Casino Pays Out Big Time

Big Tits

Casino Pays Out Big TimeLast weekend my wife went away on a girls weekend up to the cottage, so on the Friday night I decided to try my luck at the casino. I was probably only there for 20 minutes when the machine I was playing hit a mini jackpot. The bells went off and a casino employee came over to verify my winning machine. I won $2500. Not to bad I thought! I took my winnings and went to a fancy restaurant in the casino and ordered a $100 steak dinner. After dinner and dessert I got a room for the night. That was another $500. The suite was awesome with a mini bar, king size bed and 55″ tv. The bathroom had a huge walk in shower and a massive Jacuzzi tub. I put $500 in my pocket and the rest of my money I put into my room safe. I went back down to the casino to play some more slots. I was playing for almost 2 hours when I noticed I was down to my last $20. I picked a new machine and inserted my money into it and pulled the handle. Boom – jackpot again!!! This time I hit a bigger jackpot – $15,000! The same casino attendant brought me to a private room, gave me a glass of champagne and asked me how I would like to be paid out. I told her cash. After about 20 minutes the attendant and a security guard presented me with a gym bag full of money. They both escorted me to my room so I could lock away my winnings. Holy shit it was only 11pm!!! After I locked away my cash I took another $500 and went back to the casino. I was sitting at a machine when a very sexy mid 20 year old girl sat next to me and started a conversation with me. She told me her name was Sarah and that her and her new husband Kevin were there on their honeymoon. Unfortunately Kevin is not a good gambler and had lost all of their money and now they have no way to get back home. I know a scam when I hear it, but I continued to listen because Sarah had huge tits, karşıyaka escort in a tight v neck shirt, and I wanted to keep staring at her cleavage. She caught me looking at her tits, and asked me if I liked what I saw. I said yes. She then asked me if I wanted to see more. I again said yes! She said that she had a proposition for me…if I gave her $250 she would let me watch her and Kevin have sex. I told that would be good to start, but I wanted more. She said she would have to ask her hubby first. She turned and motioned for Kevin to join us. Kevin was a tall skinny dude, not bad looking but a bit older than Sarah. She introduced Kevin to me. We shook hands and I suggested we go to the bar for a few drinks first and iron out the details.After a few drinks we decided that they would come back to my room, and I would pay them $250 to watch them fuck. Then for another $200 she would suck me off and I could cum on her tits. We agreed on the terms and headed up to my room. I knew I was going to get more out of them and I was going to use their situation to my sexual advantage. We got to my room and we all agreed that everyone should shower. I told them to go first and then I would go. As they showered I dimmed the lights, turned down the bed and made us a round of drinks. I made theirs extra strong, and mine pretty weak. They both came out of the bathroom wearing the white hotel robes. I handed them their drinks and told them to go to the bed and get started and I would be right out.I had a quick shower, and dried off in the bathroom. I exited the bathroom naked. Kevin & Sarah were on the bed naked kissing each other and letting their hands explore each others body. Sarah’s tits were huge!! She had perfect pink nipples, a nice plump ass and a completely shaved pussy. Kevin was very lean, with escort karşıyaka a decent sized cut cock and he too was completely shaved. She was slowly jerking his hard cock as he sucked her tits. She stared at me and smiled as he licked from one nipple to the other. I asked if I could taste her tits too. She agreed and both Kevin and I sucked a tit. I moved my hand to her pussy and started to massage her swollen lips as I sucked her nipple. She moaned and groaned with pleasure as I slipped a finger into her wet hole. As I finger fucked her I told them I would give them $1000 if I could join them for a 3way. They both agreed. I immediately moved my mouth to her pussy and eat her out, while Kevin put his dick in her mouth. As I ate her pussy I watched Kevin fuck her mouth. She was good at sucking dick and had no problem swallowing all of Kevin’s cock. I wanted to see if she could do them same with my big dick so I positioned myself on the other side of her so she could take turns sucking both of our cocks. She slid my entire 7.5″ down her throat without even a glimmer of a gag. Wow, she could suck cock. I couldn’t help but noticed that Kevin was mesmerized my my cock. He really seemed to enjoy watching his pretty wife deep throat me.We changed positions so Kevin could fuck her while I watched. Kevin laid on his back and Sarah mounted him reverse cowgirl. He bucked his cock slowly in and out of her. Sarah arched all the way back so her pussy was in the air as he fucked her. I positioned myself between both their legs so I could lick her pussy as he fucked her. I sucked her clit and licked her pussy inched away from his cock. I moved my mouth down a bit so my tongue could brush against his cock as it went in her. He didn’t flinch so I started to run my mouth up and down his shaft as her fucked karşıyaka escort bayan her. He started to moan and fuck her harder. I slid my tongue from her clit down to his balls and back. I squeezed his balls and licked his cock as he pounded his wife. Very quickly he moaned that he was going to cum. I grabbed his cock and pulled it out of her sopping cunt and shoved his entire cock down my throat. He pumped 2 or 3 times and unleashed a tidal wave of cum down my throat. Sarah looked down to see me swallowing her hubby’s cock and gasped. “Oh my God!”” she said. “That is so fucking hot!” I continued to lick every last drop of his cum out of his now soft dick. Sarah kissed Kevin deep and told him how horny that made her. He just sat there stunned. My cock was now so hard it could cut diamonds. I flipped Sarah and her belly and slid my cock into her wet pussy and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. I fucked her for about a minute hard. I told her I was going to cum and she asked me to pull out and cum on her ass. I whipped my cock out of her and jacked off and blew a huge load of jizz all over her ass. There was cum everywhere. I rubbed my cock in my cum on her ass cheeks. She moaned and push her ass up on me so I slipped my still hard cock right into her asshole. She gasped with surprise and groaned “of my god, my ass.!!”I kept pumping her asshole and withing seconds she was screaming with pleasure, telling me to fuck her harder. I reached around with both hands and grabbed her big tits and pumped her ass as fast as I could. I fucked her for about 30 seconds and then came again. This time I came deep in her ass. She fell limp on the bed, breathing very heavy. I pulled my now limp cock out of her ass and proceeded to give her a rim job. I cleaned all my sweet jizz from her ass. I sucked all my cum from deep in her ass. She bucked her hips hard as I ate her ass and she came hard. The three of us just laid on the bed for a while and collected ourselves. I suggested me all go shower and have another drink, and renegotiate our terms because I wanted more! They agreed and the 3 of us went to the shower.(More in part 2)

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