Ch 4 – The Birthday Present


Ch 4 – The Birthday PresentThe actual Final Chapter of this story line. The point of my previous chapter was to feature more action with “The Husband”, but I got so carried away with what was in my mind that I nearly left him out. This story focuses more action with him, though it is hard for me to write this story line from his perspective. I guess that means I can’t be a great erotica writer because I always need to inject myself into it.Chapter 1: 2: 3: Submission, Cuckquean, Foursome. Blowjobs, Face Fuck, Hair Pulling, Bikinis, High Heels, Sloppy Seconds, Snowballing, Swapping Spit, Cum, BBW, Cumplay, Lesbian, Fat vs Skinny, Interracial, Black, Ebony, Small Cock, Cheating, Slutwife, Bisexual, Gay OralThe Birthday PresentThe Slut moaned, her cunt full of spunk from strangers. She seem satisfied, but couldn’t help but play with the moist spot in her panties – the cornucopia of sperm from a handful of men that wasn’t her husband. The Glutton’s intent was to send the Husband home with a pussy full of cum for him to fuck. It’s something he has fantasized for a very long time, and may not get an opportunity again. There was plenty of sperm oozing out of her, some of it apparently came out the sides and dripping through the Sluts panties. The Husband thought, “by the time it takes us to get back to our room, her pussy might be dried out!”. He couldn’t risk one of his biggest fantasies fleeting away because he had to drive somewhere. The Husband just couldn’t take it – he shed his pants and immediately thrusted her panties off her, irregardless if it hurt her to do it so fast.Still wearing a shirt with his hard, pre-cum dripping cock barely poking out from under his shirt, he shoved his cock deep into the Slut’s pussy. His dream “cum” true, fucking a pussy fully of other men’s semen. He thought about the many times he heard guys talk about the anguish of a cheating wife and the disgust of fucking a pussy recently tainted by other men. While other men cringed at the idea, his cock twitched – now his fantasy is true and he’s fucking a pussy filled with the best lube on planet Earth. The Husband pulled his dick head out and rubbed it against the Sluts meat flaps and clit, knowing the sensitivity of those parts would get them extra horny and he wanted nothing more than his cock to be covered in sperm. He shoved the cock back in and moderately fucked his wife. He could have done so vigorously, but he wanted to savor the moment and not waste his stamina to fast.He must have took quite a long time because to his surprise, a familar face walked in the front door. Most of the men were gone now, but the Glutton stayed on the side lines watching the couple fuck in his living tuzla escort room before turning and smiling at the Friend. “Gabby?!” The Husband exclaimed.A beautiful, long, curly haired brunette babe wearing a tight, black bikini, see through short,white sarong, and strappy, flesh toned strappy heels stared right at her old friend, half-naked and fucking his wife in somebody else’s living room. Her face would remind you a bit of Stephanie McMahon, with dimples, but not nearly as slutty looking. She looks like the babe that could serve you at a coffee shop, or an intern secretary at the doctors’ office.She smirked, “Caught red handed! Or red cocked in this case.””Heh, what are you doing here?”, the Husband replied as he chuckled.”I needed a place to stay, and I found an offer for free room for a night or two”, She answered.”Free?” He asked.”Well, not exactly free…” The Babe turned her attention to The Glutton, whom slowly nodded his head. The Babe sashayed her way The Glutton like a super model and stradled him. She commented “Those two fuckers are making me horny! We might as well start now!”The Babe grabbed The Glutton’s head and started kissing him sensually. The Glutton committed and w****d his arms around her. The Husband, getting horny from finally getting to see The Babe get some action in real life started pounding The Slut’s pussy vigorously. The Slut screamed, yelled, and moaned like she never had before. This would normally shock The Husband and make him stare at her, but he was too preoccupied seeing the girl of his wet dreams stradling The Glutton, about to have sex. The Slut was purely a living sex toy for his horny cock while he watched the real porn live out in front of him.The Glutton undid The Babe’s bikini top and threw it towards the fucking Husaband and wife. The Babe turned her head and laughed as the top landed on the Husband’s head, but suddenly, the Glutton dove his face deep into The Babe’s chest and motorboated her tits. She thought this was stupid and silly, but went with it. It didn’t last long, The Glutton squeezed her tits and sucked on her nipples.The Husband became jealous, but got creative. He stood up and directed the Slut to join him on the same lovechair The Glutton and Babe were on in the same position. Now he had close up view of the action. The Glutton and The Babe turned and smiled at the copycats and continued on. The Slut started humping the Husband’s cock, her wet, sticky pussy slowly drooling out the jizz from her previous lovers. “Oh GOD, It’s so wet!” The Slut exclaimed, as The Husband moaned from the sloppy seconds.The Glutton’s cock twitched a bit in his pants and he got an idea. “Get up!” He commanded to The Babe.The Babe stood up, slightly confused. The Husband was just getting turned on by The Babe, and now they are stopping. The Glutton turned his attention to The Husband’s cum-polished ballsack, which was oozing tuzla escort bayan on the lovechair. “They’re making a mess! Clean it up, bitch!” The Glutton commanded as he spanked The Babe’s left cheek.”Kinky!” The Babe responded. The Babe slowly crawled her way to the fucking couple. The Glutton spanked her right cheek to make her go faster. She got there, stared at the couples slimy genetalia. The Glutton spanked The Babe on the left cheek again, demanding she licks up the love juices from the love chair. The Babe buried her face into the taint of The Husband, under the ass of The Wife and starting licking the used cum off of his balls. The Glutton commanded The Babe to suck his balls clean and spanked her right butt cheek again. The Babe made cute, but muffled moans as her mouth was full of cum flavored balls and her nose was smothered with another womans ass crack. The spanking and moaning of the Babe continued as she kept sucking, surprising the Husband. “Oh FUCK!” He shouted.The Glutton pulled down her bikini bottom, leaving her sarong and heels on. He slowly slid his cock in her pussy, still slightly sticky from fucking The Slut earlier in the night. The Glutton disrespected The Babe by pushing her curly head down into the crotches of the fucking couple. The Glutton yanked The Babe’s head from her curly hair and commanded “Eat her ass.”The Babe was surprisingly obedient and promptly started tounging The Slut’s anus, cleaning up any remaining cum left inside from earlier. The Husband started pounding The Slut’s pussy as The Babe’s head was being forced up and down his wife’s ass crack. He became extremely turned on, seeing the Babe getting man handled. He had no idea The Babe was a cumslut and decided to test her out. The Husband threw The Slut off of him, pussy still sloppy from fucking. The Husband pulled The Babe’s head towards him and pushed her mouth down his spunk covered cock. The Glutton, amused, pulled his cock out and started spanking The Babe’s ass again, turning it apple red. The Babe continued to have muffled moans as she was gobbing on her friend’s cock. The Glutton pointed The Slut towards his direction and made her straddle the back of the Slut while facing him. The Babe had to put her hands on the floor to support her self as The Slut was told to lie with her back down on The Babe.”Dude, what are you doing? Haha!” The Husband asked The Glutton as he laughed.”Feast time!” The Glutton responded. He dove his face deep into The Slut’s wet cunt, slurping up the remaining cum from her lovers and the pre-cum from her Husband, deep inside her. No need for her to mess up the lovechair anymore. The Glutton motioned towards The Slut’s face, kissing her while his lips was sticky with mixed sperm and pre-cum. They snowballed back and forth while he pounded The Babe. The Babe’s mouth was getting full of spit, pre-cum, and used cum. The Glutton escort tuzla left a big glob of slimy cum spit in The Slut’s mouth. “Share it with her.” He commanded.The Slut got off of The Babe and started to snowball the slimy concoction between their mouths. The Slut spit some more back into The Babe’s mouth and she continued to suck The Husband’s cock, mouth full of mixed spit, cum and pre-cum from god-knows-how-many people now. The men commanded The Slut to keep the remaining spit in her mout and watch the others fuck. The Husband kept shoving The Babe’s head up and down his shaft while The Glutton pounded her pussy. The kink was overwhelming. The Husband couldn’t contain himself and ejaculated straight into The Babe’s throat, so hard that the The Babe gagged a bit and cum shot out through her nostrils. The Husband made The babe clean her mess back up and to her surprise, she was more than happy too. The Glutton couldn’t take anymore either, fucking The Babe until he came inside The Babe, with his cock and ass visibly throbbing as he came.The Slut, through her own accord, laid back-down, face up under The Babe’s pussy as The Glutton pulled out, and let his cum drip from The Babe’s pussy into The Slut’s mouth. The Slut had to grant one final fantasy to her husband. Her mouth, filled with spit, precum and Cum multiple lovers, as well as a big, fresh load from the Glutton, was near instantaneously locked against her Husband’s lips, swapping the cum concoction into his mouth. The Husband was so turned on and wanted to swallow. He would have to, provided The Babe didn’t just lean up and sucked the concoction from his lips, filling her mouth back up. She reared back and opened her mouth up, showing the Husband her full mouth. The Glutton, the kinky fucker he is, went to snowball with The Babe, mouth full of a concoction of bodily fluids from everybody in the room, including himself and the men who have already left. The Glutton snowballed again with The Slut and commanded her to share half of the sloppy spit, cum and precum mix with The Babe. The Husband demanded of them, “Swallow.”*Gulp* That they did, the girls sluttily, swallowed the mixed spunk of their men before finally kissing each other again. The Glutton moved back over to the loveseat with labored breathing, mounting his leg on it “Captain Morgan” style, watching girls kiss. The Glutton huffed “Well, *huff* *huff*, that was fun! I gotta go take me a bath now. You guys go ahead clean up and pack up, i need to hit the sack.””Well, before you do that…” The Husband said as he lead over towards The Glutton, whose cock was still throbbing and wet with grool and cum from fucking the The Babe. The Husband did the host a favor and almost nervously pushed his mouth down on the Glutton’s cock, slurping up the mess they made.The Glutton was a bit shocked, but didn’t resist the man bobbing his head up and down his cock, going deep as he could until The Glutton’s cock was finally clean. The girls chuckled and smiled at the man on man action.The Glutton ended “Well, I guess these girls aren’t the only cumpigs here”.THE END

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