Canoe Trip


This is actually a true story that I wanted to share because it’s one of the horniest experiences in my life. I swear to God this story is true…


Nixie (real name withheld) is a friend of mine who liked my erotic stories. She always wanted to share her wild experience, so I told her that if she wrote down what she could remember I’d turn it into a story for her. After three rewrites, her editing and adding comments, we were both finally had the story complete. I asked her for permission to publish it and she agreed as long as she got to use a pseudonym. Happy to oblige for a good story, here it is…



I was 18 and living in Idaho. We don’t have a big college — just a small community college — but it does bring in some nice looking guys who enjoy the Snake River Canyon a lot. It’s a place where you can check out the twin falls that flow over a large drop, go golfing, swimming, canoing, spelunking, high jumping off cliff walls… You name it… If it’s adventure you want, Idaho is a great place to go to college. (Though, I must confess, I never did go to that college.)

Anyway, Jenny and I used to go into the canyon every spring/summer that came. The older we got, the farther we traveled up river to explore. Eventually, we got a single canoe for like a hundred bucks and found ourselves finding rapids and hot springs. The first rapids, we just climbed out and carried the canoe up the rock sides and around them. Sometimes, especially on the way back, we’d just ride them down. Other times, we traveled even farther up to the hot springs.

The hot springs were like a treasure. I mean, no shit — we were totally alone, no one to see us, and so we could do things that nobody could see. Our favorite thing to do was build a bit of a sauna. Since the hot springs were too hot, we made a conduit with rocks, which would push the cold water into the spring, cooling it off. Then we’d take off all our clothes, splash around and sun-bathe. We’d talk for half a day before we’d have to start back for home.

Well, I know what you’re thinking: two girls, skinny dipping, yah-yah-yah… While I wondered about having sex with girls, I didn’t casino şirketleri go that far yet. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I checked Jen out a few times. She was a hottie!! I could see where guys could get jealous of me, sitting there, catching glimpses of her pussy. The truth is, I don’t think Jen was into girls. I knew she liked guys, though. The next experience taught me that for sure.

One time, early July, we were heading for our favorite springs, but Jenny heard noises. We both put the canoe down and crept up some rocks, hiding ourselves behind them, finding naked boys stealing our spot. They were throwing mud at each other (typical), jumping in the water to escape and one was sunning on our beach! We’d find out that these three guys were from the college, exploring here for the first time, but then we didn’t care. When we saw them, we figured our spot was lost forever. Distraught, we almost turned around and went home.

But then, Jenny said the wildest thing: “Let’s scare them off. I mean, imagine their faces when they notice that they’ve been caught by a couple girls!” We giggled. (That shit was funny.) I decided to agree.

We decided to just walk up, saying: “Hey! What are you guys doing?!” Jenny said we should say it really mean like, like we’re disgusted. “They’ll never come back.”

Really, I don’t know how it came to be my job to be the one who said anything, but when we got close enough the guys called to each other and covered their groins as fast as they could. My mouth opened to say something, but I realized that the guy who was sun-bathing couldn’t quit hide all of his “stuff.” It was growing to his embarrassment and I just couldn’t do it to him. I looked at Jenny, thinking that she’d say something, but her face was fixed on the abs of another guy.

“Hi,” Jenny said, finally. “Th-This is our spot.” Her voice came off as a shy little girl and I can see why one guy removed his hands from his penis. He wasn’t afraid of us anymore.

“You guys could join us,” he said with a smile. I’ll call smiley Jack, the guy who actually dared to take his hands away from his dick. The guy, who was the only blond guy, I’ll call Sam. This guy’s casino firmaları dick was already hard and big — hiding it was a joke. The third, the shorter guy, I’ll call Hamlet. (Seriously, I didn’t catch any of their names. And Hamlet reminded me of Shakespear because he was a bit bookish looking.)

Jack was already looking us over when I decided to get brave and said, “Okay.” I began to strip and the guys watched me. Jenny watched for a second and began stripping, looking up at the guys. She added: “But don’t expect anything.”

Free of our clothes, we jumped into the water and started swimming. (I could feel their eyes on our backsides, let me tell you!) We turned around to watch the guys jump in after us. Needless to say, there was a lot of splashing each other and pushing guys away, laughing as they tried so hard to grope us. I was so excited that I could feel my pussy buzzing and I knew Jenny was having just as much fun. When they showed off their cocks, I got as much as an eyeful as I could. They all got hard and I loved watching them run, their cocks and balls bouncing up and down as they went. I wondered, too, if they were getting blue balls. I didn’t know much about it, but I figured that having hard-ons as long as they did had to hurt.

After a while, when I was pretty sure nobody would notice, I did pet my soft vulva underneath the water.

I was guessing the guys got their eyefuls, too. They dived under a lot and swam by us, trying to pinch our asses. The water wasn’t crystal clear, but it was clear enough.

After about two hours, we couldn’t take it anymore. Our pussies were so ready for cock, we began to lose control (I know, Bad Girls!) — we began grabbing at their cocks. They let us, of course, happy that they were getting some attention. I grabbed Jack’s cock and started rubbing it under the water. Jenny started doing this to Hamlet. Sam, sunbathing on the beach, watched and started jerking on his red hunk of meat. I watched him, jerking Jack off, feeling Jack’s hand slide over my ass cheeks, his fingers slipping into my pussy. It was great, feeling his hands spread my cheeks underwater and slip his fingers in and out of my pussy…) güvenilir casino I began to push against his jamming fingers as his cock, hard and pulsing in my hands, easily thrusted back and forth.

I lead him to the beach by his hard-on, wanting to see it all hard and pulsing. I put it in my mouth and sucked on his head. I licked his dick up and down and licked his balls until he was moaning. I then jerked like mad, looking back at Jenny, who was actaully watching me suck this guy off! It must have been too much for Jack: his seed began to jump out of his cock, landing on his chest, stomach and on my knee. When I looked up Sam was cumming, too.

Jenny, at this point, was going farther than me. She was still underwater, legs wrapped around Hamlet’s waist and bouncing on his cock in the water. She was a loud girl, let me tell you!

Well, I couldn’t have that! Even though Jack was going flacid, I decided to suck and lick it until his cock was hard again. I think it took less than a minute! His cock looked so hard and good again, I decided to turn around, getting on all fours, and tell him, “Eat my pussy!”

It didn’t take long to have his face stuffed in my ass, tongue lolling hot in my slippery cunt-lips. I swear to God, I was cumming faster than I expected. He knew I came, too, because I practically beat his face with my ass! (LOL)

ANYWAY! Jenny had orgasmed, so she was sucking him off. I watched them as Jack mounted me from behind and started humping me. I didn’t cum this time, but Jack couldn’t hold off. After a about a minute of feeling his balls slap against my puss, he jammed it in one last time and was spurting inside me. I guess I could have, too, but I was interested in seeing Jenny actually jerk on Hamlet’s cock, his head stuck in her mouth, showing off some major stamina! Suddenly, she gagged and cum began to squirt out the side of her lips, but she was able to swallow the mouthful. I was so impressed, I told myself I’d try that sometime as she looked over at me, cum dripping from her lips and chin. (And, not to mention, I saw the cum that was on Hamlet’s dick, dripping! BEAUTIFUL!)

We left soon after. It was getting late. We said bye and never went back to that spot for a long time. The last thing we wanted was guys thinking that all they had to do is go to “paradise” to get a piece of ass. This was a one-time-deal for us, you know. At least, us and those guys.

Peace & Love,


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