“Call me Mommy”

“Call me Mommy”Hi, my name is Rob Thompson. This story is abouta time in my life that I’ll never forget. It is a truestory, not the whole story, but as much of it as I’mwilling to tell the world. It took place just about amonth before my 16th birthday, when my parents sat medown and told me the news that they were getting adivorce. I wasn’t really suprised since they had beensleeping in different rooms for over a year, but theworst part was that they wanted me to spend the summerwith my mother’s twin sister, Aunt Linda, who I haven’tseen for over 3 years. We all thought that Aunt Lindawas strange because she has never been married. Therumor in the family was that she was a lesbian.When I arrived in South Carolina, I was amazedat how much Aunt Linda looks like my mother. I knewthat they were identical twins, but it is impossible totell them apart. On the way to her house, Aunt Lindatold me that she knew I wasn’t exactly excited aboutspending the summer on a farm, but she promised itwouldn’t be all bad.When we got to her house, she took me around thehuge old house and showed me all the rooms. Then shetold me that the house was used in the undergroundrailroad during the old days before the Civil War. Ihad read about it in school, but really didn’t knowmuch about it. She told me that over the years she hadfound quite a few secret doors, passageways, and hidingplaces through the house. I asked her to show them tome, but she said that it might be fun if I looked forthem myself and it would give me something to do onrainy days.After about a half hour of looking, I found asmall lever on the inside edge of the bookcase. Ipulled it out and one entire section of the bookcasepushed in to reveal an opening. With flashlight inhand, I went forward into the passageway. The passagesseemed to wind all around the huge house. On the 2nd day of exploring, the batteries onthe light went dead. At first, I couldn’t see anythingbut as my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see raysof light passing through small holes in the wall. Thefirst hole I looked through was to the kitchen, whereI saw Aunt bahis siteleri canlı Linda washing the dishes. After watchingher for a minute or so, I began to search for otherholes in a effort to make a mental map of the passage-ways. There was at least one hole in every room on thefirst floor amd I also found a few other secret doorson that day. After a few days of searching around, I toldAunt Linda that I found all the secret passages and sheseemed really suprised. She told me that it took hermonths to find them all and had thought that there maybe some that she never found. She then asked if I wassure I had found them all. I told her yes I was andthey go all around the house. She smiled and said, “ohthat’s all you found.” She then told me that they goup and down and Uncle Jake even claimed to have foundone that led to the barn.So, after dinner, I excitedly hurried off to thepassages again. This time taking the flashlight to seewhat I had been missing. Sure enough, I found somesecret doors leading up and down. I climbed up first,and walked along a very narrow passage on the 2ndfloor. I heard water running and tunred off the flash-light to see if I could see light coming from anyholes. At the far end of the passageway, I saw severalbeams of light.As I peeked though one of the holes in the wall,I saw Aunt Linda in the shower. At first, I couldn’tmove, I just stood there like a zombie and watched thesoapy water running down her naked body. As I watchedher, my dick began to throb. I had never seen a nakedwoman before that, and I was instantly galvinized bythis strange and erotic sight. Without hardly thinkingabout it I unzipped my pants and let them fall to myankles and pulled out my cock. As I watched her slideher hands over her soft breasts I stroked myself. Itdidn’t take long for me to cum and I tried to contolmyself to keep from moaning to loud and I milked thelast drops of cum from my dick.I began looking at my aunt in a new way fromthen on. I became obsessed with watching her. Shealways seemed to take a shower or bath at the same timeeverynight. canlı bahis I even found a hole in her bedroom whereI would go to watch her while she dressed. This wenton for a couple of weeks until one night I had found myway to the hole in bathroom wall and she wasn’t there.I was about to give up, thinking I had missed her al-ready. I took one last look and then felt a tap on mysholder.Aunt Linda was standing behind me in a thickwhite robe. It was obvious what I was doing and Ididn’t know what to say, so I just stood there, waitingto be slapped or something. In a really soft voice,she asked me if I had been watching her. I slowlynodded my head, expecting the worst. She just smiledand said it was OK because she had been watching metoo. My jaw about hit the floor. She took my handand pulled me to a small secret door that led right inthe bathroom.She turned the shower on, let her robe slide onto the floor, and then stepped in the shower. I guessI was in shock or something because I just stood thereand watched her until she asked me if I would like tojoin her. I quickly got out of my clothes and got inthe shower behind her.She called me her dirty little boy and said that”Mommy” was going to wash me. She told me that I lookedreally nice, and that made me feel proud of my body.She commented on how tan I was and who nice my mucelslooked. Then she started with a sponge and ran it alongmy chest and then got on her knees and slowly startedto soap up my hard dick. She lightly stroked it a fewtimes and asked if it hurt, she said that anything thathard would probably hurt, and that she could probablymake it feel better for me. I said, “yes Aunt Linda.”She smacked my ass hard and told me to call her”Mommy.” I then said, “yes, Mommy.” I was rewardedwith “good boy” and a deep kiss on the lips. I feltlike I was being controled by this older woman, but Ididn’t care, I just had one hope raging through myteenage mind.Then she turned off the shower and dryed me,then herself off. I stood in the middle of the bath-room with my cock looking like a flagpole. She toldme it was time for bed. bahis siteleri She took me by the hand andled me to my room and tucked me in bed. She asked meif I wanted to hear a bedtime story. I was up foranything at this point and eagerly said, “oh yes Mommy,tell me a story.”My “mommy” began telling me a story about alittle girl with an ice cream cone. I have no ideawhat the hell she was talking about, but she slid herhands under the covers and started stroking my cockwhile she was talking about how the little girl keptlicking the cone. Finally she pulled the covers downand asked me if my penis still hurt. I said, “yes Mommy, very much.” She asked me if I wanted her tokiss it and make it feel better. Before I couldanswer, she was licking and sucking my cock!! My mindwas blank, I was doing nothing but feeling the wonder-ful sensations she was giving me with her expert mouth.After a few minutes of this, I exploded in her mouth.She swallowed every drop. Then she pulled the coversup and kissed me goodnight.The next morning, she woke me up with breakfastin bed, as usual except this time she fed me each bite.Then she took me to the bathtub and bathed me. We hadsex several times each day for the next week. At firstI thought the mommy thing was just a sexual game thatshe was playing, but she finally admitted that sheliked little boys and had often seduced many of theboys in town and that she didn’t like adult men andthat is why she never married.For the rest of the summer, I was her little boyand at the end of the summer I called my parents andasked if I could stay with Aunt Linda. My fatherdidn’t understand, but the divorce was final now andmother had full custody, so she decided we could movein with Aunt Linda.Aunt Linda and I continued our affair, andalthough I was afraid we would get caught, she saidalways not to worry. After a couple of weeks, Istarted becoming a little more bold in our lovemaking.One night I was in my bed, when I felt a handon my cock which was followed very quickly by a mouth.The mouth sucked furiously and much harder than AuntLinda had ever done before. I moaned and said, “oh Godthat feels great Aunt Linda.” I forgot to call her”mommy” and for once she didn’t correct me. I flippedon the light as I was about to cum and as I exploded inher mouth, I noticed a scar on her right hand. It wasmy mom!!

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