Caribbean Holiday Ch. 10


It’s hard to believe that Irina and I are going home today. This afternoon at 3’Oclock we fly away to Mid-America, cold, gray and work. Now, we are sitting on the beach having our breakfast.
Irina is topless, as she has been every morning during our holiday. She looks so delicious. There is something very special about a blond Scandinavian woman with a nice healthy tan. Her firm 36C tits are amazing with wonderful one-inch hard nipples standing straight out. Not a bit of sag in them. The looks she gets from other men and women are pure lust.

We have been talking about our holiday in Jamaica. Before coming here I was the only man to ever fuck Irina. During this holiday she has fucked 2 black men, one with a 12/13-inch cock. She fucked 5 guys and me at least 40 times over a 6-hour period on a boat. The black boat captain fucked her in the ass while I fucked her pussy and she sucked on a guys cock She fucked Allen at least 5 times on the beach. Then there was the two high school kids and Jack. Not to mention the wild Toga party and the two women she was with all day on the beach. Not bad.

Irina said it’s enough sexual excitement to last till out next holiday. Irina is Miss Conservative back home in small town USA. She never goes without a bra and here she’s topless all day. We both like it this way. Being crazy on holiday and living some of your fantasies together is great.

We are going down the beach to our spot till lunch and then come back and pack our things for the trip home. About fifty yards from the restaurant Irina stops and takes off her bottoms. Irina likes walking down the beach naked and I love seeing casino şirketleri people’s expressions when they see her. My cock gets hard just walking with her. Her tits have this little jiggle.

When we arrive there is nobody on the beach and we go snorkling. The water is so warm and clear, full of many colorful fish. When we leave the water we see Linda and Denise coming down the beach with what must be their husbands. Linda and Denise are both naked but their husbands are in shorts. I remember those two little shaven pussies. I fucked both of them 3 or 4 times and they ate Irina’s pussy on this very beach while their husbands were playing golf. Linda and Denise and Irina are instantly together giggling and laughing. The guys are staring at Irina’s Playboy body with lustful eyes. I can see their cocks getting hard in their shorts. Linda and Denise give me some nice hello kisses. I behave myself and refrain from feeling those nice little tits and pussies.

The girls headed for the water chatting away and leaving me with their husbands, Simon and Jim. They ask me how Irina and I know their wives. I tell them we met briefly here a couple of days ago as they were walking past. I mention that I believe they were playing golf. Irina came and saved me. When she walked up to us naked the guys were openly staring at her. With both of them looking, Irina reached down and took my cock in her hand and said to come with her. She led me into the water whispering that she wanted to tease them. Denise and Linda had told her their husband think they are god’s gift to women. They had asked Irina to tease and torture them.

Diane, casino firmaları Linda and Irina started teasing the guys, telling them to take their shorts off. They were slow taking their shorts off and when they did both of them were hard. They admitted they had never been naked on a beach before. Irina was purposely keeping her tits out of the water so the guys could see them. Irina asked Diane and Linda to sit with her on the beach. The girls laid back on the beach at the waters edge with their legs open. All three of the girls’ pussies were on display. I sat down beside Irina with a nice hard cock from looking at all the pussy and tits. The guys were standing in the water looking at the girls. I told them it’s impossible not have a hard cock with three naked women laying here, come out of the water. They came up and sat down. I open some beers and passed some joints around and soon everyone was relaxed.

Irina was sitting on her crossed legs, totally exposing her beautiful blond pussy. Her puffy lips were open and her clit was out a good inch. Pot makes her very horny. Linda and Diane were both wet. The guys had hard cocks from watching Irina, the beer and from all the joints. Every once in awhile Irina would run her fingers through her blond pussy hair caressing her clit. She would look at the guys when she did this.

Linda reached over and caressed Irina’s blond pussy saying we should shave Irina’s little pussy. Her husband could not believe his wife was playing with Irina’s pussy. If he only knew that two days ago his wife had her face buried in Irina’s pussy for most of the day. Linda was playing güvenilir casino with Irina’s clit telling Diane to get their razor and oil so they could shave Irina. They had Irina sit on the edge of a sun bed and the two girls sat on the beach between her legs. Their husbands were sitting next to Irina, one on each side, watching closely. Linda pushed Irina’s legs far apart and asked each of the guys to hold a leg. Irina was doing the splits. Her pussy was totally open now. Irina’s pussy lips were open and her clit was bare for all of us to see. Each guy had hold of one of her legs pressing against their hard cocks. Each of them was caressing the inside of her thighs. Irina had hold of each guys cock.

Diane put some oil in her hands and began to rub it all over Irina’s pussy paying special attention to her pussy lips and clit. Soon Irina was rotation her hips and letting out little moans. Pre-cum was flowing out of mine and the guys cocks watching this show. The guys were playing with Irina’s tits while Diane was running her finger in and out of Irina’s pussy. Irina started cuming loudly. Both girls started shaving her pussy. Every time their fingers touched her clit Irina would moan. Soon her pussy was bald as a new baby. The guys were caressing her tits and sliding their fingers into her pussy. Irina asked the guys to cum on her tits. They aimed their cocks at Irina’s tits and mouth and came quickly with Irina sucking on each of their cocks. The girls had planed this to loosen up their husbands.

Linda was on her knees and I was fucking her hard while her husband watched. The guys were giving Irina a good fucking while I fucked their wives. We all fucked each of the girls a couple of times. Irina said we had to go catch a plane home and that we enjoyed their company. We went for a swim, had a late lunch, packed and took a long shower and left Jamaica. Maybe again next year…

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