Breedr: The Casual Breeding App

Breedr: The Casual Breeding AppIt was almost two in the morning and Jim was just slowly biding his time until he could close the bar. The place had been dead for the last two hours, and he was looking forward to his after-work relaxation. He had found a match on Breedr, the app for those wanting to have casual reproductive sex, and she was supposedly on her way. Jim had a fetish for breeding young, horny females with a need for his seed. Most of the women on this app are just looking for a sperm donor with benefits, something Jim was grateful for. He liked making babies, not raising them.Just as Jim returned behind the bar and started counting the money for the thirtieth time, the forty-two-year-old barman watched a car pull into the parking lot. A few moments later, a five-foot-two brunette dressed in a white halter-top that conformed to the modest swells of her breasts and hip-hugging jeans walked into the bar and sat by Jim’s register. “Hi there, can I get a vodka cranberry, hold the vodka?”Jim chuckled and grabbed a cocktail glass and started pouring the cranberry juice, “But the vodka is the fun part.” He spritzed some orange and lime juice into the cranberry before sliding the drink over to the brunette.The brunette took the drink and raised it in gratitude to Jim, “Well, I’m sure you’d rather not risk getting cited for serving an u******e teen in your bar.”Jim raised his eyebrow in confusion before pulling out his phone. Opening up the Breedr app he looked at his latest match’s profile before looking back at his customer. “You’re Harper? By your pics I thought you were in your early twenties.”The young brunette, Harper, chuckled and shook her head. “Nope, I’m only sixteen.” The teenager then quickly downed her drink quickly.“Only sixteen and already posting naked pictures of yourself online,” Jim said chuckling as he poured Harper another drink.“I figured get right to the goods, show guys that I’m serious,” the teen said with a shrug, accepting the fresh drink and taking a healthy sip. “I can see that it worked.”Jim followed the teen’s gaze and chuckled, his raging hard-on was already tenting his pants as he remembered admiring Harper’s naked nubile body before swiping right and setting up this match. “That it did. Have you done this before?”The sixteen-year-old brunette blushed slightly before shaking her head, “No, you’d be my first.”“You’re a virgin?” Jim asked. Harper blushed even more and nodded. “Damn, so you want to jump right into the deep end.”“I just heard that the earlier you have babies the easier the recovery is,” Harper said with a shrug, “that and I think I’ll look hot when pregnant.”“I agree with that,” Jim said grinning as he imagined the petite sixteen-year-old with swelling breasts and a round baby bump.Harper chuckled and took another swig of her drink. “You’re imagining me pregnant, aren’t you?”“Guilty,” Jim chuckled, openly ogling the teenage brunette sitting at his bar. Harper giggled a little and slowly finished her drink, enjoying the attention the older man was giving her. After a few moments, Jim closed the register and walked over towards the doors, keeping his eyes on the petite teen. Locking the doors, he grinned and said, “Shall we take this to someplace a little more, comfortable? I live upstairs so we don’t even have to go far.”Harper smirked and stood up, “Lead the way.” Jim chuckled before leading the teenager to the backroom which, on first glance, didn’t have a stairway. The young teen was about to ask how they intended to go upstairs from here when Jim reached up and opened the trap door, letting the ladder to the loft apartment extend. “A trap door to your apartment? Must be real convenient to keep the salespeople away from your front door,” Harper said with a light chuckle.“It has its uses,” Jim grinned before climbing the ladder. Harper followed and Jim helped the young teen into the loft. “Well, it’s not much but it’s home. Saves me from having to rent a room somewhere. Instead of paying both a mortgage and rent on tuzla escort an apartment, I just cut a check for the mortgage.”“Makes sense,” Harper said as she looked around. There was a desk in one corner with a computer and a living area with a TV and a couch, but the main feature of the room was the huge king-sized bed in the center. “Nice place.”“It is, isn’t it?” Jim said as he walked over to the desk and pulled out a couple of wine glasses and a bottle of red wine from one of the larger drawers. “Care for a glass? We’re in my apartment so I won’t get cited for letting a hot sixteen-year-old have a drink before I breed her.”Harper giggled and nodded as she sat on the bed. “Sure, why not?”“Great,” Jim said, pouring out two glasses and bringing them over to the bed. The older man handed Harper one of the glasses and held his out for a toast, “To the baby I’m going to put in you.”Harper giggled before clinking her glass with Jim’s, “To the baby you’re going to put in me.”They both silently took a healthy sip of their wine as Jim sat next to the petite brunette. Harper shivered in anticipation as her blue eyes locked with Jim’s brown ones. It was Jim who broke the silence as he went for another sip, “So, how do you like the wine?”Harper took another healthy sip and gave Jim a sly look. She leaned in and set her nearly empty glass on the nightstand before saying, “It’s good, but I think I’ve found something I’ll like just as well.” She then leaned in and pressed her lips to Jim’s, moaning into her first real kiss.Jim set his glass on the nightstand before wrapping his arms around the petite teen, deepening the kiss. Her lips tasted like watermelon as the two eagerly kissed and moaned, hands roaming their clothed bodies. They broke the kiss only when Harper pulled Jim’s shirt up over his head and Jim followed removing Harper’s top. The older man grinned widely as he noticed Harper wasn’t wearing a bra, and so her perky B-cup breasts were fully exposed, the nipples looking hard enough to cut diamonds. The two resumed their kiss, moaning eagerly as skin crushed against skin. Jim took one of Harper’s breasts into his hand and started gently massaging it, causing the young girl to moan eagerly and tremble in anticipation. Jim pushed Harper onto her back as he climbed on top of her, their lips locked except for the occasional moan. Jim started kissing down Harper’s neck, making the brunette shiver and run her fingers through Jim’s sandy-blonde hair. Jim slowly teased Harper’s unoccupied breast with his tongue, licking and swirling around the sensitive flesh. Harper’s moans echoed off the walls of the attic loft, her breaths coming in short excited pants. Jim popped one of the young teen’s nipples into his mouth and started lightly sucking and nibbling while he pinched and rolled the other one in his fingers. “Oh, fuck!” the brunette teenager moaned, her back arching and body trembling from all the new sensations she was experiencing.“That’s the idea,” Jim said as he briefly broke away from his teasing only to return his attention to the teenager’s sensitive flesh. Jim switched breasts, giving them both equal attention. After a few minutes, Jim started licking and sucking at the sensitive skin between Harper’s breasts, slowly working his way down her stomach. Harper gasped and moaned, rocking her hips as Jim slowly edged down to the hem of her jeans. The brunette teenager lifted her hips and let Jim slowly slide her jeans down her smooth legs, leaving her in a pair of pink panties. Jim sat up and admired the nearly naked teen on his bed and gave Harper a bright smile, “You’re so sexy.”Harper giggled and let her eyes wander to the bulge in Jim’s jeans. “And you’re overdressed.”Jim chuckled and nodded, “So I am.” He got up and undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans before pushing them and his boxers to the floor, his thick nine-inch penis springing free pointing nearly straight up.“Damn, that’s huge!” Harper said sitting up a little to get a better look at Jim’s throbbing escort tuzla cock, “I wasn’t expecting it to be that big.”“You saw my pics, didn’t you?” Jim said chuckling, stroking his thick baby-maker slowly letting a bead of pre-cum form at the tip.Harper nodded but blushed, “I didn’t realize how big it really was.”“Go ahead,” Jim said with a wide grin, “You can touch it. It won’t bite.”Harper giggled before turning her head and wrapping her fingers around the throbbing shaft. “Wow,” the young teen moaned as she slowly stroked the older man’s cock. The teen slowly inched closer and popped the thick mushroom head into her mouth, slowly sucking and bobbing her head back and forth. Jim moaned and rested one hand on Harper’s head while the other slid down the teen’s bare stomach and between her legs, rubbing her sex over her pink panties. With an eager moan from the brunette teenager, Jim pulled Harper’s panties aside and started stroking along her shaved virgin slit. The sixteen-year-old bucked her hips against Jim’s fingers as her muffled moans escaped around Jim’s thick penis, trembling as Jim teased her puffy labia and sensitive clit. As Jim slipped his finger deeper making contact with Harper’s hymen, the teenager let out a loud squealing moan. “Oh, f-fuck! F-fuck, I need you inside me!”Jim grinned and climbed back onto the bed while Harper pulled her panties off. Jim watched as Harper spread her legs wide, showing off her virgin vulva glistening in her arousal. “God, you’re so hot,” Jim said as he admired the view.“Oh fuck,” Harper moaned with a giggle, looking down and seeing Jim’s penis just inches from her vulva, “put a baby in me.”The older man gave the young teen a naughty smirk and started teasingly rubbing the underside of his baby-maker against her damp, shaved slit. Harper moaned and squirmed, rocking her hips hoping Jim’s cock would just slip inside her tight cunt. “You really want this?” Jim said teasingly.“Yes,” Harper moaned, “I want you to get me pregnant!”Jim smirked and grabbed Harper’s hip with one hand while he lined up the thick mushroom head of his penis with Harper’s vulva. In one hard, sharp thrust Jim buried his thick shaft to the hilt into Harper causing the sixteen-year-old brunette to squeal out in a mix of pain and pleasure. Harper couldn’t believe how good it felt as the forty-two-year-old man’s cock plunged deep and stretched her tight pussy out, the fat mushroom head pressing against her cervix. Jim stayed still with his round, full balls pressed against Harper’s round ass and his cock throbbing deep in the teenager’s tight pussy. He watched Harper’s face as she slowly relaxed from his sudden penetration and smiled down at the young teen. “You alright?” the older man asked with a grin.Harper wrapped her legs around Jim’s and grinned up at the older man. “Y-yea, that was intense.”“It’s about to get a whole lot more intense,” Jim said chuckling. He then slowly slid his hips back. The young teenager whimpered as she felt Jim’s baby-maker slide out of her before she gasped even louder as Jim slammed his hips back down. The older man slowly worked himself into a slow, steady rhythm, pumping his penis in and out of Harper.“Oh f-fuck, fuck!” Harper moaned, bucking her hips in time with Jim’s hard thrusts. “Put a baby in me!”“That’s the idea,” Jim groaned, thrusting harder and faster. The smacking of Jim’s heavy round balls full of baby-batter against Harper’s ass mingled with the teenager’s loud, eager moans.“Oh God!” Harper squealed, gripping Jim’s arms tightly, her nails digging into his shoulders. “F-fuck me! Cum in me!” The young teen could feel her vagina tighten around Jim’s hard penis and her body trembling in anticipation. “Oh FUCK!”Jim held out as long as he could but when the tight teen started getting even tighter his resolve wore out. With one last erratic thrust, the forty-two-year-old man buried his thick penis deep into the fertile young sixteen-year-old and groaned as he shot his semen deep into her waiting womb. Harper let tuzla escort bayan out a loud wordless squeal as her pussy milked every last drop of Jim’s seed, her legs holding Jim tightly to her before the older man collapsed on top of her, panting happily. After a minute or two, Jim rolled off the petite brunette with a content sigh, his softening cock popping out of Harper’s slit with a gush of his seed following. “That was amazing,” Jim said basking in the afterglow.“You can say that again,” Harper moaned, trembling a little as she recovered. “I can still feel it leaking out of me,” the young teen giggled, reaching down and scooping some of Jim’s seed from her vulva.“Yea, I’ve been pent up for a couple of weeks now,” Jim said chuckling.Harper rolled onto her side and cuddled up to the older man, “Aww, poor baby.” She gave Jim a short but passionate kiss. After breaking the kiss, the two laid together in a few minutes of silent bliss. Before too long, Harper smirked at the older man while reaching down and slowly stroking his thick cock, “Think you can go another round?”Jim chuckled and nodded, “I should be able to.” His cock was already hardening again as the young teen stroked him up and down, cupping his heavy balls. “Especially if you keep doing that.”“What if I did this?” Harper said with a giggle before sitting up and popping the thick shaft into her mouth.Jim groaned and ran his fingers through Harper’s soft brunette hair. “Yes, definitely.”Harper grinned as she bobbed her head back and forth, swirling her tongue around the quickly hardening cock. Once Jim was nice and hard, Harper popped his baby-maker out of her mouth and slowly climbed on top of the older man, straddling him and leaning down to kiss him passionately. After a minute or two of kissing, the young teen sat up and lifted her hips, guiding the mushroom head of Jim’s penis to her waiting slit. Once Harper felt his penis line up with her vagina, the young teen sank her hips down with a loud gasping moan, shuddering as the throbbing shaft filled her once again. “Ohh yes!” the eager teen moaned, staring her bright blue eyes into Jim’s brown ones as she slowly rocked her hips.Jim reached up and placed one hand on the teen’s hips and the other along the subtle curves of her side. “That’s it, work that baby-batter out of me.”“Oh fuck,” the teen moaned, rocking her hips harder. “I’m gonna get pregnant from your baby-batter.” Harper tossed her head back and moaned eagerly as she squeezed her pussy tighter around Jim’s cock. Jim gave the young teen a naughty grin before using his hand on her hip to tease her clit causing her to moan even louder. “Yes! Oh God that feels so good!”“You feel so good,” the older man moaned, bucking his hips in time with the motions of the young teen.“Oh fuck!” Harper squealed, her hips bouncing harder and faster as she felt her body tensing in anticipation, “Fucking cum in me! Cum in me! Get me pregnant!!”Suddenly Jim’s hand grabbed hold of Harper’s hips and held the teen in place. A loud manly groan and a girly squeal filled the room as Jim shot his seed deep into Harper for a second time, making sure her womb was filled to the brim with his baby-batter. After a few minutes, the young brunette slumped forward and both Jim and Harper contently fell asleep holding each other.When Jim woke up late the next morning, he noticed that Harper had already gathered her things and left. The older man shrugged it off and slowly got himself ready for the next day, smiling to himself at the fun-filled time he had the night before. When the older man stepped out of his shower, he noticed a message on the Breedr app from Harper. “Sorry I had to leave early this morning, didn’t want my mom to see I snuck out last night. Had a great time!” Jim smiled at the message and sent a reply.“Had a great time too! Let me know how it all turns out.”About five months later, Jim had almost forgotten about his night with Harper and was thinking about finding a new girl to knock up when he received a message from the sixteen-year-old brunette. When he opened it, there was a new picture of a naked Harper with a round belly and swollen, milk-filled tits. The young teen had sent only two words for her message: “Wanna celebrate?”

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