CHAPTER 2 : The Humiliation of Tasnova

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CHAPTER 2 : The Humiliation of TasnovaAs the morning starts, I tell Prianka to leave early and tell her to leave a note for Tasnova in the dorm door saying that she’ll be back later and tell Tasnova to go to the university directly. I left her a tanktop and jeans so to start today’s fun and told Prianka to see if she could find her little cousin who apparently also studies in a school near by. After that I attend class and wait for her, but Tasnova wasn’t showing up in class. It had been 30 minutes already, and I was afraid she might not show up at all. That’s when I notice a knock on the door. The teacher tells them to enter and that’s when I see Tasnova there, in that tight white tanktop, skintight jeans and a scarf that I made sure wont do anything to cover her chest. her hair was still slightly messy, and I could tell she had to wash it a lot trying to remove my cum. I smirked. I loved this version of her, but it was far from the final product. She barges in almost angry, sitting next to me. She whispers if I had taken her bag and keys, I didn’t reply instead, looked her up and down. Her firm ass was sticking close to the jeans, almost as though it was painted on her. The tanktop gives us a good view of her cleavage too. She tries to ask me again but the teacher shuts her up. A few people kept looking at her, shocked at seeing her in this way. I could feel the nervousness in her. She hesitated to move, hoping not to show off too much. I tell her that I had a few things to tell her after this class and to meet me at the roof. Sameer had edited the videos perfectly and sent it to me. After the class, I escorted her to the roof and locked the door from behind. She immediately yelled at me ” what the fuck is your problem?” I told her to lower her voice, I remembered she had said to my friend that she’d rather date a homeless Bangladeshi than an Indian guy, so with an arrogant smile, I ask her how it felt to be fucked silly by an Indian guy, she got pissed off and told me that no-one would believe me even if I told them, that’s when I brought out the Video and showed it to her. She stood horrified watching the whole thing. Ever bit, from her shamelessing flaunting her body in a night club to me caressing her to having her brains fucked out by me. She stood there a horrified for a few seconds before trying to compose herself. ” So what? it’s just sex, it’s a normal thing for two people to do, and if you expose this video, I can easily file a case against you” I started laughing, which seemed to worry her a little more. I told her that I have no intentions of publishing these to the public. But before she could say something, I ask her how she thought her Religious parents would like these videos and pics. As I say that, I can see the horror in her eyes intensify, she looks genuinely terrified, I knew I had her. I continue the blackmail, ” Do you think they’d love seeing their Precious Daughter being an absolute slut?” She starts to tear up suddenly ” please, don’t do that. I didn’t do anything to you, please don’t send this to them” A smile crawls on my face, I look at her and before she can continue to say anything, I grab hold of her left breast squeezing it tightly. I pull her close and tell her not to say anything. I make it clear that begging isn’t going to change anything at all. Instead, all she has to do is obey my commands and she wont have to worry about her parents knowing. I continue squeezing her breasts, before pulling her tanktop down exposing her breasts.I play with them for a while longer before fixing her top and telling her to come back to class with me. Throughout the entire thing, she says nothing, just sobs but allows me to continue. As we return to our seats, I put my arm around her shoulder and on her left breast. Some people notice and start to murmur. I tell her to smile shyly. güvenilir bahis She tries to beg me not to do anything one more time ” please, if people notice they’ll think I’m a ….” before she could finish, I interrupt her ” a slut? but if you disobey, it’s our parents who’ll think you’re the slut, so pick, either I continue, or your parents get a good view of their daughter moaning like a slut while some Indian guy fucks her silly” She hesitates, then looks at my face with a smile. Liking the reaction I already got, I put my hand in her top and start to play with her nipples. I continue until the teacher arrives, but make sure the teacher notices my hand in her top before pulling it out. As the class continues, I start to push my left hand in her pant and I start to slowly finger her gently. I notice her biting her lips trying and failing to not moan. As the sounds escape her slowly, people look back to her to see her breathing heavy and moaning every now and then, I tell her to act normal and not let people notice as I speed up a bit. She moans out a bit louder, as the teacher looks back at her and asks her if something is wrong. Tasnova replies ” no sir, I’m just not feeling too well, please continue, I’ll try to calm down” As the teacher continues his work, She puts her head down and whispers to me to stop. I pull my hand out from her zipper, then make her clean my finger by shoving it in her mouth. She doesn’t even realize that her hook and zipper is still open as she licks my fingers clean. I wait for the teacher to leave and then during the break, decide to punish her a bit more. ” Get under my desk” I order as I Pull my dick out. She stares wide eyed, realizing I’m ordering her to suck my dick. ” Wha– , I cant, not here, everyone will know!!” She begs to no use. ” you suck or I send” I threaten. Taking a deep breath, the gets on her knees and between my legs as some of the students notice that Tasnova just went under my desk. The girl sitting next to her stared wide eyed as she realized that Tasnova was now sucking my dick right here in class. as she continues to suck m dick, I grab her head and shove my dick down her throat. I forcefully move her head, facefucking her furiously. I take my other hand and start to fondle her breasts, the feeling of her soft tits intensifying the feeling even more. To a point where I couldn’t hold it anymore and I dump the entire load in her mouth. I make sure she couldn’t spill a single drop, not that she’d want to spill anything on herself in class like that. I rest my cock on her face as I look at the girl next to her, she looked away immediately pretending to have noticed, but I knew that’d get some gossips going. I pull Tasnova up and stand her up. I could tell she was disgusted, but that was fine. After all her feelings were irrelevant in this scenario. When she was up, her dress was a bit messed up as was her hair. my constant groping made the tanktop cling to her breasts even closer. I’m sure at least half the class realized that she had been sucking me off under there. A but more than I wanted this early, but not entirely a bad thing. I grab her by the hand and start dragging her our, without her realizing her zipper is still open, as I say ” come on sweety, lets get you all cleaned up”. I drag her through the front of the class, giving some people a good few seconds of her crotch before taking her near the bathrooms. When we reach the bathroom, she tries to enter the girls room, but I drag her into the guys room that was supposed to be out of service. I drag her in and lock the door immediately. With tears in her eyes she looks at me, ” what do you want now, haven’t you done enough damage?”. I just smile and ask her ” so, do you have any family in this part of town?” She thinks for a second and then lies saying ” no, all my family members live in türkçe bahis Bangladesh” I just smile and act all cocky, ” well, that’s a shame”. Just then we hear three rhythmic knocks on the door. I go in and open the door, and as Tasnova notices, she becomes shocked. Standing infront of her was Prianka with another of my female friend Jannet, and a young boy, probably around 11th grade level. The boy looks in awe at Tasnova, as if he had the biggest shock of his life. Prianka goes to Tasnova and pretends that she is also being blackmailed, saying we recorded her in the party too. That was planned of course, as we needed Tasnova to trust Prianka so that we could use her to manipulate Tasnova. Tasnova was still too shocked to respond. I lock the door again, and go to the boy and ask him ” so then, what’s your name lad?”. ” Arik” he responds. I continue ” Alright Arik, how old are you?” ” I’m 18¨ he responds, clearly a bit scared of us at the moment. As then Jannet lets in a few more of my guy friends. I ask the boy again, ” do you know this young lady here?” He looks at her and responds ,” yes, she’s my cousin” I pat Arik on the head,” good boy, honesty will take you far in life” I look at Tasnova again ” and why would you lie to me then miss Tasnova?” I ask mockingly. She doesn’t say anything to me. I go up close to her and put my arm around her shoulders, placing my hand on her breasts, I gently grab a hold of it. Arik looked a bit shocked at that as I look at the boy and continue ” Say, Arik, did you ever see your sister here naked?”. Taken aback by that, he studders but answers immediately ” N-no, I haven’t” . I move behind Tasnova, gently moving her hair from her shoulder and playing with the straps of her tanktop. ” would you like to see her Arik?” I ask. The boy looks shocked, but doesn’t answer her. Tasnova slowly whispers at me not to do this, but I reply with ” oh come now dear, we need to repay the boy for his honesty” and as I say that, I pull down Tasnova’s Tanktop, making her breasts pop out. She looks down in shame, hoping the boy looks away, but the boy remains awestruck, looking at his cousin’s breasts. I pull her Tanktop down all the way to her waist, then order Tasnova to put both her arms behind her head, putting her exposed body on display. I look back at the boy, while I play with Tasnova’s breasts, ” do you like what you see boy?” but he doesn’t answer, so I put on a more threatening tone and ask again ” Answer the question, do you like the view?” You could tell he was intimidated, ” y-yes sir” he replies. I move my hands across her body a bit, before ordering the boy to come closer to her. As he hesitates, Janet Pushes him closer. ” Go ahead, grab a handful, play with her breasts” I order him. He hesitates, but still grabs Tasnova’s tits and starts to squeeze them. You could see Tasnova bite her own lips trying not to moan out. I notice the buldge on his pants and I laugh out loud ” Looks like the little boy really loves playing with his sister’s boobs” Everyone openly chuckles a bit. I order him to stop, and as he does, I order Tasnova to get on her knees while maintaining the position. As she does so, the boy looks on nervously. ” See what you did to the poor boy with that slutty body of your? you should feel ashamed, go on, make him feel better, kiss it” I order Tasnova. She hesitates for a while, then kisses the buldge on the boys pants. Janet comes from behind, and opens the boys pants hook, but before she could touch the zipper, I order her to stop. I tell Tasnova to open his zipper. As she attempts to get her arms down, I hold them up ” I didn’t allow you to move your hands” I tell her. She realizes what I mean, and after taking a brief second, she bites down on the zipper and pulls it down and lets the boys pants drop. as that happens the boy looks a bit more nervous. güvenilir bahis siteleri Standing there in his white underwear, already stained in precum. ” aww, look at that, the boys so excited, now do the same with those disgusting shorts too. ” I order. Tasnova bites down on the front of the underwear, then pulls it down, revealing the boys Small Bangladeshi dick. As she pulls down, the dick rubs against her face, and the boy shivers a bit. ” go ahead now, show the boy what you learnt in class today” I order Tasnova. She sits there for a second. ” Are you seriously going to make me repeat myself?” I threaten. As I do so, she slowly starts putting the boys dick in her mouth. She starts to suck this 18 year old cousin of hers off. The boy was inexperienced and you could tell as he didn’t hesitate to just blast his load in her mouth. She tried to pull back but I made sure she couldn’t, forcing her to take the entire thing in her mouth. The boy seemed as though he was a bit weak in the knees at the moment. Janet just pulled him back and he fell backwards. Tasnova is just coughing. As she was forced to swallow the whole thing. She starts to breathe heavily. I look at the boy ” Come on now, you cant loose it this easily, or else you’d never please you girlfriend” I mock him and continue ” Let me show you how it’s reaally done” and as I say that, I Pull down Tasnova’s bottom, exposing her Pussy entirely to everyone there. I push her down on all fours and place myself behind her ” does this bring back any memories baby?” I mock her. ” Please, not infront of him, she whispers” but to no avail, as I slam my dick in her almost immediately. She moans out. I see the boy look at her, wide eyed before trying to look away, but Janet holds his face forward and orders him to watch. As he does, I Rhythmically start to pound Tasnova’s pussy. Slapping harder and harder with each thrust. Janet makes the boy lean in and kiss Tasnova in her lips, while she starts to rub the boys dick herself. After a while Janet makes the boy hard again, satisfied, she pulls him closer, kissing the boy furiously, hopefully tasting my cum from there too. Janet was always a good fuck, but today wasn’t about her, but rather, it was about Tasnova. She made sure the boy could see everything I was doing to Tasnova, the way I was pounding her pussy, the way my hands were squeezing her breasts, Janet kept jerking the boy off, while making sure he cant cum yet. She dropped the boy on the floor, laying on top of him, and holding his face to look at Tasnova as I furiously fucked her pussy. I could tell, as I had already came before, I wouldn’t last too long. So I pulled out, and watched as Tasnova laid cheek down on the ground. But I wasn’t doing this to let her rest. I pretended to order Prianka to grab the boys underwear and get ready. She knew what I was about to do. So she got in position, as I prepared myself, I pushed my dick against Tasnova’s ass. Tasnova’s head immidiately jolted up, “WAIT, DON’T” She yelled out as I pushed my Dick directly into her ass, slowly but still with a lot of force and power. As she yelled out from the pain, Prianka stuffed the Underwear in her mouth. The Underwear muffled the noise enough that I could now start pounding her ass as hard as I wanted. I grabbed one of her hands and pulled it behind her, leaving her to only support herself with just one arm. Seeing this, Janet took her panties off and slowly placed herself on the boys dick, and started bouncing. The boy moaned out as Janet held his face to look at Tasnova with one hand and started fondling her own breasts with the other. It didn’t take long for the boy to cum nut Janet didn’t stop, kept bouncing, as the boys pleasure moaning became agonizing moaning. I continued to pound Tasnova’s ass until finally I filled it up with my own cum. As I let go of her, she immediately collapse on the floor. I watch as Janet finishes up and then I drag Tasnova on top of her cousin and have my friends take their pics together. I look back and order Prianka to take her home. And leave the three of them there.

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