CARLYDonna was working late so she sent me to the supermarket with a list. It was bucketing down with rain as I came out and walked to the car with my shopping, as I loaded the boot up I noticed a young girl getting a right bollocking from an older guy. After I’d finished and was taking the trolley back I passed her by, she was crying and he’d taken off in his car.She looked so upset so I said “Do you want to shelter in my car” she nodded and got in the passenger side. As we talked she said her name was Carly, she was 24 and was in a relationship with her boyfriend who was 41. She was sort of attractive, 5’2”, glasses, shoulder length dark hair, about 14 stone, wearing jeans with big thighs and a black top with a leather jacket.As we talked she pulled out a packet of cigs, handing me one she said “Can we go somewhere quieter” I said “Of course” and at the bottom of our town is an old unused car park under a viaduct, I parked there bursa escort and we opened the window to let the smoke out without the rain coming in. as we talked all her troubles seemed to be solving themselves.Before I knew it 45 minutes had elapsed and we had smoked a good few cigs when suddenly she went quiet. As she looked at me she moved closer and leaned in and kissed me, she pulled away and just stared at me, then moved in again. With her arm around my neck we were soon snogging away and my arms were wrapped around her.As our tongues entwined together she was passionate and after a good fifteen minutes she pulled away and unzipped her jacket. Kissing again I moved my hands onto her ample tits as we snogged away it wasn’t long before she was moaning. Moving down to kiss her neck she groaned again and lifted up her top, she pulled away reached round and unclipped her bra.My hands were immediately rolling her hard nipples as I bursa escort bayan kissed her she was moaning again. “Shall we get in the back” I said she moaned “Yes”. As we got out of the car and onto the back seat she knelt by my side as we carried on what we’d been doing, after a few more minutes she sat back and unbuttoned her jeans slipping them down to just above her knees.I bent down to suck her nipples as I slipped my fingers over her cunt through her black knickers, she was wet. As I sucked and rubbed her she was soon coming, her hands running through my hair as she moaned away. Two, three minutes later she screamed as I rubbed her clit faster as she rocked on my hand as her orgasm took hold of her.As she subsided she pulled down her jeans and took them off, she fondled my hard 6” and removed my pants pulling them down to my knees, and then my boxers, and she bent over and licked my cock. A few minutes later she straddled escort bursa me, pulled her knickers to one side, and guided my wood into her warm wet pussy.It didn’t take her long to be bouncing up and down on my pole moaning as she did with every movement, as her tits were in my face I did the decent thing and sucked her hard nipples. She tipped my face to hers and as I fondled her beautiful tits she snogged my face off. Ten minutes had soon gone by when she announced “God I’m coming again” and I replied “So am I”.As she bounced up and down harder her groaning were turning to virtual screaming, then she came again hard as her juices flooded over my cock and balls, my climax rising as I shot my sticky wet cum up her chunnel. She carried on bouncing for a few minutes then sat on me kissing me and gasping. As she got off me all our fluids were mattered in my pubes.She got dressed as did I and the cigs came out, we talked some more and then her phone rang, her boyfriend, she said “I’ll have to go but thanks for that” as I drove her back to the supermarket where we’d met she said “I like older men” as I smiled she got out and was gone into the night.

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