Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 05


My name is Katherine Mc Shane. I’m a cute blonde Irish chick from Mateo College in Virginia. Mateo College is a pretty nice school. One of those four-year liberal arts colleges. I’m a member of the women’s soccer team. Mateo College has a pretty decent sports program. They offer Men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, track, volleyball, wrestling, fencing, football, gymnastics, swimming, lacrosse and ice hockey. They also offer Women’s softball, basketball, cross country, soccer, track, volleyball, wrestling, fencing, field hockey, gymnastics, swimming, lacrosse and ice hockey. Athleticism is really important to Mateo College. They’re a Division III school which means the student-athletes play because they love the sports, not because they get scholarships. That’s cool with me.

I have something to confess. I’m a cheerfully psychopathic gal next door type. Meaning that I’ve got no conscience whatsoever. That’s who I am. I need to engage in risky behavior on a massive scale. I can’t stop myself and I have no other way to fulfill this internal craving of mine. You’ve been warned. Having no conscience means that I can basically do anything at all without feeling guilty. Nothing ever bothers me. And anything that gets in my way is remorselessly removed by yours truly. That’s the way I’ve been all my life. Those college people didn’t know what hit them. I look more like an angel than a demon. At five feet six inches tall and only one hundred and twenty pounds, with blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Physically, I’m not what anyone, man or woman, finds threatening. canlı bahis That’s always been their downfall.

Upon enrolling at Mateo College, I joined a secret society known as the Sick Freaks Club. The Sick Freaks Club is a secret group of women who love fucking guys in the ass. Being wealthy, powerful, seductive and twisted, we get to do whatever we want. The other members of the club are Melissa Cameron, a tall and gorgeous blonde-haired, green-eyed Brit and Sally Andrade, a blonde-haired Latin beauty. Fucking guys in the ass with strap on dildos is our passion. We organize social events around this fetish of ours. Tonight, we had a special treat. We hired some gorgeous black studs to entertain us. They were paid ten thousand dollars each, for the entire night. They would do whatever we said.

I handpicked me a tall, skinny black guy named Louis as my bitch for the night. Louis was a sexy, handsome, bald-headed black stud. We had some fun together. I wore a very realistic strap on dildo which was firmly bound to my hips by a steel and leather strap. Louis sucked on my plastic cock and licked my plastic balls. Looking at the black man sucking my dildo got my pussy wet. He sucked me good. I was very pleased. Then, I told him to get on all fours and bite the pillow. I spread his ass cheeks and pressed the dildo against his asshole. I held him by the hips and pushed the dildo into his asshole. Louis grimaced as I thrust my dildo into my asshole. I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and slammed my dildo deeper inside his asshole.

I love fucking black men in the bahis siteleri ass with my strap on dildo. While surfing the web, I see a lot of sites featuring black men fucking blonde women in the ass. They all think it’s funny when some blonde chick is having a twelve-inch black cock up her asshole. The poor gal is screaming her lungs out and the dude fucking her up the ass is laughing his head off. Well, now the rules have changed. I am a blonde woman who fucks black men in the ass with her big strap on dildo. And I absolutely love it. I get off on it. It makes my pussy get wet. I really went to town on Louis. I let him have it. Yes, I was gripping the black man’s hips as I thrust my twelve-inch dildo up his asshole. And he wasn’t talking trash anymore. Nope, he was whistling a whole different tune.

I looked across the room and noticed that Sally and Melissa were doing the same. Melissa was currently getting her strap on dildo sucked by Rakim, a six-foot-tall, good-looking, heavily muscled black man who looked like a professional wrestler. He even had dreadlocks. Meanwhile, Sally was having some fun with Harold, a big and tall, somewhat chubby black man. He was on his hands and knees while she gleefully rammed her dildo up his asshole. He screamed as she slammed her dildo up his asshole. While fucking his ass, she was laughing and berating him. She asked him how did it feel to get fucked in the ass by a white chick with a strap on dildo. He didn’t say anything. She slammed him harder and he squealed. I laughed, and encouraged her to fuck him harder. Make him earn his money.

Melissa bahis şirketleri had her chosen black stud on his back, legs spread while she poked his asshole with her big strap on dildo. He howled as she slammed the dildo up his ass. She laughed, telling me that it was music to her ears. Melissa loves fucking black men, and she advertises this on her online profile. Yet no matter how many black guys she brings to the basement and proceeds to sodomize with her strap on dildo, they just keep on coming. She plowed into his asshole with the dildo. We all have different fucking styles. Me, I’m the Ass Stretcher. When I fuck a man in the ass with my strap on dildo, I want to stretch his butt hole. Sally doesn’t thrust her dildo that deep into whoever she’s doing. Rather, she gets off on the domination aspect. Melissa? She’s a first class man-fucker! Enough said! We fucked these studs royally, until we were all exhausted and finally paid them and sent them on their way. They left hastily.

They walked out of there with a certain bounce on their step but they were ten grand richer. Each of them. As for Sally, Melissa and myself, we were sitting there having a blast. This was so much fun. We make this a monthly event. Seeking out studs of various races and backgrounds for kinky fun. They got paid to take it up the ass, and rather handsomely, I might add. The way I see it, it’s a win-win situation. We went back to our dorms like the charming coeds we appeared to be. Nobody knew we were three female sociopaths on the prowl. And we’re keeping it that way. Next week, I vote we go after some Arab guys. I think they might be fun. What do you think? Oh, and those of you who think we’re full of hate, nobody actually got hurt during the writing of the story. This is pure fantasy.

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