Caught In The Woods PT 3


Caught In The Woods PT 3Bndandspnked51’s Blog » Caught In The Woods PT 3 Edit | DeleteSuspended, wrists tied, naked, helpless with my well spanked ass reddened by the leather belt and radiating with the heat from his thrashing………and still knowing there was more to come. As if in answer to my perverted prayers again the sound of the leather strap whistles through the air and lands upon my tortured flesh with a resounding THWACK!! Now, Without the thin fabric of the panties between my naked flesh and the strap the pain seems more intense. Once again the blows are raining down on my ravished backside… after another, again alternating……first one cheek and then the other…SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! it continues. The pain mixed with izmit escort the pleasure exciting me more and more. My pussy now dripping even as tears well up in my eyes. Each THWACK!! that resounds from my stinging flesh ringing in my ears. My ass now a flaming red, stinging………the welts rising………the twin white globes of my ass now stripped with red lash marks. It’s almost a relief to feel the blows now landing upon my upper thighs and not my blazing bottom. SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!! another dozen blows across the back of my thighs. Finally a pause……..but only briefly as now the leather strap is directed at my belly, my rib cage and my naked breasts……..SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!! the blows continue until the familiar red stripping izmit anal yapan escort begins to decorate my chest. My nipples are hard and my eyes filled with tears……….and still my pussy quivers and glistens in it’s wetness. Finally the trashing of my body ceases and with one swish of the pocket knife my bonds are cut and and I drop to my knees. He stands over me gazing down…….with one hand he raises my chin and I look up at him. Tears have run down my cheeks, my eye make-up is smeared but his thrashing has served it’s sinister purpose and I beaten, submissive and obedient. I can see his huge erection pushed against his jeans and I obediently begin to free it from it’s confinement. Unceremoniously izmit yabancı escort he roughly shoves his long hard cock into my mouth. In a rough but still rhythmic manner he begins to fuck my face. In and out, deeper with each thrust, gagging me, choking me while forcing my head back and forth on his cock. Roughly, in and out, using me, abusing me he continues to fuck my face. Until his passion rises to it’s breaking point and he quickly pulls away. Holding the back of my head with one hand he applies the final few strokes to his ragging cock and it erupts spewing it’s warm sweet cum onto my face. He continues to spurt his cum until my lips, nose, chin, cheeks, eyes, and hair are coated with the sticky white substance. Then extending a hand he guides me to my feet, removes his shirt and helps me to slip into it. He retrieves my denim shorts and shoes and watches as I put them on. He takes my hand and we walk toward the four-wheeler. He smiles at me,bends down to kiss me tenderly and whispers “Good Girl.”CommentsComment:

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