When Jason was in college he had a friend who he met over the Internet named Bryn. Well, that wasn’t her real name, but it was the one she went by. They were members of the same on line club. They chatted via instant messenger for almost two years. She was a horny virgin living in Ohio and he a horny twenty year old living in Texas.

During the time when they were talking on line he met Liz, they started to date, and then engaged to be married. After Jason graduated from college they moved to Chicago and almost instantly talked about hooking up with Bryn for some fun. Like Bryn, Liz was also bisexual and she had been jilling off about the possibility of the three of us together.

So, the three of them planned on hooking up a couple of months after Jason and Liz arrived in Chicago. Before their plans were cemented, Liz and Jason had a huge fight and ended up breaking up. They were living together but it wasn’t long before he was planning his move back to Texas. One morning Bryn called out of the blue to let them know that she’d be in town the following weekend. Jason was excited, but Liz wasn’t too happy because she already had plans to not be in town that weekend (she was doing all she could to avoid him). Before she left on Friday, she kissed Jason and told him that if he fucked Bryn that she’d definitely throw him out that night.

The next day Bryn called to tell Jason that she was in town and he gave her directions to his place. She was nervous about driving all the way over from her friend’s place in Indiana so her friend Princess joined her.

About an hour or so after the call, they knocked on the door. Jason wasn’t expecting to do anything with Princess, just Bryn. Princess set up her laptop, snack food and drinks in the living room. She also had a sleeping bag which she tossed into the corner. Bryn and Jason instantly went to the bedroom.

As soon as the door was closed, Bryn and Jason were in each other’s arms making out like teenagers. Princess was leaning against the wall that separated the living room from the bedroom and that just about any sound that was made she’d hear, and because of that, they wanted to be as loud as possible.

Bryn looked at Jason and said, “I haven’t done anything like this before.”

“Like what?”

“Sex with someone that I just met, and sex in general. I’ve only been with one other guy.”

Jason kissed her again and comforted her. Then they moved to the bed and were naked in almost no time at all.

They laid there, horny, naked, kissing and touching. He moved from kissing her lips to sucking on her nipples while playing with the hair on her pussy, and fingering her with two and three fingers. She was kissing him and massaging his hard dick.

He took her hand from my dick and held it in his. Jason leaned forward and kissed her. She kissed back. He rolled her onto her back and spread her legs, then he slid between them. She was very wet at this point. He kissed her with one long kiss as he also took my dick and slowly pushed it into her. It’s been a very long time since Jason felt a pussy that tight.

Jason slowly rocked his hips in and out of her. Holding onto one of her hands in his, he enjoyed the feeling of his rock hard dick inside of this incredibly casino şirketleri tight pussy. Jason was going slowly for two reasons, one, because he didn’t want this to end just yet. Second, he wanted her to get used to a dick as thick as mine.

It was about this time when the door opened and Liz came walked in, a day early. She looked around the room. There was a woman sitting in her living room whom she did not recognize. She jumped up suddenly. Liz looked at her, her good mood was shattered. Here was a younger girl, with her pants open and pushed down rubbing herself while listening to the sex sounds in the next room. Liz said nothing to Princess, she dropped her bags and entered the bedroom.

“You bastard!” she shouted, catching Jason and Bryn red handed. “I thought you might actually have the decency to keep your promise and not fuck this bitch.” she said angrily.

Jason pulled out of Bryn and spun around. There was Liz standing in the door way, and behind her was Princess looking in, pulling up her panties. Both women got a good view of the two naked people on the bed. Liz walked into the room, crawled onto the bed and slapped Jason across the face, then she slapped Bryn even harder.

“Bitch.” Bryn said as she rubbed her face. She then got onto her knees, looked Liz in the eyes and slapped her as hard as she could.

Liz was slapped so hard that she fell over, off her knees, then off of the bed. Princess finished zipping up her pants and rushed to help Liz up. “Are you okay?” she asked.

Liz didn’t answer. She was still in the grasp of Princess, and she wasn’t sure what to do next.

Jason and Bryn got off of the bed.

“You two might as well finish, I’m going to throw you both out anyways, so you might as well finish what you two started.”

Princess released Liz from her grasp and stood back. She didn’t know what to do at this point.

Jason walked up to Liz, and Bryn was on her left (Princess was on the right). He put his hands on Liz and said, “I thought you weren’t coming back until tomorrow?”

“I didn’t trust you.” Liz said, “So I wanted to make sure that you were being good. Good thing I came back when I did so I could see you fucking this slut.”

Princess slapped Liz, “That’s my friend you’re calling a slut, whore.”

Liz turned to Princess and said, “Who the hell are you?” as she slapped her.

“STOP THIS!” Jason ordered as he stood between the two girls.

Bryn slapped Liz once more, “Don’t do that to my friend.”

Jason turned to Bryn. “Sorry.” she said, “This slapping each other is actually turning me on.

Jason turned back to Liz, held her again and said, “I’m sorry about all of this, but you broke up with me. I’m not doing anything wrong.”

“You’re fucking in my bed.”

“You could have joined us had you not gone to your friends. You’ve been dreaming about this for a long time honey, and here it is.”

“This is not the way I dreamed of it.” she said as she started to struggle against Jason.

Jason pulled her close, “hear me out.” he said to her, pulling her closer.

Bryn got closer to Liz, put her arm around her back, and one arm around Jason’s.

Princess took a step back and watched what was going on.

“Get casino firmaları away from me Jason.” Liz said.

Jason put his hand on her chin and tilted her head and kissed her.

She returned the kiss.

Bryn watched the couple kiss and placed her hand on both of their asses and stepped closer. She started to kiss Jason on the cheek, then she moved over and kissed Liz on the cheek.

Shocked, Liz turned to Bryn to tell her to stop, but Bryn beat her to it and continued the kiss with Liz that Jason started.

Bryn slid her tongue into Liz’s mouth while undoing her pants button. Jason got behind Liz and massaged her shoulders, his hard dick pressing against Liz’s ass. Liz moved her hands to block Bryn, but Jason grabbed her wrists and held her hands away from her body. “Stop, let me go.” she said in protest.

Bryn didn’t listen, she finished undoing Liz’s slacks and let them drop to the floor. She looked at Liz’s panties and legs. “Nice.” she said with a smile. She then unbuttoned her blouse and admired the view of Liz’s bra clad breasts. She kissed Liz again, this time with Liz instantly giving in to the kiss.

With Liz distracted, Jason and Princess worked together to remove the blouse and the bra from Liz. Bryn guided Liz to the bed, still with her tongue in Liz’s mouth, and once they were on the bed, Jason removed her pants, but not the shoes.

It was now clear that Liz wasn’t being forced to kiss Bryn but willingly kissing her, and enjoying it. Bryn removed Liz’s panties and Jason slide onto the bed next to Liz, and putting his hand on Bryn’s ass.

Princess stayed in the room watching, and slowly removing her clothes. She sat in the desk chair, turned to face the trio and causally rubbed herself as she watched in silence.

Jason rolled onto his side and while keeping his hand on Bryn’s ass, he leaned over and started to suck on Liz’s left nipple. She let out a soft moan. Jason also put his hand on her thigh and rubbed it, moving his hand slowly up to her pussy.

Bryn put a hand under Liz and pulled her closer, pressing her left boob into Liz’s right. Liz moved her arm up onto Bryn’s shoulder. Bryn took her other hand and put on Liz’s hip, rolling Liz onto her side. Bryn rolled herself onto her side, she then moved her hand onto Liz’s ass.

Jason moved his hand from Liz’s thigh to her pussy lips, and grazed them with his finger. She was already wet. Liz lifted her top leg to give Jason better access. He moved his hand up and played with Liz’s clit. While he was doing that, his hard, throbbing dick was resting between Liz’s butt cheeks.

Bryn’s hand discovered Jason’s dick and started to fondle it and massage his balls. Jason moved his hips back a bit to give Bryn more room to give him a hand job. He slid his finger into Liz’s pussy.

The two girls continued to kiss each other some more. Bryn broke the kiss and moved to one of Liz’s nipples. Liz let out a soft moan as Bryn ran her tongue over the nipple. Bryn also guided Jason’s dick against Liz’s pussy. Jason took the hint, removed his finger and pressed his dick in. Liz let out a loud moan that was quickly muffled by Bryn kissing her again.

Liz broke the kiss as soon as she could. She was back in reality, and not happy. güvenilir casino She tried to push Bryn and Jason away from her, but she was in the middle of the sandwich, and wasn’t going to get freed any time soon. “Let me go!” she demanded.

No one listened. Jason still continued to fuck her and Bryn returned to sucking on her nipple. There was the occasional moan from Princess who was enjoying the show. Bryn released Liz’s nipple and returned to kissing her. Soon Liz’s resistance subsided and she gave into the kiss.

Bryn motioned for Jason to pull out of Liz, which he did. Jason moved off of the bed as Bryn rolled Liz onto her back. With little or no effort, Bryn managed to part Liz’s legs. She kissed her thighs, then slowly, she kissed and licked her way up Liz’s legs to her pussy lips. Bryn was bent over, licking Liz’s pussy. She started out licking the lips, but soon she moved to Liz’s clit. She didn’t put too much pressure onto it, she let Liz grind herself against her tongue.

Jason got behind Bryn and pushed himself into her. Bryn let out a moan as she was penetrated. Liz was on her back, moaning as she was eaten out. Bryn took a finger and push it into Liz. After pumping it in and out a few times, she slowly eased it into her tight asshole.

Princess got off the chair to walk around the scene to get a good view of what was going on, and to move to the bed where she’d be more comfortable. When she was in arms reach, Jason grabbed her, kissed her the same way that he had kissed the other two girls, while he was humping Bryn. When the kiss was finished, he released Princess and slapped her on her ass. She sat on the bed, smiling, and rubbed herself some more as she watched the threesome.

Without a word, Jason pulled out of Bryn and walked around to Liz. Her eyes were closed, and her bottom lip was quivering. She was close to cumming. Jason pointed his dick to her face and covered it in his cum. Bryn looked up, saw what had just happened, she stopped what she was doing, and crawled up next to Liz. She kissed Liz, and rubbed her pussy as she licked the cum off her face. That pushed her over the edge, she came loudly.

After the kiss ended, Bryn kissed Liz again, feeding her the cum that she licked off her face. She broke the kiss after all the cum was in Liz’s mouth. Liz swallowed the cum and looked to Bryn and said, “I’ve never had that happen to me.”

“The threesome?” Bryn asked.

“No, the snowball.” Liz said kissing Bryn again.

Princess started to rub herself faster and soon she came.

Jason kissed all the girls one more time before laying on the bed with them.

“You have to be the happiest man in the world right now.” Bryn said.

“You bet. In bed with three naked, good looking women. How could I not be?”

“There is something wrong.” Princess commented, “Bryn hasn’t cum yet.”

“That’s right.” Liz said, “That should be fixed at once.”

“What do you have in mind?” Bryn asked.

Liz walked over to the dresser, opened up the top drawer and pulled out her strap-on. “I’ve used this a few times on Jason, he seems to like it. I’m sure you will also.”

Bryn smiled, “I’m sure I will.”

Liz continued, “Not just that, but have you ever been double penetrated?”


“I was once, it felt GREAT.”

“So I guess I’m going to get double teamed by you two?” Bryn said, hopeful.

“It’s fitting, you two double teamed me.”

“Is there anything that I can do?” Princess asked.

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