Black Own City – The Precinct – Chapter 1


Black Own City – The Precinct – Chapter 1Chapter 1Emily Jacobson stood proudly by the stairs to the western police precinct, it was her first day on the job.The 24 year old, buxom blonde had finished the academy just a few months ago, and she had moved back to her hometown to join the Police force there.Emily walked inside and up to the desk sergeant to whom she handed her papers.”Officer Emily Jacobson.” She said as the busy black sergeant looked over her papers.”I’m Sergeant Jackson, just out of the academy huh. Well, check in with the captain after you’ve changed, women’s locker room is down the hall and to the left.” He told Emily as she looked down the hall.”Thank you sergeant.” She said as she started walking.As she walked down the hall she passed several officers who she said hi to. She also passed a large open room where officers were interviewing people.Then as she came down the hall, she saw the sign to the women’s locker room.As Emily walked in, there were several officers getting dressed who looked around at her as she gave them a nod.As she looked around for an empty locker a few women walked out from the shower room wearing towels.”You’re new here huh?” One of the women asked Emily.”Yeah, first day.” Emily said looking at the blonde woman.”I could tell… here, those two lockers are free.” She then walked over and showed Emily the lockers.”Thanks, I’m Emily Jacobson by the way.” Emily Introduced herself.”Jess Harper, glad to meet you.” The two women shook hands as Jess then walked over to her locker.As Emily started unpacking she noticed that before they put on their uniforms, the officers who were getting dressed were putting on thong underwear and push up bras, even though they clearly didn’t need the push up as they were quite busty. Emily couldn’t help but wonder why they would wear such skimpy underwear under their uniforms.As she looked over at Jess, she was stepping into her white thong panties, as she then put on a matching push up bra. Jess adjusted her double D’s so they would stand out even more as she then put on her uniform pants and shirt.”See you at the briefing rookie.” Jess then said as she and a couple of the other officers left the locker room.As Emily then put her uniform on she wore the sports bra and underwear that she always wore.Soon she stood outside the captain’s office, waiting for his assistant to let her know when she could go in.”Must be exciting, your first day.” The Italian looking woman who was the captain’s assistant said as Emily waited.”It is, thank you.” Emily looked over at the assistant who wore a summer dress that showed off an impressive amount of cleavage.Inside the office, the captain sat at his desk watching the monitor in front of him.It was a feed from the women’s shower, as two female officers were having a shower.Yeah Hernandez, soap that big ass… Captain Gregson thought to himself as he saw Officer Hernandez turn and give a smile to the camera.Most of the women at the precinct knew about the cameras, something they didn’t mind as it was only the black officers who had access to them.”You can go in now, Officer Jacobson.” The assistant told Emily as she nodded.”Officer Emily Jacobson reporting for duty sir.” Emily stood at attention.Across from her sat a large black man smoking a cigar, the nameplate on the desk said Captain James Gregson.As he looked up at the white female officer, it was clear that she wasn’t a transfer from within the city, as she clearly didn’t wear the kind of underwear that the rest of the female officers wore. Something that made him a bit disappointed, though he knew that she was new so he would give her some slack.”A local huh, just out of the academy.” Captain Gregson looked at the file he had in front of him.”Yes captain.” What brings you back here then? He then asked Emily.”I’ve always loved the city sir, and after the academy I knew I wanted a post here.” Emily told him.”Well you’ve been gone a few years officer Jacobson, a lot have changed in the city.” Captain Gregson told her.”Ever since the Mayor got his B.O (Black Own) policy passed, the crime rate is down more than 58 percent, the past social inequalities are pretty much gone. Hell, I’ve even been able to move my folks uptown, which was damn near impossible before for black folks.” Captain Gregson stood up proudly as he told Emily.”That’s amazing sir. I had heard diyarbakır escort some rumour that things had changed, but I would have never thought.” Emily felt glad.”Well it’s almost eleven, so why don’t you head down to the briefing, they’re about to start.” Captain Gregson then told her.”Yes Captain.” Emily stood at attention again.”Hope you make us proud Officer Jacobson.” The captain then told her.”I will Captain.” “Dismissed.” Captain Gregson then told her as Emily turned around and walked out.”Linda, would you come in here.” The captain’s voice was heard from the radio on his assistant’s desk.As Linda stood up, she straightened out her dress, and pushed her breasts up so her cleavage was a bit more visible.Before Emily walked away, she heard the captain’s door close and lock.As Emily got down to the briefing room, there were about twenty officers in there, most of which were women, and about seven black male officers.The fact that there were no white male officers in the briefing room wasn’t something that Emily noticed.All during the briefing Emily sat and listened carefully as she didn’t want to miss anything.”and a last thing, Mrs Wilkinson has reported her husband missing again, he’s probably just out walking the dog and forgotten about the time, again. But keep an eye out for him just in case.” The sergeant said as the squad laughed a bit as it was something that had happened quite a few times.”Before we go, we have a new rookie today, Officer Jacobson.” The sergeant said as Emily gave wave hello to the rest of the squad.”Officer Jacobson, you’ll be teaming up with Officer Harper.” The Sergeant said as Emily and Jess Harper looked over at each and nodded.”Well rookie, you ready to go?” Jess Harper came up to Emily as she sorted her papers.”Yes mam.” “Harper will do.” Harper told her as they walked out of the briefing room.Tom Andrews walked down the hallway knowing he had to work the weekend again, with no overtime, something that had been rather common for white men the last two years.But then as he looked up, he saw Emily.Tom knew Emily from high school, where had a huge crush on her.Wow, she’s even more beautiful than I remember… He thought to himself.”Emm.” A voice came from behind Emily as she turned.”Tom?” She said as she saw Tom standing there.”Hey…” Tom moved in to hug her as he stumbled.Heh, same old Tom… Emily giggled a bit to herself.”You okay.” Emily said as she helped him up.”Yeah, I’m fine.” Tom said feeling awkward as she brushed himself off as he stood up.”I’ll be outside.” Harper told Emily as she left.”You made it I see, you’re finally a police officer.” Tom said feeling happy for Emily.”Yup, my first day.” Emily said as smiling.”I’m glad for you.” Tom said looking at the girl he had regretted not having the courage to her ask out.”So, what do you do these days?” Emily then asked him.”I work here. I handled the tech support, computers mostly.” Tom told her as Emily remembered that Tom had been president of the computer club in high school.”Rookie.” A voice was heard from Emily’s radio.”I have to be going… we have to catch up some time.” Emily told him as she jogged out.”See… see you.” Tom watched Emily disappear around the corner.”Someone has a crush on you.” Harper said smiling as Emily got into the squad car.”What? Tom… no he’s just a friend from high school.” Emily said.”The guy couldn’t even stand up in front of you.” Harper laughed.”He’s always been like that, he’s just a bit clumsy…” Emily said as she thought at to high school.As they drove downtown, Harper kept looking over at Emily.”Something wrong?” Emily asked.”You didn’t put on the bra and thong that was in your locker?” Harper said as Emily had been wondering about why the women officers all seemed to wear those.”Ehm, no… Though I was kind of wondering why you were putting on such underwear?” Emily asked as Harper looked around and then pulled over for a bit.”We wear them for Black men of course.” Harper then said as Emily suddenly got very surprised.”Excuse me?” Emily looked a bit confused.”Oh honey, you’re really are new around here aren’t you.” Harper said.”I was born here… I just moved away for college about five years ago.” Emily told Harper.”Well the city has changed quite a bit since you left, and for the better.” Harper told her.”What did you mean that you wear fethiye escort the underwear for Black men?” Emily then felt like she had to ask Harper.”Well… let’s just say that the women in the department keep the peace in a much better way now.” Harper told Emily.Emily couldn’t help but feel a bit confused.”Don’t worry, you’ll see.” Harper smiled as she started the car and got back on the road.As they kept driving Emily couldn’t stop thinking about what Harper had just told her.Then suddenly a car did and i*****l turn in front of them.”Run the plates.” Harper said as Emily typed the plates into the computer.”It belongs to Andre Williamson, 32. ” Emily said as Harper turned on the light.The car in front of them pulled into a driveway in between two houses where there weren’t any people around.”Person in the vehicle, step out of the car.” Harper then said on the car’s speakers.As the door opened, a large black man, wearing a basketball jersey and a cap got out.”Wait here, I’ll handle this.” Harper unbuttoned her police shirt so she showed a lot of cleavage.What is she doing? Emily thought to herself as she saw Jess Harper get out of the squad car with her boobs almost hanging out.”What seems to be the problem officer?” Andre asked the white female officer that was coming towards him, at the same time as he looked down at her large breasts.”Sir, you did an i*****l turn back there, I’m going to have to search you.” Harper told him.”Turn around and put your hands on the car.” Harper told him as he turned around. “Whatever you say officer.” Andre got a smug look on his face.Jess Harper then started running her hands over the black man’s body, his chest, arms, legs and then over his crotch which made her stop and give him a small squeeze.”Sir, you appear to have something really big in your pants, I need to make sure that it’s not a weapon.” Harper told the black man.”Please turn around and pull down your pants.” Harper then told him as he turned around.Emily sat in the car watching as the black man slowly pulled his pants down.As he dropped his pants, his foot long black cock hung down in between his legs.”That looks like a very dangerous weapon, I’m going to have to get a closer look.” Harper said as she kneeled down in front of the black man.Oh my god, she can’t actually be doing this… can she? Emily thought to herself as she saw Harper reach up with her hand and grab his cock.”Oh yes… this is a very long and hard weapon you have here… I’m going to have to do something about it.” Harper said looking up at the black man as she leaned in and wrapped her lips around the tip. Oh my god… she’s giving him a blowjob… she’s giving that black man a blowjob… Emily thought to herself as she sat looking around for a second to see if anyone else saw what was going on.”Mm…mmm…” Jess Harper was enjoying herself as she was sucking the black man’s big cock.God I love my job… Jess thought to herself as she felt his sweet precum on her tongue.Jess grabbed the black man’s ass cheeks with both hands as she tried to push more and more of his long black cock into her mouth and down her throat.”Oh god you’re big…” Jess took a breath as took him into her mouth again.As Emily watched, she saw the black man had turned his face and was looking right at her.Emily felt so embarrassed as their eyes met that she looked down, and there she was shocked to find that she had her hand in between her thighs, up against her crotch.Oh my god, I’ve been touching myself… Emily thought to herself.As Jess sucked the black man, she could feel his cock start to pulse in her mouth.”You better empty those big balls in my mouth.” She told the black man looking up at him.”Ye… Yess… Ma’am… ahhh…” The black man grunted as he spurted load after load of cum into Jess’s mouth.Jess felt his warm cum in her mouth, on her tongue as she swallowed it all.”Mmm… so good.” Jess moaned as she sucked the last drop of semen from the tip of the black man’s cock.Jess then stood up as the black guy pulled his pants up.”Do you want to have a feel before I let you off?” Jess arched her breasts as she looked over at him.”Do like me sum big white titties.” The black man said as he squeezed her breasts.Emily sat back in the squad car watching the black man fondle Jess’s boobs.”Let me give you my card, in case you edirne escort need some… assistance from the police in the future.” Jess told him as she handed him her card.”Now remember to drive safely.” She then told him as the black man then drove off.As Harper got back into the squad car, Emily didn’t really know what to say.Then as Harper was about to say something Emily saw a string of white liquid next to Harper’s mouth.”Ehm… you have some…” Emily pointed to Harper’s mouth.Harper then looked up in the rear-view mirror and saw the wad of cum, as she then scooped it up with her finger and put it in her mouth.”Thanks.” Harper told Emily with a wicked smile.”You see, the women in the police department here, we have a new motto, though a bit unoffical, To Protect and Serve, the Black Man.” Harper said with a small smile.”And to that point rookie, would you like to… serve the next black man?” Harper teased as Emily felt a bit shocked by all of this.”W… what? I… I can’t do that…” Emily said nervously.”You weren’t sitting here wishing that you were me back there?” Harper said as Emily looked back out the window where she had seen the two of them.”I’m… I’m not going to answer that.” Emily said as Harper smiled.”No need, I got my answer.” Harper smiled as they drove off.Later that afternoon back at the precinct.”Yeah, suck that nigger cock.” Captain Gregson had his pants pulled down as his assistant Linda was on her knees sucking his thick black cock.Mmm… turn around… Gregson thought to himself as he was watching the feed from the women’s shower at the same time.Emily Jacobson was taking a shower after her first day on the job.I knew she had a killer body… Captain Gregson thought to himself as he was watching Emily.He then looked down at Linda as she had wrapped her large breasts around his cock, as he then looked over and grabbed his phone.”Here… call your husband… I want you to tell him about your day while you suck my cock.” Captain Gregson told his assistant.”Okay…” Linda told her boss as she took the phone and dialed her husband’s number.”Mmm…” She wrapped her lips around Captain Gregson’s cock as she called him.Linda’s husband Tony had come home and was cooking dinner for his wife when his phone rang.”Honey, is that you?” He asked as he just heard some muffled sounds.”Hey… sweetie… what are you… doing?” Linda had some trouble talking clearly as she sucked her boss’s cock.”I’m making dinner for us… are you on your way home?” Tony asked his wife looking over at the pan on the stove.”Just… about to… leave the… office.” Linda gave Captain Gregson a suck in between each word.”Are you okay… you sound a bit weird.” Tony asked Linda as his wife sounded rather muffled.”Must… be…” Linda took Gregson’s black cock deep into her mouth. “the… reception…” She said as she licked the tip of Gregson’s cock something that drove the captain crazy.”So how’s your day been?” Tony then asked his wife as he then heard what sounded like a man’s voice as the phone cut out.”Ahh ahhh ahhh….” Gregson was spurting stream after stream of hot cum over Linda’s face.”Mmm…. mmm…” Linda moaned as she felt the cum hit her face.”Ahhh…” Gregson breathed heavily as he looked at his lovely assistant.”Hold it right there for a second.” Gregson told her as he picked up his phone.He then grabbed his cock and held it against Linda’s face as wads of cum ran down her face.”And smile.” Linda smiled as Captain Gregson snapped a picture with his phone.Linda then got up and walked over to where the Captain kept a change of clothes, and got one of the towels he kept there, as it wasn’t the first time he had cum on Linda’s face.As she dried wiped some of the cum from her face, her phone rang.”Oh hey honey, seems we were cut off earlier.” Linda said as she saw that it was her husband.”Oh, okay. I was just a bit worried, thought something might have happened.” Tony had felt a bit worried.”No, nothing’s wrong, I’ll be home soon.” She told her husband as Tony was relieved that everything was okay with his wife.”Okay, love you.” Tony said. “Love you too.” Linda told her husband as she hung up.That night as Emily Jacobson went to bed she couldn’t help but lie awake and think about the day.The city had apparently changed quite a bit since she left.Emily kept thinking about what Jess Harper had said; To serve the black man.As she kept thinking about it, her hand found it’s way under her silk sheets, then down between her thighs.Why am I getting so wet thinking about serving a black man… Emily thought as she felt her breast with her other hand, gently squeezing her nipple.To be continued…

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