Bored While Waiting


Unsure where to take the story at this point. Please let me know what you think or if you have any feedback, preferably constructive. Hope you enjoy.


She lay on his bed waiting for him to get home from work. She was busy typing away, chatting with her friends while writing her new story for . Every few minutes she’d turn and look at the empty doorway, waiting for him to return. All she had chosen to wear while waiting for him were a pair of black satin underwear that matched her black and white babydoll that barely covered the curves of her ass; her feet were covered with her black and white lace stilettos. Her breasts were straining against the material and her hand would slip down between her legs to rub herself every so often.

Giving up on the computer for a while, she rolled onto her back and closed her eyes, thinking about the pounding he was going to give her in another hour or two. She loved playing with herself while waiting for him as the exhibitionist in her loved to be caught by her lover. Rubbing her left arm against her hardening nipples, she brushed her right hand over her stomach and down onto her thighs. Dragging her nails lightly over her skin, she shivered as the goosebumps followed the trail higher. Moving her fingers over her mound and circling ever so slightly, she whimpered wishing he was there to watch her please herself.

At that moment, she decided to give him a present although she would keep the official copy herself. Standing up from the bed, she walked over to the closet, reached up to the top shelf and grabbed her camera and stand she’d stashed there. Setting it up on the desk facing his large bed, she was suddenly glad that he kept at least a couple pieces of her toy collection at his place. She felt herself getting wet as she thought about what she wanted to do on camera. Thankfully she had just been to get a wax earlier that morning — she had been hot ever since.

Moving next to the bed, she turned on a softly lit lamp and found a couple candles which she lit casino şirketleri and placed on the end table near her head. Next to the camera she turned on a brighter lamp and turned it to face the bed so that her pussy would be clearly visible during the shooting. Now that the lighting was set, she turned on their favorite cd of romantic Latin music and hit the record button.

Walking away from the camera, she glances over her shoulder and smiles slyly. Stopping at the foot of the bed, she starts swaying in time to the beat. Moving her hips to the rhythm she swings around to face the camera as her hands move over her body and through her hair. Caressing her breasts, she tugs lightly at them while moaning softly and continues to move her hips pretending he is behind her. Dropping one strap of her babydoll from her shoulder, she continues to move her body and squeezes her breasts tightly before one hand slips down and rubs quickly between her thighs.

Moving her hand up just a few seconds later she drops the other strap while turning her back to the camera again. Reaching behind her, she pulls the tie that holds the top together from behind and lets the material fall to her hips. She shakes her ass for a few seconds before reaching down and pushing the material from her hips leaving her standing in her black satin underwear and heels. She turns to the camera again with a shy smile while keeping her nipples covered before suddenly throwing her arms in the air with her head back and shimmying with all her might.

The song ends moments later and switches to a calmer melody. She responds by slowly swaying her hips from side to side while pulling and twisting her nipples. She closes her eyes and dances in place as if in a trance with her hands roaming from her breasts to her belly and thighs. Every few seconds a hand drifts into her panties to her clit and make a few quick circles before resuming their journey. Every time her hand touches her sensitive clit, she lets out a whimper.

Spinning in a slow circle, she begins to inch her underwear casino firmaları lower on her hips. Flashing the camera a quick peek at her full pale cheeks she pulls the underwear back up before turning and climbing up onto the bed. She crawls catlike away from the camera moving her hips deliberately. Finally finding herself where she wants to be, she stops and sits up on her knees.

Glancing over her shoulder she lowers first one side and then the other before her panties are pushed around her thighs. She turns to face the camera finally offering the first glance at her freshly waxed pussy. There is a thin strip of hair just over her clit with lips that are wet with her arousal. She pushes her panties down til they are at her knees before dragging her hands up the insides of her thighs. She gasps as she draws her nails softly up and over her mons without touching her clit.

Suddenly she falls forward catching herself on her hands before rolling onto her back and lifting her legs in the air. Showing off her flexibility, she draws her panties all the way off before throwing her panties over her head at the camera. While still on her back, her head dangles off the edge of the bed and she spreads her legs in a giant v with her hands grabbing tightly at her nipples.

She tugs at her nipples lifting her breast and her entire rib cage up off the bed a couple inches. Smiling she rolls to one side of the bed and finds a chain before smiling and resuming her position on her knees. Holding her right breast with her left hand, she teases the nipple using the feather at the end of the chain before attaching the clamp to the now very swollen peak. Gasping with pleasure, she turns her attention to the left nipple and attaches a second clamp before shuddering.

Pulling the chain lightly, she moans and starts grinding her hips into the air searching for something to fill her up. Reaching next to her on the bed, she pulled out one of her favorite dildos — it was the same size as her lover with an attached clit vibrator. Propping some pillows behind her, she güvenilir casino turns and lies on her back with her pussy facing the camera. Her knees bent to either side, she starts playing with herself using light caresses of her hands over her lips.

As she slides the dildo between her folds, the wetness becomes more and more obvious as it gets smeared across her lips and clit. One hand keeps alternating between yanking the chain on her nipples and stroking her clit while the other is busy drawing the dildo through her folds coating the toy with her juices. Once she is satisfied the toy is sufficiently soaked, she moves one hand down and opens herself up for the camera.

She smiles naughtily at the camera as she takes the dildo and places it at the entrance to her hole. Pushing it slowly in, she doesn’t stop until she is in to the hilt moaning the entire time. She turns on the clit vibrator and starts to cry out as she throws her head back. One hand reaches down and draws the dildo out to until only the crown remains inside her before slamming it back inside. Her other hand starts to tug frantically at the nipple clamps.

She continues to use the toy to slam in and out of her increasing the pace until her hand was just a whirl of color. Her coos grew louder and louder until suddenly she reached the point of no return. Her body folds in on itself and she starts to shake while her voice goes silent. She starts to moan again after the initial waves of the orgasm break over her.

She forces her legs back down, and lifts her head towards the camera to smile and laugh at the camera as she turns the vibrator off. She leaves the dildo inside her knowing that she hates that empty feeling left when she takes it out. Slowly, she reaches down and removes the nipple clamps and gasps again with another smaller orgasm as the blood rushes back into her breasts.

She lay on her back for a minute or two lingering in a haze from the strong orgasm she just had. Listening to the music, she lets her hands caress softly over her tender breasts. Suddenly, there was a noise at the foot of the bed near the camera. Lifting her head, she realizes that her lover was finally home and he’d shut off the camera. Smiling, she reaches down and pulls the toy out of her as she knew he’d fill her up soon.

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