Chad The Babysitter Part 5


Chad The Babysitter Part 5I woke up quite chirpy with the sun shining, I made some coffee and took the dry washing out of the machine for Trish, OMG apart from normal attire there were 4 pairs of panties which I took extra care in folding neatly however I must confess I had to sniff them to ensure they were clean, I may have rubbed them against my cock a few times as well but nobody needs to know that.There was a faint knock at the door so I quickly put my boxers on and was surprised to see Tammy there all neat and tidy in her school uniform, “Morning Chad” she said smiling as she handed me her key asking me to let the washing machine engineer in when her calls, “Mum had to leave early” she continued.With a promise to give me a knock on her way home this afternoon I carried on with my morning waiting for the engineer to call.I didn’t have to wait long before Billy rang my bell, Billy was a young lad in his 20’s and stood in the hallway carrying his toolkit, I had to explain that the issue was upstairs and I would let him in so I grabbed the washing basket and key and followed him upstairs totally forgetting that I was still in my boxers, he never commented however he did give me a strange look.I hadn’t been in Trish’s flat for a while and pleasantly surprised as how clean and tidy it was and even with a teenage daughter it was spotless, fair play to them.Billy was only dressed in a tee shirt and shorts and they were the kind of shorts that when crouching showed off his hairy butt crack, charming!! At least my boxers covered me It wasn’t too disturbing and I wasn’t sure if he realized but we chatted away like old friends even though I had only just met him, I think his interest grew when I told him that a young mother and an even younger daughter lived here.I know I shouldn’t but it didn’t take me long to realize that Billy was commando under his shorts because as we chatted I could definitely see a swing which seemed to get worse as he looked at the few photos of Trish and Tams which were s**ttered about, he even said I was the luckiest guy alive to have such hot neighbours.I was quick to tell him I was 45 and with Trish being early 30’s, yes she had Tams very young, she could, in theory, be my daughter which seemed to excite him just as much as it excited me, even Billy himself was young enough to be my son, interesting thought.“Would you shag them Chad?” he asked from behind the washing machine, his butt crack still in view as I pondered my answer, I didn’t want to let on that I already had, “Oh Billy” I said with hope in my voice, “She is way out of my league mate” I continued which got a giggle from the young engineer.I don’t know whether is was the sight of his hairy butt crack or the fact that he was waffling on about how I could get into Trish’s knickers but I was getting a chubby going on under my shorts which forced me to do a quick button check to make sure I wasn’t going to expose myself to young Billy, his wife would probably not be too impressed.As Billy rose from behind the washer I concluded that it was the latter as I saw that her was a tad turned on by it too, his arousal was far more evident than mine mainly because I was sitting on a stool so easily hidden, he realized it immediately and knew I had seen his state, “Sorry mate” he said with a bit of a giggle, “Seems your neighbours have got me excited” he continued with a chuckle and don’t ask why I did it but I just smiled and took my hands away from my lap exposing the bulge in my shorts, “SNAP” I cried out laughing to which Billy automatically looked at, “WOW! Nice Chad” he said spending istanbul escort far too long looking at it.“I got some bad news for you mate” he said changing the subject quickly, “Can’t fix it today mate, need a part” he said and thinking quickly it wasn’t that bad as not only will Trish have to bring me her dirty laundry but I may get to see Billy again, I was intrigued by his arousal, him being a married man and all.“No problem” I replied telling him I would let Trish know, “Fancy a coffee while you clear up?” I asked him which he gracefully accepted.I was very conscious of his eyes on me as I filled the coffee pot knowing that my bulge was still evident and Billy continuing to lust after my neighbours it wasn’t going down anytime soon, maybe it’s partly my fault as I did play along with the banter even going to the point of showing him the clean knickers from the basket, BIG mistake.Seeing him feel and sniff their clean underwear did both our arousals no good at all as it soon became evident that young Billy was a pantie fan like myself taking great pride in his examination of their smalls.He was happy to admit his fetish and we high fived when I told him that I shared his interests, “You ever wear them?” he asked and I had to admit that my fetish hadn’t progressed that far yet, “OMG Man” he said enthusiastically, “You are SO missing out” he continued and then proceeded to drop his shorts, his cock sprung out as he opened up a pair of Tammy’s regulation white school panties and carefully stepped into them, he slowly pulled them up and being a slim lad was able to tuck his tackle inside, I looked open mouthed as he felt his cock through the thin cotton fabric.My cock was throbbing and to make it worse he grabbed my hand and placed it on his erection which was sideways inside Tammy’s knickers, “Feel how soft they are mate” he said as I gently squeezed his impressive erection, “Mmm” he sighed as I kept my hand there for far too long.Billy had a nice cock even if I say so myself and feeling it through the fabric of Tams panties added extra spice and my gentle squeezing now progressed to gentle rubbing something that Billy seemed to be enjoying as he looked down smiling.He reached down and picked up one of Trish’s thongs and held them up to get a closer look, I could see that my washing attempt had gone to waste as I saw a damp patch appear as Billy’s pre-cum leaked out and with the young lad now licking the gusset I was sure they would soon end up wetter.Billy’s cock felt nice in my hand and as he was preoccupied with his hands I upped the pace forcing half of his erection to appear out of the top of the waistband, the bulbous head fully exposed as I pulled the skin back, “Impressive” I said softly and I don’t think he heard.He knew he was cumming before I did and to save making a mess he instinctively forced Trish’s thong over his bell end and shot his hot creamy goo into the soft red fabric, ‘OMG’ I thought, at least it will save on the cleaning up however I now had two dirty pairs of knickers to explain away.“WOW!!” Billy sighed as he wiped the remnants of his cum way from his softening cock with the thong and handed it to me, damn that boy cum a lot. He slipped off Tams school knickers and seemed a bit strange as he handed them to me and pulled up his shorts, maybe after cumming he had an attack of the guilts.He made his excuses telling me he would call Trish when the part comes in, thanked me for the coffee and left me with a semi hard cock holding a couple of pairs of panties one of avcılar escort which was filled with his man seed, I was tempted as I looked down at Trish’s cum filled thong, his creamy white juice begging to be licked, ‘fuck it’ I thought as I took a quick lick, Mmm it didn’t taste bad and it would be a shame to waste it plus I figured it would make them easier to clean so I scooped up the rest and after swishing it around my mouth swallowed with pride, Mmm so tasty.I took the soiled panties back downstairs figuring I can add them to the next wash seeing as though Trish no longer had a working machine, it could be weeks before the part comes and they would need clean knickers, I couldn’t help but smile to myself at the constant supply that was heading my way.I sat down in my recliner with a beer and my thoughts of the day thus far, Billy was a nice lad and I kicked myself for not taking better advantage of the situation. I am not adverse to a nice cock every now and then and Billy certainly had a nice cock, my goal was to suck that bad boy when he returns with the part.“Hi Chad” came a recognisable voice through my door which I had purposely left open for Tammy to pick up her key and I was lost in my thoughts with a visible bulge when she then entered the lounge, “Oh sorry Chad, did I startle you” she sighed apologetically, I looked across at her standing there in her school uniform all prim and proper, “Oh no, it’s ok I was just dozing” I replied and took another swig of my beer.“Did the man come?” she asked which after the events of this morning was much funnier than it sounded and she had no idea why I giggled at such an innocent question, “Yes” I said with a dozy smile, “And he will come again soon as he had to order a part” I continued putting emphasis on the word ‘come’.She didn’t pick up on it and I told her I had already told her mother and agreed for you both to bring down your laundry and I would do it, the perfect plan and they both knew that I would take advantage of certain items of clothing, they both knew of my love for panties yet neither knew the other one knew.I could see out the corner of my eye that she was looking at my bulge which, knowing she was looking, seemed to be growing.“Mummy won’t be home until later Chad, can I do my homework at your desk?” she asked and then looked at me with her puppy dog eyes, “Pretty please” she added and how could I refuse such a request, she came over and pecked me on the forehead before settling at my desk. I couldn’t help but look across at her sitting up straight, her skirt riding up showing a good deal of creamy white thigh, she turned her head and smiled as she got her books out her bag, so sweet a feeling that I just laid back and let her get on with her work.I loved Tammy’s company, she can be so naïve and she has this knack of looking sexy without knowing it and we developed some pretty weird banter between us, her sense of humour was along similar lines to mine and we found we had a lot of common interests even with the 30 odd year age gap, next she will be wanting to call me daddy I was watching the TV but had a vision of Tams out the corner of my eye and could see her keep glancing round, I was being a tease as I knew she could see up the leg of my shorts but not wanting to comment on it, the bulge was still evident but I realised the importance of her studies so left her to it as much as I wanted to just get my cock out and jack one off but I knew the distraction would be too much and if Trish got back and she hadn’t done her work then heads would roll şirinevler escort and I’m not talking about the one on my shoulders.She broke the silence AND my train of thought as she swivelled around on the chair to face me, “Do you always wear those boxers Chad?” she asked in a giggly kind of way which confirmed that she had been looking, “Of course not” I replied smiling, “I have others” I continued with a hint of sarcasm. “I like you in boxers Chad” she sighed softly and I wasn’t sure of her intentions but decided to take it as a compliment, “You got a hairy belly” she continued with a shy giggle and I was liking what she was saying, she was sincere.. I think.I took a gamble but stood up, “Do you want a closer look?” I asked as I walked over to her, her eyes lit up as she looked down seeing a flag pole pointing out the front, I wasn’t sure how long the button would hold out for though. “Wow!” she sighed looking directly at the bulge, it was as if she was nervous to proceed but I left her to make that decision but just being so close to her eagle eyes was enough to maintain my arousal.“I love how your belly hairs disappear inside” she said with a giggle and reached out gently running her fingers down my belly to the waistband, OMG TAMMY!! Don’t you realise what you’re doing to me..I seriously doubted that she had a damn clue what she was doing but my erection was now bulging so much she brushed the tip as she continued stroking my hairy belly sending shivers down my spine.She didn’t stop, she was obviously having her fun and on each downward stroke her finger tips seemed to inch my shorts down and her palms pressed harder against the tip, she looked up at me smiling, “Mmm Chad, so nice” she sighed and I could say the same back, she had a lovely light touch. I looked down and her hand now rested against my throbbing shaft, I could feel her fumbling for my button and I just knew where this was leading and because of the pressure the button popped rather easily, my cock sprung out much to young Tammy’s delight, “Oh yes!” she sighed as she gently wrapped her fingers around the shaft. “Mmm” she sighed softly as my body spasmed in anticipation under her soft touch.She held her hand at the base pulling the skin back exposing the swollen head in all its glory, a little droplet of precum glistened. To actually see the bulbous head disappear between her soft young lips was a sight I will never forget, that was just so hot!!I tingled more as each inch disappeared until I felt the tightness of her throat and her tongue flicked my balls, I grabbed her head as she gagged and pulled away leaving a large string of saliva, she took another breath and then sucked hard on the head, damn I saw her cheeks concave as she built up suction, I think she was trying to suck my balls through my dick. She rammed her hands around and up the back of my shorts grabbing my arse cheeks and pulling me in closer so that my cock hit the back of her throat again.Another sloppy gag and my cock was soaked but she wanted more taking another deep intake of breath before returning even more enthusiastically than before, well after my morning frustration this was too much to take and it took me totally by surprise as my cock pulsated shooting a hot stream of cum down her throat, boy I fucking needed this. She pulled away such was the surprise factor and the second spurt hit her square between the eyes, OMG what a sight that was, cum dripping down her nose dripping onto her waiting tongue, Mmm now that was a fucking sexy sight.How she would explain the cum in her hair was down to her to decide but my balls had been well and truly emptied and looking down her face looked a picture, she didn’t seem to mind as she scooped it up with her fingers before sucking them clean, she definitely had a taste for cum, just like her mother.Just then the door knocked and Trish’s voice rung out.. I have never run to my bedroom so fast in my life.To Be Continued….

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