voluntarily and Tony placed his cock at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy. He entered her slowly, taking all the pleasure he could from the fact she was extremely tight.

Soon, Carol was giving Andy the blowjob of his life while getting fucked from behind by a really cute, well-hung Italian. The sound of Tony’s body smacking into Carol’s ass merged with the sounds of sex coming from the unwatched porno. Every now and then a chuckle or snippet of a conversation could be heard, but for the most part the men watched silently.

Carol combined her hand with her mouth to work over Andy’s sizeable cock. Her husband rarely asked for such treatment, so the signs of Andy’s imminent climax were not evident to her. Not that it would have mattered. She was going to take it all in her mouth anyway.

Thus, when Andy’s groans indicated her was about to cum, Carol just kept on sucking and stroking him. His precum was her only other warning. Then the first blast of warm semen hit the back of her throat. Followed by another. And another.

She reached down and stroked her throbbing clit while swallowing as much of Andy’s cum as she could. A bit leaked onto her chin, but she was too close to cumming to worry about it.

Her initial moans were muffled by Andy’s cock, which was still leaking the last of his cum into her mouth. But when her orgasm started, everybody in the room knew it.

Tony pounded her harder and faster. He held onto her tits and pulled on the nipples. Carol cried out with delight as one orgasm after another surged through her. Both of her hands were against the wall on either side of Andy in an attempt to steady herself.

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