Brothers and Sisters Ch. 05


Note: Next chapter. Again thank you for all the support and all the comments and constructive criticism. Even speaking with some of you have given me new ideas and helped me to actually keep writing. Hope everyone enjoys. I’d also like to know, IF there are any female readers, what are your takes on the story? Any hints/tips or general opinions? Thanks people. You rock.

Carmen woke up looking into the bright sunshine that was splashed across her bed. She smiled and stretched in her white frilly panties. She loved the way they made her feel sexy, putting her bum on display whilst still looking beautiful and classy. She moved her hands over her bare breasts and wasn’t surprised her nipples were already standing to attention; they were like that twenty four seven over the last few weeks. She finely rolled out of bed and walked over to her window looking out into her garden as she stretched again in the late morning sun. She heard a small gasp and she quickly turned around to see her brother staring at her in shock. Her eye’s travelled from his shocked face down to his chest, his strong pecks and visible abs eventually landing on the bulge in his shorts. It was at about that time when she realised she was topless and her hands quickly shot up to cover herself.

Jake couldn’t believe how sexy his sister looked in her cute little white panties, her bum looked as close to perfect as you can get and when she had turned and slowly looked him up and down he had been given a real life still shot of her perfect breasts. He had rushed up to her room to talk to her about the pictures he had seen of her but he knew in that instant that the real thing was far better. He still had the good grace to be embarrassed though and quickly started to bush as he stammered and tried to get an apology out.

“I’m sorry!” He finally managed to get out as he turned and tried to beat a hasty retreat but he didn’t feel too bad when his sister laughed and shouted after him.

“Next time knock!” she laughed some more and as he made the kitchen door and was heading to his room he heard a rather interesting snippet. “And you owe me now!”

Jake was just finishing up his shower and drying off his hair when he heard the kitchen door open but he decided to ignore it and went on to brush his teeth. He wrapped his towel around his waist as he walked into his room going to look for clothes to throw on. He stopped in his tracks as he saw his sister sitting on his bed still in her beautiful white frilly panties but mercifully having slipped on a white vest so at least he could attempt to concentrate though her nipples clearly visible through the top did complicate matters ever so slightly.

“Aah yes?” Jake asked looking at his grinning sister and trying to keep his eyes above her top.

“Well I’ve come to collect.” Carmen said simply though her heart was hammering in her chest.

She knew what might happen now was so much more than what they had been doing but she wanted to, just be a little naughty, she knew it was theoretically wrong but the way her pulse raced and the feelings that were running through her made her disregard what she had been taught and heard all her life.

“Collect?” Jake asked looking confused. He looked at his sister’s face and behind her lazy grin he could see she was nervous and extremely excited.

“Well you got to see me so..” She grinned when she saw the look of fear quickly shoot across his face as he understood then laughed to herself when she saw the look of fear change to a look of calculation.

“Well I didn’t really see all of you.” He replied hinting heavily. He didn’t know where this could lead and to tell the truth he was frightened out of his wits but the pictures of his sister the night before and how incredibly sexy she looked he wasn’t going to back out now.

“Hmmm. This is a quandary.” She said trying to think quickly. She didn’t want to back out now but she knew if she didn’t so something soon she would lose her nerve. “Ok how ’bout this, you get to see what you saw this morning then I get to see, well, you?” She asked quickly shooting a look down at her brother’s towel and the clear bulge that was outlined there. Her heart pounded as he quickly thought it over but it seemed like forever.

“Ok, deal.” He said motioning for her to get on with the show. He couldn’t believe where this was going but decided to completely surrender and let it go where it would it would.

Jake could see his sister summoning up the courage as her hands moved to her shirt then finally with a deep breath that seemed to send the tension in the room through the roof she quickly pulled the shirt up and off, dropping it on the bed next to her. Jake had looked first at her eyes as they disappeared behind her shirt and he saw a little fear but mostly excitement and her emotions seemed to mirror his perfectly. The he allowed himself to lower his glance to her perfect tanned breasts with their perfect nipples and knew they were just that. casino şirketleri Perfect.

“Aah Jake you there?” Carmen asked after a few moments of her brother staring almost dumbstruck at her boobs. It was thrilling to see him looking at them with such lust and obvious adoration but it still made her squirm a little and she wasn’t used to such a feeling. She was usually always in control but the feelings she had at this moment made her feel completely out of control and it was something that she found she enjoyed. The confusion of it all.

“Yeah, yeah. Sorry was totally zoned out. It’s your fault you know.” He said looking his sister in the eyes and trying to stay cool when he felt anything but. “Your boobs are just.. wow..” As he watched the glorious smile spread across her beautiful face he couldn’t help a nervous giggle from escaping.

“What are you laughing at?” Carmen asked her hands twitching and he knew she wanted to cover her breasts as a reflex action and he quickly tried to remedy that.

“You just looked so happy when I said that your aah.. boobs.. look so great.” They both knew how silly it was to stumble on the ‘naughty’ words in their current situation but Jake couldn’t help himself. “I mean you must know how awesome they are.”

“They’re ok but it’s always nice to hear someone appreciate them, especially my big brother.” As she said the words a taboo shiver shot through her and she realised where she was and what she was doing. The fact that she didn’t want to move a muscle told her all she needed to know. “But enough talking, I seem to remember we had a deal?” She arched her eyebrow as she looked up into her brother’s eyes challenging him.

“A deals a deal I guess.” He replied as his hands moved to his towel and slowly began to unwrap it. He continued to look down at his sister’s face and watched as it took on an almost hungry look and that look alone gave him the strength to let the towel fall from around him where it bunched up on the floor at his feet. He watched his sister as she inhaled sharply and her hands that had wanted to cover herself now twitched in a whole other way.

Carmen was shocked when she finally saw her brother’s cock come into view. It looked bigger but somehow more silky smooth then in the pictures she had seen and beautiful was the one word that seemed to burn itself into her mind. Finally after she had been staring at it for ages she looked up at her brother’s face which was a mixture of shyness, being turned on with a pinch of amusement.

“Honestly it looks better in real life.” She said winking at up at her brother who chuckled to himself.

“You too. Though the pictures from yesterday were bloody amazing. What made you decided to take?” He asked truly interested.

“Well I figured I’ve been looking at yours and Katie and Cindz seemed to be having so much fun, thought it was worth a go. How crazy hot were Kate’s pictures?” She asked remembering how her friend had fingered herself for the camera.

“Yeah that was completely insane.” Jake replied. He was still impressed he could keep up conversation in the situation.

Carmen again moved her eyes down to her brother’s cock and her hands twitched and she wondered if she should do what she actually want to do. Before she knew what she was going to the words were tumbling out of her mouth.

“Would you mind if I..” She started but she couldn’t finish the words, it was just too much.

“If you what?” Jake repeated thinking he had a good idea of what she wanted to do by the way her hands had twitched up then fallen back down to her side. She took a deep steadying breath trying to slow her heart beat down to just below a frantic pace but failing miserably.

“If I.. if I touch it?” She finally managed to spit out.

Jake could see that his sister was furiously blushing and fighting with the impulse to turn and run but the way she was clamping her legs open and shut, her hard perfect nipples standing to attention and the way she was almost panting let him know the situation was having a similar effect on her as it was on him.

“Touch what?” He replied grinning wickedly at his sister.

“You know what!” She said looking up at him a playfully annoyed expression all over her face.

“I’m sorry but at the moment my blood isn’t exactly heading to my brain right now. You’ll have to be clear.” He was so proud he was able to even speak coherently in the situation.

“Ok, fine. Can I touch your..” she paused summoning up the courage then whispered, “cock.” Another shiver ran through the both of them at the words and when she finally looked up at her brother they were both red with the tension and just that one simple word.

Jake had been so proud of the way he had been able to string together whole sentences but that was all gone now and he could only nod to her question and watch in wonder as his sister’s left hand slowly moved toward him. It was hesitant but there was no doubt this casino firmaları was exactly what she wanted to do. As her hand neared him, his stomach tensed and his abs flexed and Carmen couldn’t help but run her hand over them and let out a contented ‘hmmmm’. Jake felt like an electric shock passed through him as his sister’s hand glided down his stomach touching him in a sexual way for the first time. He had sweat gleaming on his whole body, having mixed with the slight residue of water left after he had towelled himself off and as he looked over at his beautiful sister he could see she was flushed from the tension and the taboo situation and a small drop of sweat was sliding down her face leaving a glistening trail in its wake.

Finally her hand was almost around his cock but not touching and he could feel the warm of her hand mixing with the heat from himself and he watched as she took a fortifying breath and slowly grasped his cock with her silken hand. Both siblings gasped at the delight as Carmen’s hand seemed to melt into Jake’s cock and with a furtive look up at her brother she slowly started to move her hand back and forth her hand using his natural lubrication. Jake had never felt anything like this before, the beautiful girl before him, his sister slowly stroking his cock as she looked at it with a fevered intensity. Her little silken hand felt amazing and she seemed to instinctively know exactly how to do it as she slowly teased him.

For her part Carmen had never felt feelings such as these as her brother’s cock was in her hand. She slowly moved her hand up and down and could feel him straining as her hand moved over his cock which seemed like steel with a silk cover, the heat that was coming off it was amazing. They had both moved subconsciously closer and soon she was using her hand to jack her brother off in front of her face. The thought that it was her older brother, the brother she had always loved and iodlized sent shock waves through her and made her quicken the pace without thinking. He groaned as she increased the speed and she looked up to see a look filled with love and lust all over his face. She smiled at him as she continued to jerk him off quickening the pace again. They looked into their eyes for what seemed like hours and this only intensified the feelings of love and lust that now tied them together.

“Fuck that feels so good Car.” Jake finally croaked out as her talented fingers moved smoothly over his cock. He could see that she was now shooting looks at his cock and her face was moving closer and closer almost as if she was on autopilot.

Carmen suddenly noticed that she was within a tongue’s distance of her brother’s cock and knew that if she just put her tongue out she could taste the beautiful tip of her brother’s cock now covered in precum. She knew she wanted to but she didn’t know what her brother would think and when she finally decided to lick just the tip they both heard a hoot from a car and jumped. Even in their surprise they hadn’t moved away from each other and although Carmen’s hand had stopped pumping her hand was still loving gripped around her brother’s cock. Another hoot sounded and they realised who it was.

Their sister Maria had arrived, they hadn’t heard her car pull up or her opening the gate, they had been so absorbed.

“Get dressed and go help her!” Carmen said as she finally and very reluctantly released her brother’s cock, stood up and leaned in giving him a quick kiss on the cheek followed by a wink then sprinted off to her room.

Jake was feeling dizzy, he had never been so turned on in his life and right now he kind of hated his older sister. He stuffed his cock into some restraining underwear threw on a pair of running pants, the first thing he saw then rushed off to help his oldest sister. He saw that his younger one had left a conspicuous rather large wet spot on his bed and the thought that she had been so turned on made him grin from ear to ear as he closed the gate and turned to greet his sister.

“What were you doing? You took ages?” Maria asked then looked over him with a confused expression. “Why are you so sweaty? And you look really keyed up.” Jake stopped in his tracks a look of horror passing over his face for a fraction of a second before his brain caught up.

“I went for a run, you know how much I like that after action satisfaction feeling.” He couldn’t believe what he had just said. After action satisfaction? He quickly tried for something a little less sexual. “You know the whole endorphins in your blood and all.” He stopped lamely. He should just shut up.

“Yeah ok, maybe you shouldn’t stay in the sun so long though.” His older sister said as she ruffled his hair playfully clearly thinking he was a little mad.

Jake finally let his breath out and shook his head after she had turned away.

Carmen had found the sanctuary of her room and quickly went to take a shower to try and calm herself down. As she stripped her panties güvenilir casino off her legs she realised that they were completely soaked through, a fact she hadn’t noticed till she had returned to her room. She felt so horny it was crazy, she could feel her pussy was gooey and hot and wanted nothing more than to masturbate for a good long time. She could smell herself in her bathroom and as she turned the taps for her shower she replayed the image of her hand slowly moving up and down her brother’s delicious cock and her knee’s felt weak. Now that she was away from the situation she could fully appreciate how hot it had been and her feelings of how wrong it had really been had changed into how unbelievably hot and sexy it was. She jumped in the shower and tried to calm herself down but she knew it wouldn’t happen. Her fingers quickly made their way to her pussy and she started to slide then into herself almost roughly pushing two fingers into herself. She leant over and put a hand against the wall as her hand moved from her pussy to her ass sliding her middle finger quickly into her ass and she knew that she would cum soon. She leaned her shoulder up against the wall shifting her other hand to her clit that she quickly began to rub. The water was cascading around her and she could feel her orgasm racing up like a freight train as she rubbed her clit and quickly fingered her ass. Just then she heard her sister calling to Jake as she walked into her room and she hastily pulled her fingers from herself and tried to pretend to wash her hair feeling as if she was about to explode with built up tension, swearing under her breath at her sister and her absolutely useless timing.

“Hurry up in there Car I wana tell you about what Kimmy did last night!” She said as Carmen heard her bed shift under her sister’s weight and she moaned to herself as she knew she wouldn’t be able to cum, wouldn’t get any release at all. She whimpered again and then told her sister she’d be out in a minute. Then swore at her under her breath until she was out of the shower and back in her room.

Jake and his two sister’s sat watching tv and chatted almost ignoring the tv. Jake was wondering what was going on in his younger sister’s head because he couldn’t stop the images flying through his. He finally heard Kate’s car pull up and knew time alone with his sister would be impossible until at least that night. He immediately flipped open his phone and got hold of some of his friends, he needed to get out of his house and try get his mind on something else other than his sister sitting topless in front of him slowly jerking him off. He grimaced and his older sister just shook her head when she looked over him and saw the odd look on his face. She clearly thought he was losing it. He kind of was if he thought about it.

Kate and Cindy came in through the front door and both grinned somewhat shyly at him but he barely seemed to notice.

“I’ll see you ladies later.” Jake said as he slipped his hands into his pockets and made for the door.

“I’ll see you later.” Carmen replied winking at her brother who almost chocked then made a quick exit.

Cindy snapped a look over at Jake and then her friend sensing that something was up but when she looked over at Carmen she was talking to her sister, looking a little to innocent. She wondered what had passed between the siblings but filed it away for later.

It was another beautiful clear day and Kate and Cindy were waiting for Maria to leave so they could get down to the pool and start their naked tanning. Maria however decided that she wanted to get some sun so all four of the girls made a move toward the pool. They all laid out their towels then slowly slipped into the pool and swam around lazily. Carmen could feel the water slipping over her hard nipples and caressing her burning pussy and had difficulty not moaning in pleasure around her two friends and her sister. Finally they all made their way out of the pool and towards their towels and she did something that neither of her friends could have anticipated. She slowly untied her bikini top and let it fall to the floor then almost teasingly slipped out of her bottoms as her two friends shot shocked glares between her and her sister. Carmen just grinned and motioned with her head to see that her older sister was in the process of doing the same thing. As all eyes turned to Maria with her hands holding the cups of her bikini in place she seemed to notice the attention and looked up with a shy yet teasing little smile.

“Carm told me you guys like to tan naked so I thought I’d join you. You don’t mind do you, not gona be too weird?” She asked as she let her bikini top slide down revealing a fantastic pair of breasts. They were slightly larger than her sister’s but seemed to have the same perfect nipples and shape and the other girls could only stare enviously at them.

“Of course not, it’s more your pool then it’s ours anyway.” Cindy, the first to come out of the trance, replied slipping her own top over her head, her nipples already nice and pointy. Maria gave her a warm smile as both young ladies moved for their bottoms then grinned at each other and laughed as they both found out they had similar neat little landing strips.

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