Being an English teacher in a Junior College wasn’t the hardest job in the world, but it sure wasn’t the easiest either. The amount of work necessary in lesson preparation and marking took huge chunks of time out of my family life, and when my wife died three years ago and left me with a 15 year old girl to look after, that family time became more and more precious. It helped a little that I’d made the decision to home school my daughter Bridgitte, as at least we got to spend some time together, but even that had drawbacks, as I was relating to her as a student more often than as a parent, and that sometimes created friction.

Losing her mother had been a huge blow for Bridgitte, but it served to bring us much closer together than a father normally got with his daughter, that and acting as her teacher had thrown us together closely during an important growth phase of her life. I’d watched her daily change from a gawky young kid to a beautiful and surprisingly sophisticated young lady, but the absence of a mother and even the fact that schooling her at home meant she had few really close girl friends had meant that she had grown up with a poor self image.

That came to light in one of her essays, a poorly disguised “I have a friend” type of essay which showed clearly that she perceived herself as being somewhat plain and ordinary looking in a world which was constantly holding up as a model to aspire to, almost laughable fictional females who all had stunning looks and long legs, and who were all wonderfully slim, with gorgeous breasts, long flowing silken hair, and the faces of angels.

I wanted so much to reassure her, to tell her how beautiful, exciting and sexy she was, but that wasn’t exactly what a father was supposed to say, particularly not a father who as time went on was becoming more and more conscious and aware of that emerging beauty – and was reacting to it . Yes, I was ashamed to admit, even to my self, that as Bridgitte grew and blossomed into a woman I was getting more and more turned on by her. Perhaps the fact that I hadn’t bothered much with women since my wife died was playing a role, as we’d shared a very active sex life, and I was missing that like hell. Add to that the fact that Bridgette was so comfortable with me around the house that she would often wander around with the minimum of clothes on, and I guess there was bound to be a reaction of some sort, especially when her breasts really developed.

I groaned as I thought about it, thought about her. I was in the room off the lounge that I’d turned into my office, and in front of me was a pile of essays that I was marking, or supposed to be marking, but my mind simply wasn’t on them. I found myself staring out of the glass door onto the patio and pool area and letting all these thoughts of Bridgitte float in and out of my mind. Without even realizing I was doing it, I began to slowly stroke my hardening cock through my trousers. Then movement caught the corner of my eye and I froze, guilt does that every time, the movement turned into Bridgitte walking from the kitchen to the pool edge wearing one of the smallest white bikini’s I had ever seen, and I sucked in my breath as my cock jumped to instant hardness.

My eyes almost popped out of my head, and I found myself leaning forward for a better view. I was only seeing her from the back, but ‘only’ was an understatement! there was only a thin strand or string across the middle of her back holding up her bikini top and an equally thin strap across the waist and a third that disappeared very quickly down into the crack of her ass, giving her the appearance of being almost naked. God, I thought to myself, how could she ever think she was plain and ordinary looking, she did have long delightful legs, a slim waist and a reasonably broad back, but her ass was something special indeed. The cheeks spectacularly curved and oh so tight, I was drooling at the sight of them, and without even thinking, I had my big, hard cock out of my trousers and was stroking it like crazy.

Then she dove in the pool and swam away from me and I sat back with a groan, my cock big and throbbing, damn this was crazy, I had to stop thinking and feeling like this. She would probably die of shame and embarrassment if she knew I was feeling this way about her. I quickly and resolutely forced my cock back into my trousers and zipped up and turned back to my desk with a fresh determination to get on with the job of marking and put Bridgitte out of my mind. So much easier said than done!

Having to focus so intently to block out the image of Bridgitte, I literally close down to my surroundings, so when the door opened, I didn’t hear it. The first indication I had that she was in the room was when her name arm snaked over my shoulder and closed the paper I was trying to work on. “Come on daddy, that’s enough for now, all work and no play makes Mitch a dull man”, she said.

I felt the heat rise in me and my cock again start to swell, “No, No” I stammered, casino şirketleri “I have to get these finished”

“No you don’t, they’re not due until the end of next week, so I’m not taking no for an answer, anyone would think you didn’t like playing with me” she said, fairly assertively, and reached out and spun my chair around. If things were bad enough before, they quickly got worse as my eyes alighted on her. Although there was a deal more fabric on the front of the Bikini than there had been on the back, there still wasn’t a huge amount, just a small V of material that started an inch or so inside each hip and quickly zeroed in to disappear between her legs, and a couple of similar V’s that made a valiant effort to contain her firm breasts, but what sent my eyes and my mind into a spin was the fact that wet from the pool, the white material had become almost totally transparent, and I was staring at her gorgeous breasts from only a few feet away.

She immediately saw the shock on my face and the direction in which I was looking and giggled, “Yeah, they are a bit crazy aren’t they” she said, “The lady in the shop warned me they might get transparent if I got them wet, they’re really for sunbathing, but I bought them to please you and I wanted you to see them on, and I promise I wont wear them anywhere but here, do you like them?” she babbled.

What could I say, I sure wasn’t going to make her feel bad about herself, and I certainly wasn’t lying when I said a little breathlessly that she looked absolutely stunning in them. She grinned and put on one of her real coy looks, “And you don’t mind that they’re see through?” she asked.

I managed to conjure up a rather strained grin of my own, “I’m trying my damnedest not to notice that” I said ” Now off with you and I’ll join you at the pool shortly”

She grinned and blew me a kiss as she left, and I slumped back into my chair, feeling the sweat running down my neck and the exceedingly uncomfortable bulge in my trousers, God her tits had looked fantastic. What the hell was I going to do? I knew I had to go out and join her, I sighed, perhaps if I rushed out and dove straight into the pool before she noticed, the cool water would get rid of my erection before I had to come out again, yeah, that was the best I could think of, so that’s what I did. Dashed to the bedroom, squeezed my swollen cock into my bathers, almost sprinted through the kitchen and launched myself straight into the water, where I stayed for the next 15 minutes, briskly swimming backwards and forwards, feeling my cock gradually diminish. When I finally felt I was in control I was able to get out of the water and greet Bridgitte.

She was lying on her stomach taking the sun, and as she lifted up to return my greeting I was pleased to see that the white material had already dried out and was no longer see through.

“Hey, dad, would you do me a favor?” she asked, “Would you grab some sun lotion from the bathroom and put in on me so I don’t burn?”

“Sure” I said, glad to have the opportunity to go back inside for a while, because although the Bikini wasn’t see through any more, it still looked as if she was almost naked, with so little on the back. I did notice another strap around her neck line that had been hidden by her shoulder length blondish hair, so that made just three small straps to cover the whole back, an impossible task.

I went inside and took the opportunity to have a quick cold drink before gathering up the sun lotion from the bathroom and wandering back outside. I guess it’s true that most times you only see what you expect to see, so I didn’t notice anything different about Bridgitte until I was kneeling alongside her and actually in the process of pouring some lotion onto my hands to rub into her back. Then my eyes widened as I realized there were no straps at all blocking the way of my hands! While I’d been inside she’d slipped out of her bikini and was now totally naked!

Perhaps she sensed my shock, or perhaps I just hesitated too long, as she lifted her head and glanced over her shoulder at me and smiled, “Can’t wait to have that lotion on, I’m already feeling the sun” she said, and then dropped her head back down. Again, there seemed nothing else to do but as she had asked, so I poured some lotion onto my hands and began to massage it into her back and shoulders, and she moaned softly, “Yeah, that feels good, daddy”

I tried to think sun lotion, sun lotion, and apply it briskly, but gradually as I moved down her back my strokes got slower and lighter, so by the time I reached her fantastic, firm, sexy ass, I was caressing her more than applying lotion, and I couldn’t seem to stop myself. It was as if I was in a hypnotic state, and she wasn’t helping by lightly moaning and telling me how good that felt.

I did finally pull myself away from those tight ass cheeks and move on down her legs to her feet, down the outside, but back up the inside of her legs and thighs. She shifted slightly casino firmaları and parted her legs so I could reach her inner thighs, and as I stroked up there I felt the back of my hand brush against some of her pussy hair before once again moving up to stroke her ass cheeks, and I felt the shudder run through her. I was on fire, totally turned on by the softness yet firmness of her skin, but I couldn’t just keep on doing this for ever, so I quickly pulled my hands away and said, somewhat gruffly, “Ok, Bridgitte, that’s done, you wont burn now”

“Mmmm, that was so lovely daddy”, and before I realized what was happening she’d rolled over onto her back and was smiling up at me, “Now the front, daddy”

I gulped, only inches away my daughter’s naked breasts and naked pussy were staring up at me, and she was smiling and inviting me to touch her. A shudder ran right through me as an explosion of heat raced through my body, “I don’t think” I stammered.

He eyes flickered open and she smiled lazily again, “Oh daddy, you do it so well, Please, pretty please”

God, I never could resist that pouting tone of hers, and if the truth be known I didn’t really want to resist, so with a well acted pained sigh, I poured some lotion on to my hands and went to work. Starting with her feet and legs and slowly moving my way up, trying desperately not to stare at her gorgeous pussy with its light dusting of almost honey colored hair, all neatly trimmed. Once again she shifted to open up her legs so my hands could cover her inner thighs, and once again the back of my hand brushed against her pussy hair, and a shiver went through her. Moving had also opened her pussy a little, and through the honey colored hair I could clearly see the deep red of her inner pussy lips, god it looked so succulent!

I avoided direct contact with her pussy by moving around her hips, but when I got to the top of her stomach there was nowhere to go but onto those hot, firm breasts, so, taking a deep breath and expecting to be told off or brushed off at any moment, I cupped my lotion covered hands over her breasts and began to caress them as gently and softly as I had caressed her ass cheeks. Her body writhed a little and another light moan came from her mouth, but this time I didn’t stop. I felt her nipples swelling and hardening in my palms, and drew them away and took each nipple between a thumb and a finger and caressed them almost in a milking motion. This time the shudder was more pronounced, “Oh daddy, that feels so good, nobody’s ever touched me like that before”

He words broke the spell and I went to pull back my hands, “Oh god, Bridgitte, I’m so sorry, I didn’t meant to..” I stammered.

Her hand jumped up and grabbed mine and pressed it back down onto her breasts, “No daddy, don’t stop, that feels just soooo good, please, please”

It was my turn to groan, knowing I should stop, but when she moved her hand away from mine, I just took those swollen nipples between my fingers once again and stroked them. Then I glanced up at her face and she was staring hotly at me, and her tongue came out and brushed over her lips, “Please, daddy, Please” she said, and without a word I lowered my head and took one of her hard nipples into my mouth and sucked on it. Her body arched and her hand came down on the back of my head, urging me on, so I sucked some more, then moved to the other nipple and did the same. “Oh yes, daddy, yes, lick my breasts, suck my nipples” she cried, and her words sent me over the top, and all inhibitions and reservations were gone and I sucked furiously, at the same time allowing my hands to wander down and stroke her between the legs.

Without hesitation her legs opened wide to allow my fingers to slip into her wet pussy, and she lifted her ass cheeks off the towel to help me even more. With an even deeper groan, I took my lips from her breasts and moved down over her stomach to her pussy and started to lick and suck her there, and she cried out with a note of even greater delight in her voice, “Oh yes, daddy, lick me, suck me, oh yes, yes, oh god yeeeesss”

I was no longer in control, my horny hormones were, and I shifted position and spread her legs wide and rammed my tongue as deep as I could inside her, lashing her clitoris and sucking up the copious juices that were already streaming from her pussy. “Aaaargh, yes, Oh that’s so good, suck me daddy, suck me hard” and I did.

Moments later her body arched and froze, then exploded into a wild orgasm, and I held on for dear life as her body bucked and heaved and her hot juices cascaded over my face, and I lapped them up as quickly as I could. Mmmmmm she tasted so sweet, so hot and sweet, I was loving every moment of it, but all too soon it faded away and she flopped exhausted back onto the towel.

I pulled away, gasping for breath, tasting her pussy juices on my lips and on my tongue and feeling its stickiness on my face, and I flopped beside her. God, that was wild, so wild, what the hell had I güvenilir casino gone and done, what must she be thinking of me, I’d just sucked off my own daughter and I couldn’t even feel guilty about it, I’d just loved it so much, but what about Bridgitte.

The answer came moments later when she moved up into a sitting position and grinned down at me, “Wow, daddy, that was absolutely amazing, did you enjoy it too?”

I couldn’t stop the huge grin that cracked my face from one ear to the other, “I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed anything more” I said.

An impish grin came onto her face, “We’ll just have to see about that” she said, and sliding over on to her knees beside me she reached down and started to tug my bathers down over my bulging cock. A momentary thought of resistance evaporated as my cock literally exploded from its confinement, and she gasped, “Wow daddy, you’re so big, and so hard and so thick, is this just for me?”, and she leaned down and started to lick the head of my cock. My body shook and shuddered as her hands stroked the length of my cock and her tongue followed close behind, and it was my turn to cry out.

“Oh yes, Bridgitte, so good, suck me baby, suck me”

And she did, licked me and sucked me as if she’d been doing it all her life, all the time stroking my cock and fondling my heavy balls, and It wasn’t long before I could feel the juices start to boil in those balls, and I knew I had to warn her, “Oh god, Bridgitte, that is so good, you’re driving me wild, I’m about to cum baby, about to shoot my load”

If I though that would make her pull away, I was mistaken, she clamped her mouth firmly over the head of my cock and moved her hand up and down faster and faster, and I thrust my cock deeper into her mouth as I arched my own body and exploded, shooting copious amounts of cum juice into her mouth and down into her throat. There was a momentary gagging, then she seemed to adjust and sucked harder and harder on my cock, milking the cum juice from me. I was incapable of anything except wild yells, and grunts as she sucked me dry.

When I finally stopped cumming and slipped from her mouth, she sat up and grinned down at me with cum juice dribbling from the sides of her mouth, “Mmmm you taste so nice daddy, I’ve never tasted cum before, and there was so much of it, I thought you’d never stop” she said.

I groaned, “Neither did I baby, you were fantastic, like you’d spent your lifetime sucking cock”

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it daddy, I’ve been wanting to do it for so long”

“You have” I gasped, “I thought it was only me!”

She grinned, “You mean, you’ve been wanting me too?” she asked

“Hell yes, for a long while” I replied.

Her grin widened, “And do you want to fuck me too” she asked

I groaned, “God, if you knew just how long I’ve dreamed of sliding my big cock into your tight pussy” I said.

“And will you?” she said, “Now that you know I want it too?”

There wasn’t any need for a verbal answer, as my cock leapt back to instant attention, and she laughingly reached down and cupped her hands around it, “Mmmmm, come to Bridgitte, Mitch, come to Bridgitte’s hot, juicy pussy”, and she lay back down, dragging my erect cock with her, and I was immediately in position kneeling between her wide spread legs, and she was guiding the head of my cock between the lips of her pussy. Then she let go and lay right back, “Mmmm yes, daddy, fuck me, fuck me good”

I rammed forward with my big cock, slamming ball deep in her pussy, and she cried out, “Oh yes, daddy, Oh Yeeeeees, fuck me, oh god, fuck me hard”

Her words were like spurs on my buttocks and I slammed forward again and again, ramming deep, almost bouncing her off the towel. All the dreams, all the fantasies, all the frustrations were being poured out as I fucked my cock deep into her steaming pussy, and she was responding like crazy, lifting up to meet every thrust, urging me on, fucking me as hard and fast as I was fucking her, “Oh Bridgitte, you’re so hot and tight, so goddamn sexy, Oh I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long and now it’s happening, I’m fucking my horny daughter, god this feels soooo good”

And I kept on pounding in to her. Being sucked off only a short while ago meant it took a lot longer for me to cum this time, so I was able to blow her into a number of body shaking orgasms before I felt the juices again start to boil in my balls, “Oh Bridgitte baby I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna shoot my load”

“Oh yes daddy, cum in me, fill me up, shoot your hot cum into my pussy, please daddy, pleeeeeaaaase” and another orgasm rocked her body, and that was enough to set me off too.

“Yes Bridgitte, here it cums, daddy’s gonna fill you up, I’m cumming, I’m cumming’ I’m cuuuuuummmmmiiiing” and my cock exploded its hot juices into her bucking and heaving pussy, spurt after spurt of hot liquid filling up her pussy as she screamed and screamed through yet another orgasm.

A cooling off swim, followed by a couple of nice tall cool drinks and we were both back to full strength again, and the English essays were well and truly forgotten as we made our way to the bedroom to do some homework of our own, the subject? – closer family relationships.

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