Blue Plate Special Ch. 02


Well, the weather got even colder, with snow flurries and icing conditions reported all around the city. I was on foot, so while I didn’t have to worry about driving in the deteriorating road conditions, I did have to walk from work in the bitter cold. I was suffering pretty badly in the wind gusts, so I tried to focus my mind on something pleasant in the hopes I could somehow distract myself from the bitter conditions. Work had been frustrating, so I didn’t want to go there. Then I remembered the restaurant and the Blue Plate Special that I didn’t have.

Remembering the waitress’ ass and the way it felt in my hands, quickly seemed to warm me up some. The dinner wasn’t bad either I remembered. The broiled chicken was tasty and the vegetables and mashed potatoes were good too. The waitress left it up to my imagination as to how good the Blue Plate Special was. If it was anything better than when she bent over for me just before my meal was ready, it just had to be incredible.

The memories of my cock sliding into her soft, curvy ass, the way it felt inside the tight opening and how much I had come made me pretty oblivious to the weather. The rest of my walk home was nothing more than a cool day’s walk, bursa escort a bit of exercise. Once I reached the hotel I headed upstairs to my room to drop off my computer and heavy jacket. I went ahead and changed into some jeans and tennis shoes and rode the elevator back down to the hotel lobby. Heading to the restaurant, I was hoping the place would be empty except for the waitress, so I could really try the Blue Plate Special.

Stepping inside, I noticed a couple in a booth, but they appeared pretty close to finishing up, otherwise the restaurant was empty. Luckily, the same waitress from the night before, the one with the incredible ass was working tonight, so I was encouraged. She smiled as soon as the saw me and said, “Ah, did you decide to try the Blue Plate Special tonight?”

“Well, is it fresh?”

“Yes, it’s fresh and raring to go. The couple in the corner should be leaving soon, so let me put your order in and get myself ready. I hope you’re ready for something very special,” she asked, with a wicked look on her face.

“Last night was special, if this is better it will be very, very special.”

She moved quickly into the back as I sat down at the same booth I sat at the night bursa escort bayan before. The waitress returned in a few minutes, went to the cash register and checked out the couple who had been sitting at the booth in the corner. She then looked up at me and nodded her head, heading over my way. By the time she got over to the booth I had my pants off, my cock hard and was ready for her to lube me up.

I went to reach for her ass to turn her around and plunge in when she lifted up her skirt and exposed a small dildo attached to a harness. It was already lubed up and ready to go who knows where. Where? Well I quickly found out when she grabbed my ass, squeezing my cheeks in her hand while she turned me until I faced the table. She then gently pushed my shoulders downward, bending me over. Leaning on the table, I felt the dildo slide up my crack finding my ass. Holding my hips and pulling back on them, she pushed forward, slowly working the dildo into my ass.

It felt a bit strange, hurting a bit until I was able to relax and let it slide inside. The sensation of her slowly filling me was like nothing I had felt before and I could feel my cock twitching with the feeling. She paused a moment as I tightened escort bursa up deep in my ass, but by pushing in and backing out bit by bit, she got me to open completely to her. Once I did open up, she began thrusting and withdrawing at an increasing pace. As she sank the dildo in as deep as it would go, she would grind against me, moaning as the pressure massaged her clit.

Once she got her rhythm down, she reached a hand around me and grabbed my cock, stroking it in unison with her thrusts. Feeling her moving in and out of me, while sliding her hand up and down my cock was too much for me and in just a minute or so, I felt myself flooded with pleasure as my cock spurted my cum far across the table. While my cum was splashing all over, she moaned loudly and thrust hard one more time as she climaxed, her hand squeezing my cock tight in her ecstasy.

Easing the dildo out of me she whispered, “How was the Blue Plate Special?”

“Absolutely delicious,” I answered, still breathless.

“Are you ready to eat then?”

“Eat? Oh you mean my dinner? Sure, I could eat.”

“Okay, let me go clean up and then I’ll bring it on out,” she said, hiding the dildo beneath her dress and heading into the restroom.

I pulled up my pants and sat back down at the booth, my cum still on the table, sparkling in the neon lights decorating the room. She returned with a rag, wiped up the come and headed back to bring my dinner.

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