Birthday present for a nice lady


Birthday present for a nice ladyI was around 27 when this night happened. I was single and had not had sex in a while. Still this was not on my mind when I went to this club in downtown Oslo. I went to listen to a friend of mine and the band he was playing with. The room was fairly packed but there was a spare seat between two tables by the wall. I sat there for a while with a beer in my hand just enjoying the music and not really pay attention to the people next to me. This was while you could still smoke at a club so I went for a cigarette. I had noticed the couple on my left. They were smoking so I figured I would not annoy anyone. I needed a spot to put my beer as I was struggling to light my cigarette and the woman next to me picked up on that and made a face to suggest I could put it on their table. She and, what I assumed was her boyfriend/husband were a strange looking couple. Maybe he was her brother… He wore a leather jacket. She wore a nice swollen dress and a 80’s kinda jacket with some glitter and noise. I had noticed she wore high heels and her right ankle had some jewellery. The guy in the leather jacket seemed a bit gay actually. Which he turned out to be. I thanked the woman and fairly quickly we got to talkning. The band had a brake so conversation was possible. She quickly volunteered that she was celebrating her 35th birthday together with her ex-boyfriend. He was openly gay now and they were now just of friends. They were both a bit drunk, in fact the guy was getting quite drunk and he entered the conversation from time to time with some double entendre comments. I got kind a nice feeling about this. I got the feeling he was acting as my wingman leading the conversation into more sexual subjects.He was complaining about his sexily and how long it was since he last had sex. Weeks and weeks. But certainly not as long as the woman – Eyvor. Surely she had not had sex in over a year he insisted. Because she always told him every detail and it had not been any juicy stories from her in a long while. Eyvor blushed and made some excuses for her friends behaviour. But she also engaged him in a playful debate about maybe she did not tell him everything, maybe she had secret lovers he did not know about. But maybe he was right she admitted. “Well unless you brought another birthday present for Eyvor you now know what she really needs” The gay ex said nonchalant – aimed at me. And Eyvor. “Sure” I said as I finished my cigarette. “I would be happy to get you a birthday present”. I caught her eyes and asked them both if they needed anything from the bar as I was going to get another beer. Eyvor was obviously thinking of something else and fumbled something about a whiskey. The gay would like a beer. I returned with two whiskeys and a beer and immediately Eyvor downed her whiskey in a few seconds. “You’re not going yet”. The gay ex said smiling as he took a tiny zip of his beer. Eyvor just smiled and lit a cigarette. “So really? You wanna give me a present?” Eyvor asked with both a hint of real curiosity, a sexy blush on her check and still some authority. She was obviously older than me and she played on this a bit. “I think I’l accept your gift” She smiled at me and looked at me. She looked at all of me but tried to pretend she wasn’t. When she knocked ash of her cigarette her eyes took quick detours. I downed my scotch and said “I’m ready when you are” I leaned back to take more of her in. She smiled and pushed the beer towards the ex. He was busy looking around the room but got the hint. He was on his feet and drank the rest of his beer while Eyvor got out from the table and made ready to go. She slid over my as she got up and I know she tried to get a feeling of what I had in my pants. I was 27. I had a hard-on. “We’re sharing a taxi and we’re going to find a massageparlor first” The ex demanded. I don’t wanna go with you listening to you fucking while I have to stay in my room”. Eyvor smiled and looked at me. “I forgot to mention Ivar is staying in my daughters room this weekend while she is at her fathers.” “But don’t worry – he will not disturb us”. “He’s too drunk so if we dont find a place for him he’ll just fall asleep at home” She was picking up on my slightly worried face thinking of suddenly having to look over my shoulder and deal with a horny gay guy while fucking Eyvor. But I was horny kurtköy escort and a bit drunk so I figured I’d deal with that as it played out.We got into a taxi all three in the backseat. Ivar was giving directions. Eyvor was slowly placing her hand closer and onto me. It was a small taco so was was leaning back as Eyvor and Ivar was engaging the driver. I could smell the back of her hair. Realising I was probably going to get this view later on. I was smelling her, picturing how her back would look like naked. She seemed fit. Probably fitter than me. She had curly, reddish brown hair. Not as long as to reach her shoulders but not too short either. I wanted to run my fingers thru it. To be behind her, reaching her head and run fingers thru the hair with slow strokes fucking her. My dick made some small twitches, I had to adjust my seating, and Eyvors hands was on my dick. By chance or by intent. She stopped talking and just let Ivar do his thing. She leaned back and we just sat there while she had the back of her right hand resting against my dick. I made it twich and she noticed. “Ivar – we’re trying one more and then we’re done” The 2 places we had visited was hetero only. “Ivar was almost asleep when we arrived at Eyvors appartement somewhere outside Oslo center. Eyvor was very businesslike when paying the driver. As if to pretend we were not going to have any of the sex the driver might imagine. “Ivar isn’t” I thought to myself.Eyvors apartement was nice. She had a comfy set of chairs and a couch in front of the tv. I sat down in the couch, Ivar chose a chair across the table and Eyvor came in from the kitchen with two beers. Ivar was already falling asleep so Eyvor grabbed him and marched him to a bedroom. When she returned she sat in Ivars chair, opposite me across the table. I wasn’t quite sure why she chose that seat. Maybe she was shyer than she gave out to be in the club. I don’t know if I expected her to jump on me right away but I suddenly wondered how to get back on track. “Damn Ivar”. Maybe Eyvor had gotten cold feet from having Ivar somewhere while she was fucking. I was wrong:) “I want to save this moment and not show you my bedroom just yet” She said. “I have to tidy up in there first. I have underwear all over the floor and bras hanging from the chair and…” She was smiling like a horny woman. I was getting hornier by the second. “I just wanna imagine you naked before I go for a few minutes.” She looked at me and leaned back. “I’m actually gonna get fucked tonight” She said into the air looking at my crotch and taking a slow sip from her beer. Her eyes met mine, she smiled and got up. “Just relax and get comfortable while I just…” she left the room. I looked around the room. There were pictures of her daughter, probably parents, and some of herself. She was obviously a nature fan. She was pictured on a bike wearing very tight biking clothes. I hadn’t realised how perky and firm her breasts were. Her jacket had covered the shape. I knew they were nicely sized but I was getting more excited now just looking at her straddling that bike. I float away on the image of those breasts above my head, within reach of my mouth and tongue. Thoughts of coming too fast entered my mind… Maybe I should make for a quick jerk in the toilet while she was away… I quickly found the bathroom and got my hard cock out. I felt how hard it was and touched the tip with a wet finger. I felt chills. But I also realised the beer and whiskey would save my from premature ejaculations. I just knew I would be able to go on as long as I wanted. I hoped.”Are you in here?” Eyvor carefully knocked on the door. “Good! I was afraid you had left” She laughed. I joined her in the kitchen where she was preparing some kind of drink. I put my hands on her shoulders and put my lips on her neck. She shivered. I loved that. My nose in her hair and my lips found her ears. The smell and taste of her was incredible. She finished the drinks and turned in my arms. Her face looked up at me and I kissed her. She had a wet mouth. Her lips were wet. Her hands grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards her. We kissed slowly, played with tongues and pushed our boys tight. After some time she pushed me away, turned and got the drinks. “Do you want to go to the livingroom first?” She asked. “First” I thought… I would really like to see her aydıntepe escort naked right away. Would that happen in the livingroom? I had noticed there were nobody able to look in to her livingroom. Her windows faced a forrest. I nodded and followed her. Her ass looked like it was nicely shaped. Her dress was tight enough to let me see her pantyline. They looked like small panties. I realised she must have changed panties while she was “tidying”. Her pantyline had changed from what I observed on the way to the taxi. Butterflies in my stomach. “This drink is something I learned in greece on holliday. A bit of chilli will give it a nice kick”She sits down in the same chair and looks at me. “Can I see your present” She asks. I’m still standing wondering if I should sit in the couch or in the next chair beside her. “Sure” I answer. “Do you want me to unpack it or do you want to do the honours?” I stand before her and my pants are showing a big bulge. “I want to see you do it.” She said.”Stand over there.” She points and turns towards it pulling one leg up under her in the chair.I open my belt and the buttons in my pants. I put my hand down into my trousers and feels my hard-on. She looks at my hand with a firm stare. “How does it feel?” She asks and sips at her drink thru a straw. “It feels pretty nice” I smile. I pull my pants down a bit and steps out of them with some small problems… “Pink panties” She teases me with a smile. “My favourite gift wrapped in my favourite color.””Can I see a bit closer?” She asks. Still looking at my crotch. My hard-on is clearly visible thru the trousers. She moves closer and smells the bulge. But does not touch it. “It seems to be very eager to get out. Should we move to the bedroom?”.”Not yet” I answer while moving back away from her. “I want to see your panties you know. “I want to see how my present will be spent”She gets up and puts down the drink. I finish mine, gets out of my tshirt and get into her chair, and light a cigarette. “Do you mind?” I ask as I move my finger up and down the bulge. “I wanna save this moment as you say”. Eyvor starts to lift her dress up over her legs. She does not care to play around – he dress go up over her head leaving her in just a bra, panties and her socks. “She turns around a few times, looks at me and asks if I like what I see. I get up and puts my hand into my trousers. “I like it very much. I would love to show you just how much.” “Should I unpack the gift or would you like to help me?” I remove my hand and remain standing with a bulge pointing in her direction. She removes my trousers before I can say please. My dick straightens itself out, pointing straight up at her. I can hardly believe my luck. She takes my hand and pulls me onto a carpet in the middle of the room, gets down on her knees, gets up again, fetches a pillow and gets back on her knees on the pillow. I could die of anticipation. “Im gone taste you” Eyvor says. And I’m in heaven. Her tongue touches my dick. On the tip. She licks my cock carefully. Grabs my ass with her hands and slowly puts her mouth over my chock. I moan. She moves her head back. And onto my cock again. Further in this time. Makes it wet down tha shaft as she leaves her saliva onto it. She lets it out. We both look at it. I am amazed at how horny I feel. My cock is looking wet and bluish red. She gets back onto my cock. I feel her tongue playing with it in her mouth. And then she hums. It takes me with such a surprise I almost loos my control. I withdraw from her warm mouth and concentrate on not cumming. She smiles at me. “You did not like that?” “I almost came – what do you think.” I was still struggling a bit. She rose to her feet and turned her back at me. I grabbed around her and reached for her breasts. They felt amazing under the bra. Eyvor undid her bra and bend forward, slowly bringing her panties to the floor. I put my cock on the crack between her asscheeks. When her panties played on the floor she came back up and I could reach her breasts again. I bit her neck, caressed her breasts and my dick was resting on her ass. Her breasts were not as perky outside her bra. But they were nice. Real nice shape hanging a bit like a skimp but with a firm handfull at the bottom. And her nippes were hard. That made my cock twitch, Eyvor responded with a wiggle. “So how do you like your present tuzla içmeler escort so far?””It seems very promising. I hope it is not all spent yet?” She moanespoke.”It’s your birthday. It is spent when you say it is spent.”I hoped I could live up to that mantalk. I knew I probably could come twice. Maybe if I was lucky get it up a third time… But not confident.I was just so horny I would say anything to keep this happening.”What do you want to happen next?” I asked.”Ohh… I have some ideas. I like the view from the chair by the window. But I know that could finish me off pretty quick…””And maybe you?” She kind of asked.”I promise you I will not leave until I have fucked you twice:)” I pushed her towards the window chair.”But we can start with you getting on your knees in the chair and let me have a tats of you. See what happens…”Eyvor was on her knees in the chair as I finished my sentence. I got on my knees behind her and put my hands on her ass.She shivered a bit. I kissed her cheeks one by one. Licked my way down her thigh. One by one.It tickled a bit but I was on my way towards her pussy. She knew that. I felt she anticipated it. Waited for it. I was in a hurry really. I was heading for when I got to get up, point my dick to her pussy, grab her hips and stick it in her.So I did not tease her as I could have. I put my mouth on her pussy. Followed her crack with my tongue.She rubbed back on me. Rocked back and forth very slightly. So my tongue entered her hole slightly as she pressed. I rotated along the hole as she pulled away.I tried to stay patient and not stress the situation but I was bursting with anticipation.I grabbed her hips tighter and pushed my face closer and deeper inside her.She made sounds like she enjoyed it. Louder and louder actually. Or heavier.Her hand grabbed my head and she stopped me. Pushed me away.”I’m gonna cum if you continue. I dont wanna cum yet.”She was looking back at me as I got up. “So you have at least one more in you? If you come once?”I just nodded. I had a shiver. My dick knew what was happening before me. At least the twitch came before she got back on her knees and I knew what she was heading at.”You know what I want to happen next”She leant into the chair. Her breasts resting on the back. Her hands held a firm grip.I went close to her. My hand had to touch her back. I ran it down to her left asscheek.I found my angle, pointed my cock at her and moved in closer. So I touched her opening.She was wet from my saliva and hopefully her own juice.I pushed in and as far as I could into her. She had been holding her breath and now she let her breath go with a long pressed sound.I pulled out almost all the way resting my tip just inside her. Made a few short tests and pushed all the way again.She held her breath for a second and made a new sound. I repeated this a few times to similar reactions.The feeling was immense. I knew I would come like this. I asked her if I could come inside her.I pulled out and kissed her neck. Down her back. I took a quick dive for her pussy with my mouth. Giving my dick some time to regain some control.She gave me a nod and I knew I was gonna come hard. Inside her. I was thinking there is no way I’m not going to get it up after I come.I have to. I got back up and my dick found it’s way back in her. I held her hips. My hand trying to reach her breast.She pulled against me and raised her back a bit so my hands could reach around. Under her arms and find her breasts hanging.I was on a steady pace in and out of her. Not hard – I wanted to make this last as far as I could. My hands followed her belly back and around to her hips. I was pushing harder.I just wanted to go crazy on her now. Eyvor was panting quite hard with some other sounds in there as well.She was pushing back at me more and more. Braver and braver.I stopped and let her ride me. She messed around for a second before she found her pace.She worked harder and harder and I finally just lost it. I fucked her like that as hard as I could and Eyvor came right before my very eyes.I can hardly believe the feeling of the orgasm I got from this. I came inside her as I fucked her with steady hard strokes. I felt first the tip, then the whole of my cock explode with cum. I kept it going a few times until the pain came. I stood like that for a few seconds with my dick inside her. I was resting on her back and could smell her hair. She was regaining her breath and we just both knew we needed a cigarette.We jumped in the couch and lit each others cigarettes. We were excited. We kissed and smoked. “So far so good” Eyvor said.”Now what do I want next?”

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