Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 02

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 02Tranny – boyfriend – bisexual – anal – strapon – step daughter – transexual – panties – crossdressingI can’t believe I am walking down the hall, wearing a black leather corset with matching panties, after my step daughter just fucked me in the ass with a dildo. I entered my bathroom, turned on the hot water in the shower, and slowly stripped out of my sexy clothes.I stepped into the shower and soaped my body down. I poured liquid soap in my hand and rubbed it all over the cheeks of my freshly fucked ass. I ran my soapy hand down the crack of my ass and felt it still a little open. It was sensitive to my touch. I started to slide a finger inside using the soap as lube. My hips started to push back against my finger. I used my other hand to brace myself against the wall as I finger fucked myself. “Oh! Mmmmm!” It felt so good and I wanted more.I pulled my finger out of my ass and finished showering. If I continued any longer I would have shot another load against the wall. I toweled off and went to my room to dress. The blue baby doll outfit was laid out on my bed. Jessica must have put it there while I was in the shower. I slipped it on and got horny all over again.I walked out to the living room and Jessica was on the couch watching TV. Jessica whistled a cat call at me, “That is so fucking hot. Come sit next to me and watch some TV before bed.” Jessica patted the seat on the couch next to her.Jessica had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing plaid flannel pajamas. She looked almost masculine. It seemed too warm to be wearing such an outfit. I sat next to her and she firmly pulled me into her chest and wrapped her arm around me. She was watching a martial arts movie, I was good with that. My face was resting against one breast and I noticed that her shirt was unbuttoned giving me a clear shot of her other breast. Jessica’s hand was rubbing my back and every once in a while she would caress my ass. I was getting very relaxed.We must have dozed off. I woke up and the movie was over and infomercials were on. I grabbed the remote and flicked on the guide to see the time, one o’clock in the morning. I sat up and was going to bed when Jessica woke up as well.”I’m heading to bed Jess.” I was still half asleep.Jessica reached out her hand for me to help her up, “Me too.”I turned to head to my room and Jessica followed me. I was to sleepy to think about it until I climbed into bed and Jessica climbed in on the other side. She quickly rolled into my back and spooned me. She reached her left arm over me and it landed on my right nipple. She nuzzled her face in the back of my neck and started to massage my nipple. I was no longer tired as my cock was instantly hard.Jessica started to kiss and lick my neck all the way up to my ear. As she grabbed my earlobe she pinched my nipple harder and pulled on it. I let out a soft moan and pressed my ass back against her. I was expecting my ass to come in contact with her flat pelvic bone rather I found something hard poking my ass.”Like my big surprise? I was so horny fucking you I just had to have you again.” Jessica was kissing and licking my neck as she ground her strapon cock into my ass.Her hand fumbled under the covers before she slipped it under the waistband of my panties and pulled them down in the back. I then felt her cockhead being pushed between my cheeks, searching out its prey. I dropped my head back further giving Jess better access to my neck. I gave into her seduction and let myself be taken. “MMMMM, yes Jess please fuck me.””Oh yes baby. Feel my cock? I’m going to fuck your tight pussy.” Jessica flipped me on my back and crawled in between my legs. She grabbed my panties, pulled them down and off. She must have wiggle out of her pajama bottoms already because I was staring at her kneeling between my legs with a nice cock dangling between her legs. She crisscrossed her arms grabbing the hem of her top and pulled it up and over her head. Her breasts were so perfect, with large nipples, bigger than her mothers.I felt a cold feeling as she ran a wet finger along my ass crack. She was applying a thick gel. She put her arms under my legs and pulled them up and over her shoulders. As she leaned into me my legs spread opening myself up to accept her cock. I felt the pressure against my hole and knew to push out. She was much more intense this time as she pushed the head of her cock in my pussy. She sunk right down into me as the weight of her body pushed her cock balls deep.”MMMPPPHHH! Yes, oh god yes. Fuck me Jess. Slam that cock in me.” I grabbed onto the bedding as she began her assault.”Ya, I knew you wanted to get fucked. Your pussy was made to be fucked. You’re my bitch now. You like having cock in your pussy don’t you little sissy slut? Tell me how you like having cock. Come on Jamie let me hear you say it.” She was long dicking me. Her breasts were covered in sweat as they bounced in front of me.”Yes, please more.” I screamed through gritted teeth as Jess continued her assault on my prostate. She used her entire body weight to slam that long cock into me. As she bottomed out and put pressure on my prostate my half hard cock would jump and ooze cum out onto my stomach.”No, say it bitch. I want to hear you say it.” To emphasize her point she slammed her cock into me as she pronounced each word.”Yes Jess make me your bitch. Fuck my pussy with your big cock. Give me your cock, fuck me harder. I WANT COCK IN ME! AAAHHHHH!!!!” My body convulsed as the strongest orgasm waved through my body.”This is my pussy now. I am going to fuck you all the time. Look what a cock in your pussy is doing to you. Your cum is oozing out and you love this so much you had an orgasm from getting fucked.” Jessica’s eyes glazed over and she pressed her cock in as deep as it could go, then she just held it still crammed in my ass. Her head fell forward and her body shook. I have never witnessed a woman having such an intense orgasm.Jessica fell to her side taking me with her. Her cock was still imbedded in my ass as we lay facing each other. My cum drooled down my stomach and onto hers sealing us together.”Oh my god that was the best orgasm EVER.” Jessica said through panting breaths.”I know what you mean. I never came like that before. It wasn’t about cumming, this was different, more intense. Thank you.” I rolled away from Jess releasing our bond and her cock from my ass. Jess rolled the other way off the bed and left my room. I jumped in the shower, cleaned up, crashed back onto the bed, and passed out until morning. I assumed Jess did the same.I was expecting the next morning to be weird and to feel guilty. As I came into the kitchen Jess was sitting at the table with our coffee and the paper. I was dressed in shorts and t-shirt. Jess looked to be ready for school.”What is on your agenda today?” I asked Jessica as I sat down, grabbed my coffee, and took a sip.”I just have one class today and then Chris is coming over to talk. Either we’re breaking up or he is going to offer some changes, we’ll see.” Jessica was dead pan about the entire relationship. She was not going to give an inch. Macho Chris better learn that she likes to be in charge and he can’t be all man with her.”I’ll give you space. I have some work to do so I’ll camp out in my office. Can you just give me a signal when it’s clear to come out?” I said to Jessica.”Don’t worry James, this is your house to, if Chris can’t talk with you around then that is more reason for him NOT to be around. He needs to learn to adapt and change. Either he wants to play by my rules or he’s out.” Jessica emphasized her point by slamming her fist down on the table.”Well do you want Chris for who he is or what you want him to be?” I asked Jessica.”Don’t get me wrong James. Chris is the perfect guy, almost. He’s one of the top Real Estate Agents around and to be that good requires a lot of confidence and passion. But he doesn’t know when to turn it off. He always wants to be in charge, no not in charge, in CONTROL. If he’s not in control then he will lose the deal. I’m not a piece of property. I think Chris needs an outlet opposite of what he is used to or he will burn out. If I could fuck him like I fuck you, all of his tension will be gone and that will make him better at his job.” Jessica explained to me.”What if it is the tension that makes him that way?” I expressed back at her.”I hear you, but Chris is so high powered he needs to release some of that. He has something he’s hiding and I think this is it. You were the same way and proved my point. I think you are more approachable, more understanding, less tense, and less defensive since you’ve allowed yourself your secret pleasures. I bet your work will improve as well.” Jessica was confident in her analysis. She was also right on the money. I received a call from my boss and he had noticed a more relaxed tone in my voice on one of our customer conference calls.”I agree. But I still feel guilty and don’t know what will happen after Emily returns. I won’t hurt her to keep our little affair going.””Affair? We are just relieving sexual tension. Why do you think I have never kissed you? We don’t have that emotional connection. I find you extremely attractive when you are dressed up. I like to fuck you and you like to be fucked, plain and simple. I want Chris to get dressed up and beg to be fucked because I want to be with him. I will be glad to help persuade my mom into fucking you, or at least accept you wearing pretty things around the house. Think about it. I gotta get to class.” Jessica kissed me on the cheek, grabbed her backpack, and headed out the door.I felt used, but my cock was rock hard. Jessica was right. We weren’t having an affair she was bringing out my hidden desires. Once someone else knew my desires, or at least made me understand my desires, there was a big weight lifted off of my shoulders. I went back to my office and pounded out twice as much work as usual. It was one o’clock before I realized the morning passed me by. My stomach growled and reminded me it was lunchtime.I walked down the hall, towards the kitchen, when I stopped dead in my tracks. I heard Jessica and Chris talking. Actually I heard Jessica talking and Chris was more or less back pedaling about something. I didn’t want to eavesdrop but I couldn’t help myself.”Jessica there is nothing I am suppressing or hiding from you. Stop using your psychology mumbo jumbo on me, I am not your patient.” Chris was firing back at Jessica.”And I’m not one of your properties. I’m just saying that with your position and level of stress of your job you need to find an outlet. You must have something in the back of your mind that will be your outlet. Sexual tension is usually the easiest way to get to the a source of the problem. What deep sexual desires have you never fulfilled elazığ escort that would drive you to an intense orgasm?” Jessica was being clinical but at the same time I could tell her heart was racing.”You give me everything I need Jess. You make me happy with the way things are now. I don’t need anything else.” Chris was almost pleading with her. I think this was playing right into Jessica’s hand.”I don’t agree and I don’t want to be in a relationship that will fall apart because you are not being honest with me or yourself. Every time I offer to try something new regarding sex you shoot me down. But when you wanted me to blow you in a public place I did it. Why do you think I did it Chris? It wasn’t my fantasy, but I wanted to make you happy. But in turn I did like it. I’m just asking you to be open minded and try it you may like it. What’s the worst that happens, you don’t get off? What about the possible mind blowing orgasm that will burst every neuron you have in your head?” She was making her case, opening the trap door for him.”But Jess, dressing up in (lowering his voice to almost a whisper) panties and having my ass played with isn’t what I am into.” He was playing shy by lowering his voice. This was pretty interesting watching her work him.”Oh really? If you’re so against it then why do you have a boner? Maybe you just liked to be yelled at by a woman? Maybe you’re in charge all day long that it turns you on to have someone tell YOU what to do? Maybe I will tell you what to do and maybe that will be to dress in panties and eat my pussy?” Jessica was about to win this match, I could tell.”Jess you don’t mean that? I will eat your pussy anytime you want, why do I have to be wearing panties?” He was almost on his knees begging now.”Because I want to see you dressed up, that’s what makes me horny. Look Chris if you don’t want to dress up I totally get it. I just can’t be in a relationship that is one sided. I think you’re a great guy but you have a pent up desire that you are holding back and unwilling to share with me, and that’s ok. I just don’t want that in a relationship. Others may not mind but I do.” I smiled and thought to myself, ‘said the spider to the fly’.”Jess that’s not fair, and you’re right I need to try more things at least once. Please give me another chance?” Spring went the trap door.”Chris you need to change because you want to for you as well as for me. I don’t want there to be animosity between us. I want you to try things that you deeply desire.” She is so good at manipulation.”Please Jess, I really do want to wear panties and nylons. I want my ass played with. Please Jess, I want to dress up for you.” Chris’s head fell down in defeat. He was now Jessica’s fuck toy and knew it.”If you really mean it then go to my room and put on the outfit laid out on my bed. When you finish changing then come back and show me.” Jessica waved him off to see if he really would comply.”But Jess, James is home he may see me.” Chris was begging to be let off.”If you really want to change Chris then you shouldn’t care who sees you. Besides James is very open minded and would not pass judgment. Now go.” Chris left the room and headed towards Jessica’s room.”You can come out now James.” Jessica said out loud.I just about fell over when I heard her talking to me, “How did you know I was there?” I asked feeling guilty as hell for listening.”I could see your reflection in the glass vase on the shelf opposite you. Besides I was going to come get you anyway. Chris is about to come out here dressed, I hope, in a red baby doll outfit. I want you to put on panties under your shorts and come out here, catching him dressed up. But wait until you hear him ask how he looks. Once he lets you see him then I will point out that you like wearing panties too, then I want you to pull down your shorts and show him.” I agreed and returned to my spot in the hallway.Several minutes passed before I heard Chris coming down the other hallway. He must have had to go through some self-discovery before getting the nerve to come back out here.”Now that is hot baby. Stand in front here and show me your pretty outfit.” I could tell by Jessica’s voice how happy she was.Chris stood on the other side of the room where I could barely see him, but I did see him twirl around and say “How do I look?”I stepped out of the hallway just in time to see Chris walking over to Jessica. I have seen Chris dressed in business suits before with his Greek olive tone skin, long black eyelashes, deep green eyes, and wavy black hair. What I didn’t realize was just how well built he was hiding under all those layers of clothes. His arms were covered in a soft dusting of dark hair. I could see the long dark hair under his pits which would have to go. His legs were evenly covered with soft black hair. His chest was smooth but I could see his dark nipples, and six pack of muscles ripple under the red baby doll outfit. He took my breath away.When Chris saw me entering the room he looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Chris raised his hand out as if to stop me from coming in the room and seeing him, “I can explain James.”I smiled and continued to walk in the room, “No need to Chris. You’re both adults. How you want to dress and play is your business. But I will say that you look very nice.”Jessica gave a little laugh, “See Chris it’s not just about dressing in fem clothes, but it’s how they make you look and feel.” Jessica stood and walked towards Chris.Jessica grabbed Chris by the shoulders and looked him in the eye, “You are so fucking sexy and hot looking right now. I love you.” Jessica pulled him into a kiss as Chris melted into her arms.It was easy to see that Chris’ cock was rising to the occasion, and what an impressive cock he had. The panties did very little to hide his excitement and mine weren’t doing much better. I turned to walk towards the kitchen when Jessica called to me.”James wait, don’t go yet. I want Chris to see that being in nice things does not make you any less of a man.” She turned to Chris, “Don’t you think James is all man and respect him for the work he does?”I could tell that it didn’t register yet by the puzzled look on Chris’ face, “Ya, sure. Why?”Jessica looked at me and pointed to my shorts, “Show him Jamie.” I loved the way that Jessica switched from my male name to a feminine version when I had on sexy girly clothes.Without hesitation I slipped my thumbs on either side of my shorts and pulled them off, leaving me in my pretty panties. “I like to wear them, they make me feel sexy.”Jessica turned to Chris, “See you would never suspect would you? This doesn’t change you. Thank you Jamie.” I was dismissed.I went into the kitchen, made myself some lunch, and went back to my office to give them some privacy. Like that was going to happen. I snuck back down the hall to watch the show. I am sure that Jessica was expecting me to do just that so I only concentrated on being hidden from Chris. When I reached the end of the hall I slowly peered around the corner.Jessica was reassuring Chris, “See there is nothing wrong with wearing something that makes you feel sexy. Let it go Chrissy. Let’s just play. I’m not asking you to go out in public, relax.” Jessica pulled Chris, I mean Chrissy, towards the couch. Jessica sat Chrissy down and did a strip tease for him.”This is something you like isn’t it baby? You like watching me take off my clothes for you?” She unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide down her shoulders to the floor. She slowly rotated her hips, seducing Chrissy.Chrissy looked around the room, “What about James? Aren’t you afraid he will walk in?”Jessica put her fingers to her lips to quiet him, “SHHHH, don’t worry about him, he will stay in his office. Unless you want him to come out and watch?” As she said the last part she emphasized her point by unsnapping her bra and flinging it at him.Jessica continued her show as she pulled off her pants and tossed them aside. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her clean shaven pussy was glistening with her juices. My cock was rock hard watching this show.Jessica walked towards Chrissy and sat on his lap facing him, “You are so fucking sexy in your outfit. Do you feel how hot my pussy is right now?” Jessica was grinding her pussy against Chrissy’s panty covered hardon.Chrissy’s head fell forward in between Jessica’s breast. Jessica wrapped her arms around his head, “That’s my boy, you know you like this don’t you baby? Your panty covered hard cock tells me all I need to know. Can you feel how wet you’re making me baby?” Jessica didn’t wait for an answer as she guided his head to her breast.Chrissy latched onto her nipple and began to suck on it. I could see that he was grinding his cock up against Jessica’s pussy. Jessica’s eyes glazed as she looked over at me, ran her tongue over her lips, and winked. I was definitely part of her show.”That’s it baby suck my tits. You feel so hot in your pretty little outfit. Do you feel as sexy as you look?” Jessica was rubbing her hands all over his body.Chrissy pulled his head away from her breast and I could see how hard her nipples had grown from his sucking, “MMMM, yes baby I feel sexy in my new clothes.”Jessica reached behind her back, ran her hand along his inner thigh, pushed her way in through the leg opening of his panties, and fished out his monster cock. It was hard as a rock as she let it slap against her back. I hate feeling inadequate, but this guy was hung. He was every bit of eight inches long and twice as thick as mine. I did notice that he shaved his balls and probably his pubes as well. I was sure that his cock was being put on display for my viewing. Jessica lifted herself up and lowered herself back down on his cock. The full length slid right up disappearing into her juicy pussy.They both grunted as Jessica bottomed out slamming her ass cheeks onto his thighs, “MMMPPHHH!”Jessica wiggled her hips to adjust her pussy around his cock, “Seems like someone is enjoying himself. Your cock speaks louder than words, and right now it is screaming out to me.”Jessica started to ride Chrissy’s cock up and down. Chrissy held Jessica’s hips to steady her and help lift her up and down on his cock. From the angle I was sitting I could see his cock dripping with Jessica’s pussy juice each time she raised up and exposed it. As her body came back down I could see his balls separate and covered in her dripping pussy juice.Jessica began her attack on Chrissy’s chest, rubbing the soft material all over his nipples. Tweaking and pulling on them through the material. I could tell by the sweat dripping off of Chrissy’s forehead that it was driving him wild.”You like your tits played with don’t you Chrissy? Does my pussy feel good fucking you in your pretty little girly clothes? Do you like being dressed up like a little slut?”She escort elazığ pulled his nipples so hard that he screamed out, “UUGGGHHH! Please don’t stop Jess. Oh god you’re going to make me cum.”Bad move on his part, he just sealed his fate. Jessica slammed down on his cock one more time and held still, “Answer me, do you like wearing your pretty little slutty girl outfit? Does it make you feel good? I want to hear you say it. I need to hear you say to make me cum.””Please Jess let me cum.” Chrissy pleadedJessica was in control and she knew it. I think Chrissy knew it as well, and loved it. “Yes I love wearing my new clothes. I want to be your sissy slut Jess. Please make me your sissy slut. I’ll wear anything you want.”Jessica raised herself up off of Chrissy’s cock, grabbed both of his nipples, and looked him straight in the eye, “I knew you wanted this baby. Now I am going to make all the tension leave your body.” With that said Jessica twisted Chrissy’s nipples really hard and slammed down on his throbbing cock.Jessica didn’t let up on the pain and pleasure she was administering to Chrissy, “OH god yes. MMMMMPPPPHHHHH! AAAAGGHHH!!! Yes Yes.” Chrissy was screaming and panting in between the pain being administered to his tits. Jessica kept it up until Chrissy shoved his cock deep up inside Jessica. He rammed himself so hard that I thought Jessica would fly over the back of the couch. Jessica gripped Chrissy’s nipples that much harder to hold on.I watched both of their bodies shake and I could actually see Chrissy’s cock swell as he pumped his cum into Jessica. Cum and pussy juice started to run down the sides of Chrissy’s cock, down his balls, and formed a puddle on his thighs, which were clamped tightly together.No rest for the wicked. Jessica twisted Chrissy to the side forcing him to lie on his back on the couch. Chrissy’s feet lifted off the floor and stretched out the length of the couch. All this was done with his cock still stuffed into Jessica’s pussy. Jessica then lifted off his still hard cock, flipped around so that her back was facing him, then proceeded to scoot her cum filled pussy towards his face.This was something new and unexpected for Chris as he attempted to stop her by placing his hands on her ass. He either wasn’t as strong as he looks, or he really wanted this to happen. I think he just needed to be “forced” into this.Jessica pushed her pussy onto his chin and slid up over his mouth. “Eat me out bitch. I didn’t cum enough and I need to cum now. You need to finish what you started slut, now eat my cum filled pussy and don’t you dare stop until I have cum.”Jessica wiggled her pussy all over his face smearing him cum all over it. Chris just lay there frozen. Jessica had zero patience and zero tolerance as she slapped his balls. Chris opened his mouth wide to let out a scream. This made the perfect receptacle for Jessica’s pussy. “I said eat me bitch. It’s your mess clean it up or I will slap these balls harder next time.”Chris didn’t have to be told twice as I watched his tongue dart out and start to flicker around Jessica’s pussy. “That’s it baby lick me good. Suck that cum right out of my pussy. Suck on my lips baby, bite them, pull on them. OH ya that’s it eat me. MMMMM real nice baby.”Chris was really starting to get into it as he started to move his head from side to side. I could hear him slurping up his cum as it flooded out of Jessica’s pussy. Then the tell tail sign that I remember so well, his confirmation that he loves what he is doing, “MMMMMM!” He hummed into her pussy.”Ya that’s the way. You like eating cum out of my pussy don’t you slut? Are you my cum eating slut now? Do you like drinking man juice out of pussy baby?” Jessica taunted him and his cock was rock hard again.Jessica slapped at his hardon, “Ya you like this. You like being my little sissy cum slut.” Chris’ cock flexed with excitement as she talked dirty to him.Jessica put her head down and pushed back hard onto Chris’ face, “Suck me hard baby. Bite my pussy lips, pull on them. OH that’s it almost there, harder baby harder. Here I cum baby. Get ready for a mouthful. I’m cumming hard AGGGHHHHHHH!”I could hear Chris swallowing what sounded like two or three mouthfuls of cum and pussy juice. Then Chris screamed into Jessica’s pussy and his cock started to shoot cum. As the first shot came out Jessica bent down and wrapped her lips around his pulsing cock head. Her lips puffed out as he continued to fill her mouth with cum.Jessica pulled off of his face, turned back around and planted a kiss right on his lips. He didn’t even fight her this time as her cheeks deflated as his cum transferred into his mouth. They passionately shared a long cum swapping kiss.”Oh my god Jess I never thought sex could be so wild and taste so good.” Chris wiped the hair out of Jessica’s face and kissed her again.”And you’re just man enough to admit it. Tell me that you have any tension in your body now? You can share anything with me. I will do anything you want, at least once. No judgment, EVER.” Chris pulled her into him and kissed her again.I quietly went back to my office and let them enjoy the moment. I love that moment after sex when your heart is still racing and your body is covered with sweat and cum. It wasn’t but a half hour later I heard Jessica call out that they would go get dinner and bring it back. The front door closed and I heard them drive off.I went about finishing up one of my projects and felt very good about being so far ahead with my work. I thought to myself that Jessica was right. I am more balanced now and can concentrate better. My mind isn’t wondering as much. The front door slamming knocked me out of my daydream.”We’re home Jamie. Come have dinner with us.” Jessica called out.She used my female name so I assume she expects me in a female outfit. I quickly went to my room and grabbed the black leather outfit. If I was going to fully expose myself in front of Chris, or Chrissy, I was going to look my hottest.I walked into the kitchen consciously trying to use my most feminine walk as I crossed the kitchen in front of them. I grabbed three bottles of beer from the refrigerator and brought them to the table. Chrissy’s mouth was agape and I could have used his jaw to open the bottle of beer. Jessica must have gone shopping because Chrissy was dressed in red nylons, red panties with white bows, and a white slip with a red ribbing along the edges and straps.I could tell Jessica was pleased as she patted the chair next to her. Jessica made sure that she sat between us. “You look lovely Jamie. Doesn’t Jamie look nice in black leather Chrissy?”Chrissy was put on the spot but rolled with it, “Yes very nice.” Chrissy answered and finally closed his mouth and swallowed. As he swallowed I could see him stretch his nick up like it was a big effort.I found it most attractive to watch his Adams apple bob up and down. I felt a twinge in my leather panties. I quickly sat down. “You look beautiful Chrissy. Thank you both for bringing dinner home.”Jessica reached out to each of us and ran her hands up and down our legs. “I can’t express how horny you two are making me right now. I never imagined how hot men dressed in lingerie could make me so fucking wet.”I looked up at Chrissy and watched his face blush as mine must have as well by the flushed feeling that swept over my face. I raised my beer bottle for a toast, which Chrissy and Jessica quickly followed suit, “To freedom within these walls. May all fears and desires be expressed, and may nothing be judged less you be willing to be judged. To our Sanctuary.”Our bottles clanked together and we enjoyed the Chinese food they brought home. I finished cleaning up and let Jess and Chrissy head into the living room. Jessica put in a DVD for us to watch. I walked into the living room with three more beers in hand expecting to sit in my chair. Jessica was seated in the middle of the couch wearing just a bra and panties with Chrissy on her left. Jessica again patted the seat next to her, directing me to the couch. I handed them each a beer and sat down.The movie started, “Too Wong Foo” interesting but not surprising to be Jessica’s favorite movie. I never put it together until now. We started watching the movie until we finished our beers and placed the empty bottles on the table. Chrissy leaned almost sideways on the couch and Jessica leaned into him, laying her head on his chest. Jessica then held out her hand and pulled me onto her, with my head lying on her breast. Jessica grabbed my hand and placed it on Chrissy’s stomach and held it there as we all continued to watch the movie.As we were watching the movie I realized that Jessica was using my hand to softly rub Chrissy’s stomach through the silky slip. The feeling of the silk under my hand was turning me on and I am sure that Jessica could feel my hardon pressing against her leg. Jessica was lightly caressing the back of my hand as I now continued to run my hand over Chrissy’s slip. Until the back of my hand came into contact with the tip of his hard cock, I hadn’t realized that my hand wondered that far down his stomach. I tried to pull my hand further up Chrissy’s stomach but Jessica held me fast and actually guided it down further. She intertwined our fingers and guided my hand gently up and down Chrissy’s hard shaft. This was the first cock, other than my own, that I ever came in contact with.Our fingertips floated along the silk covered shaft, barely putting any pressure against his cock. His cock was so long as we continued our journey down his shaft. We traced around his balls sack and then went back up his shaft. This time a little more pressure was applied and I could feel the ridges of his shaft. I thought my heart would burst out of my chest it was beating so hard and fast.As we reached the tip of his cock, Jessica took my index finger and ran it over the tip searching out his hole. I felt the cold familiar wet spot of his dripping cock. With my head on Jessica’s breast I could not only hear her heart beat but I could also feel it, affecting my own heart rate. My finger tip was running circles around Chrissy’s cock head, causing his precum to leak out more. Jessica’s fingers slipped out of mine, allowing her to take her hand and press it on top of mine as she forced my fingers to wrap around Chrissy’s shaft. Once my fingers were around his shaft I heard a moan escape from his mouth and his cock twitched in my hand. I felt its girth expand and contract beneath my fingers.Jessica now left my hand to explore on its own as her hand lifted the slip up on Chrissy to expose his nipple which she quickly latched onto with her mouth. I felt Chrissy push up on his hips as a large long breath escaped his mouth followed by a deep moan. Together Jessica and I were seducing this man and I hadn’t even considered elazığ escort bayan being with a man before. But here I am slowly exploring my first cock and wanting to seduce my first man. I wasn’t sure how far this would go and I was less sure of how far I was willing to go.Jessica reached up to her chest and unsnapped the front of her bra, exposing her breast. Her nipples were so hard and poking out from her areola. I took the hint and sucked in the hard nub. There we were lying on top of each other with Jessica attached to Chrissy’s nipple, me attached to Jessica’s nipple, and my hand attached to Chrissy’s cock. The body heat was building up and the sweat was starting to form on all of our bodies.My cock was pressing into my leather panties. I was so hard it hurt. I felt a hand running its fingers through my hair. I knew it couldn’t be Jess from the angle. The soft caressing was acknowledging the connection we all had, accepting it, and agreeing to it. I reaffirmed my acceptance of his touch by reaching my hand inside his panties, grasping his cock firmly, and stroking his hard cock.Chrissy pressed my head firmly to Jessica’s breast, holding me tight to her breast. I felt Chrissy’s body stiffen beneath us. His hips began that familiar unsettled movement that happens before it releases a load of cum. Recognizing the signs I began to stroke his cock faster. I didn’t know it at the time, but Jessica had started to bite down on Chrissy’s nipple and pull and pinch his other nipple.Chrissy cried out, “Oh no, I’m going to cum, shit, oh shit, AAGGHH! MMMMM!” His entire body became stiff as a board. His hips pushed his cock in my hand. I held his cock tight allowing him to stretch the skin on his cock as tight as possible. Knowing that his cockhead was pulled tight which will make his cum feel that much better when it finally gets released. His hand pressed even more on my head and his fingers wiggled through my hair. I think he liked the feel of my hair against his fingers.Jessica was sandwiched between us and was also enjoying the action. Jessica was grinding her pussy against Chrissy’s red nylon covered leg, and my lips on her nipple, I felt her go through similar body convulsions. I bit down on her nipple sending her over the edge and into an intense orgasm. When Chrissy heard Jessica cry out in pleasure I felt his cum serge through his cock and release itself all over my hand. I loved the feeling as I continued to gently stroke the NOT softening cock. I felt my hand coated in his cum. His cock flexed a couple of more times in my hand which I knew that his orgasm was subsiding.Jessica looked up at Chrissy, as they gazed into each other’s eyes. They sensually kissed, accepting what had just happened. I was delighted that I was not only a witness to this great sex act, but that I was also a participant. I carefully pulled my hand out of Chrissy’s panties and, as they continued to kiss, I brought my hand to my face and licked another man’s cum off my hand. I ran my lips all over the back of my hand feeling the smooth silky substance as it accumulated in my mouth. It was the same but different than eating my own cum. It was surprisingly very pleasant.I got up off of them to go to the kitchen to wash my hand. When I came back I brought another beer for each of us. “How are you both feeling?” I smiled to them both and held up the beers.Chris was first to reach out his hand for a beer, now that he was sitting upright. Jessica had tossed her bra off completely and her panties choosing to sit naked. Her legs were hanging over Chris’ lap giving him access to stroke her pussy. I handed Chris his beer and let my hand fall and drag across his chest, down his stomach, to stop at his drenched panties and semi erect cock. I gave his cock a little squeeze and pat, “That was so fucking hot”, before I sat back down next to Jessica.Jessica looked at me and placed her hand on my face, “Jamie didn’t cum yet. That doesn’t seem fair now does it Chrissy? The least we can do is help him get off like he did us don’t you think?”Chrissy nervously took a large swig of beer before he finally nodded his head. We put our beers, or what was left of them anyway, on the table. Jessica stood up, grabbed my ankles and swiveled my body onto the couch so that I was lying on my back. Jessica straddled my stomach with her back to my face. She looked at Chrissy, and using the finger gesture to ‘come here’, coaxed Chrissy to kneel between my legs.Jessica grabbed Chrissy’s hands and placed them on my hips. She hooked both her and his fingers under the waistband of my leather panties. Jessica leaned forward so that her mouth was right next to Chrissy’s ear. In this position Jessica’s ass and pussy were staring right into my face. I wasn’t sure which view I wanted to see more. My cock was throbbing and if things didn’t start to progress fast I was going to blow my load.Jessica started her soft and sexy voice to mesmerize Chrissy into doing exactly what she wanted, and what he wanted. “Go on pull them down. I want to see you touch a man’s cock. I’m so horny baby, let’s do this together.”I felt my panties being pulled down. I looked beyond Jessica’s shoulder to see Chrissy’s face staring down at my crotch. The sound of all of our hearts beating was only drowned out by the sounds of my leather panties being wiggled down my legs. Jessica kept purring into Chrissy’s ear, “That’s it baby pull them all the way off. Show me his cock baby. I could see it in your eyes. You want this just as much as me. Pull them down. Reveal that cock.”My panties were tugged down harder as I felt my cock bend painfully forward before being released and snapping hard against my leather covered stomach. My panties passed my knees, which I then bent to make it easier to pull off my panties. I felt Chrissy’s hands on my knees as I lowered my legs back down. I could detect a trembling in his hands as he slowly moved them up my thighs.Jessica continued her coaching, “That’s it baby feel how soft his legs are. Don’t they feel good to touch? Tell me what you think of his cock baby? What do you see?”Jessica was so turned on I could see her pussy lips swell and I could see her getting wet. My mouth began to water at the site as I watched her squeeze her pussy muscles and slowly begin rotating her hips.I felt Chrissy’s hand on my inner thigh before he finally ran a finger over my ball sack. His voice was barely a whisper, “So soft. I never felt this before.”His fingers continued to trace up along my shaft. They examined and traced every vein along the shaft of my cock. When he got to my spongy cock head I bit my lip and did everything I could think of to keep from blowing my load. Chrissy placed the tip of his finger in my clit and dragged the large drop of precum all over my cockhead. “So soft and wet.” He whispered.Jessica coached on, “Taste it baby. Put your finger to you lips and taste it. You made him drip baby, you excite him.”I could see Chrissy’s finger slowly rise to his lips. His tongue darted out from between his lips as he licked the drop of precum from his finger. Jessica moved forward and kissed Chrissy before he could take his finger from his mouth. I know that Jessica had Chrissy beyond the point of making any decisions for himself. Jessica continued to kiss Chrissy as she brought their heads down towards my cock. As Jessica moved her head down her pussy was being pushed closer to my face.My vision was completely blocked now. But I could feel both of their tongues dancing on my cockhead. They were fighting for the juices that flowed out of my cock. Jessica’s pussy pushed against my face at the same time their tongues touched my cock. It didn’t take a genius to figure what she wanted. I began to slowly lick her ass cheeks as they got closer. I ran my tongue up the length of her ass stopping at her puckered hole. I tasted the tang of her ass as my tongue tried to force its way in. Jessica moved her hips up and down forcing me to run my tongue up and down her ass.I wasn’t sure who was sucking my cock, but from what I imagined was that they were taking turns sucking my cock. I felt a warm mouth going up and down on my shaft, a brief moment of air, and then a mouth again on my cock. I think she was teaching him to suck cock.Jessica lifted her ass up as I tilted my head back she brought her pussy down on my face. Her scent was sweet. Her pussy was very wet. I licked at her swollen lips. My tongue searched around her pussy exploring every inch. I felt the nub at the top of her clit and heard her moan as my tongue circled around and around. I sucked on her lips and gently bit down on them, remembering that she screamed for Chris to bite her pussy when he was eating her. I must have had the same affect since she pushed back against my face and wiggled her hips. I could barely breathe, but I loved every second.I could tell that Jessica had her head resting on my thigh as my balls were sucked into her mouth and that Chrissy must have been bobbing up and down on my cock. It was too much for me as I lifted my ass and started to fuck Chrissy’s mouth. I started to scream out into Jessica’s pussy, “MMMMMMMMM!”The signals I was sending out could not be mistaken, I was going to cum. I felt cold air on my cock again and Jessica’s head lifted from my thigh. They must have switched positions. I lifted up again to offer my cock to any open mouth. Jessica was quick to comply. My cock was enveloped inside a warm wet slice of heaven. Then I felt my balls being licked. Then my ball sack was slightly bitten down on and pulled tight, stretching the skin on my cock. I couldn’t take anymore, “AAAGGHHHHH!!!” I screamed into Jessica’s pussy as the first shot of cum went down her throat.The second shot didn’t even get off before Jessica started her own orgasm. I never had a woman squirt before. Jessica let loose a torrent of cum. I started to drink and swallow the purest nectar I have ever tasted. It wasn’t thick like mine or Chris’, it was thinner, sweeter, and a mouthful. I managed to finish shooting four or five good shots before my cock started to soften. Jessica let my cock drop from her mouth and I could hear them moaning as Jessica drew Chrissy to her and gave him a big cum kiss.Chrissy must have tried to back away as Jessica was pulled away from my face. I was able to see them again. Jessica had a strangle hold around Chrissy’s neck as she kissed him deeply and shoved my cum into his mouth. She wasn’t going to let go until he swallowed. He finally did, then succumbed to her kiss and continued searching for more cum in her mouth.They broke their kiss and Jessica pushed Chrissy’s face back down on my softening cock. I felt his mouth suck in my deflated cock. I was a little sensitive, but I was determined to let him enjoy sucking the few drops I had left oozing out.Jessica pulled away, “That was so fucking good. Let’s go get cleaned up.” Chrissy and Jessica went off towards her side of the house and I got up and went to my room. It was still early but I was spent. I passed out on my bed and didn’t wake until the next morning.

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