Bigger Fish


Bigger FishAnother new one shot. Trying to work myself back to finish some other stories. Serious cuckolding here as well as my usual over the top sexual feats. Look elsewhere if you are looking for something more realistic. This is fantasy, people 🙂 As always I love me some feedback. And feel free to propose or request other story ideas. I’m usually up for a challenge of something new! Enjoy.*I had been waiting for this night since my wife told me about it two days ago. I checked myself out in the foggy bathroom mirror, flexing slightly. Had to make sure everything look it’s best. Mind you, it wasn’t like this was the first time for a night like this. But the woman involved was easily the most attractive creature I had ever seen. Even surpassing my own wife.Angela Summers. She went to the same gym as my wife and they had become friends. Last month we invited her and her husband to one of our BBQ/pool parties, and that’s when I first saw this vision of a woman.Long golden tresses. Lightly tanned skin. Angelic face with delicate features, deep blue eyes, full pouty lips, and a dazzling smile. And that body! Long lithe legs connecting to a juicy firm bubble butt. Well rounded hips flowing into a tiny waist with a tight toned tummy. And last, but FAR from least: a pair of out of this world breasts. They are simply put; mountainous. Were it not for the natural way they bounced and the slight sag, I would totally have guessed they were fake. And the first time I saw this beauty, she was in a bikini that only barely covered her. I knew then and there I had to add this woman as a conquest.I had my wife invite her around as often as she could but despite my best efforts nothing I did seemed to entice her. Since I made my wife help me in my conquests, she offered to spend more time with Angela and start dropping hints. That didn’t seem to be working either so I moved on to the next ploy; offer to wife swap. I was skeptical of this working, seeing as Angela outdid my wife in pretty much every area but perhaps Angela’s husband Carl would be lured by something new. So I encouraged Sharon, my wife, to spend more time at the Summer’s and work on Carl. It worked! A few days ago my wife told me that Carl and Angela agreed to a night of wife swapping.And now we were only minutes away. My wife dressed sexy; ready to get her quick roll in the hay with balding accountant Carl out of the way, while I eagerly awaited a night of pounding away on the curvy Angela and hearing her tell me how her husband would never be able to please her again. I lived for those words. Validation that was the bigger fish in the sea. How many wives had succumb to my sexual prowess and manly physique? Ninety two, to be exact. And tonight would be ninety three.The doorbell rang and my wife went to answer it as I set out wine for everyone in the living room. Shortly my wife led the Summers in. I briefly noticed Sharon flirting with Carl; putting on her show. But my eyes were quickly drawn to Angela. She wore a tiny spaghetti strapped dress. So short it barely came below her panties and so tight I could make out every sway of her hips, shake of her ass, and bounce of her enormous tits. I stood and handed her a glass of wine. She quickly put it down.”No need for seduction baby. We came here to play, and are eager to get to it.” She said in a voice so sultry it made my knees weak. “Show me to the bedroom, stud.”I tried not to seem to eager as I led her back, confident that my wife would be quickly taking care of Carl. I was practically giddy. I hadn’t felt this way since I was a teen. Women had long ago become simple toys for my pleasure, but this woman really excited me. Not just because of her sizzling body. It was everything…everything about her screamed sex. The way she walked. Her voice. How she pursed her lips or flipped her hair. Sex on two legs. I couldn’t wait to claim her.When we entered the room, she took a brief look around, while I admired her full yet canlı bahis tight backside. She slowly turned towards me while at the same time reaching behind her. Once facing me, the straps of her dress fell. She grabbed the bottom and slowly rolled up upwards. The first thing I noticed was that my assumption that her dress ended just below her panties was wrong. She wasn’t waring any! Her perfect pussy came into view. A view unhindered by the slightest bit of hair.The dress continued upward revealing her flat tummy and sexy belly button. Then it reached the part of her that I had been dying to see since that day at the BBQ…and the progress stopped. She wiggled her hips, shimmying her shoulders. Finally she was able to stretch the already straining fabric over her massive orbs and they bounced into view. And what a view!Each enormous udder sagged slightly, but they retained a well rounded shape despite what must have been enormous weight. The tanned mounds were capped with wide pink areolas and hard nipples the size of bullets. They shook again as the dress cleared her head and she shook out her long blond locks. I don’t think I could have blinked even if I wanted to, I was so captivated.She moved over to me and slowly dropped to her knees. Expertly she undid my belt and fly and fished out my already hard ten inch monster. She looked at it then looked up at me with a sexy smirk. Most women would have gasped out loud or would be babbling in awe of my manhood. Not this goddess. She kept her cool.She ran those full lips down my cock before extending the longest tongue I had ever seen and swirling it around the head before popping it into her mouth. Slowly she engulfed it. Inch after inch sliding into her mouth. When it hit the back of her throat she didn’t even pause, taking the rest of me down. When her lips rested at the base, I felt her tongue worm out and lick my balls. Where had this woman learned to suck cock?! She began her blow job in earnest; working up and down my shaft, her tongue expertly swirling, sucking just right, throat muscles working, making just the right slurping sounds and moans of enjoyment. This slut had me ready to blow within minutes…ME! Ready to blow like a schoolboy! I bet she barely had poor Carl in her mouth before he dribbled his load.Sensing this, she pulled off, slurping as she went. She stood, swayed to the bed, and lay down. Spreading her legs, she inserted one finger into her moist pussy, withdrew it and sucked it between those pouty lips. I was on her in a flash. I lined up my pussy pleaser and pushed it in, ready to make her scream my name. All ten inches went in on one thrust. That had never happened.”Hmmmm. Nice.” Was all she said. Suddenly her pussy clamped down and my cock was enveloped in a tight hot vice. She rolled her hips as her pussy muscles worked my cock and I moaned.I was going to lose it soon if I didn’t take charge. So I pulled my cock out almost to the tip and then slammed it back down with a grunt. The expected scream didn’t come. She simply purred. I began to pound into her, giving her all I had. She matched every thrust with her hips and her velvety cunt continued its magical contractions. I felt my balls contract and I tried to pull out to stave off my orgasm, but she wasn’t having it. Her legs wrapped around me and she sped up the pounding of her hips.”Come on stud. Give it to me.” She said huskily and then lifted one of her magnificent tits, sucking a hard nipple into her mouth.And just like that, it was over all too soon. I blasted my cum into her, having the best orgasm of my life. My body tensed up so tightly and it felt like her pussy was sucking the life from me. When I finished I felt exhausted and collapsed on the bed next to Angela.”I’m going to clean up.” She said, standing and then leaving the room.What had happened? She hadn’t even cum herself. And it was over so quickly. I always lasted longer than that. And I hadn’t even feasted on those amazing melons! bahis siteleri I didn’t have long to ponder it before I noticed noise coming from the living room. I got up shakily and opened the door. My ears were assaulted by the shrieks of my wife.”Oooooh! Fuck me! FUCK ME! Give me that horse cock!” Echoed down the hall. What the hell? She never did this when fucking other husbands while I was seducing their wives. She was generally laid back and coy with them.Peering into the room I could not have been prepared for what I saw. There, on the couch, was my wife facing away from me. Her full ass quivering from every powerful upward thrust from Carl. And thrusting into her was the longest fattest cock I had ever seen. My wifes pussy lips were stretched around its obscene girth and she screamed and moaned every time he buried nearly every inch up into her.Minutes went by; my head full of the sounds of slapping skin and cries of pleasure from my wife the likes of which I had never heard. Eventually Sharon let out a long wail and shook through a gigantic orgasm and then collapsed into Carl’s arms panting heavily.I was pulled out of my stupor when Angela came up behind me and took my arm. She gently led my stunned body to the love seat facing Carl and Sharon, and sat me down.”So, Tiny, you enjoying watching a real man pleasure your wife?” She whispered into my ear. I turned towards her with a slack jawed look. She let out a sexy giggle.”Good. The real show starts, now that you’re here.” She grinned. Then I heard Carl speak to my wife and I turned my attention back to them.”You ready for some real fucking now?” He asked her.”God yes!””Then get on the floor my little cock slut. It’s time we showed your husband who owns your pussy.” He growled. Sharon giggled and enthusiastically jumped from his lap, causing an audible ‘plop’ as his cock came free of her. Out in the open as it now was, I was able to see it in all its glory. It shined, drenched in my wife’s juices; its enormity throbbing in the open air.Sharon quickly got to the floor and spread her legs. Carl stood and I saw that despite being a balding accountant, he was in great shape. He knelt and threw Sharon’s legs on his shoulders, lined up his mega-cock with her gaping hole. His hips moved and his cock plunged slowly into her buttery cunt.”God DAMN I love your fucking cock!” She howled. I couldn’t help but notice that considering how much bigger he was than I, she was taking him rather easily. Then Angela whispered to me again.”She can take him because this is FAR from their first time together.” She said, answering my internal question. I goggled at her. She just chuckled.”Do you really think a woman like me would be with anyone other than the best? And Sharon learned he was the best several weeks ago.” Then she grinned at me with a malevolent smile.I was brought back to the action as my wife screeched through another orgasm. He didn’t let up for a second; his battering ram of a dick hammering into Sharon over and over again. Her tits careened around on her chest. And when her eyes weren’t screwed shut in orgasm (which was often) they were staring at Carl in a look of mixed lust and pure adoration.”Oh YES! Fuck me baby! Fuck me like only you can! Gimme that cock!” She shouted as she approached a particularly massive orgasm. When it hit, her toes curled, legs contracted, and back arched. He slowed his fucking to a gentle glide while my wife recuperated.At this point Angela left the couch and stood before her husband in all her naked glory. She bent at the waist and began kissing her husband passionately, all the while he continued the slow strokes of his cock into my wife who moaned and purred beneath them. When Angela and Carl finished, she stood a bit and fed him one of massive mammaries. She cooed at him as he feasted on those beautiful orbs. After a few minutes, he pulled away.”I think it’s time for me to fuck Sharon’s ass.” He declaired to the room. Both women shouted “Yes!” güvenilir bahis in unison.”What!?” I cried as my voice came back to me suddenly. “You never let me fuck your ass!” She had only let me a couple of times and then told me I was too large and she didn’t like it. All three of them just laughed at me as Sharon left the room.Carl and Angela sat across from me and made out while she slowly fisted his enormous fuck-stick. Then they broke and she whispered to him. He chuckled as she lowered her lips onto his cock taking it into her mouth. While she bobbed up and down, loudly, he just looked at me smugly. I shrunk beneath his gaze; feeling inferior. Every now and then he would push her head down hard, causing her to choke on his huge meat. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact she seemed to enjoy it.Sharon returned with a bottle of lube, got on her knees, bent over, and began applying it to her puckered asshole. When finished, she wiggled her ass enticingly at Carl. He grunted and pulled Angela off his cock.”Get under her so you can lick each other’s pussies while I fuck her.” He ordered. Angela quickly complied and moved under Sharon.Carl moved behind my wife and placed the swollen head of his cock at her lubed rosebud. His cock was plenty lubed, covered in Angela’s spit. Grabbing Sharon’s well rounded hips, he pulled her back as he thrust forward. She let out a shriek.”You fucking horse hung mother fucker!” She barked “Fuck my ass!” And he did. Slowly at first and then building speed, he began to stuff more and more of his gigantic pole into her bowels.”Shiiiiiiit! Yes! Own my ass! Oh god, you’re so fucking huuuuge! You’re tearing me in half!”She continued to howl as he really started to pound her as his cock had reached her limit. He reached forward and shoved my wife’s head down into Angela’s pussy, muffling her cries a bit. Angela began to suck on Sharon’s pussy, which only increased her moans of pleasure. Angela also reached out and began to fondle her husband’s bloated balls as the swung back and forth.This went of for nearly fifteen minutes. The only breaks my wife’s ass received where brief periods where Carl pulled his monster out of her and slid it into his wife’s mouth. Even from where I was sitting I could see her throat swell and it traveled into her depths. Then he would wrench it out of her throat and slam it back into my wife’s ass.When he had decided that her abused ass could take no more, Carl simply switched to her pussy. Angela’s mouth worked to slurp up Sharon’s gushing juices and Carl’s copious pre-cum. For her part, my wife had worked her whole hand into Angela’s cunt and was working it in and out as best she could through her chain of orgasms.This went on for another twenty minutes. The room was filled with the sound of two sexy women grunting and groaning. Finally Sharon let out a ear splitting scream as she shook in orgasm. It must have lasted over a minute! At the same time, Carl began to grunt. He rolled Sharon to the side and aimed his mighty canon at his wife as he exploded. Shot after shot of his thick cream fired. Most landed on her massive busom, which she had pressed together and offered as a target. After a good fifteen or so jets, he fed the head into his wife’s mouth and unloaded the rest into her.While she nursed on his deflating cock, Angela slid her totally glazed tits against each other. My wife finally came to enough to move, and crawled to Angela and began to slurp up Carl’s cum off Angela’s tits. Eventually both Carl’s cock and Angela’s tits were clean and the ladies moved up and hugged against each side of Carl, who took each under one arm. They cuddled and basked in the afterglow, totally ignoring me. Each woman took his flaccid, yet still huge, cock in hand and lovingly stroked both it and his balls. Fondling it with love.I began to sob as I saw the massive tool begin to swell and I realized the night was far from over. My wife looked me square in the eyes and smiled wickedly as she lowered her mouth to his rapidly growing erection. Angela look at me and began to laugh as she saw the realization on my face. When I finally realized that there’s always a bigger fish in the sea…

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