CampingMy school district lets out earlier than most and after graduating in early May and having just turned 18 I decided to go on a camping trip by myself for the first time in my life. I was a bit worried about being alone so much but the campground I picked was in a national park and I knew there’d be plenty of trails to keep me busy. So after loading my car with gear I headed out for my adventure.When I arrived at the campground it was about half full so I had no trouble finding a nice site that wasn’t taken. Walking to the kiosk to pay the fee I noticed there were a lot of young couples camping there; this made me sigh because being shy and nerdy I had never had a girlfriend and doubted I ever would. After paying the camping fee I returned to my site to put up my tent. The site fairly private with only one site next to it, though that one was pretty close. But it was empty and I hoped it would stay that way. Tent up and sleeping bag inside it I proceeded to cook and eat my dinner. Then sat back in a camp chair and did some reading.The sun was setting when a car pulled into the empty site next to me. A young couple got out and came over to ask me if it was okay to take the site and I let them know it wasn’t taken. With that they got their gear from the car and got their tent up before it was too dark to see well. Since it was too dark to read by then I decided to make it an early night and went to bed.I’m not sure how long I slept before my bladder decided it was time to wake me up. So I found the shoes I use at night for such trips and went out to take a walk in the woods (no use trekking to the restroom just to pee). When I stood up outside I could see a dim light still on in my neighbors tent and could hear some movements there. Realizing they were still awake I decided to walk a little further than I had intended so the noise of my pee wouldn’t be heard. With an empty bladder I turned and headed back to my camp. From the woods I could see the lighted tent and as I got closer I realized only the insect mesh was closed and I could see in, and what I saw caused my cock to immediately turn hard: the girl was sucking his cock. At that point in my life I had never seen sex acts in person and the sight really turned me on. I suppose I should have just turned away and let them have their fun in private, but that probably wasn’t even possible with the sexual state as was in. So I crept closer until I was next to a tree about 10 feet from their tent. From there I could see them very well but knew the light on the tent’s mesh door would prevent them from catching sight of me. I could also hear the sounds of blow job. Of course I had my cock out by then and was stroking it, but being very careful not to go too far. I want to enjoy myself for as long as I could.At times should she take his cock out of her mouth and lick the sides of it or even lick his balls. This gave me my first good look at a hard cock other than my own. I was surprised at finding myself aroused by its hard sexuality.Done with sucking the girl crawled up his body and after a kiss reached down to position his cock for entry. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri As she moved up and down I could see that it went in just a bit more each time until she took it all. Then things sped up as her hips moved back and forth. Then they rolled over and he began thrusting hard into her.As they continued to fuck I lost all the care I had been using while stroking my cock. Of course I didn’t last very long that way and soon spurted all over the ground. Coming to my senses I realized it was a good idea to get back to my own campsite before someone saw me. So soon I was back in my bag and sound asleep.The next day I decided to look for a hot spring I had heard about. It was down some dirt roads and might be hard to find but I had some good directions and found it without making too many wrong turns. A path lead from the dirt parking area to a small concrete pool a couple hundred yards away. Nobody else was there and I slipped into the pool and found the water to be very warm and relaxing.I was lying back with my eyes shut when I heard a car pull up; it was the couple from the campground. They expressed surprise when they saw it was me in the pool and asked if it was okay if they joined me. When I said there was plenty of room they shocked me by stripping naked before entering the water. Looking back I laugh at myself for not knowing that people often get nude in hot springs and I certainly know better now, but I was quite naive back them.As we talked in the pool the girl, Lisa, and her boyfriend Tim started telling me I should ditch my swimsuit. I was mostly concerned that I might get hard in front of them but eventually I let them talk me into it and tossed my suit onto the small deck area. The feeling of freedom was unusual to me but very nice; soon it begin to feel how things should be and I felt very relaxed.As we talked I noticed Lisa’s hand would sometimes touch Tim’s cock. She did it while talking as though her hand was working on its own without her even knowing about it. Of course she knew very well what she was doing and Tim got erect. Seeing that caused what I had been fearing and I turned over to hide my hard cock from them.I still wonder how much Lisa had planned. My head was resting on the edge of the pool and turned to my left when Lisa had Tim sit right next to my face with his cock pointing to the sky. Moving probably would have been the polite thing to do but I was frozen in place as Lisa moved up between his legs to start sucking and I’m sure now they didn’t actually want to move away.What I saw the night before was nothing compared to being inches away and in full sunlight. Lisa not only sucked but told me how much she likes doing it. She even asked me if I agreed with her about how nice Tim’s cock was. I think I stammered something about it being nice but also being the first one I’d seen. Then she told me to touch it; I’m not sure what I said but she just grabbed my hand and put it right on this cock.That first feel of another man’s hardness is burned into my brain. It felt so different than touching my own did. Time seemed perabet to freeze while I ran my hand over all of that cock feeling the soft skin and the erection it covered. It was at that point I had to admit I wasn’t quite as straight as I had always thought I was.Lisa moved back in to suck some more but told me to hold his cock for her while she did it. That close I could see how much she was into sucking and I could feel the throbbing from Tim. Then she stopped her blow, put a hand behind my head and gently pushed until his cock was an inch from my lips. I stared at his cock. It was hard and I could see it gently pulsing. Lisa whispered a little encouragement in my ear. My tongue came out and touched the head. Nothing bad happened so I put my lips around the end of the cock. Nothing bad happened. I moved my head down and more of his cock entered my mouth. Nothing bad happened.After that it was easy to suck him. Lisa was right there giving advice but I don’t think I needed it. Cock sucking just came natural once I admitted to myself that I found it a turn on; giving pleasure was its own reward. I hadn’t given any thought to were a blow job could lead. That is I hadn’t until Tim suddenly gave a few thrusts stopping with his cock deep in my mouth. That’s when I felt the spurts hitting the back of my throat and realized I had made him cum. I swallowed over and over wondering how much one guy could hold. Then he pulled out, sighed and slipped back into the water with a big smile.Lisa had a big smile too. She kissed Tim and then kissed me as well. I worried about Tim but looking his way I could see him grinning. As the kiss continued her tongue entered my mouth and I marveled at how the feel of that seemed to go straight to my crotch. It was even better when her hand followed that feeling and wrapped around my cock.Lisa must have known what she was doing because she kept me from immediately cumming and knew better than to stroke me very long. Stopping all too soon she took the place Tim had been in while we sucked him and pulled me between her spread legs. This time it was Tim that gently pushed my head down, but I was quicker to get into it than I was before.That was the first time I had a clitoris between my lips. Tim’s advice and Lisa’s reactions guided me along and I was in no hurry for it to end. I could see Lisa’s nipples were even harder than they had been while she was sucking Tim and her head would jerk upward at times. Then her entire body seemed to go ridged before convulsing in what could only be and orgasm. I held on as best I could until Lisa’s muscles relaxed and then went back to what I had been doing before. The next orgasm came quickly as did the one after that and later they seemed to just merge into an almost continuous orgasm.Lisa was limp and my neck was sore when we finally had to stop. Tim sympathized and started giving me a neck massage to relieve some of the pain. His hands felt great and he expanded his work down my back finding sore spots I hadn’t noticed before. Butt and legs came next and then back up to my neck.His cock was brushing me as he massaged perabet giriş and it was hard. I liked how it felt on my back and when he reached up to rub my shoulders I liked it even more in my crack.The feeling vanished as he worked back down my back and started working on my butt again. His hands felt very good there and I sighed a bit. Then he ran his fingers down my crack and brushed my hole provoking another sigh from me. He started concentrating on my hole running fingers over and around it making me yearn for more.Lisa then had me get out of the water and lie back on the deck so that my butt was at the edge of the pool. Pushing my legs up she bent down to give me the biggest surprise yet: her tongue was on my hole and it felt wonderful.I wanted that feeling to go on forever and she did spend a lot of time doing it. The good sensations continued but something else started happening and continued to grow. It was a weird longing feeling and every time she poked at the center of my asshole with her tongue that longing increased. Her ministrations had me hungry for penetration.Tim had been watching all this, of course, and his cock had completely recovered from my blow job. Lisa beckoned over saying I was ready. I might have been naive but having him take her place in front of my butt with his hard cock inches from where she had been licking told me I was about to be fucked.While Lisa was pulling a bottle of lube from her pack Tim put the head of his cock at my hole. Maybe he was just checking the angle and his aim but the feel of his cock and its heat caused waves of weakness to run through me with the pleasure. Then Lisa had him pull back while she spread lube on my hole and on his cock.When his cock touched again it only paused a second before starting a light pressure. That felt good but I could see how he’d ever get it inside until Lisa whispered that I should push out like I was trying to shit. It didn’t sound right but I did as I was told and Tim’s cock when in a little. I said I was fine when asked and Tim started pulling out of pushing in; each time in was a bit deeper. When the head finally slipped past the muscles he kept still while Lisa kissed me. After I got used to the cock in me Tim again put on the pressure. This time he easily penetrated until he was all the way in.Then the real fucking started. I had also considered the guy being fucked to just be doing it to make his partner happy. But I had just learned it wasn’t so and that being fucked is the ultimate sexual experience. As he thrusted I could feel his cock rubbing something inside me and with each rub I’d produce a little bit of white fluid that wasn’t the normal pre-cum.When Tim gave one final thrust and held it Lisa put her mouth around my cock and went down until her lips were at the base. The pulses from Tim’s shooting inside me and Lisa mouth on me were it, I started blasting more cum than Lisa could keep up with.That night they didn’t stay up late to fuck and I didn’t get up to pee. If my bladder had been full I’m not sure I would have had the energy to deal with it. I just crawled into my bag and the next thing I remember is it being morning.Lisa and Tim stayed at the campground all week. We did something at least once every day of that week. They helped build some confidence in me that helped me find other sexual adventures in the future. I will always be grateful.

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