Cheating with Cathy


Cheating with CathyCathy the 40 year old blondHere’s a story about the first time I cheated on my future X. The future X and I were going through a rough patch, the usual stuff that all couples go to war over;Money and sex.Sex and money. Like I said the usual stuff that couples fight over and it’s funny that money goes with sex as sex goes with money. If you don’t have one you won’t get the other.Well here I was working at a big box hardware store chain as a sales clerk, low pay as low as the sex drive of the spouse, and I was also having the 10 year itch. I started to notice the women that come into the store more than before, and noticed my coworkers a lot also. Now I always remembered the advice my dad gave me about fishing in the company pond, you know something about losing your worm. So all I did was look. But one of my coworkers noticed that I was looking around, maybe flirting a little more than normal, a little dirty blond Cathy, it wasn’t till later I learned how dirty. I’m not a hundred percent sure how it happen or why it happened, but I’m damn happy that it did happen and often. It started with a look then a touch, then a stolen kiss while no one was looking. Then trying to find any reason to go to the front just to chit chat about anything to get a chance to talk to Cathy, now Cathy was a 40 year old dirty blond of about 5’ tall and good figure, a figure that a woman is supposed to have nice breasts a narrow middle and fuck me hips. But that may be an over simplification, being ten years older than myself and flirty as hell made her sexy out of proportion to her size. Working in the middle of the store one day not to long after that first stolen kiss, Cathy was on her way to the back of the store to the break room, stopped and asked if I was doing anything for lunch? Mostly I bring my lunch, but if she wanted to go grab a bite I was game. Cool, she said and meet me out front at 1. Oh shit, shit, shit, Cathy wants canlı bahis to go to lunch, hell I was as giddy as a school girl and nervous as hell, isn’t that adrenalin dump, the shits. It was hard to focus on work when you are looking at your watch every 10 minutes, 1 finally rolled around and we met out front Cathy said let us take my car, I’ve got a place that we can go to eat. Now that should have given me a clue, but sometimes I’m a little slow on the up take.Cathy drove a couple of blocks over to an apartment complex and pulled into the lot and said come on in I’ve got something for you to eat. Okay, like I said I’m a little slow, so getting out and following Cathy like a puppy she open the door to her ground floor apartment then spun around and took my left hand and pulled me down to her face and gave me the hardest kiss I’ve ever had. Damn!My eyes were wide open and my brain was screaming stop! But my dick popped up its head and screamed BOO-YA! My brain screamed back your married and you never cheated on your wife, my dick screamed so what I smell pussy! My dick won.And through the door I went. Just like Alice down the rabbit hole or in my case my cocks down the cunt hole.We had not even cleared the front door before her talented fingers had my fly open and was fishing for my hardening cock, pulling it out and into her hands as she was moving backwards away from the door to the bed room. As my hands worked on first her top opening it to see for the first time the milky white fleshy tops of her breasts wrapped in a white lace bra, then my hands pulled at the buttons on her jeans. The whole time she is working my cock in her hands as she is pulling it the whole time to her bedroom, as the rest of me closely following my cock in her hands. Into her bedroom we went as we cleared the door she stopped my fumbling with her jeans and undid them herself as I pushed mine to the floor and my cock was now free. Cathy bent over bahis siteleri to push hers down she caught my cock in her mouth and at that moment I swear on the bible lighting shot out of my ass!Yes it had been awhile since I’d had a set of lips, mouth lips wrapped around my cock. My hand shot to her ass and squeezed that white ass first right then left, my middle finger slipped down the middle holy shit it was hot! Hotter than the cold body I had been with, MS. Close her eyes and get it over with.As my fingers slipped into that hot sloppy wet set of lips, I could feel something strange on my cock and in my pubes I looked down to see that Cathy had pulled all of my hard cock into her mouth and had her nose in my pubes and that strange feeling was her tonsils at the back of her throat. Fuck! Cathy let go and said I’m at the wrong angle to deep throat let me get on the bed, I said please let me see your tits and she jerked her bra cups down, Holy Shit! Those nipples were so pink, hard and knotted up. I grabbed those milky tits and kneaded them in my hands as Cathy moaned, moving my mouth to hers we locked our mouth together as I work her tits with my hands and her hands worked on my balls. Cathy pushed me back and said I want your cock in my mouth, onto her bed she climbed and then laid flat of her back. Cathy saw the look of confusion on my face, she ask me have you never face fucked a woman before? No was my reply. Cathy laughed and said I’ll be gential the first time. And with that Cathy grabbed my balls in her right hand and pulled my cock to her lips and then said slide your cock in slowly until I say okay for you to thrust then you fuck my mouth and throat like it’s a wet pussy. So away I went pushing my cock into her mouth till I felt some resistance, Cathy pushed me back with her hands on my thighs when she let go I pushed in again this time she relaxed and pop I was in her throat, DAMN I almost cum right then! Starting güvenilir bahis to thrust faster I felt my balls hitting her nose over and over then she gagged! Damn I jumped at the sound and pulled away and Cathy gasped, gagged and laughed and gagged again, then said my turn. So around to the other side of the bed I went, Cathy’s cunt was swollen pink and wet, I think it burned my tongue when it hit her lips. It was fanfuckingtastic! Hot, salty and sweet at the same time. Warden pull the switch I’m ready to die now. Cathy had one of those pussys the looked like a trident, lip, clit, lip and her clit was firm and large it was the first one I’d ever seen up close, not hidden like most. And the fluid that she was leaking was clear and thick the kind that sticks to your face and tongue and when you pull away it has those long stringie tendrials you watch as they break with fascination. Working on her cunt as best as I knew how, Cathy held her thighs on my head and pulled at the sheets as I tongue fucked her wetness, after what felt like an hour Cathy said put your cock in me, in me now with a rough gasp. So as one to never not help a lady in need I got on the bed and push Cathy’s legs apart as far as they would go and I lined my cock up and pushed home, oh it was so wet and slick as I slid into the hot depths that was Cathy’s cunt as my cock twitched and I really could feel her spasms. I thrust into her for what felt like hours but in reality it was only 5 minutes. My balls hitting her ass and her mouth making the most unnatural noises, but it could have been mine. Then that tingle hit I need to release to fill her with cum and then it was to late, and cum I did. I felt like I hadn’t cum in years and I was letting out about 10 years of stored married man orgasms to get this one out, it was that hard. We were wiped out but we needed to go back to work so we got dressed and left her place. It felt like I had been fucking for hours but it was only about 25 minutes.On the way back to work we made plans to do this again and again for lunch, and we did the very next day but that’s a new story. Frist time I was watched fucking another mans wife.

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