Birthday Girl Wanted Tattoo On Her Chest


Birthday Girl Wanted Tattoo On Her ChestHi everyone. My name is Amith(name changed). I am a professional tattooist.This incident happened few days back. I have my own tattoo Studio in Bangalore. I’m good at tattooing. As every professional tattooists do not tattoo in the customers place I was also following the same. Because it spoils our reputation. But this incident totally changed my character. Without wasting time I will come to story.Once when I was in my tattoo studio a boy came to me and asked me about the charges and other stuff. I told everything. After asking all the things he told that “my girlfriend wanted a tattoo on her chest’ so please come to our place and do tattoo there”. I told no.But he told that tomorrow is her birthday so she needs a tattoo. But she don’t like to come to your studio and get tattooed. He also told that he will pay extra amount for this. Somehow he managed to convince me and I told about the charges. He agreed for it and left.Next day he called and told me the address and timings. He told to come at evening 6 o clock. I said ok and started preparing for it. He watsapped me the design and I took the printout. I left my place at 5. Address was in whitefield.I reached the the place exact at 6 and called him. But to my surprise he was not in home. He went to Mumbai for some of his office work. He gave his gf number and told to call her. I called her and told I am outside your home. She opened the door.Oh my God. She was just amazing. I was stunned to see her beauty. She was in white tshirt and blue jeans. With a well built Assets and very fair complexion. She asked me to come in. I entered the home and wished her “Happy Birthday”. She thanked and gave me some cake and juice.Guys she was really hot so that I cant stop starring at her beauty. She asked pendik escort why am looking her like that. I told nothing and asked about her boyfriend. She told that he left for Mumbai for some immediate meeting at afternoon flight. And will come back after two days.I tld that’s ok moreover u need a tattoo and work is with u. She laughed and told about the design. I showed her the design she agreed and asked to start. She took me to her room.Till I enter the room I was not even thought of sex. But when she removed her t shirt I was shocked to see her beautiful and firm breasts. She was now just wearing a bra and jeans. A tower was already built under my pants.And my mouth was opened. My eyes were not ready to move anywhere else. She was damn hot. I needed her badly from now. She told stop looking and strt the work. I came to my senses and prepared for the tattoo. set my tattoo machine and I was ready.I asked her to lye on bed. She need it on left breast. I made stencil and created the impression of the design on her breast. While doing this I touched her boobs and it was so smooth. It was awesome.After this when I started to apply A&D ointment on her breast I wantedly pressed her boob. She left a short moan. I saw her face she has closed her eyes. I took this as positive reaction and continued to press her boobs.She stared to moan louder. I could feel her erected nipples. Even now she was closing her eyes. Her hands were moving over bed. And I pressed harder. Her moans filled entire house. Now I couldn’t control and slept on her and locked her lips with mine.She responded very well. She hugged me tightly. My hands were still pressing her boobs. I kissed all over her face. Kissed her neck. Ear lobs. And came to boobs. Removed her bra. Took a glance of her boobs.And meanwhile I removed escort pendik my tshirt. Slept on her and my lips locked her lips. Kissed passionately for long time. It was the longest kiss of my life. She was a good kisser. We exchanged saliva. My tongue explored her mouth and fought with her tongue. She slowly opened her eyes and cuddling my hairs. I was in 7th heaven. I was enjoying the session.Then I broke the kiss and caressing her chin cheek and nose. Slowly came down. Her hot breath travelled down my chest. Her gentle fingers pickled my skin with her touch. Her body thrusts again mine, causing a moan come out from her.Free Sex Videos BlogI kissed her boobs again and went down. I undid her jeans and pink panty in single pull. She was completely naked on bed now. Her body was glowing like diamond on maroon bed.I slipped my fingers to her love hole. Touched her love hole lips. It was neatly shaved and the lips were pink. It was already wet with her pre cum. And it was just amazing. I slipped my finger into it. She started moaning louder.Whole house filled with her moans. It was too tight. Suddenly she turned on and she was in high sexual pressure. She spoke the first word from the time we started. I’m cuming. I increased the pace of fingering to her hole. She cummed.My hand was wet with her cum. I licked her juice around he pussy. Then slowly entered my tongue into her pussy. Started to lick her pussy hardly deeper. I tasted tentatively with my tongue as I traced it across the bottom of her pussy.Her fingers tangled my hairs and pressing towards her pussy. Suddenly she got up and came over me. Removed my pant and innerwear. My 6.5” monster sprang out suddenly and she took it directly in her mouth. She was taking it deeper till her throat. And the action was reverse.Free Sex Videos BlogI pendik escort bayan was moaning louder and house was filled with my moans. She was busy in licking my dick. I was about to cum. I told her. But she told don’t cum now. She released the dick and made me relaxed.After two min she sat on me and held my dick again. It was time for the final touch. She took my hardened dick and placed it in her pussy lips. She became wilder and pushed it inside her pussy. It was damn tight. It dint went in in one push.She screamed louder for pain. She took it inside completely in the second push.. she screamed like hell. Suddenly blood started bleeding from her pussy. I was shocked.. Ohhhh my god. She was virgin. I thanked god for giving a virgin girl as a customer and that’s too in her birthday.She started to ride my dick slowly. Increased her speed.. both were moaning heavily. It was like heaven to me. She stopped suddenly, asked me to fuck in doggy style. It was my turn to show her my power now.I came to the position and adjusted her pussy to my dick.. started to give hard strokes. In each and every strokes I was giving to her pussy produced sounds like thap thap thap…. After fucking for 15 min we both came and l slept on bed.It was my luck to get a virgin angel in my first outdoing tattoo.We had three more sessions at that night. In different positions and angles. We had sessions on sofa, dining table and in bathroom under the shower. I Started to tattoo her at 5 AM. Finished around 7 AM. Then I took my charge.She gave 12k for the fabulous night and a memorable birthday gift. I took and left the place. Even after that we started sex chat and enjoyed our many nights. She gave her friend number and asked me to do the tattoo on her breast. I understood her words.I will write In my next story about her friend, and how I enjoyed in her place. Please write me. Girls if u want a tattoo over your hot Boobs or near your Sweet pussy Please write a mail.. I will contact you. And please write the comments to the mail.

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