Bobby and Lindsay


Bobby and his twin sister are the heirs to a vast fortune. Both now eighteen, they’ve spent their whole lives getting whatever they want, whenever they want it. Some might say this lifestyle has caused them to grow up…a little peculiar. Especially if they knew what goes on when mom and dad are out of town.

It started on their eighteenth birthday; mom and dad had gone on vacation, leaving them by themselves, the whole big house to themselves. Bobby was sitting watching TV, while his sister, Lindsay, lay on the couch, reading a magazine. Lindsay was wearing a bikini top and jean shorts. Bobby glanced over at her, and then took a longer look. He suddenly found himself compelled to stare at his sister’s tits in that top. His heart pounded as he watched them move when she breathed. Before long, he was starting to fantasize about going over there and sucking on his sister’s big titties, and this caused his cock to get hard. At that point, he decided “What the hell”, and unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and started to slowly stroke it.

Soon, his sighing and groaning got Lindsay’s casino şirketleri attention, and she looked up, and saw her brother stroking his big, hard cock, while leering at her. He didn’t even stop when he saw her looking at him; in fact, he seemed to get off on her watching. Lindsay, highly turned on by this, decided to go along with it. She undid the string on her top, and took it off, then started to feel herself up. She licked her lips, as she watched her brother jerking off. Her pussy was starting to get wet, so she took off her shorts, then the bikini bottom under them, and started to masturbate. This got Bobby even hotter, as he started to fantasize about eating his sister’s pussy.

With a devilish grin, Lindsay then beckoned him over. Bobby came over and sat on the other end of the couch from her, and she came over and knelt in front of him. She smiled up at him, slowly stroking his cock with her hand, and then started to kiss the head. She then began to lick it, wrapping her tongue around the head, sliding her tongue up the pee-hole. Finally, she wrapped her lips around the casino firmaları shaft. She started to savor the feeling of her brother’s hard cock in her mouth. Bobby, meanwhile, felt like he was on some good drug. He watched as his sister slid her lips up and down his cock, while giving him the most sultry look imaginable. At one point, she pulled it out, and said, in a very sexy voice, “Give me your cum, Bobby. I want it.” She then put it back in her mouth, and started sucking rhythmically, like a piston. Bobby felt it approach long before it did. He felt his cock start to contract slowly, before he finally came in his sister’s mouth. Lindsay swallowed each spurt as it came, till her brother finally stopped.

Lindsay sat back on the couch, and Bobby leaned over and grabbed one of her titties, and started licking and sucking on his sister’s pink little nipples. “Yes, you like my titties, don’t you, brother?” After a while of this, Bobby moved down to Lindsay’s pudgy little belly, and kissed and licked around her belly button. Finally, he moved down to his sister’s moist pussy. Lindsay’s face güvenilir casino screwed up as her brother ate her out. “Oh, fuck, Bobby!” Bobby enjoyed the taste of his sister’s pussy, as he slid his tongue inside the folds, and licked her little clitty. Lindsay squeezed her tits as she felt the orgasm approaching. “Oh, God, Bobby, you’re gonna make your sister cum!” Finally, it washed over her, and she let out a long, loud wail.

Lindsay was catching her breath, when she saw her brother get up, and she saw his cock was again hard. They stared each other in the eye, as Bobby slowly worked his cock into his sister’s tight pussy. “Oh, fuck, Bobby, I can’t believe how big you are!” Lindsay’s titties shook as her brother fucked her. Gradually, he lowered himself, until they were in a missionary position. Lindsay spoke through her teeth, “Yeah, fuck your sister’s pussy!” Finally, Bobby felt it coming, so he pulled out and started jerking it. Lindsay held her tits up, for her brother to cum on. Finally, he jizzed all over his sister’s titties, practically coating them. Lindsay sighed contentedly as she rubbed it into her skin.

Lindsay and Bobby have since fucked constantly every time their parents were on vacation, and sometimes even when they’re home. A lot of rooms in that house, a lot of places to be discreet.

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