Changing Times – Part 1

Changing Times – Part 1For some, time changes little. We play the same roles, getting a little older and less flexible (mentally and physically) with each passing day. For others, time changes many things, though it may take awhile and a change of circumstances to understand it. This is such a story.I began my career in corporate America as “The Anointed One” everybody said would go to the top one day. I had the right educational pedigree; I had the looks; I was the smartest guy in the room; and most importantly (or so I thought), I was willing to work harder than anybody else. I rose quickly, and became President of a large division of a publicly traded company by age 35. I was making big money, and my wife was able to be a stay-at-home mom in a neighborhood where the average house was over $500,000 and almost all of the women had to work in order for them to live there. The future was bright.But I was to learn a harsh lesson about the world; it’s harder to stay on top than it is to get there. As it turns out, the one trait I lacked was the ability to “play the game.” At age 40, I found myself on the wrong side of corporate politics, with a severance package and a shocked look on my face as I came home to explain to my wife that I had been fired.At first, it wasn’t a big deal. I had always been successful, so I placed the appropriate blame on those I had been working with, and started my job search. However, the economy was not good, and after 6 months with few interviews and no offers, I was getting concerned. My wife and I started having more strain in our relationship, as I implored her to curtail her spending habits. After another 6 months, my severance ran out. With her universally employable accounting background, my wife decided to re-enter the workforce after being a stay at home mother for seven years.Very quickly, things changed in our relationship. When a c***d was sick or frightened at night, it was my job to deal with it, because she “had to get up and go to work.” Since I was home during the day, I began doing the laundry and shopping for groceries. Doing most of the cooking and cleaning followed.I noticed some subtle changes in our sex life, also. I had always been the one to push the frontiers, and she went along somewhat grudgingly. While she felt that sometimes I treated her like a sex object, I just wanted to explore sexual limits. Once I was in stay-at-home mode, I noticed that she was much more reluctant to go along with things she saw as being my idea. Our sex life became more routine, and more infrequent.As time went on, my wife got a nice promotion and a good raise. She was still not making the kind of money I had been, but we had always lived well within our means, so we were making ends meet. A few job offers did come through for me, but they were in places that neither my wife nor I wanted to move to, so we stayed put and I kept searching.Eventually, I found a job in town at a small manufacturing company. I was the General Manager, and while it was a big come down in terms of salary and prestige, I was glad to be working again, and glad to be out of the house-husband role I had been in. My relationship with my wife had changed permanently, though. Perhaps she no longer felt that I could keep her and our family safe. Perhaps she relished being back in the workforce, since she was never wild about the day in and day out duties of full time motherhood. She kept her job, which was feasible since all of our c***dren had reached school age. Some responsibilities stuck with me, like grocery shopping, etc. Our roles had balanced out.After 3 years, in the wave of corporate spasms that our economy now regularly produces, the owners of my company decided to sell the business to a competitor, who closed our facility and afyon escort consolidated production into their plant. I was given six months severance because I was the boss, and almost overnight, I was back in the same boat as before. By then, my wife had earned another promotion, and was being discussed as a possible candidate for Partner. Their concern, however politically incorrect, was that she would not be able to handle the responsibilities and balance her family life. Eager to show them she could be a productive and reliable partner, she came home one day and told me that she thought I should change my job search to something part-time, so that I could continue to handle the household responsibilities and c***d care.I was surprised at this, but I was in no position to argue. With my background as the top guy, you’d be surprised how concerned people are about hiring you. If the job is not the top spot, they are concerned you’re just looking for something to fill in the gap until you find another corner office position. Most of the time, you need to relocate for the next job. Our desire to stay in the area due to aging parents precluded a move. So, I started looking for something part time.Eventually, I found a gig as a technical writer. With my engineering background and my strong writing skills, I was a good fit. I could work from home, and I got paid a flat fee for the assignment – how long it took me, and how I did the work, was immaterial. I kept my full time search going for awhile, but after a few months of half-hearted effort, I stopped and settled in to this new career.My relationship with my wife continued to change. She continued to do very well and had brought in some new clients, which fed the discussion about the possibility of her becoming a partner. She became more vocal in all aspects of our life. How we spent money, what cars we drove, etc., all become more of a say in it. Sexually, our relationship also changed. Sex was still less frequent, as she was working full time. We never had sex during the week anymore. I started to masturbate in the shower in the mornings to keep my urges under control, and one day after she had left for work, I was surprised when she walked back into the house and caught me in the act.She was very upset, and felt like I was somehow rejecting her. I told her that it was just that the frequency of our lovemaking was not enough for me anymore. She stormed out of the house with tears in her eyes.That night, after I put the k**s to sleep, she came to bed wearing some sexy lingerie that I hadn’t seen her in for several years. I told her she didn’t have to do that, but she put her fingers to my lips and told me to hush. She quickly straddled me and sat down on my face. I began to explore her while she took my cock in her hands and stroked it to firmness. Her legs were tight on the side of my face, and I began having difficulty breathing…..I started to squirm, but she would not let me go. Instead, she began to squeeze my balls with one hand while pumping furiously at my cock with the other. I thought she was going to tear my flesh off, and as I neared my climax, she pumped even faster, sending a load of cum out of my cock. As I continued to spasm, she continued to squirm on my face, allowing me occasional brief gasps of fresh air. After she had milked the last drop of cum from me, she got up, went into the bathroom, washed up, and came back in her pajamas and went to bed without a word or a kiss.Neither of us said anything about that night, but from then on, sex became more frequent but very much on her terms. One night, she told me that she was officially up for Partner, but that she knew the concern was still there about whether she could handle the workload with a house to run and escort afyon three c***dren still in school. She wanted to bring her boss, Sandy, over to the house to meet me, and explain that I worked out of the house (my part-time freelance status to be omitted), and as a result we had a lot of flexibility to make sure our c***dren were well cared for if she needed to work late or travel. Her boss is a woman, I might add, who never had c***dren, and was generally seen at the firm as a ball-buster who did not tolerate interruptions in work schedules as a result of personal matters.We picked a weekend when the k**s were at their grandparents house, so that disruption was eliminated. The house was spotless, and my wife cooked an excellent meal. Afterwards, we went into the living room with our wine to discuss the issue of Partnership, and what was expected; frequent late nights at work, dinners with clients, travel back and forth between other firm offices, and of course, the huge load required during tax season. My wife began to explain that she had always been the primary breadwinner in the family, and that my job was secondary to hers……that except for the early years when our c***dren were not yet in school, she was the breadwinner and I was the one who worked from home, took care of k**s when they were sick, etc. I guess I didn’t do a very good job of hiding my surprise at what my wife said, as Sandy was looking at me with an odd grin. “Your husband doesn’t seem to have accepted his secondary role all that well,” she said. With that, my wife turned around and kicked me right between the legs, sending me crashing to the floor, doubled over in pain and gasping for breath. “Don’t damage the goods too badly, Kathy” Sandy said. With that, my wife came over to me, grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back up into the chair. “Darling, you’re a lucky man. Tonight, you have a chance to make two women very happy; me by helping me become a Partner, and Sandy by satisfying her after not having had a man in the two years since her divorce.” With that, my wife started to unbutton my shirt, looking very intently into my eyes. She was saying something to me with her eyes, telling me how important it was for both of us for me to go along with what was happening. Still in pain from her shot to my groin, I really had no choice.She got my shirt off quickly, and then unbuckled my belt. My pants slid off down around my ankles, and she pulled me forward out of my shoes & pants. I now stood before her boss in only my boxer shorts. “What’s he packing under there?” asked Sandy. “Nothing special”, replied my wife, “but he makes up for it in enthusiasm and servitude.” “Nice to hear”, said Sandy, as she slipped my boxers down to the floor. I was totally embarrassed and unsure what to do, but I was also half-way erect . Kathy squeezed my cock and said “Since you are our guest, you get first cock, Sandy”, and with that she led me over to the coach and sat me down. Sandy came up to me, kneeled between my legs, and began to explore my cock and balls with her hands. She quickly slid her hands down around my balls, and suddenly squeezed them hard and held her grip. I yelped and squirmed, which led Sandy to remark that I did not appear to be very well trained. Out of nowhere, a hand shot out across my face as Kathy walloped me so hard that I saw stars. “It won’t happen again, will it, dear?” she remarked to me. “No”, I said, stunned. The two women looked at each other, and in unison said “No, what?” I looked hesitantly from one to the next, and replied “No, Ma’am”. “Now that’s more like it”, said Sandy.She stood up and unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a lavender bra straining to hold back her large, wide mellons. She then unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the afyon escort bayan floor, revealing a matching lavender thong. “On the floor, on your back”, she commanded, and with a nod from my wife, I obeyed. Sandy straddled me, and lowered herself onto my face. I assumed I would be eating her pussy, but she then spread her cheeks and sat her reddish brown rosebud right down onto my mouth. “Lick my asshole”, she commanded. I had never done this before, and I hesitated……which led to a smack across my still sore balls. “This is the last time I will ask you to do anything twice tonight”, she said, in an ominous tone. I quickly stuck my tongue out, tasting her tart asshole. She began to move around on my face to supplement my tongue action, and before I knew it I was licking all around her anus. After she was well lubricated, she reached back and spread her cheeks even further apart, and commanded me to tongue-fuck her asshole. I shut my eyes and did as I was told, pushing my tongue out as far up into her asshole as it would go. By now, Sandy was rubbing away at her clit, and after a minute of tongue fucking, she began to buck wildly on my face, moaning loudly, her body shuddering through a series of orgasms.Once she was done she rolled off me and laid next to me on the carpet. “Not bad”, she said, as she reached down and caressed my balls. I flinched as she did so, and she laughed. “Looks like he’s a little sensitive”, she mocked. “Just concerned, I’d say”, said my wife. Sandy continued to play with my balls for a few moments, bringing my cock to full attention. She came in front of me and put my cock in her mouth, taking my entire eight inches in one smooth motion. I was so deep inside her mouth, I thought she was going to swallow my balls. She moved up and down a few times, holding my balls in her palm firmly, and then she stopped. “Just wanted you to see how this works”, she said. “You do as you’re told, and things will go easy for you. Resist or hesitate, and things will go badly for you”, and with that she squeezed my balls and pulled them hard down and away from my body. Again, I yelped, but she simply laughed as she let go. “I think he understands now”, said Kathy.Sandy sat down in the winged back chair, and I watched as my wife went up to her, knelt down in front on the floor, and buried her head between Sandy’s legs. I was shocked – Kathy had always shown revulsion at any latent or blatant lesbianism… see her eagerly licking Sandy’s pussy was a total surprise. Sandy saw the look on my face and said “come closer and watch what a good little cunt licker your wife has become. What do you think she’s been doing all those late nights at work……meeting clients?”I was shocked by this. All those nights cooking dinner that Kathy never showed up for, taking care of the k**s alone, and now I find out that she was having sex with her boos while I was getting more and more sexually frustrated! I couldn’t believe my ears.Kathy was lapping away at Sandy’s pussy, which featured shaved lips and a landing strip on her mons. I had always wanted Kathy to shave or at least closely trim her bush, but except for the summer when she got a bikini wax to be out at the pool, she never bothered. In the winter, she would have quite a bush, which I never liked. “Take off your pants, Kathy”, said Sandy, at which point she stopped her licking, pulled down her pants and panties, and revealed that she was totally shaved clean. My cock instantly hardened again. “I think he approves”, said Sandy.“Fair is fair……you take over licking the Boss, I’ll be right back”………I wasn’t arguing with the chance to lick a good looking woman’s pussy with my wife’s permission, so I got between her legs and started licking and sucking on the fleshy folds of skin between her legs. She was breathing harder and harder, and after a few minutes she let out a scream as she had a huge orgasm, drenching my face with her sex.“Stay put”, Sandy told me, as I watched her walk off to the guest bathroom.To be continued……….

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