Big Girls Rule


Roo was fresh from the shower, combing out her tangles when she heard the tap on the door. I had just gotten out myself, toweling down when she pulled on one of my T-shirts. Watching her pull a top on over her head was always heaven for me. Raising her arms, her round soft orbs rising in unison, big pink nipples smooth, inviting and enticing. Then the bounce as her arms pulled the shirt out and over, squeezable boobs at rest once again. My shirt barely covered her big pink bottom as she went to let Teri in.

Our neighbor from across the breezeway slipped in all smiles. “Looky what I got!” she sang, handing a tight baggy down to Roo. I say handed down because Roo was as short as Teri was tall, as in Amazon tall, all six feet of her… Imagine glacier blue eyes, puffy lips, small nose and a page boy haircut. She was small chested, lean in the middle with long beautifully shaped legs to make any model jealous. She was wearing white shorts and a halter, flip flops, normal Teri casual attire.

I came in wearing some gym shorts about the time Roo turned to me with said bag, smiling, “Looks like the drought is over, babe. What ya think?”

Teri looked at me, eyes dancing.

I said, “It looks that way, praise be! Teri, good going. You need to leave it here?” I sniffed the cannabis, smiling.

Teri grinned, nodding, “Yes, if you don’t mind. I’m going to go help Bob get ready. He’s got Guard this weekend.” Looking at the bag in my hands, she gave Roo a sideways hug. “Can I come back over later, or ya’ll got plans?”

Laughing, Roo opined that her plans were to go put some panties on and pour some wine. We all laughed and Teri went out. This discussion may have seemed unusual, unless you knew that Bob was an MP in the Reserves one weekend a month, also worked full time and took Justice classes at night college. He took a dim view of weed obviously and Teri had to be careful. She got to indulge rarely, only when he was at Guard duty could she let her short hair down.

Roo padded into the kitchen barefoot and dug out the corkscrew. She reached for the upper cabinet for the bottle. I just couldn’t help myself, slipping up behind her and cupping each of her beauties, squeezing, squeezing. Roo on tippy toe, her butt cheeks trembling in exertion against my manhood. Her arms come down, “Stop it! I need to dry my hair, let me go, ya big goof! You do the cork thing with the wine OK?” She twisted away from me, giggling. It was all I could do to let her escape my amorous clutches. Nothing but thin gym shorts between me and heaven on earth. I sighed and began doing ‘the cork thing’.

Just so as you know, Roo and I were not experiencing an embarrassment of riches. My perky moppet, all of nineteen yrs young, had found work with an insurance agent. I got on delivering paint for a factory. I got home decent most days. But… We were starting with zip, nada. We moved in with rucksacks, backpacks and guitars filling the back of an old station wagon. We ate standing over the sink mostly. My parents donated an old futon for the living room. We had a Panasonic three in one in the bedroom. We had crossed the country after meeting in Massachusetts, (see earlier story), traveling around the country, working carnivals and odd jobs along the way. We’d landed in Georgia finally and were beginning to settle in.

I heard Roo’s rattly old hair dryer shut off. Soon she emerged, her strawberry blond hair cascading to mid back. “Teri back yet?” I poured her some wine in a sippy cup, shook my head. She padded out to the living room, still no panties, Mmm. She called behind, “Is the tray still under the couch?”

I averred, “I think so, look under the left side”. I came around the corner just in time to see her soft butt waving to the world, puss perfectly framed. It was worth the watch, yum. She straightened just as Teri tapped and came in. She wore a faded pink duster.

“Bob’s gone. I’m doing a load of whites, so before I forget again help me keep time OK?” Roo gave her a taste of her wine, nodding to me. Taking the hint, I rinsed out some glasses as they sat dawn, chattering away. They’d become close friends over the last three months. At least they found a lot humor together even without getting high.

The guy with the loud motorcycle went by outside, pulling in two buildings down. The sun was still up. I could see it from the open blinds as I re- entered the living room. It was July, the air was running, bills were being paid and it was Friday night at home. The baggie sat on the rolling tray on the carpet. The girls had both positions of the futon so I sat on the floor and began rolling one up. Roo jumped up, went to the bedroom to turn up the stereo. Teri stretched, hands over head, then pulled her duster just above her knees. “Summer is forever when it’s hot. What am I saying? You don’t even have AC at work, do you?”

I smiled, “Nope, 2-60’s about it. Always glad to come home. But when I grow up, things’ll be different!” We laughed, bahis firmaları heard Roo yelling if the sound was up enough. She came back in, snapping on some yellow panties, darn. But bra less Roo walking was always enjoyable too. Just the sway and jiggle of those soft young unbound tits, just so sensual to suddenly half masted me. She took up her place, with Teri to her right, um, the Teri that was looking at my shorts and grinning. No words just there, just mirth dancing in those glacier blues.

I handed up the number to my couched companions, let them light and go while I focused on shrinkage. The internal debate in one corner was for yours truly to find some underwear. The other side was for waiting. Other side won. Couldn’t get up, because I was already up so to say. Teri’s glance had hardened my resolve and I really needed to adjust. Teri was telling Roo something about cable TV as she passed the joint down to me and again looking at my discomfort, making things worse. She didn’t grin this time, just kept talking, just kept looking. Intently. Looking. Handing it up to Roo, I swiveled to my left on the floor, leaning against the futon, settling between Roo’s spread legs. She absently petted my head and rubbed my shoulder as this new thing called cable was discussed. Another joint pass from the Valkyrie, talking, talking, the high starting in. Eyes softer, trying not to look south of my head. Failing for an instant, start of a blush. She rised for a second to plump her duster, but returning, the hem halfway to Valhalla.

I got my arm up and laid it across Roo’s thighs. From where I sat, I could see the little blond hairs on the insides of her thighs, where she never shaves. I listened to the conversation, learned about something called HBO and caressed my girl’s thighs just ever so gently, just how she likes. I did it for no apparent reason, just like when she petted my head.

Roo sighed, spread her little thighs out some more.

When girls hit their stride in a conversation, then salt it with a little ganja, you might as well step aside. there just wasn’t any room left for third hand interjection. They talked and sipped wine. The ganja arrived at my head, last stop here. The giggling continued. Those little blonde hairs were so soft, oh so soft. And I’m eye level with her pretties hiding in that T-shirt. I caressed further north up those thighs, nothing outre, just dinging a few of her ‘sensitive’ spots in the hollows and thinking about taking a nipple in to my mouth like I did the Saturday night before in the park.

The sun just setting. She’d found a roach in the ashtray, it was just enough on the drive over. Everyone was leaving the park as we pulled in. We parked in the area next to the maintenance shed away from the trees so we could see the stars come out. I remember us getting out, leaning against the hood. I kissed her. She kissed back. We kissed some more. She did that little hip shift she does when she starts getting wet. She walked ahead, peering around, then beckoning me into the pines. Under a big spruce, kissing more, kissing urgently. I pulled her peasant blouse up, no bra there, and took a nipple in to suck as I held both of her heavy orbs. Her little hands were at my jeans, unzipping, liberating, cool air against turgidity. Somehow, we got her jeans to her knees, still kissing, me reaching into her panties, strawberry fur soaked, goo in her undies, on her thighs, trembles, more trembles. She pulled on me, trying to free my balls, trying to get my underwear down. We were in public. Still kissing deeply. We were in PUBLIC. My hand was inside her panties, now rolled down halfway off her hips. I was jilling her, flipping her distended clit, plunging two fingers in, returning, little slaps to make her gasp and jerk…her hips caught their cadence, the ancient mating dance, the back and forth, shimmy, sway, the promise of ecstasy.

“Oh shit, Teddy, I’m coming,” her juices running, bucking, jerking, my mouth over her mouth, too loud dunno. She turned away, bent, ass in the starting moon glow, hanging on to the tree, smell of aroused women now, not girl. Her voice was deep, imploring, “Fuck this, fuck it now. It’s yours, babe.” Too tight, won’t open, her fingers pulling those engorged lips apart, “Work it in easy yes, there ok, slow, oh God, all of it, I’m comeeee!

I wanted desperately to wait, but thrusting against her trembling bottom, her juices on my thighs, car door somewhere, radio, wetness spattering on her back and my belly, burying myself to the hilt, tingling…COME, I’m deep. I course into her- streaming, balls contracting, fertilizing, spurting jism on us, pooling at the knees of her jeans. I’m still pumping but that’s a police radio, isn’t it? Last shot hits her left cheek, she’s turning, she heard it too…

…My fingers were gently rubbing yellow panties and the burgeoning, warm lips within. Roo’s hips jerked, just a little. I saw Teri glance down, suddenly remembering me. Her eyes followed kaçak iddaa my arm where it disappeared under the T-shirt. Her lips seemed dry. She licked them and her hand ran lazily along her leg, knee to hem. pushing it up, furtively watching me. Maybe pushing it up as little more. Her knees spread. Still they talked.

There’s was a wet spot appearing in the fold of those lips. I flicked a finger over where her clit must be standing proud. Another jerk, a flexing of those chubby thighs, wet spot bigger. “Ummm, Ted, can you get the wine, please? I put it in the fridge.” They laughed about something Teri’s boss had said, keeping up the normalcy despite my clandestine ministrations. I’m still hard. I don’t care. I get up, Teri’s eyes were riveted, her hand went north a little more then jumped up, flush on her neck.

“I’ll be right back, the laundry,” breathless, eyes reluctant to desert their mission. She got up, her glance saying it all, she wanted to touch me, she wanted me to touch her like I did Roo. She smelled Roo’s arousal. She was horny, and stoned.

The door closed. Roo smiled, “I think you’re bothering Teri, hon.” Shifts her hips. “We might ought to tone it down some. These were CLEAN panties a while ago, you know?”

I laughed, pulling the cork out, doing refills.” They’re still clean. They just have some adventure on them!”

Soft stoned eyes apprised me. “If they’re so clean, then you need to take them off before they get anymore ‘adventure’ on them.” Chubby hips rose up, I slid off the adventurous yellow panties to her ankles. She waved them with her toe then slung them in the corner, settled back, legs spread wide, feet up. “Whew, it sure got cool in here all of a sudden,” she purred, one hand lazily drifting in her fur. I made a sound in my throat. It was such an intoxicating view- her puss framed with thick reddish blonde pubes, darker at the entrance and getting wetter as she watches me watch her. I’m so hard. I pushed my shorts down, straightened myself and gave it a little pull while I was there.

“Ooh! That was nice! Do that again so I can see it. I LIKE you to do that.” Roo’s gaze was intent, watching my hand, I’m watching hers trace her outer lips, then squeeze them together, then spread them. I feel my balls tighten, she gives herself a little slap, then sighs. “I’ve got to get a towel or I’ll leave a spot.”

“I’ll get it.” Ever helpful me.

“No never mind, I’m gonna go pee, I’ll get it.” She got up, a little unsteady. I reached for her and she took my hand. She giggled, “Um, you’re flag is waving, come with me.” She took a hold of me and led me down the hall to the bath. Sitting, she gushes. “Need to go?”


“Need a lick?” pulling me to her, cheeks puffing out as she took in my hardness. Still she sits and sucks. “Mmmph, ummm hmmm”, breathing hard through her nose.

The front door opened. I pushed away, panting. I was shaking with lust. Roo grinned up at me, wipes, flushes. Grabbing my member once again, we headed back up the hall. “I have an idea for a game,” she announced gaily. She explained while I tucked myself back into my shorts.

Teri had come in, borrowed some softener, left once more. I finished rolling a fresh one while Roo was coaching me on this new game. I was amazed at her, but it sounded like fun. Sitting on the floor, I reached up under the T-shirt and toy with her nipples. She caught her breath, “Are you listening? I can’t think when you’re doing that to my boobs, now stop! You’re going to mess up my towel.”

I put the number in the ashtray, ” It’s probably an adventurous towel, her, let me help.”

She squealed as I pulled her to the edge of the couch. Flipping up the edge of the shirt, I planted my face in her furrow, pulling her lips apart and sucking in her clit. She sometimes comes in seconds when I do that. Her hips were already snapping up, contractions underway when we heard Teri’s door slam across the breezeway. We’d just our assumed a studied innocence upon Teri’s arrival. Teri’s was now wearing a nightie. That was all Teri was wearing.

“Last load, yay. I would’ve done this stuff tomorrow but I have to go in at ten. Ya’ll doing OK?”

We looked at Teri and her chiffon nightie as she sat back down. “I look like a bus next to a Ferrari”, Roo lamented, “All I have is this borrowed T-shirt and a big butt, but you, you’re a racehorse head to toe!” Teri smiled, pushing one more inch of fabric down those very long unblemished thighs.

“At least your man pays attention to you, even in a T-shirt.” She frowned, “Never mind that, don’t mean to be a drag.” Taking a toke in deep, taut little breasts thrusting, nipples pointed in the sheerness. I was at a loss. Couldn’t come up with vowel number one for looking at Teri’s big inhale.

Roo giggled, “Wow, next subject. Can you get more of this?” She gestured at the rolling tray. The party picked back up, wine flowed and all was well. I got to speak occasionally, much kaçak bahis to my surprise and told them a story, don’t remember what. They laughed uproariously, more than me. That was fine. Roo rubbed my arm up and down while looking at me all dopey eyed. “I guess I’ll keep you around. Sometimes you really ARE funny”. She finished her wine, sat back. “Teri, I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like him to kiss me for a minute. Is that OK?”

Teri seemed not to have heard for a second. Then she looked up, sad face. “I guess I should go, didn’t mean to be a third wheel or something.”

Roo, “No, no please stay. You’re our friend. We like having you around, honest!”

Teri brightening, “OK, well if you’re cool, I’m cool,” looking right at me. She giggled, “You may kiss when ready!”

Roo cracked up, “Oh yes, he’s ready!” She scooted down a little on the futon and spread her heaven.

Without looking anywhere but her soft little thighs, I honed in. Nice wide lick from her wet center to her mons.

Teri, “Oh God, I didn’t know you meant that kind of kissing. Sorry, I need to go,” She tried to rise but Roo touched her elbow.

“Don’t pay him any attention. He just likes to do that and that’s fine. But what I wanted to tell you, is what happened to us last weekend with the police.”

“Really? Are you in trouble?” Teri was hooked.

“Mmm, no. Well here’s what happened.” Roo whispered to me, “Easy. Slow down. I can’t focus.”

I gave her clit a little nip. Girl thighs slammed tight around my head. “I mean it!!” Said between clenched teeth. I ease up.

“It all started here”. Roo paused. “If this gets a little graphic for you, I’ll stop.”

Teri nodded, trying not to look at my face buried in Roo’s fur.

Roo jerked, “Ooh! Lets see if I can tell this. Last Friday when I got home Ted was taking a nap spread eagle on top of the bed just wearing some boxers. I took off my office clothes and decided to mess with him a little. I mean, he was SNORING! So I sat on the edge of the bed and put my…whew, uh, my hand up the leg of his shorts and I started lightly scratching his balls and the back of his, you know, thing and made it hard.” Roo looked down at me and I returned her loving gaze. I could see Teri’s hand had drifted up under her nightie. The material moved a little up, then down, up, down. “Yes, go on. I love a good bedtime story,” she breathed. Her other hand was near, gliding along her long, long thigh.

Emboldened now, Roo continued as I planted little kisses on her inner lips and lightly tongued her passage, being distracting. “Anyway, he got hard and the head of his thing had pushed out his waistband. I kept rubbing him, but, oh god, Teddy, easy, but I leaned over and started licking his tip. I would lick it and rub my hand up and down his length.” Roo leaned her head back and closed her eyes, trying to forestall her pussy’s betrayal.

“I just wanted to tease him some. It’s kinda fun, you know, it turns me on too. I love to catch him asleep so I can do what I want. By the time he wakes up, he can’t think straight but for wanting sex. He knows I’ve been being bad and we’ll make a game of it. Sometimes we get too horny, you know. I’ve come in the car before from him just playing with my pussy. Couldn’t wait, no self control. Thing was, I was driving. Now THAT was scary! It’s hardest when our he works longer hours.” Sheepishly, “Sometimes I can’t wait, like if I hit a joint and start thinking about my man I start getting thick down there. I go to take my panties off, hoping that Ted’s coming home…I think, it’s OK just to touch it a little…hoping he’s just about home and, ooooh…uh, just a sec, spasm there…what I do is see if I can last, you know? If I lay down and touch myself it’s too much like sex, so I stand up anymore and try not to touch my, um, clit.” Roo gasped again, her thighs shaking. “My boobs are SO sensitive. Years ago, I found that rubbing my nipples and boobs with a little lotion made me tingle. Oooh, stop honey, not yet…when I touched myself down there while rubbing my nipples, the tingling got a lot stronger. I kept at it and I came, biting my pillow.”

I looked over at Teri. She gazed through me, eyes sightless. Her nightie no longer concealed her womanhood. Long blonde pubes were being petted with long graceful fingers from both hands, tracing her shape, circling, just barely touching her swollen outer lips. Suddenly aware of my gaze, she ceased, pulling the nightie back over her splendid wheat field. She smiled dreamily at me and shrugged, her nipples sharp points begging suckling.

I started running my fingernails through Roo’s red golden patch, then coming down to lightly pinch her lips together, forcing her little man to the surface. Roo twinged, thighs starting to shake. In a low quiet voice she commanded, “Give me something to hold onto. Please.” My index finger invaded her soaked entrance, curling up while I gave her a flurry of licks all around, but not on her proudness.

Roo turned her head towards Teri. “The color is up in your face! Was it something I said?” They grinned together.

Teri, inquisitive,”What about, what was it? Yes, the…the police and all that.”

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