Brittany-Part III

Brittany-Part IIII lay there in bed next to my sleeping wife and I all I could think about was what Brittany had mentioned to me in comparing the taste of my cum to my own daughter’s. It was the last thing she said to me before scampering off to Jessica’s bedroom but to be honest she could have recited the Gettysburg Address and all my mind would have registered was the fact that Brittany and Jessica had, at some point, had sex. I’m not sure how it’s possible but I dozed off with that image in my head.The next morning, after the wife ad left for work, the house was dead quiet as I sat in the kitchen nursing a cup of coffee. The events of what happened with Brittany at the drive-in and then later in the basement playing out in my mind. I almost didn’t hear when my daughter came in to the room. “Morning Daddy!” “Morning baby.“ she was dressed in a pair of short and a sports bra. I guess I hadn’t really thought about it before but suddenly I became aware of Jessica’s body. That was about to change.Jessica stood 5’ 4”. Her body toned from years of cheerleading and dance. Standing next to Brittany it was easy not to notice when it came to breasts that my little girl was no slouch. I suddenly came to that realization as I watched her auburn hair spilling to the sides of her perfectly shaped 34C tits. Her tanned legs leading all the way up to that shapely ass as she reached into the cabinet were having a definitive effect on me, I was so grateful that the table wasn’t made of glass.“Hello? Daddy? Did you hear me?”“I’m sorry baby. What?”“I said I need to use the car today. I have cheer practice.”“Oh sure, of course.” it was about that time when Brittany came into the kitchen. She was wearing a long t-shirt that just barely covered her round ass. I could only hope that Jessica didn’t notice me staring at her busty friend.“Hey Brit I have to leave in a few. What time is your Dad coming to pick you up?”“Oh um, not sure. I’ll text him to see.”“K. Well I got to get going. Love you Daddy.” she gave her friend a lingering hug and kissed me on the cheek before heading out the door. Brittany moved to the window and watched as her friend drove off, leaving us alone in the house.“So what time is your Dad coming?”“The only Daddy that’s coming is you.” she smiled as she pulled her t-shirt off. My cock must have broken the land speed record as it went from semi-erect to throbbing hard. The little slut crawled across the kitchen table and sat directly in front of me, her legs opened wide and that sweet little pussy on display. I felt her foot nudging against the erection that was threatening to burst through my pants.“MMMM I saw you looking at Jessica this morning. Were you thinking about what I told you last night? About how good your daughter tastes?” I was almost speechless.“Were you serious about that or just teasing me?” she handed me her cell phone and there on the screen was a picture of Jessica’s face, tongue extended and resting against Brittany’s mound.“We fucked this morning. She had her head buried right between my thighs. I bet she could taste your cum. I bet she could taste her Daddy’s sweet jizz in my little cunt.” my only response was to pull my aching cock free of it’s confines.“Oh! You like that? Does that turn Daddy on? MMMM and when she came we were grinding our pussy’s against each other. I bet you could even still taste her on me.” I didn’t wait for anymore of an invitation as I dove my head between Brittany’s legs and feasted on her young teen pussy. Her hand held me in tight as I lapped at her slit, my mouth suck on her swollen clit.“Oh my god yes! Fuck, you eat pussy almost as good as your daughter does!” the notion of eating Brittany was more than enough to please me but add in the idea that I was potentially tasting my own daughter’s sweet juices had me boiling over. I pushed 2 finger’s up into Brittany’s snatch as I began to lightly gnaw on her clit, holding buca escort it between my teeth as I flicked my tongue across it. Her body began to tremble and she laid back on the table. I continued to devour her fuckhole until neither of us could take it anymore.I moved to the other side of the table as pushed my thick cockhead against her lips and like the little slut that she is Brittany opened her mouth to take me in as I roughly pawed at her massive tits. My cock was drenched when I pulled it from her mouth and placed it between her huge breasts and pushed them together around my hard dick. I felt her tongue playing against my balls as I tit-fucked her.“Oh yes baby! Fuck my big titties!”“Call me Daddy Brittany.” I moaned as slide in and out of her boobs.“Oh yes Daddy! Tit-fuck your little girl Daddy!” the sensation of her flesh against my shaft and her tongue on my sack was intense so it barely registered in my sex intoxicated brain that she mumbled something around my balls. I reluctantly pulled from between her its.“You say something baby?”“I said fuck me! Please fuck me Daddy!” I pulled up from the table and kissed her hard as her hand reached and found my thick cock. I turned her around and forced her over the kitchen table. I lost all control at the site of that glorious ass and rammed myself ball deep up Brittany’s needy cunt.“OH FUCK YES! Be rough with me Daddy! Pound my little fucking pussy!” she was literally screaming at me as I hammered up into her tight, teenage hole.“You’re just a dirty little slut aren’t you baby-doll?” the words came through clenched teeth as I plowed into her with all my weight.“YES! YES! YES! JUST A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT FOR DADDY! USE YOUR LITTLE GIRL’S WHORE CUNT DADDY!” for a split second I worried that the neighbors would hear her. That actually made it even hotter and grabbed her fleshy ass cheeks and slammed into her even harder.“DADDY! OH FUCK YES DADDY! DADDY! DADDY! DADDY! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM!” I continued the invasion of her body as even as her tightness clamped down around my cock, the feeling of her flooding it with her juices fueling the fire in me. The site of her hands clenching the edges of the table and way her body convulsed during orgasm was nothing short of amazing. But I kept fucking into her through her orgasm. Her dirty words of encouragement gave way to loud groans and seemingly incoherent babble.“Did you say something baby?” I slowed up.“My ass Daddy! I want you to fuck me in the ass.”I stared in disbelief as she spread her cheeks and revealed to me her tightest hole yet. My wife would never even entertain the idea of taking me up her ass and here this young teenager was begging for it. “You sure about this?”“Oh yes Daddy. I want you take it. I want my Daddy to take my ass.” that was all I needed to hear. I pulled from her sopping wet pussy and slide up to her puckered hole. I heard a soft gasp as the tip of my cock made contact and she braced herself. I couldn’t help but groan as I slowly slide a few inches up into her asshole. “More Daddy. I want it all. I want ever inch up my ass. Shove that fat cock up my ass!” her wish was my command. I pushed forth until I was buried, ball deep, up Brittany’s ass. It was euphoric as I slowly pumped my length in and out, slowly building in speed and intensity.“Oh yes Daddy! Take my ass! **** my slutty fucking asshole Daddy!” again she was screaming and again it had the desired effect. To say that it was intense would be a gross understatement. I soon found myself slamming up into her with no regard.“Daddy’s slutty little anal whore!” not sure where that came from but the words leapt from my mouth and Brittany seemed to love it. I pulled back hard on her hair and I knew it would be long before I popped and I guess Brittany knew it as well.“You going to cum for me Daddy? You going to cum for your daughter?”“Oh fuck yes Brittany!”“Oh do it Daddy! I want my Daddy’s hot buca escort bayan cum all over me!” truth be told I could have came already but didn’t want this feeling to end but eventually I couldn’t hold back any more.Even as I withdrew from her tight asshole Brittany was spinning around and on her knees. She watched intently as I stroked myself a few times before I exploded. The first spurt landed on her hair, the second on her forehead. As it slide down her face I continued to cum. Stream after stream erupting from my swollen head and landing on her face. By the time I finished I was out of breath and Brittany was covered in my cream. There were small rivulets of it running down her skin and onto her big tits. I smiled, then moaned as she raced against gravity to get as much of it into her mouth as possible. I collapsed into the nearest chair and watched as Brittany devoured the fresh jizz that I unloaded onto her pretty face. “MMMM Daddy, so yummy” her moans were bone hardening. She began to crawl over to me and I watched as she slipped her mouth around my once softening cock.“Oh you are a dirty little slut Brittany. Sucking Daddy’s cock after it’s been up your ass.”“My ass tastes good though Daddy.” she giggled softly, slid up and straddled my lap trapping my slowly hardening cock between us.“You keep this up and I may have to have another go at you baby.”“That was my intention.” again there was that sexy little giggle. My cock twitched.“MMMM you like it when I call you Daddy?”“Yes.”“Have you ever thought about Jessica while you are fucking me? You can tell me, I won’t mind. In fact I think it’s kind of hot.” “Well I will admit that there were a few times last night and just now when I did. Kind of hard not to.” my hands clamped again onto that big, round, beautiful ass.“Does it turn you on that she licked me after you had fucked me? I bet you would love to watch us. Watch your sweet little girl being nasty on my cunt.” my cock was now at full hardness and beginning to throb.“MMMM you want to fuck her don’t you?” “Yes” the words were barely audible as I admitted it to both Brittany and myself.“Say it. I want to hear you say it.” she was grinding against my dick.“Oh fuck yes. I want to fuck Jessica, I want to fuck my sexy daughter!” “Close your eyes. Pretend I’m her. Imagine her about to suck this fat Daddy cock.” she slid down my body and was kneeling on the floor. I closed by eyes as instructed and sure enough I could imagine my own little girl taking her Daddy’s cock into her mouth as I felt Brittany’s lips slurping my member into her warm, wet mouth and started to suck me with vigor.“Oh fuck that’s it Jessica. Suck on your Daddy’s cock.”“You like the way your daughter sucks on your dick?” the words were whispered into my ear even as I still felt a mouth wrapped around my dick. It took me a second to register and when it did my eyes snapped open. Brittany was standing next to me watching. My eyes followed her gaze and there on the floor, sloppily sucking my cock was my own 17 year old daughter Jessica. My rigid cock twitched and I involuntarily drove it deeper down her throat. Jessica looked up at me, mouth full of my cock, and smiled.“Jessica!”“Hi Daddy.” she moaned and went back to the task of sucking her Daddy’s dick. “Fuck it.” I thought to myself and put my hand on top of her head, humping my dick into my daughter’s throat as Brittany watched intently. I looked at with question in my eyes and she just pointed down to the i****tuous act before me and mouthed the words “enjoy your daughter”.“Oh yeah fuck my mouth Daddy. I love that.” I started to pump my dick down Jessica’s throat and much like her friend my daughter took it like a whore.“I told you she gives great head.” I heard Brittany chuckle, my focus was on my thick pole sliding roughly between Jessica’s lips. She gently pushed me back and withdrew my meat from her mouth with a gasp. A mixture escort buca of pre-cum and saliva escaping from her mouth and landing onto her firm tits.“MMMM Daddy. Fuck that’s a great cock. You want to fuck me Daddy? You want to fuck your little girl with that big cock?” she had stood up and was leaning down to kiss me. I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her in a way I had never done before. Brittany was full on finger fucking herself as she watched me lay my daughter onto the kitchen table. I forced her legs open wide and got my first look at her smooth pussy. It was beautiful. Shaved completely bald, not a hair in sight. Her slit was already showing signs of how wet she was. I gave thought to diving in and eating her but Jessica had other ideas.“Oh come on Daddy stick that big cock in me. Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your little baby doll.” Brittany had moved over and was groping at Jessica’s tits.How could I ignore her? I slid my swollen head against her wet slit just as she and Brittany were kissing. I couldn’t help but slap my engorged head against her young clit before I slipped slowly into my own daughter. I knew as soon as I penetrated her that I was hooked.Jessica and Brittany broke their kiss as Jessica gasped. All three of us watched as I pushed inch after inch up my daughter’s tight 17 year old pussy. She arched her back, forcing her hairless mound towards my cock. I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed her thighs and started to pound into her with no regard. “Oh god yes Daddy! Fuck me like that! Shit your cock feels so good inside me! You like that little cunt Daddy?”“Oh yes baby doll. Such a tight little pussy.”“MMMM fuck her harder Daddy. Little slut loves a good hard banging.” Brittany was urging me on.“Yes harder Daddy, harder! Oh fuck I love feeling your balls slapping against me! Pound me Daddy! Make me your little fuck slut!” Jessica’s pussy was sopping wet as I fed my dick into her with all my weight. The table was moving and creaking and I feared it would break from the force of me slamming into my daughter’s cunt. I could feel her juices on my skin, coating my balls. Her tits were flaying wildly as I ravaged her young hole.“Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me! Use my little fuckhole!” her slutty talk fueled the fire and I found myself going faster, harder, deeper and rougher than I ever thought possible.“Jessica, I’m going to cum baby doll, Daddy’s going to cum!”“Give it to me Daddy! I want your cum! I want ever fucking drop!”“Cum in her pussy Daddy!” Brittany almost screamed.“YES DADDY! CUM INSIDE ME! FILL YOUR DAUGHTER’S CUNT! GIVE ME THAT FUCKING CREAM!” hearing her begging for it pushed every single button I had. I grabbed her at the waist and slammed in one last time as I started to explode. I felt her tightness clamp down around me as I erupted deep into my own daughter’s accepting pussy just as she started to cum herself.I collapsed on top of her, kissing her as I felt my wilting cock slip free of her velvety hole. I rolled off and admired my handy work. My seed dripping from her swollen mound. I was still in a daze of disbelief.“Come here Brit. Lick your little sister’s pussy clean.”“MMMM gladly. Love the way our Daddy tastes.”Later that afternoon as I lay in my bed with both of my girls around me I listened as they revealed their little plot. Apparently Jessica had woken up while Brittany was sucking me off at the drive-in. It was her idea for Brittany to come into my room later that night. She watched me fuck her friend in the basement and then licked Brittany’s cum filled cunt back in her room. That morning she made up the cheer practice excuse to give me and Brit an opportunity to fuck again and she was watching the entire time. When Brittany was on my lap Jessica was actually standing behind me waiting for her chance.The three of us fucked a few more times that day. Sometimes it was me and Brittany. Some times it was me and Jessica and sometimes it was Brittany and Jessica. At one point Brittany was riding me while my daughter was fucking her up the ass with a strap-on. Brittany soon moved in with us full time and I took every opportunity to enjoy my slutty daughters.

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