Caught Watching


Caught WatchingIt was several years ago, while I was a student. The halls of residence had large shower rooms; each with it’s own cubicle, but set up so that many people could use the facilities at the same time.I had been playing squash with a cute, long blonde-haired girl named Helen. Running around the squash court, getting sweaty and looking at her in her tight lycra shorts, boobs bouncing under her loose fitting tee-shirt had me pretty horny (as usual). After, we went back to her halls of residence, had a cup of tea, and I went to the shower block.I stripped in the main area then stepped into a cubicle to start washing off the sweat. I thought of Helen’s bottom, and my cock twitched a little. I grinned to myself, and started to gently stroke the length of my cock under the warm water of the shower.I heard the main door creek open, and click shut. Someone went into the cubicle next to me. I had not noticed before, but as the person moved about, a shaft of light in my cubicle was cut off, then flared again. I investigated. bedava bahis There was a small opening at about waist level. I peeped through. Right in front of my eyes was a very shapely bottom, naked and being soaped in the shower next door. The girl parted her legs and wiped between them giving me a great rear view of her downy pubic hair and tight pussy.I kept looking, my hand stroking my cock, which was pretty hard at that point. She turned around and stepped back in the stream of water. Nice, small tits with large puffy nipples. I stifled a gasp as my gaze ran down the toned belly to the blonde curls of her water matted pubes. It was Helen.I watched, stroking my cock as she soaped her lithe body. Her hand moved between her legs; washing her pussy I assumed. But it stayed there. Rubbing. Her breathing started to get deeper, more gaspy. Her hand rubbed her slick slit. Then she parted her legs, and pushed two fingers into her sopping cunt.I must have made a sound; a gasp or some other noise. She bedava bonus stopped, rigid. Eyes snapped wide open, fingers plopping from her sticky slit. She looked around, then saw the hole … and my eye glued to it. Next thing I knew she was hammering on my cubicle door.”Open up you dirty pervert!!” She exclaimed.I slid the bolt and started to open the door. She pushed it wide and stood, naked, hands on hips looking at me. Her eyes flicked down, to my hard cock still grasped in my left hand.”Dan!!” she exclaimed. Then stepped into my cubicle, pulling the door shut behind her. Flicking the bolt across, and her wet hair back over her shoulder. “I think we can do better than that.” She smiled, and dropped to her knees in front of me. She pushed my hand away from my cock, grasped it tight with one hand, and devoured the head. Her mouth, wet and warm sucked hard across my helmet. I felt her other hand cup my balls, then slide under. She poked a finger into my arse hole, delving in to the first finger joint.Involuntarily deneme bonusu I thrust my hips forward, making her gag a little.She pulled back, letting my cock come out of her mouth and stood up. “I’m not on the pill.” she said turning round and bending over. “You’ll have to fuck me up the arse.” And she spread her buttocks for me.I stuffed two fingers into her sopping cunt first, working backward and forward. Making her moan. Then pulled them out, and pushed one deep into her arse. Then a second. Her arse spread easily, relaxing to take my fingers. I pulled them out and with a single thrust replaced them with my rigid cock.She gasped, but said “That’s it.” gasping again. “Fuck my arse hole hard.”So I did.I could feel her hand underneath, playing with her clit as I rammed away at her back passage. With the excitement from before, and the tightness of her arse, I didn’t last much longer. I rammed in hand, my body stiffening and I pumped my cum deep in her bottom.She tensed too. Her legs shaking as she shivered to an orgasm of her own. I just stood for a few seconds, cock buried in her arse. Then, slowly, I pulled back. She squeezed her arse, farting a little, then ejecting globs of white semen.”Next time, bring a condom.” she said, and walked out.Next time I did.

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