caught spying


caught spyingi would love to re act this with someone 😉 any offers?A young man, 18, is caught spying on his girlfriends mother in her bedroom, and is taught a hard lesson. Characters: Tim, 18, Student; Susan, Tim’s Girlfriend; and Julie, 44, Susan’s Mother ;-).Julie sat at her dressing table, preparing for bed; she brushed her long dark, which was one of the pride and joys. Normally, this would help her relax and unwind, but tonight, and on several other nights, she found that remained tense. She couldn’t get over the feeling that somebody was watching her, for several days, perhaps a week; when she was alone around the house; she’d have an odd sensation of being watched. Sometimes, she was sure she had caught the sound of heavy breathing. She continued to brush her hair, and again she felt she wasn’t quite alone, although tonight, the feeling was very strong, she was certain that she was being watched. She looked around her bedroom. The curtains were drawn shut, and she was definitely alone, and yet, she still felt as if somebody was close watching her.Hmmm she thought, perhaps I have a horny little ghost, and felt a little tingle in a belly. She had to admit, she did like being watched. Sometimes she left her curtains open and imagined somebody was outside watching her. When she was in the mood, she would play online, dressing up, and putting on the webcam, and then slowly taking it all off. But this was something different, both exciting and chilling at the same time. For a moment, she let her imagination drift, imagined that there was a ghost. She stood up and moved so that she was standing facing the full length mirror next her bedroom door.Julie closed her eyes, and stretched her arms upwards, while at the same time arching her back and pushing her large firm breast outwards. There, was that her imagination or was that somebody taking sharp intake of breath. She brought her hands down and the ran them down over sheer material of her dressing gown, and then back up, moving over belly, she pulled on the dressing gown belt so that I fell open. She ran her hands up and cupped her breasts, caressing and squeezing them. In her imagination, the heavy breathing was louder.Julie shrugged the dressing gown of her shoulders, revealing her satin nighty underneath. She slowing moved her hips and body, letting her dressing gown to slip of her. Her hands moved back up to her breast, and continued to squeeze and caress them. She felt the nipples stiffen. She imagined she was slowly dancing to music, moving and swaying her hips. She tuned, bending over a little, she slowly swayed her hip, knowing that her short nightie would give her imagined voyeur a view of a well rounded and panty clad bum. She turned back to the mirror. She let one shoulder strap slip of her should, and then slowly the other, and then slowly let the front of her nighty slip down, but as her breast became uncovered she moved her hands over them and cupped them. She imagined she heard a gasp and a groan.She stopped, frozen, that wasn’t her imagination, realisation dawned, and she leaped for the door, and pulled t open. There was her ghost, Tim, Susan’s boyfriend, on his knees, cock in hand, frozen in shocked surprise. The little pervert had been looking through the keyhole.”TIM! What the fuck do you think you are doing?”Tim just knelt there, jaw open, staring, but not at Julie’s face, she realised that she was standing there hands on hip, her nighty around her waist and her firm point breast sticking out. She quickly turned and picked up her dressing gown and pulled it on. When she turned back, Tim had clearly come back to earth, and was now fumbling with his now diminished cock, trying to put it away.”Well young man” she said in a very stern voice, “what have you got to say for yourself?”Tim was still too shocked to come out with anything coherent, and was now very red in the face. Julie stood looking at Tim, and thought for a second, well this could be interesting.”Come in, now, and sit on the bed, we need to talk about this Tim.”Tim stood up and came into the room and sat on side of the bed, his head hanging.”You’ve been spying on me haven’t you Tim?”For a few seconds Tim didn’t respond, but then nodded his head.For a second she was going ask how he was getting into the house, but Julie already knew the answer, because Susan, her daughter had asked if it was Ok for Tim to have a key, after all, hadn’t they known Tim since he was 10, and they been going out since 14.Julie stood there and thought for a few minutes. She had to admit, since he’d been 16, she admired Tim, he was good looking, and now he was older and filling out, she had to admit she was a little envious of her daughter. And, if she was really being honest with herself, she did fantasise about younger men, but how would he react to her little secret.”So Tim, you’ve been sneaking around here, while Susan is out, and spying on me? You know I think that’s a crime, and of course there is poor Susan, what is she going to say; when she finds out you are a peeping Tom pervert? You know, I think they put people on the Sex Offenders Register for this!”Tim looked up, fear in his eyes “please don’t tell anybody, please not Sue, please Mrs Smith.””Hmmm, well we shall see. So little pervert, how long have you been doing this?”Tim looked down at his feet in shame, and remained silent.”Well then, perhaps you’ll feel more comfortable telling the Police, or Susan.”Julie reached for her bedside telephone.”No, please don’t, I’ll talk, just don’t tell anybody” pleaded Tim.”OK then Tim, so how long?”Well ummm, sort of, well errr, when Susan gave me the key, but well I sort of well since I was 15.””Really, that long? I don’t know what to say.” Actually she was feeling quite flattered, after all she was 44, and yes she knew she was quite attractive, but still, it was it was nice to know she’d still got it.”Look at me Tim.”Tim looked up and his jaw dropped open.Julie had let her dressing gown fall open again exposing her breasts.Tim just stared as Julie cupped them and squeezed them.”You like?”Tim just swallowed and nodded his head.”Strip, NOW! Take off your clothes.”Tim hesitated for a second, and then began to pull at his clothes; almost ripping them from his body. Within a few minutes he stood in front Julie, completely naked, breathing heavily. To Julie’s surprise and amazement, the little pervert was hard and fully erect despite the blush on his face.”Hmmm, Susan is such a lucky girl, and I am amazed she can take that…have you fucked my sweet little girl with that big cock?”Tim began to blush even darker red.”I’ll take that as a yes, ohhh poor thing, it’s beginning to shrink, well we will have to do something about that won’t we.”Julie pushed Tim back towards the bed; he stumbled and fell backwards onto it. Julie climbed onto it, next to Tim. She ran her hand up his leg, up over his thigh, and then up over his belly and then to his chest. She gently brushed Tim’s nipples. She bent over and circled them with the tip of tongue and the kissed one and then the other one. At the same time her hand ran back down his belly, and stroked lightly over his cock. Tim took a sharp intake of breath as she sucked one kadıköy escort of his nipples into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to gently wank it.Tim made a little whimpering noise, as she continued to suck on his nipple, then the whimper turned to a louder gasp, as she bit gently on it. She released it and began to kiss her way down his chest and over his belly, while continuing to wank his cock. She lifted her head, and looked at his cock.Hmmmm, she thought, it is a beauty, and big too, at least 8 inches and nice and thick too. Its wonder that she’d not heard her little girl screaming the house down. Well she wasn’t really a little girl, not at 18, but still it was hard to imagine her all grown up, and taking that b**st. Julie put Susan from her mind as she continued to slowly wank Tim’s erection. She bent forward and kissed the tip of his cock head, and then ran her tongue over it. She let it slide down his shaft, down to the base and back. She pushed it back slightly so that she could do the same on the other side, she teased around the joint of his knob and shaft, then down the shaft. She flicked her tongue over his balls and the slipped back up the shaft and kissed the end of the cock again.She parted her lips and let them slide over his cock head. Tim let out a loud groan as her lips enclosed his cock head and she ran her tongue over the end. Tim jerked his hips upwards pushing more cock into Julie mouth. She began to bob her head up and down, slowly at first, taking her time, running her tongue over the cock. She could taste the saltiness of precum already. He wasn’t going last long, thought Julie, not at his age. She began to pick up the pace a little, bobbing up and down, and then taking a deep breath, she pushed down, talking the cock deep into her mouth, and again Tim jerked his hips, nearly choking her cock forced its way deeper and entered her throat. Julie managed to control the huge to retch and slowly pulled up.”OOohh Goddd, fuck…yes uuuhhhhhh” groaned Tim.Julie returned to sucking the end of Tim cock, and then bobbing her head up and down, this time faster, and concentrating on the sensitive part of the cock. Tim’s groans grew louder and more intense, and she could feel him tensing. She felt the cock flexing, and knew it was coming. She bobbed her head faster, pushing her tongue against the cock head each time she came down. She felt Tim’s cock pulse, and then first spurt of hot spunk spurted into her mouth. She suck harder and gently used her teeth, and another spurt of spunk squirted in her mouth, and then another, filler mouth, and forcing her to swallow. With each spurt, Tim cried out, and still she sucked and bobbed her head up and down, she had exhausted the flow of cum. She began to slow down, and then let the cock slip out of her mouth, and gently liked his cock.It began to soften a little, but remained semi-hard, and Tim lay there panting like a little lap dog. She loved the feeling of a man coming in her mouth, but this was probably the best, and if she had her way, not the last either. She lay on her side, admiring his body, while he caught is breath. Well, she thought, it’s time, for a second she almost bottle out of it, but she had a feeling about Tim.”It’s my turn” announced Julie, “I have a bit of a surprise for you Tim.” She stood up and tuned towards Tim. Tim looked up and suddenly snapped out of his happy daze.”What the fuck?” Tim could not believe his eyes, there was a huge bulge in Julie’s knickers! Surely not, he thought, no, it couldn’t be, but then what else could that bulge be in girlfriends mothers knickers be? He’d seen pictures, even wanked over them, but, but… For a second Julie stood there, for brief instant, she’d thought she’d gone too far, but her lust and desire swiftly overwhelmed any doubts she had. Tim watched in stunned silence, as Julie hooked her fingers into the waistband of her knickers and began to slide them down; she had to pull them out and over the bulge. First a large purple head appeared, as the waist band slipped slowly over and then down her shaft.”Fuck!” He thought, it’s fucking huge, his mouth hung open in stunned disbelief, this beautiful, sexy women that he’d fantasised about she had a fucking cock; a huge fucking cock! Julie let her knickers fall to floor and then she kicked them off, stood there before Tim, naked, her secret revealed, hands on hip and a cock thrusting out from between her legs.”You see Tim, I am not actually Susan Mother, I am, or at least, I was, Susan Father.”Tim didn’t seem hear her at first, his eyes remained fixed upon Julie’s cock and it took several seconds for Julie’s words to register.”What?..When..?” he looked up, but then it fell back to staring at her cock.”Well I been living as women since, well since just after Susan mother passed away, but I’ve always crossed dressed, I suppose that’s what happens when you have five sisters.””But you so gorgeous, your tits…” Tim fell into a confused silence.She breathed out in relief, at least he wasn’t going to run out of the house screaming, and he was clearly interested.”Hormone treatments, waxing, all that stuff women have to do to keep there looks and lots of plastic surgery, oh and yes, lots of money, so you like the look?”Tim just nodded his head.They both remind silent for a second. Crunch time thought Jane.”You can go now If you like, or stay, it’s up to you.”Tim remained on the bed. She smiled.”Well then, lets see shall we” she thought for a second and then “get on you knees, on the floor, now” instructed Julie, her voice suddenly had a very hard husky edge to it, very commanding, perhaps with hint of cruelty.Tim body began to obey before he realised he was doing it, he checked himself for a second before he slipped off the bed and fell to his knees in front of Julie.She moved to stand directly in front of him and thrust her hip forwards, her cock wobbled up and down inches from his face.”Kiss it slut boy.”Tim hesitated, suddenly unsure; he’d never sucked a real cock before.She stepped forward and slapped him, but not hard.”I said kiss it slut!” Julie pushed her cock against Tim face, pressing the knob end against his cheek.Tim pulled back and learned forward and kissed the tip of her cock, hesitantly at first and then again more fully.”Good boy, now open you mouth.”Tim parted his lips, and before he could do anything else, Julie bucked her hips forward, and pushed her cock into Tim’s mouth, forcing his mouth wide open and stretching his lips tightly around her thick shaft. She looked down at Tim, and shiver of excitement spasmebed through her body. She had never fucked a virgin mouth before, and never anybody so young either. She savoured the moment for a few second, before slowly rocking her hips back and forth.”So, do you make my little girl do this” asked Julie.Tim was unable to answer because his mouth was full off cock; he just looked up and nodded his head gently. She continued to slowly move her hips back and forth, pumping her cock into Tim’s unresisting mouth. After a few minutes Julie gripped Tim’s head, and üsküdar escort began to fuck her cock into Tim’s mouth faster and deeper.”Use your tongue, push against it as I push in, think about how you like it done, slut boy.”Fuck this was good she thought, his first cock. She’d always fantasised about doing this to a straight guy, somebody who’d never had a cock fucked into his mouth. For a first time cock sucker he wasn’t too bad, but he needs to be trained, she thought, but there would be time for that later.She continued to fuck Tim’s mouth, sometimes pulling back and make short rapid thrust between his lips, and then making deeper and longer thrusts. She tried to think of unsexy thoughts in an effort to hold off, but Julie was too excited and horny to hold back much longer. She gripped hi head firmly and forced her cock in hard, and with a loud groan she began to pump her spunk into Tim’s mouth. He tried to pull away, his hand coming up to try and pull hers away, but her grip was too firm, and she continued to fuck his mouth hard and deep. A little of the sperm squirted out of the side of his mouth, and despite himself, he began to swallow. Part of him wanted to gag as he felt the thick warm gooeyness slipping down his throat and yet strangely he was also excited about it.Julie pumped her cock back and forth, her legs shacking, until with a sigh, she pulled out, and released her grip around Tim’s head. He fell back onto back his ankles with a gasp. He lifted his hand up and whipped the spunk that had seeped from his mouth from his face.Meanwhile Julie had collapsed unto her bed and just lay there for a while. Christ, she thought, it had been a while since she had blow job like that. After a few minutes had past, she lifted herself up and looked down at Tim, and was pleasantly surprised to see, that not only a smile, but that his cock was almost fully erect.”Well, I think somebody enjoyed his first cock sucking lesson, come and lay on the bed.” She shifted her position, and made space for him on her bed.As he lay down and before he could say anything, she lent over and kissed him firmly on the mouth, pushing her warm tongue into his mouth. She could taste her spunk in his mouth. Part of him was screaming ‘this is a bloke kissing you’, but Christ, the rest of him told him, these tits feel great, as he caressed and squeezed Julie’s ample breast. He pulled is mouth away, and began kissing his way down the side of her neck, and then over collarbone, until he reached her boobs. As he kissed the left breast, he was sure he felt the nipple, already erect swell even more, and he placed his lips over it and gently sucked. Julie let out a little murmur and pushed breast against his mouth.He teased the nipple, sucking and then flicking with the tip of his tongue, and then, because Susan likes this, gently nibbled it. Julie let out a loud gasp, and her semi hard cock began to swell up. She pushed Tim back.”You lie there, I need a few things, closed your eyes and wait.”Tim did as he was told, and he felt Julie get off the bed, and then heard the sound of a draw open and things being moved around.Julie lifted the things she wanted out of the draw, and paused for a second, perhaps I am going too far she thought, but, she wanted this badly. She place several items on the bed, and took some thing else of off the draw, before climbing back onto the bed.”Keep those eyes closed….”Tim just nodded his head, and almost giggled when he felt Julie kiss his belly. Then she moved slowly down to his cock again and kissed it, before moving back up over his belly, kissing, until she reached his chest, where she lingered over his nipples.He arched his back a little as she took several minutes to tease and nibble each nipple in turn, before rising up. She straddled Tim, and then taking hold of each of his arms by his wrist, and lifted them above his head, and the gripping them with one hand, she reached for one of the items she had placed on the bed. Tim felt something metallic and cold touch his wrist, but before he could react, Julie had slipped the hand cuffs on.”What the fuck, what you doing?” He tried to pull himself up, but Julie was shockingly strong, and his struggle was only half hearted anyway. She quickly looped a cord around the handcuff chain, and the looped them around the bars of the bed frame, and pulled.”Just relax” and she lent down and kissed him, long and hard on the lips and moved back down, kissing her way down his chest, lingering on his nipples again, before moving down over his belly again. Tim cock was semi-erect, but as she run her tongue gently over the cock and down the shaft, rapidly hardened. She kissed and licked the shaft, and moved back up the cock head, and enveloped it with her mouth, slowly slide her mouth down his shaft. Tim lifted his head, and watched as Julie gradually took is entire cock into his mouth. He could feel the end of his cock being constricted by the back of her throat, and her tongue wiggling around his shaft. She slowly lift her head up a looking into his eyes, she repeated it. On the third repeat Tim dropped his head back and groaned and surrendered himself to the sensation.He felt Julie moving his legs, trying to spread them, and without thinking, he allowed them to move out and up, so that his thighs were spread apart. He was so wrapped up in the sensation of being slowly deep throated, that he didn’t register that Julie had reached for something or that she was fastening something around each knee. It wasn’t until she removed her mouth, and started pushing his legs up and back, that he realised what she was doing, and by then, It was too late, she had clipped another rope, which was attach to leather cuff, just above his knees, and was now clipping them to the head board. For a second he was too surprised to react, but the he started to struggle.”Just relax, I not going to hurt you.” No much anyway she silently thought.”What are you doing?” but he already knew, she didn’t have to say anything.”Look, I not into this, I am not gay…””It’s ok, just a bit of fun, don’t worry,” but inside her head, she knew she was about to **** him, she didn’t care at the moment whether or not he wanted this. She had played this came before, many time, but it had always been with experienced playmates, but now, this was something new and very exciting, her first arse virgin. Her cock rock hard with the anticipation of what she was about to do Tim.She kissed the back of his right leg and moved back down towards his cock, which because of his surprised shock was a fraction of its former glory. She began to kiss and lick it again, and then sucked the cock into her mouth, while she caressed and stroked his balls. She could feel it swelling and hardening in her mouth again, and she bobbed her head up and down. Once she was satisfied that Tim was relaxing and enjoying his self again, she reached for the lubricant, which she placed on the side of the bed. She fumbled a bit with the cap, until it clicked open, and then squeezed a liberal amount onto her figures.Tim jumped in surprise when he felt the cool wetness touching his anus, and Julie suck a little hard. tuzla escort She gently rubbed her lubricated fingers over is anus, and then press a little harder, and then pushed her finger against his tight anal ring, and with a popping sensation force it in. Tim cried out, but could get away from the invading finger. She pumped it back a little, and allowed him Tim to get use to the sensation.After a few more minutes she reached for the lubricant again, and keeping her finger in Tim’s arse, she squeezed more of the gel onto her finger. After a few minutes, once she was satisfied, she removed her finger, but she put to fingers together, and used the lubricant again and then inserted two fingers. Tim made a groaning noise and she felt his cock flex and swell a little more. Good she thought, he’s beginning to enjoy this, he’ll be ready soon. She raised herself up, letting his cock flop down onto his belly, but continued to finger fuck his arse. She squeezed more lube onto her fingers as they pumped back and forth, and she inserted a third finger.”Do you like this?””Yes,” whispered Tim.”I am going fuck you now…do you want me too?”For a moment there was look of fear on his face, but fear mixed with desire, and after few seconds’ hesitation, he nodded his head.Julie struggled to fight the desire to ram her cock straight in to **** his virgin arse, but, she knew from her own experience, that was not the way to introduce an anal virgin to his first arse fuck. She took her fingers out, and picked up the lubricant again, and rising up onto her knees, so that Tim would have a good view, began to apply it to her swollen cock.He watched, fascinated as his girlfriends mother slowly wanked her cock. He was both excited and terrified at the same time, Christ, he thought, its so fucking big, Oh fuck…it was the sexist thing he had ever seen, this beautiful older women whom he as lusted after for years, with a huge fucking cock between her legs, slowly wanking, getting ready to fuck him. He could feel the panic welling up inside of him, and he was consciously trying control his breathing, taking slow deep breaths. Hey, it couldn’t be that bad, could it, Susan seemed enjoy it…but then he wasn’t hung like a horse. What had he and Susan read about anal sex, RELAX, you had to relax, loosen up…OH FUCK, he thought, it’s so BIG!!!Once her cock was well lube to her satisfaction, she squeezed some more onto her fingers, and reinserted them into his arsehole, cupping her hand so that the lube flowed down along them as she pumped. She could feel that he was relaxing, and she said in soft husky voice “that’s it, just relax, relax, that’s it…emmmmm I think you ready.”With her other hand, she slowly wanked his cock, using long stroked, starting from its tip, and then slowly slipping down the shaft, and then back up, taking her time, letting the feeling build up slowly. Tim closed his eyes and groaned a little. As she continued to wank him slowly, she took her other hand away from his arse, and shifted her position, and used it to guide her cock head between his wide open cheeks.As soon as Tim felt Julies cock touch, his eyes flew open and he looked into her eyes. What he saw sent a shiver of fear tingling through body, gone was the kind and motherly expression that normally graced his girlfriend’s mother’s face, now it was full of lust and the cruel intention. He tried to pull at his bounds, but he knew he couldn’t he get away. Julie breasts, look that her tits he thought, focus on them…God, there fucking great, not massive, just large and well shaped, the guy that created them must have been a fucking genius, the way they move up and down as she breaths…The pressure built up slowly against his anus until suddenly, with a popping sensation, she entered him.Tim gasped out loudly as the forced his anal ring open, fuck it hurt. “CHRIST…FUCK…ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH.””Relax, it won’t hurt so much” whispered Julie, “relax and it will start to feel good soon.”Again, she was struggling to control the huge to just ram her cock into Tim. She paused for a second, to allow the pain to die down and for him to get use to the feeling. Tim’s cock was now semi hard, and she began to wank it slowly. Soon though, it began to harden again in her soft but firm grip and it was quickly back to its full glory. Once she was sure he was beginning to enjoy the combined sensation of being wanked while having a cock in his arse, she began to rock back and forth slightly. Not much at first, in fact barely moving, but slightly more pressure with each inward movement. Next, she thought, next time, and she was certain there was going to be a next time, she could **** him.The pain had decreased to a hot stinging sensation, which combined with the wave of pleasure coming from his cock, turning into a quite unique and incredible experience. He could feel Julie slowly moving, just a little, slowly pushing her cock into him gradually, a little at a time, each time pumpng her cock in deeper, with slow but firm movements. Tim closed his eyes and surrendered to the feelings and let his head fall back.Julie could clearly see that he was starting to enjoy his first anal sex and began to pick up speed, pacing herself and timing each inward thrust with the downward wanking motion of her hand on his cock. As she pushed her cock in, Tim would buck upward and as her hand came down, causing him to groan loadly. Soon she thought, very soon, but not yet.After a few more minutes, she lent forward and whispered into his ear, “Is this what you do to my little girl Tim?” She made a hard, sudden and deep thrust of her cock into Tim’s tight virgin arse. Again she asked, more forcibly “do you fuck my little girl in the arse Tim?” Again she followed the question with a hard and deep thrust into, Tim making him cry out loudly, before returning to the slowing long thrust.”Well, do you?”Tim nodded his head.”So, it’s only right that you get a taste of you own medicine” and she began to fuck him faster, deeper, while at the same time wanking his cock faster. They were both grunting and groaning loudly, and neither noticed the bedroom door opening.Julie was now sliding her full length of the cock into Tim, and was taking every ounce of self control to keep wanking his cock while she was fucking him. Tim on other hand, was completely lost to the experience, the twin sensation that were combining to sweep through body like tidal were like nothing he had ever experienced.Julie, knowing she was close, slowed her thrusting down, and focused upon wanking Tim, she moved her hand, pumping, milking his cock. She could feel him tense and knew he was very close. She pulled her cock back until just the head was still inside. With a loud groan, Tim bucked his hips, and she felt his cock pulsate. Has the first spurt of spunk fountained up, Julie thrust her own cock deep in to his arse, fucking it back a forth furiously. Another spurt of spunk shot up into the air, but this time hitting Julie in the face. With a load groan she began to come herself, her fucking become more urgent and frantic, shuddering with each inward thrust. Slowly she began to ease off, until she finally lent forward and kissed Tim deeply on the mouth.”Well, well, I am glad you and dad have got to know each other better.”Both Tim and Julie jump, and looking around, were stunned to see standing in the doorway Susan. After a few seconds panic, they were both relieved t see that she was looking very hot and flustered, and very clearly excited about what she had just witnessed.

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