Can I Make It Up? Ch. 02


In a thousand lifetimes, Tammy couldn’t have imagined the situation she found herself a part of, even if she’d been given the script way ahead of time! What had started as a simple day off, had become something… more!

I don’t believe this! she told herself, almost wishing this was some dream… but, looking down over her bare breasts, the young college girl stared in disbelief as her brawny, nineteen year-old brother Dirk peeled the boy-short bottoms of her swimsuit off of her lower body.

With him grinning like a shark as he looked up from between her legs, she couldn’t believe the dizzy sensations spiraling through her brain, as she lay on the tanning lounger on the deck surround the pool behind their home.

“Dirk!” Her honey-hued eyes darkened as they went wide with a mixture of trepidation, heat and a smidgen of anticipation as Dirk peered at her bare puss; her silky mons venus only sparingly covered with a thin dusting of red-brown hairs, which did little to hide the slick, aromatic layer of lubrication seeping from her pink, puffy outer lips.

Moving his large hands to cradle her hips, Dirk moaned thickly as she watched his nostrils flare wide; taking in the heady scent of her womanhood, before he slowly lowered his face towards the fork of her legs. “Tammy! Oh, honey!” A second later, his mouth slipped over her puss in a slow, warm embrace… and then a liquid ribbon slithered across her lips as his thick tongue started to probe her there.

Jerking backwards, Tammy’s body slapped flat against the lounger as the sheer voltage of her brother’s oral manipulations rocketed up her spine. Blossoming outwards like a nova burst from a fireworks display, the pure, sweet power of the act fired nearly every synapse along her body; making her writhe and buck up into Dirk’s face to prolong each second of contact. She let out a breath — just how long had she been holding it for? — with a hiss that spooled up into a throat-throbbing moan, before her slim hands reached down towards her crotch. Long fingers snaked into Dirk’s wet locks and seized firmly, holding the eager young man in place.

“Ooh, Geezus!” Tammy groaned, her voice sounding weak, and at the same time strong with growing passion. “Dirk… oh, shit! Dirk! Dear… GOD!”

Pulling back slightly from his assault on her nether regions, Dirk chuckled thickly and said, “He’s busy at the moment… you’ll just have to contend yourself with me for now, Sis.” He dropped back down to return to the task at hand, while letting go of one of Tammy’s legs to let that hand glide up her oil-coated body and take hold of the breast on that side. Clamping down gently, Dirk molded and rubbed her firm tit with his masterly paw; using two thick fingers to trap the hard nubbin of her nipple, to let it saw back and forth between his knuckles.

“Ah, damn it, damn it, damn, it, Dirk!” Unable to keep quiet, Tammy cooed and mewled, riding the wave of passionate fire rolling over her, letting it take her higher and higher with every passing moment.

Together, they made for quite a scene; the slim, lithe girl held down by the big, burly bear of her brother as they lay stretched out on the pool deck. Bodies browned by design, with skin damp from suntan oils, water and sweat, glistening like two living statues in the late morning sunshine.

Eventually, Tammy’s cunny just couldn’t take the punishment Dirk was dishing out. Gasping for oxygen, she felt the sensation of her impending orgasm rise further, and further… until she felt it teetering on the brink.

“Yeah, honey!” Dirk growled in that panther-like rumblypurr, never once taking his mouth more than a split hair from her wet sex. “Cum, Tammy… cum, cum for your dirty, little, brother!” With each word, he placed the broad surface of his tongue over the exposed point of her clit and dragged the textured skin over that swollen hot spot of his sister’s lusty box.

The last lick did the trick. “Oh, shit… shit, Goddamnit, Dirk, you… you… Aaieee!” Totally caught under the crashing wave of her orgasm, it was all Tammy could do to maintain her grip on his hair, and stay squarely on the lounger as her hips bucked hard; pumping several times a second into the air as the quick fire sensations shattered any previous memory of past climaxes into sparkling shards of powder! Crying out, Tammy let the feeling carry her off into the heart of the sun where, after four, rolling waves of orgasm nearly broke her apart, she collapsed back down, feeling herself literally melting… melting….

# # #

When she could feel her mind returning from the darkness of her blacked-out state, Tammy felt something was different… as in, she wasn’t in the same place she’d started in, when Dirk drove her totally, completely wild with eating her cunny.

Moaning, she shifted her arms and legs languidly… feeling not the plastic surface of the lounger underneath her body, but instead she felt the cool, liquid sensation of… water? Opening her eyes, Tammy looked up and saw casino şirketleri nothing but blue, open sky, even as she heard the tik-tik sound in her ears; just what you hear when you have your ears submerged in water.

“Hey, you back now, honey?” The sound of Dirk’s voice sounded muffed, yet close.

“Mm?” Raising her head, Tammy felt the water fall away and drain away from her ears as she looked down her body, into the smiling face of her younger brother. “Wh-what, happened?” she asked, realizing that she was now in the pool, being supported at the surface of the water by her brother’s large arms as he stood at the waist-deep level.

“You passed out, Sis,” Dirk replied, his dark eyes full of good humor and concern; clearly he hadn’t expected her climax to be so strong. “I mean, I wanted to drive you out of your mind, but-.”

“You had to be so damn literal about it, hm?” she said, getting him back with a touch of her own good humor. Stretching her body, she shivered as an aftershock of her orgasm vibrated out from her very core. “Ooh, geez… what in the name of all that’s holy did you do to me!?”

Dirk held her up with one hand, chuckling as he let the other one creep up out of the water and touch gently on her exposed tummy. “You liked it, though,” he crooned softly, giving her a wink as he caressed the soft, toned flesh of her middle. “Didn’t you, hm?”

Even as much as she didn’t want to admit it — a small part of her brain was still feebly protesting against the wrongness of what her brother did — Tammy couldn’t help the satisfied purr that spilled from her lips. “Mmmm, oh, I guess you could say that….” Letting her body dip down into the water, Tammy turned and slipped her arms up onto Dirk’s body. Her hands gripping his wide shoulders, she pulled her naked body close to him and, wrapping her hands behind his neck for support, she stared firmly into his face and asked, “Boy, did I like it! Just where in the world did you learn to eat a puss like that?”

Dirk’s arms skimmed down to surround his sister’s waist as he let out a small laugh. “Trade secret, honey!”

“Di-i-irk! You dork!” Tammy wheedled, giving him a pleading look. “Damn it, who taught you how to please a woman like you did? I want to know!”

“How come?” Dirk teased. “You want to thank her?”

Rolling her eyes, Tammy snorted, “Yeah… I just might, or else I might kick her in the tail, for corrupting my baby brother!” She tried to sound cross, but there was a playful tone lacing her words… and, from the way her nude form was pressed up against Dirk’s, she wasn’t too unhappy with what had happened this morning. In fact, from the relaxed way they held each other, it was clearly visible that neither of them wanted to get out of the water anytime soon.

As they drifted through the pool, Dirk said, “Well… I’ll tell you what, honey… I promise I’ll tell you of the how and who that gave me lessons on sex. However….”

Blinking, Tammy cocked her head and asked, “However?”

Slowly tightening his arms around her, Dirk leaned down and murmured softly, “First, we’ve got to take care of… something, between us.”

It was then that Tammy realized, all the time they’d been in the water, that Dirk was just as naked as she was! Gasping softly, she felt the hot length of what had to be his cock as it twitched against her thigh. “Oh, shit!” she breathed.

Dirk chuckled again. “Tammy… we’ve got to get you a dictionary, ’cause that ain’t shit you’re feeling!” With that, he reached up and pried one of her hands away from his neck, gently urging it downwards until it brushed against the thick column of his warm prick. “Here… see for yourself!”

Unwilling to look down, Tammy nonetheless felt her small hand brush against the taut skin of his arousal. Unable to help herself, her hand twisted around to get an underhand grip on his flesh, to feel it fill her palm and fingers as another deep breath slipped out of her mouth. God! He’s so… so… thick!

Dirk’s own breath deepened as he felt her smooth touch on his cock. “Mm, you like that, honey?”

Nodding her head on sheer reflex, Tammy let her hand travel down to the root of his manhood before slowly moving back up, onto the fat tip of his glans. Curiosity getting hold of her, she eased back from her brother’s body and peered down between them. Her eyes went wide at the sight of it; a meaty, hefty column of maleness, no longer than six inches if she reckoned properly, held in her tiny fist.

Dirk murmured gently, “I’m sorry, Sis.”

Looking back up, she asked in a puzzled tone, “What for?”

“For being so short… down there,” Dirk offered. “I mean, I know a lot of gals like ’em long-.”

“Dirk!” She reached up and pressed two fingers over his lips to still them. He’s apologizing to me… for not being hung like a porn star!? She couldn’t believe her ears! “Dirk,” she said, this time her voice was more supportive and loving. “Dirk, it’s okay… you’ve got nothing to apologize about, casino firmaları believe me! Not every woman wants to admit it, but any cock bigger than a middle finger is just… well, it’s more than enough, and that can be a problem!”

Dirk blinked, then asked, “So… you like it, even small like it is?”

All the while, Tammy had been caressing his cock softly, keeping it stiff but not over-stimulating it with her touch. “Oh, little brother,” she sighed. “This is just like it should be; not to big, not to small… but, from what I can see, it should be just right.”

With a deepening smile, Dirk reached out and rubbed his big hands over her body with a lover’s touch. “Just right… to fuck my big sister with?” he asked hopefully.

Tammy felt that little part of her mind squeak one last time in protest: it’s incest! I-N-C-E-S-T!!! You can’t screw your own brother!

Then, the memory of that magnificent orgasm Dirk had given her came surging back; crushing that last protest amid a wave of tenderness and… yes, even love for her brother.

How can I just go and not do something for him, when he made me feel so damn good, just then?

Looking up into Dirk’s dark eyes, Tammy closed the distance between their naked bodies and reached up to embrace her brother, giving him a smile that telegraphed the feelings put into her next words: “Baby… to me, I don’t think there’s any other cock that looks just right.” She looked towards the house, and added, “You want to use your room, or mine?”

With a growl of loving lust, Dirk reached down and wrapped both hands around Tammy’s slim waist, lifting her feet off the bottom of the pool with ease. “Why not here?” he countered with that same grin he gave her, back before he started to eat her cunny out.

With a squeak, Tammy reflexively lifted her legs to curl them around his waist, and brace her arms over his shoulders. “What? You want to screw me, out here!? In the pool, in front of God and… and-?!”

Her words were cut short by a fierce, yet love-laced kiss Dirk planted on her lips. Breaking it briefly, he started stalking towards the shallow end of the pool, while saying, “Why not? I’m more than hot for your sweet, sweet kitty, and I don’t think we’ll be interrupted by anyone.” He gave her a reassuring smile. “Dad’s not due back for a while, and there’s our privacy fence all around… can’t ask for anything more than that, can you?”

Tammy rhetorically replied, “Oh, a warm bed would be nice!”, before she felt Dirk spin her around and place her facing the edge of the pool; letting her slip down until she could feel the bottom with her feet.

“We’ll find a use for that bed, later,” Dirk promised, moving in close behind her, his hard pecker snuggling in close to her bottom as he ran his hands down her smooth back. “Right now, I’ve got something hot to fill that little kitty of yours!” He gently pushed against her shoulders with one hand, while using the other to hold over her tummy; forcing her to bend until she had to brace her hands against the rim of the pool.

Bent over, Tammy felt her backside rise up, until she could feel the top of the water lapping against the top of her mons. “Cripes, you like to screw dog-style, little brother?” She suddenly gasped as two of Dirk’s thick fingers slipped in between the lips of her puss and slid deeply inside. She could feel the digits spreading her inner walls, stretching her with a sensation of electric fullness.

“Geez, honey!” Dirk’s voice dropped to a deep groan as he thrust his fingers in and out slowly. “You’re as tight as all get out!” His upper body leaned over hers, as he placed a tender kiss on the shell of her ear. “You don’t fuck much, hm?”

Writhing slightly, Tammy moaned as she felt her puss clutch wetly against his probing digits. “Oh, only… um, a few times,” she admitted with a pant. “With a man I’m-OH! Shit… a man, I, really, like!”

Chuckling, Dirk moved smoothly behind her quivering backside, continuing to finger her puss with the addition of a third finger which he planted over her newly-hard clit, rubbing the thick pad over it in long strokes. “Have you ever done it… with someone you loved?”

Gasping with each circuit of his fingers, Tammy felt her fingers tense over the white ceramic edge of the pool as she felt her passion rise. “Have you?” she said, glancing over her shoulder with smoke in her amber eyes.

Giving her a wanton grin, Dirk ran the flat of one hand up her spine and back down, before slipping it and its partner over to settle on her hips. “Oh… to be honest,” he rumbled, dropping his own hips down so that the crown of his cock slid over the vibrating lips of her puss in a slow motion, before slapping on the top of the water before that same entrance. “I think that answer is… right now!” With that, he tipped his lower body towards her, pressing the nose of his dick into the folds of her aroused sex.

“Di-IRK!” Tammy’s breath all but exploded out in a hot rush, as she felt the chubby güvenilir casino head of his cock pry past her outer lips; working slowly onwards as his hands held her firmly to impale her. “Oh… sweet Gee-zus!” Sparks like points of white fire raced out along every nerve as his thick flesh speared her most intimate of holes. Her wet skin went from sizzling hot to goose-bump, prickly cold as the sensation of being filled by her brother overcame her.

Behind her, Dirk wasn’t being shy about his feelings either; his large paws clamped around her round hips, tugging her back in a slow, yet persistent motion. “Hell, Sis,” he growled, “you’re so wet and… umph! That’s a sweet, sweet kitty I’m getting into, honey!”

Tammy rolled her head on one shoulder, unable to stop the smile spreading over her plump lips as she looked back again; seeing the tense-yet-pleased expression of lust on her younger brother’s face. “Mmm, you like my nice kitty, Dirk?” she cooed, watching him continue to thrust forwards, as the muscles on his arms and chest flexed; standing out like a carved piece of dark, wet wood as he fucked into her steadily.

“Mm, yeah… I love that nice, tight puss,” he groaned; his voice pitching up a notch as he sank the last inch into her. “Yeah! I’m lovin’ it, honey!”

Filled and fit snuggly with his cock, Tammy rolled her hips slightly to take the measure of him. Damn, she swore to herself. He’s a perfect fit! He’s got to be at least seven inches inside… rather than six! Sighing, she flexed her internal walls, feeling the rings of muscle along her sheath ripple down his turgid flesh.

“Ahhhh, shit!” Dirk hissed, his fingers tightening further onto her hips.

Tammy felt the laughter bubble up from inside her belly. “That… mm, that ain’t shit, little brother,” she teased, rocking her lower body from side to side as she clenched his cock several times in slow succession. Her own lust rose another notch, as she sensually tortured his rampant cock inside her for several seconds… until, she yelped from the sting of the swat one of his hands delivered to one of her tan butt-cheeks.

“Nah,” Dirk chuckled – a sound filled with mirth, love and just a hint of danger – as he shifted his hands to wrap around her lithe waist. “That’s a hot piece of puss-puss, honey… and, I think it’s time to fuck it!” With that, he pulled his hips back slightly, only withdrawing a couple of inches from her depths before he thrust steadily back inside. When his hips kissed the backside of her sweet buttocks, he repeated the action over, and over again… drilling her vagina in a steady rhythm that had him hissing in pleasure as well. “Mm, honey!”

“Ahhh, Dirk!” Tammy arched her back, throwing her head towards her spine as she closed her eyes in pure bliss. The fire inside her puss was now blazing with each stroke of her brother’s cock.

“You love this?” he asked, leaning down to breathe hotly into her ear. “You love getting your kitty stuffed with my cock, Tammy?”

Tammy growled as a particularly juicy jolt of pleasure shot up her spine. “Mm, yes, little brother… I love the way you fuck your big sister!” She clenched her jaw as she rode the sensations. “You gotta… hmmM! Gotta tell me, who, taught you-?!”

With a series of strong pokes, Dirk finished her sentence for her; “Who taught me how to screw?” He grunted and kissed her neck, before rising back up to continue fucking her smoothly. “Later, honey! We’re not finished here, yet!”

That made Tammy groan in surprise. “Wha-? How, long… mm, are you gonna fuck me, Dirk?” Her belly tensed and rippled, as she got into the motions of their hot rutting. Bracing her arms while balancing on the balls of her feet, she started to push back strongly against Dirk’s thrusts.

“Long as you want me to, honey,” Dirk replied with a grin.

Tammy’s sigh came all the way up from her boiling puss, ending in a high squeak of pleasure. “Don’t want you… to stop, ever, baby!”

The two of them formed a sight that, if witnessed by the neighbors, would probably be described as pure, sinful, scorching sex: her tan, slim, baby-doll body dwarfed by the burly, brown beefcake form of her brother; the both of them covered in wet and sweat, glistening under the late morning sun. The water around them churning steadily, as Dirk pumped his hips into Tammy. The both of them vocalizing their lust in growing volumes as they fucked in the aqua-blue oval of their backyard pool.

Tammy’s mind was caught up in the whirlpool of emotions and sensations. Her brother’s dick was stirring up a fountainhead of lust that was building higher, and higher… every inch of his fat man flesh rubbed against the morsel of her clit, generating enough power with every pass to drive her crazy.

Shit! Tammy shook her head, with her eyes closed so tight she could see flecks of red, white and blue against her eyelids. When I pop off… it’s gonna fry us both! she thought idly, before the rising wave of her inner fires swept away any further cognitive thought.

She was so caught in the swirling waters of their passions, she almost didn’t catch Dirk’s voice — filled with good humor, raw lust and… mild surprise? — when he said, “Heh… was wonderin’ when you’d get here!”

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