Bisexual Bank Robbers Inc.


My name is Jason Walden. Friends call me Jay. People say I kind of look like the actor/comedian Chris Rock. Whatever. I’m a tall, slim young black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. These days, I attend Bridgewater State College, where I major in business administration. Life is okay these days. I just want to get my degree and get the fuck out of dodge, you know? Brockton is mad boring, son! Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way you plan. I was in a real bind this summer and I decided to make a little extra money. Next thing I know, I’m involved in a robbery scheme. Luckily, no one knows I was involved and the other players aren’t talking. They’re kind of busy spending money in Hawaii at this moment. I made a quick getaway with lots of cash and I think I’m headed for easy street.

It all began when my Haitian buddy Steve Vincent approached me with one of his get-rich-quick schemes. Steve is a big and tall black guy I’ve known since my high school days. He used to play varsity football and I was a baseball player, back in the day. Even back then, there was something off about the man. Steve is a really weird cat if you ask me. Good-looking, smart, good with the ladies. Oh, and he’s got zero conscience. These days, he goes to UMass-Boston, majoring in Criminal Justice. He recently told me he wants to be a policeman. I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Why? Because he’s evil!

When you first meet him, he seems like a nice guy. However, he’s not. The truth is that he’s a sociopath. He thinks I don’t know but I’m a lot sharper than most people give me credit for. I’m no saint. Got a bit of the dark side in me too. I enjoy a little chaos every now and then. Steve and I have had some fun together but haven’t done anything outright sexual before. Oh, well. I guess there’s a first time for everything. That’s what I told myself the first time he talked me into an orgy with some of the women on our old campus.

That was two years ago, when we had some raunchy fun with these gals at Bay State University in Boston. Steve always knew where the fun parties were. I guess that’s why I hung out with him so much. It certainly wasn’t because of his personality. Steve was just weird, folks. Rumor on campus is that he’s bisexual. I could see it happening. Steve has always loved two things, sex and money. Not necessarily in that order. I got nothing against psychopathically inclined bisexual adventurers as long as they show me a good time. Life on campus is boring and I can’t stand it. I’m a fun-loving guy. So when Steve told me about these chicks who wanted to hook up, I went along.

We met these broads at their dorm located along Commonwealth Avenue. When we got there, the broads greeted us in their night shirts and panties. Hey, I don’t mind. It had been so long since I got some, I was growing calluses on my hands from excessive masturbation. Steve made the introductions. The first chick was big, black and quite tall, with a thick body, wide hips, thick legs and a fat ass. She was kind of light-skinned, with short hair. Not exactly my type but I do love a fat ass. Her name was Jackie Monteiro. I had seen her around Bay State University, hanging out with these two ridiculous Greek bastards who occasionally clowned around with Steve. Big Jackie is what we called her. I shook hands with Big Jackie, who smiled at me.

The other chick was more to my liking. Her name was Kara Doyle. She was tall, slim and athletic, but with big tits, a narrow waist and a nice, plump ass. Her skin was alabaster and her hair was light brown. She had pretty green eyes. I don’t know why but lately, I’ve had a thing for white chicks. That’s weird, isn’t it? Oh, I got nothing against white folks. It’s just that ever since I came to a school full of them, white booty has got me hypnotized. And I’m not the only black male college student who feels this way. Lots of black male athletes got white girlfriends on our campus. It wasn’t like that at my old high school, Brockton Community High School. Back there, I knew of many blacks and whites who were friends but seldom dated. In college, it was a whole new ball game.

Anyhow, there we were. Two young black college men sitting in these chicks apartment, drinking wine and chilling. Steve asked Big Jackie to put a porno tape in the VCR. I watched the screen. It was an interracial porn tape. This black porn actor named Brian played the part of an athlete whose sexy white female tutor seduced him. I watched as the two of them did their thing on TV. The guy sat on the couch and the older white woman sucked his cock and licked his balls. Then, he put her on all fours and shoved his dick up her ass. I watched, growing more excited by the minute. I glanced at Big Jackie and Kara, and noticed both had their eyes glued on the screen. Who says chicks don’t like porn?

I felt my dick harden as the black guy on screen pumped his cock in and out of the older white woman’s asshole. She squealed in delight as he sodomized her. I grinned. escort ankara I wouldn’t mind being in this scene. Like lots of young black guys, I’ve fantasized about fucking a white woman in the ass many times. Lots of them are into anal sex. Sometimes, I think some white chicks are freakier in bed than some black chicks. I’ve heard stories from black college guys about white chicks who not only suck dick really well but also will drink a brother’s cum and also let him stick his cock in their pussy and ass. All in one night. Hot damn! I looked at Kara and she looked at me. Without a word being spoken, we moved toward each other.

Kara kissed me, then wrapped her arms around me. She began unbuttoning my shirt hastily. I smiled. I liked a sexually aggressive woman. Especially a hot one like Kara. In no time she took my pants off. I laughed, and told her to slow down. Damn, it’s not like I was going to run away! Kara laughed, and told me she had never been with a black man before. I smiled, and told her there was a first time for everything. She held my cock in her hands. My eight inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. She was puzzled by my foreskin. I told her I was all natural and intended to stay that way. She grinned, told me she didn’t care one way or the other and just wanted to taste me. What do you think I said to that? Yes, ma’am! Taste away!

Meanwhile, Steve and Big Jackie were having their fun. Big Jackie stood before Steve, completely naked. The sight of this big and tall black woman with her big tits, wide hips and huge ass seemed to turn Steve on. He stroked his long and thick cock, which I noticed was uncut like mine. I smiled. I am not queer or anything but I am always happy to see another uncut guy. We’re the way nature originally made men. The way all men should be. Besides, we can feel more pleasure during sex than modified men. Just a little-known fact of dicks, folks. The natural ones are better. Big Jackie knelt before Steve and took his cock into her mouth. Steve high-fived me while getting his dick sucked by his voluptuous paramour. I nodded, then focused all my attention on Kara. The white chick eagerly sucked my dick and licked my nuts, her mouth was driving me wild. It took a little getting used to.

Steve on the other hand was having lots of fun. Big Jackie not only sucked his dick but she also swallowed his cum when the big guy finally came. Big Jackie swallows! I can’t believe it! She’s always acting like she’s better than everybody on campus. All because she usually makes Dean’s List and shit. Nice to know stuck-up big chicks suck cock too. What she did next completely stunned me. She got on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. I watched, stunned as Steve got behind her. He rubbed some fluid all over her anus, then pressed his long and thick cock against her backdoor. Placing his hands on her wide hips, he pushed his dick into her asshole. Steve was fucking Big Jackie in the ass!

Kara sensed my surprise and turned around. Her eyes widened when she noticed was Steve was doing to Big Jackie. The big black man thrust his cock into the big black woman’s asshole, fucking her hard and fast. Big Jackie squealed as Steve’s cock pounded her ass. Steve laughed and told her he loved the feel of her tight ass around his dick. Oh, well. Now I’ve seen everything! Kara resumed sucking my cock and licking my balls. When I came, she drank but didn’t swallow. I guess she’s a spitter. Oh, well. Doesn’t bother me.

Next, I put Kara on the couch, lying flat on her back with legs in the air. I was ready to get me some white pussy. Kara held my cock and pressed it against her pussy. With a smooth thrust, I went inside. Kara’s pussy was tight, exactly as I thought it’d be. You know a woman’s a true slut when her pussy is so loose, you can barely feel anything while fucking her. I’ve fucked a few older women. You’d be surprised how many hot older women are into anal sex these days, mostly because they can barely feel anything in their used-up, puffed-out pussies. Word. Kara was decades away from that. Her pussy gripped my pole tightly. Just the way I liked it.

Kara wrapped her arms around me and urged me to fuck her harder. I did just that. I drilled my cock into her pussy, loving the feel of it. After a few minutes, she surprised the shit out of me by asking me to try something else. She got on all fours, spread her ass cheeks and told me to fuck her in the booty. I was stunned. Steve noticed my predicament. Nodding energetically, he tossed me a can of lube and winked at me. I looked at him, and shook my head. Steve was really giving it to Big Jackie. His cock was buried balls-deep inside the big black woman’s ass. Big Jackie was screaming like a banshee as Steve’s big cock filled her asshole. Oh, well. I might as well try it. I’ve always been curious about anal sex.

I applied the lube on Kara’s asshole as well as on my dick. Then, I pressed my cock against her backdoor and slowly pushed it inside. Kara guided ankara escortlar me through it. Apparently, she’d done this before. I wasn’t surprised. With an ass like hers, she probably loved butt fucking. Slowly, I worked my cock into Kara’s asshole. If I thought her pussy was tight before, it definitely couldn’t compare to her ass. The young white woman’s asshole was tight as a vice and gripped my dick like an anal chokehold. I loved it!

Kara grunted, and urged me to fuck her hard. I did just that. I followed Steve’s lead. Putting my hands on Kara’s hips, I thrust my dick deep into her asshole. She seemed to really loved that for she squealed and begged me for more. And so we went at it. I plowed into Kara’s backdoor, fucking her like anal sex was going out of style. Steve on the other hand tried a new move with Big Jackie. He lay flat on the carpeted floor, with his dick sticking up. Big Jackie lowered herself onto him, until she had impaled herself anally on his cock. Placing her hands on his shoulders for support, she began riding him. Steve grunted, thrusting deep into her. Big Jackie barked cuss words like a ghetto bitch as he fucked her in the ass. I had never seen her like this. I must say I liked it! We fucked and sucked the night away, folks. By the time the evening ended, our dicks were drained dry and the women had cum-filled sore butt holes, courtesy of our hot rods. Isn’t it cool?

After this wild sexual escapade, Steve and I became inseparable. The man knew an endless number of campus women who wanted to get fucked by black studs. Black women. White women. Asian women. Latin women. Middle-Eastern women. Tall women. Short women. Plump women. We fucked them all. I wondered how come Steve always had money to spend and knew so many cool people. I questioned him about it one day and wished I hadn’t asked. He point-blank told me that he robbed banks. Well, I can ‘t say that I was surprised. Somehow, the bastard talked me into joining his crew.

I met the other guys on the crew. There was a big and tall Latin dude named Miguel Sanchez, who attended Boston College and a tall, skinny Asian guy named Scott Lee, from Emerson College. Like Steve, they were major players. Used to having money to satisfy their lusts for cars, women and status. I joined the team. There was a special initiation, though. Once I found out what it is, I thought about backing out but it was too late. I had made my bed and now I had to lie in it.

Steve, Lee and Miguel told me to service them. They dropped their pants and out came their dicks. I couldn’t believe this shit. I’m not gay or bisexual. Okay, maybe I’m a little curious but I don’t get down like that. Steve drew his gun and told me either I’d get initiated and join the team, or I’d die. I swallowed my pride and knelt before the three men. All three of them were uncut, like me. How about that? I sucked on Steve’s cock and licked Lee’s balls while stroking Miguel’s dick. Before long, Steve came. Reluctantly, I drank his cum. Then I sucked Miguel and Lee at the same time. The feel of throbbing cocks in my mouth was oddly pleasant. When I got Miguel and Lee to cum, I drained them of their manly juices. They screamed in pleasure. Afterwards, the real initiation began.

Miguel put me on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. He eased his long and thick cock into my asshole. I gasped as he entered me. The guy was huge. Meanwhile, Steve was having some fun with Lee. Steve was on all fours, ass cheeks spread wide open. Lee came up behind him and thrust his cock into the big black man’s ass. My eyes widened in shock. Apparently, Steve didn’t just like to fuck people in the ass. He also enjoyed having his ass played with. Lee grabbed his hips and began fucking him energetically. Hard and fast, he pumped his cock into Steve’s ass. Meanwhile, Miguel’s dick stretched my ass like never before. It hurt like hell and I screamed. However, it also felt oddly good. I liked the feel of a big Latin dick up my ass. When Miguel came inside of me, I screamed in sheer pleasure.

Afterwards, we tried something new. I sucked Steve’s cock while he got ass-fucked by Miguel, who was himself getting fucked in the ass by Lee. I stroked Steve’s cock while Miguel fucked him. Man, this was awesome. I never knew it could be like this. Next, I went for a ride on Steve’s cock while Lee tried riding me. I knelt before Steve, who spread my ass cheeks and slid his cock into me. I eased my cock into Lee’s ass and began pumping my cock deep inside the Asian stud. Miguel watched us, stroking his big dick. Clearly, he loved what he was seeing. The feel of Steve’s cock deep inside of me while I filled Lee’s ass with my dick was terrific. I had never felt anything like it. Lee screamed as I fucked him and I groaned as Steve fucked me. It was awesome. The three of us lay in a torrent of our cum half an our later. Miguel jacked off while standing over us and all three of us eagerly drank his cum. Hot damn. That was cool!

When I went back to my dorm ankara kaliteli escortlar that night, I couldn’t believe what I had done. However, it was too late to back out now. I had a mountain of bills. I had to make money. So I joined the crew. Steve was the man with the plan. He orchestrated the whole thing. We hit several banks all over Massachusetts. And we were successful. Steve planned out every detail. We were in and out under five minutes. Nobody ever got hurt. We always made a quick getaway. In five robberies spread over the course of three months, we made over two million dollars. Is that cool or what?

I got really close with the members of the crew. We hung out together. We robbed together. And we fucked together. Most men on the crew considered themselves bisexual. I didn’t consider myself gay or bisexual. I just liked sex, period. No labels. I will stick my dick up a man’s ass as easily as I will stick it into a woman’s pussy. Or her ass if she will let me. We had fun together. We brought sexy women and hunky men to our parties to screw. Once, Steve treated us to a night at Crimson House, this top-secret brothel located in a warehouse in downtown Boston. The price of admission was twenty grand. Only the top men from business, law and politics could afford it. The Crimson House offered its clientele the best of everything. Steve paid for all of us to have fun. And we did. We each picked a woman and fucked them all together in a big-ass living room, with black porno tapes playing on huge flat screen televisions.

For the evening, I picked myself a tall, plump Latina with big tits and a fat ass. Her name was Maria. She was real pretty in the face. And she smelled really good. I sat on a throne-like chair, smoking weed while she sucked my dick. Steve recommended her. To me. According to him, big girls were better in bed. I was down for whatever, so I did what my leader asked. Maria really knew how to suck dick. I’ve gotten my dick sucked by both women and men and she was quite talented. When I came, she drank my cum. Unlike Kara, she was a swallower, not a spitter. That’s mad cool in my book.

My crew mates were having fun with the ladies, and each other. Miguel and Steve kissed and fondled each other while Greta, a tall and busty, statuesque blonde woman with the biggest ass I’d ever seen on a white chick sucked both of their cocks. She really didn’t seem to mind going down on two bisexual men. Indeed, the white woman sucked the black man and the Latino stud with equal vigor. A real pro. They got down and dirty. Greta lay on the floor while Steve licked her pussy and fondled her tits. Miguel thrust his cock into Steve’s ass, which I knew the big guy really didn’t mind.

Lee was having some fun with his hired partners of the evening. Alice, a tall, red-haired young white woman who looked like a centerfold was riding his cock while Lee sucked the dick of Eric, a slim Hispanic dude with a huge boner. Alice fingered her pussy while impaling her ass on Lee’s long and thick cock. Her face was contorted in pain. I felt for her. I really did. I’ve taken long rides on Lee’s dick and the Asian stud could tear someone’s ass apart if they weren’t careful.

I shook my head, checking out the various fucking going on around me. My buddies really knew how to have fun. Oh, well. Time for me to get some booty. I hadn’t gotten any female booty in a while. I’ve been addicted to dick lately. Fucking a guy in the ass while getting butt fucked by another guy has been my favorite thing lately. I wonder if I still enjoy the feel of a woman’s ass around my dick. Only one way to find out. I put Maria on all fours and spread her plump ass cheeks wide open. Pressing my cock against her well-lubricated asshole, I thrust deep into her. The big Latin woman gasped as my cock slid into her. I grinned and pinched her fat ass. She yelped. And just like that, the fun began.

Around the room, everyone was doing their thing. Miguel eased his cock out of Steve’s ass, and the two of them double-penetrated Greta. The big blonde woman was sandwiched between them. She lay on top of Miguel, who slid his cock into her pussy while Steve knelt behind her, pumping his dick into her asshole. Steve loves a tight ass. He doesn’t care if it belongs to a male or a female. Sometimes, I feel the same way. I grabbed hold of Maria’s long black hair and yanked her head back while slamming my cock into her asshole. I noticed that Lee was having even kinkier fun with his sex partners.

Lee lay on the floor, getting his cock sucked by Eric. Meanwhile, Alice got a strap-on dildo and fucked Eric with it. I couldn’t believe this shit. Is there anything my crew mates won’t do? Greta screamed loud enough to wake the dead as Miguel and Steve drilled their cocks into her holes. I laughed. They were making the big white woman work for her money. I continued fucking Maria’s sweet asshole, loving the way her plump ass jiggled every time I thrust deep into her. She was no longer screaming. More like a long moan. I want to get a scream out of her. And so I got one. I leaned closer and pinched her nipples. She gasped, and squealed. I laughed. That’s more like it! We went at it until I came, flooding the big Latin woman’s tight asshole with my manly cum.

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