Candice and Tony Movie Night


Candice and Tony

Candice is a 43 year old 5’3” brunette with hazel eyes, 115 lbs. 42c chest. A single mother for the past 2 years. Has been that way since her husband of 21 years left her for a younger woman.

Her son, Tony, will graduate high school shortly after his 19th birthday in a few weeks. Tony is 5’ 9” tall, 175 lbs, brown hair and piercing green eyes, a shy man and a bit of a geek. He has had a couple girlfriends but none have ever given him the love he wanted.

It was a month ago that Tony and Candice got closer in their relationship.

Tony had been on a date with Tonya when he came back home very early. Tony went to his room and changed his clothes put on a t-shirt and lounge pants. Tony went back down to the kitchen to grab a soda. It was only then that he realized he didn’t see his mom anywhere. He shut the fridge door and started to go to his room. As he approached the bathroom door he heard his mom singing in the shower. Tony smiled. This usually meant she was happy. He stopped just short of the door, leaned against the wall, smiled and just listened. A newer song came on and she sang along with it. The water turned off. Tony stood there a moment too long as the door opened and there was his mother dressed in a powder blue silk top and matching shorty shorts. Candice jumped back at being startled by Tony. Tony apologized for scaring her.

She asked “Why are you home already?”

He told her “Tonya broke up with me. She said I wasn’t man enough for her.” She took his hand and then gave him a hug. Comforting him.

She suggests “How about a movie night?” Tony agrees and they head down to the living room. Candice goes to the kitchen and gets them both a drink and some snacks.

They sit on the big comfy couch recliner. Half way through the movie Candice decided to get a little more comfortable and snuggled up to Tony’s shoulder. Tony put his arm around his mother. A few moments later Tony’s cock started to harden as the scene got a little more sexual on screen. Candice noticed. She began to gently stroke his thigh almost absent mindedly. Tony began to stoke his hand up and down her arm. Candice noticed the bulge in his pants get harder and her breathing increased. She passed her hand over his hard cock. Tony paused his rubbing of her arm. Her breathing paused a moment. She has not felt a real hard cock in over 3 years. Using only her vibrating friend as a way of pleasure.

Tony let out a deep breath as his mom wrapped her hand around his hard cock. Candice began to rub it through his pants. She snuggled poker oyna up to his neck and began kissing him. Tony runs his hand gently through her still damp hair. She looked up at him and then leaned in for the most passionate kiss he has ever had. Both moaned as their tongues touched for the first time. Candice reached inside his pants to touch his hard hot cock. She wraps her hand around his hot manhood. She begins to slowly stroke it. Tony began to fondle his moms firm breasts. Her nipples hardening from his touch. Candice slides off the couch to kneel in front of her young man. She grasps the waistband of his lounge pants and pulls them down. She stares in awe at the size of her sons cock. Its full hard length and red head. She gently takes it in her hand and strokes it up and down. A drop of precum oozes from its head. She inhales deeply, she brings the head to her lips and kisses it, tasting his precum. She licks her lips making them wet then she takes his manhood into her mouth. Tony groans from the pleasure his mother is giving him. The first time any woman has ever given him this kind of pleasure. She bobs her head taking almost all of him down her throat. She slowly moves up sucking hard. His cock audibly pops from her mouth.

Tony groans “Oh mom.” This invigorates Candice. She takes him again deep into her mouth and down her throat. Tony strokes her head as Candice gives him his first blowjob. Candice sucks him wanting him to last. She pauses once in a while and runs her tongue around the cock head and along the slit. She takes him back in her mouth and bobs her head up and down. She feels Tony’s cock head expand and knows he is about to cum.

Tony takes his moms head in both hands and says “Mom, I’m going to cum.”

Candice sucks hard as Tony explodes in her mouth. Candice swallows all of his load. As Tony goes limp in her mouth she keeps sucking to get all of his tasty cum.

“Mom that was mind blowing. That was my first time.” Tony states slumping back on the couch, looks down at his mother, who is still savoring the taste of him. Candice looks up at him and smiles. She stands up and bends at the waist in front of Tony, grabs her drink takes a swallow. Looking back at her son, turns around while grabbing the bottom of her shirt and lifts it over her head freeing her ample breasts. She tosses it to the side. She turns around and seductively bends over lowering her shorts, kicking them to the side also. Tony stares wide eyed as him mom does a striptease for him.

She walks in front of him and stands between his legs. She bends canlı poker oyna over and kisses him on the mouth. Tony takes his hands and cups his mothers large firm breasts. Candice moves to kneel on the couch straddling her son. Tony keeps his hands on her tits. Candice moves and puts a nipple in his mouth. Tony wastes no time in sucking on her nipple just like he did when he was a baby. Tony gently nips at it with his teeth. Candice takes a sharp inhale of breath as pleasure goes through her. Tony goes back to sucking and licking her nipple. She pulls away and offers her other nipple to him. He did the same thing nipping a little harder this time. Candice inhales sharply but when she breaths out it is a purring sound. She fells Tony getting hard again so she begins to grind on his hardening cock. Tony keeps alternating between nipples making his mom groan with pleasure. Candice, getting wetter as she grinds on Tony’s hard cock. Once she is sufficiently wet she lifts up a little and her sons cock slides right in to her hot wet pussy. She takes him all the way in as she arches her back and both groan out in pleasure.

Tony grabs her by the hips as she begins to ride him. She rides him with slow deep strokes enjoying every inch of his hard cock. Tony moves his hands to her back and pulls her down for a kiss. They both groan in each others mouth. Candice picks up speed as she feels her orgasm approaching. With one last thrust on his hot cock, her orgasm hits her. Candice arches her back and lets out a silent breath. Tony lets out a groan himself and begins to fill his mother with his hot cum. Candice collapses on to her sons deeply breathing chest. Reveling in his body heat. Kissing his neck and then places a lovers kiss on his mouth. Tony wraps his arms around his loving mother. “I love you mom.”

“Awwww Tony I love you too. This was great. It’s late and we should go to bed.” Candice climbs off Tony and heads up the stairs. Tony sits stunned at what just happened. Grabs his drink downs it in a big gulp. He gets up and goes to the kitchen, puts his glass in the dishwasher. Heads up the stairs to his room. Stops at the bathroom and takes care of business and does a quick wash up.

As he opens the door to his room he is shocked, as he sees his mother laying in his bed. “I didn’t mean in separate beds.” Candice says smiling and patting the bed beside her. Tony walks over to the bed, sits on the edge and gently strokes his mothers cheek. He bends down and kisses her like only a lover could. He slides into bed beside of her. Candice wraps her arms around internet casino her son pulling him into her. Kissing him like a lover. Tony take initiative and rolls them over so that his mom is on top of him. He strokes her back, Candice pulls her knees up to straddle Tony.

“Oh mom I love you so much.” Tony tells her.

“Aww baby I love you too. You have become such a handsome man.” She begins grinding her already hot wet pussy on his hard manhood. She stops and begins kissing his chest. She gently nibbles one of his nipples. Tony groans deeply. Candice continues kissing down her sons stomach. Once she reaches his hard cock she places gentle kisses on the head and then up and down the shaft.

“Mmmmm I have to have this again.” She says just above a whisper while cradling his cock in her hand.

Tony responds “It’s all yours mom, You can have it however you want.” Candice crawls up the bed to kiss Tony on the lips and then says “I want you to fuck my ass!”

“OH MY GOD mom Did you just asked me to do that? “ Tony asks shock in his voice.

“Yes I want you to take me that way.” she hands him a tube of lube and assumes the doggie position so Tony can taker her.

Tony moves behind his mother. Tony fingers his mothers wet pussy for a few moments. He opens the lube and puts some on his finger then gently slides his wet finger into her asshole. Candice moans as she takes all of his finger. Tony pauses a moment taking in the scene before him. He begins to slowly move his finger out. Candice shudders with excitement. Tony moves his finger back in slowly. Her ass begins to relax after a few moments.

Candice growls “Tony take me now!” Tony slowly withdraws his finger and takes position behind his mom. Rubs some more lube on his hard cock. Tony presses his cock to her ass. She gives a little wiggle and she groans as his cock head presses into her. Both groan in pleasure. Tony begins to push more of his cock into his mother. Slowly pleasuring his mother. Tony sets a slow rhythm. Candice moans in pleasure. Tony increases his depth upon hearing his mother moan. Candice groans and cries out in pleasure.

“Mom I’m gonna cum.” Tony says through gritting teeth.

“YES baby, Cum in my ass!” Candice cries.

Tony gives one last thrust deep in her ass and explodes. As the first jet of his cum explodes in her, Candice’s orgasm hits her hard, She cries out in pleasure tightening her ass around her sons cumming cock

Tony collapses aside of his mother rolling her into his arms. Tony wraps his arm around his mother and whispers “I love you mom.” A tear rolls from Candice’s eye. “ I love you too baby.” She then kisses him deeply. A few minutes later they both fall asleep exhausted.

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