Chris’s Night


Chris’s NightI stood in the shower basking in the hot water rinsing the sweat and smell of sex off of me. I quickly ran a razor over my legs making sure they were nice and soft. I thought to myself as I washed my hair if I had been smart in inviting Chris back to my bedroom.I felt my pussy and decided one more slow sweet fuck wouldn’t kill me. I rinsed my hair and stepped out of the shower. I looked in the mirror and scrubbed my face, brushed my teeth and grabbed an island scent douche and cleaned myself.I felt nice and refreshed and clean. I sat down and put lotion on my legs and butt and tummy and arms. As an after thought I thought to do one more thing. I went back in the bathroom to make sure my cum drenched bowels were fresh and cleaned.Now; I thought as I looked in the mirror. Now you’re ready Anna. I put on my long white robe and tied it loosely at my waist and went downstairs. I found the strawberries and chocolate syrup I was looking for. I searched for a nice semi-sweet white wine. I grabbed my picnic basket and put my prizes in it.I called out to Richard and asked him if he could fill the cooler for me and bring it up to my room. Sure mom he said as he came over and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight and kissed me. He smiled as he turned and said the guys think you’re a sex goddess by the way.Well I’m not I said, I just like sex, and with younger boys, it’s that simple, but they’re all so sweet for saying that. Uh yeah Richard said they want to know when we can do it again. I shrugged and said you know me Richard when the mood strikes I’ll play.Besides that tell them they broke my pussy I said with a laugh. You’re something else mom Richard said. I said yes but you love me. And I do he said more than you’ll ever know. Well thank you sweetie now can you bring my cooler upstairs?I was busy setting candles out when Richard left. I searched for some slow soft music. I pulled the curtains shut and looked around the room. Satisfied with the way things looked my mind conjured up visions of me slowly riding Chris with candle light and mood music playing.My finger tips lightly caressed my pussy lips as I pictured his fat hard cock. I could feel my juices beginning to bubble up so I forced myself to quit touching my pussy. I went to my drawer and selected a few panties and thigh high stockings and garter belt.I held each pair up trying to find the perfect combination. Finally I settled on a crotch less pair of black panties trimmed in red and a dark shade of stockings. I chose a red garter. I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw.I looked again and thought, no Anna this won’t do. I agonized over my decision but then took everything off but my white gown. I tied it loosely and lay on the bed with my head propped up.I lay there thinking I didn’t want to give Chris the wrong impression so I knew I made the right decision. I giggled to myself and thought well my web is spun now to wait for Chris to get up here. I remembered why I was looking forward to Chris coming up to my bedroom. His cock was not longer than Richards but it was thicker. I’ve never really cared about length as much as girth. I knew that chris had a big fat thick cock that drove my pussy crazy.My fingers wandered down and lightly brushed my clit. A slow sighing moan escaped my lips. My fingers lightly danced and caressed my swelling clit. I scooped my flowing juices out of my hot cunt hole and spread them over my clit.I began to breath faster as I thought of Chris’s tongue on my clit and slowly licking and nibbling at my slippery wet pussy lips. My other hand found my breast and squeezed my aching tits.I lightly tugged and pulled at my hard nipple then pinched it hard as my eyes squeezed shut and my two fingers moved rapidly and harder on my clit.Chris, Chris I whispered, oh god yes Chris uh huh I moaned out as my body went taut and I arched my back as my cunt crème spilled out of my tight little pussy hole as an orgasm washed over me.I let out a long sigh and looked at the clock. It was 1:17 am just as I thought maybe he had passed out I heard a quiet tap on the door. My heart skipped a beat as I said come on. I got up and hugged and kissed Chris and said here help me light the candles.I went and locked my door and smiled to myself thinking of Chris’s big fat cock. I turned and whispered his name. He came to me and I kissed his lips my tongue darting into his mouth. I pulled his shirt over his head my fingers finding his belt and zipper.I slowly pushed him backwards until he fell on the bed. I pulled his socks and jeans off. My pussy began to tingle and quiver as I started to kiss my way up his body. I straddled him and leaned down and whispered in his ear stay right where you are.I went to the cooler and poured myself a glass of wine. I got the chocolate syrup off the night stand. I straddled him again and sipped at my wine glass. I looked down at him and squeezed the chocolate out on his hairless chest.I sat my wine down and moved down enough so I could lick and suck at the chocolate. halkalı escort I dripped more on his tummy and licked that up. I looked up at him and bit his tummy and moaned low in my throat as I covered his thick fat cock with chocolate syrup.I let it drip down as I lay and watched it dribble down onto his balls. Then I slowly ran my tongue over his balls sucking lightly and then sliding my tongue up his thick shaft. I took the fat mushroom shaped head of his cock into my mouth.I gently sucked and licked and swirled my tongue around the sensitive underside of his big cock. I listened to him breathing harder and lifting his hips up. I slowly took inch by inch of his thick cock in my mouth until I felt it begin to slide down my throat.I relaxed and let his thick cock slip deep into my throat. I swirled my tongue around as I brought my head up. My lips wrapped tightly around his cock. I reached over and opened the cooler and put a piece of ice in my mouth.I held his cock and let my saliva drip down on it and I began to pump up and down on his shaft. When I took his cock in my mouth he jumped at the cold ice in my mouth. I held the head of his fat cock between my lips as I pumped his cock in and out between my wet lips.I began to suck harder and harder as my hand pumped rapidly up and down his thick cock shaft. His hips began to buck and I moaned and shook my head indicating I wanted him to cum in my mouth.I felt his fat cock swell and then burst after burst of hot sticky gooey sperm ran over my tongue and down my throat I tried to swallow all of it but there was just to much. Some leaked out and ran down his cock I quickly slurped it up.I rolled one of balls in my mouth as I pumped every last drop of his sperm into my waiting mouth. Then I crawled up beside him and whispered I have a confession to make I had planned on playing a lot more with the chocolate but I just had to have your cock in my mouth.He smiled and said it’s okay. I snuggled into him and said well I do have strawberries and whipped crème and two nice bottles of wine. I got the whip crème and put a dollop on each nipple. I said I hope you like whipped crème flavored nipples.Chris licked sucked and cleaned each of my nipples. I let some drop on my tummy and he licked it up. He surprised me by biting my tummy. Gentle little love nips. My pussy was dripping wet and I felt a flowing river of my juices trickling down and tickling my butt hole.Chris scooped more whipped crème and spread it all over my sopping wet pussy. I sighed and handed him a strawberry. His eye brows raised and I said slip it in me and then suck it back out. I poured my wine in my glass.I let it run down between my breast. I poured it over my pussy and sighed as I felt the cold wine running over my clit and down between my pussy lips. Chris watched intently as the wine and whipped crème mixed with my own pussy juice trickling like a slow river.He bent his head down and his tongue licked at the mixture of wine crème and pussy juice.I felt him push the strawberry further in me with his tongue then I pushed and the strawberry popped out. Chris said wow how do you do that?I said ok Chris watch and I lay back hooked my arms behind my knees. I told him put another strawberry in my pussy. I sighed as I felt the cool strawberry being pushed up inside me. I told Chris the same muscles in my pussy that hold and squeeze your cock spit out the strawberries.I said watch Chris, and I pushed and pushed and the strawberry plopped out of my dripping wet pussy. Eat it I told him. He hesitated then bit into it. He must have liked it because he pushed another up inside me. I laughed and said oh someone likes pussy flavored strawberries.I pushed and told him put his mouth on my hot wet cunt and help get it out. Chris got it out then leaned back and said honestly, I mean this is fun. I want to learn more though about how to touch a woman.I said ok Chris, and I laid on my back and opened my legs. Just do what comes natural, I’ll let you know if I like it or not. Making love, or rather pleasing a woman sexually isn’t that hard. Wait I said I reached down and pulled back on the little hood that hid my clit.Kiss me there, lick my clit, suck on it , start slow and as I respond then go faster move your tongue like butterfly wings. Hold my pussy open and stick your tongue up in me there. Lick , kiss, swirl your tongue on every part of my pussy.At times place your whole mouth over my pussy blow softly so I can feel your hot breath. Start with one finger in me then add another as I open up to your finger. Kiss, nibble all the soft smooth folds of my pussy. As I was talking Chris was doing the things I was saying and soon my pussy was on fire with desire for his fat thick cock. I moaned out yes Chris, uh huh just like that, oh god your hot wet mouth and tongue feel so good on my pussy. My clit Chris now lick it with your tongue finger my pussy oh god Chris oh yes chris you’re going to make olgun escort me cum. Yes uh huh oh god yes I’m Cumming Chris oh god yes uh huh don’t stop , oh god don’t stop yes, yes, yes oh god yes I moaned out as I held him to my spastic cunt and filled his mouth with my hot wet pussy crème.I had to gently push his head away from my orgasmic pussy as it twitched and quivered with orgasmic pleasure. Chris crawled up by my side and asked if he did ok. Yes you beautiful boy you were perfect I said as I rolled over on top of him.I felt this throbbing thick cock on my tummy. I lifted my hips and reached down and held his fat cock at the entrance of my sopping wet swollen cunt. I slid slowly back, sighing as I felt his cock open me up as it slid into my burning hot slippery pussy.I softly kissed his lips and I felt his tongue parting my lips. I opened my mouth as we lay there kissing and sucking. Leaving little love bites behind where we sucked at each others necks. I was purring deep in my throat as I felt his fat cock stirring and pulsing in my tight little pussy.I whispered I meant to play more with the wine and chocolate, but I needed your fat thick cock in me. I moved my hips slowly in long wide circles as I lay on top of him. I whispered in his ear how good his big fat cock felt inside me.As we passionately kissed he began to move his cock in sync with my soaking wet cunt. I felt my rock hard nipples pushed into his chest and I raised myself up until I was sitting on his fat cock. I reached back and fondled his tight balls. I took his hands and placed them on my hips. I told him to help pull me back and forth while I ride his huge fat cock. I had every inch of his cock in me and I didn’t intend on letting him cum. I smiled down at him and said oh god Chris, I love your big fat hard cock in my tight little pussy. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my breast. I moaned out mm uh huh squeeze them, pull my nipples, pinch them. Oh god I moaned uh huh just like that.I tried my best to control myself as I felt an orgasm building up deep down in my pussy. I slowed down and quietly ground my pussy onto his thick fat cock. I bit my lower lip and breathed deeply through my nose.I felt my cunt clutching and squeezing Chris’s hard cock. I closed my eyes and tried to keep from loudly moaning out. I could hear Chris groaning underneath me. He pulled me over and literally threw me on my back and rammed his thick hard cock back into my quivering cunt.I yelped in pain as his fat cock pounded into my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and threw my arms around his neck. I knew there was no stopping him now. I screamed out oh god oh god yes, uh huh fuck me chris fuck my pussy uh huh do it oh god yes fuck my sloppy wet cunt with your big fat cock.Yes, Chris, uh huh oh god oh fuck yes I’m Cumming I yelled out as he cradled me under my back and held onto me as his thick fat cock pummeled in and out of my noisy wet orgasmic cunt. Yes , yes uh huh fuck it, oh god yes fuck me, uh huh oh chris oh chris I’m cumming uh huh pound me chris take me , fuck me, oh god don’t ever stop.I fell back on the bed and Chris immediately grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders as he ripped into my wet slippery pussy with hard deep pounding thrusts.I tossed my head back and forth and bit my lip in pain and pleasure.He pounded my sloppy wet cunt with deep jarring thrust with his thick hard cock.I grabbed the sheets in my hands and grit my teeth as he fucked me with a violent insistent pounding with his fat hard cock.Streams of oh god, oh my god yes, uh huh that’s it, oh fuck yes, fuck me, pound my pussy Chris, oh god yes, uh huh fuck me, fuck me uh huh fuck my cunt with your big fat cock. Yes, yes oh god chris uh huh oh god oh god oh god I’m cumming uh huh yes do it uh huh cum in my sloppy wet cunt oh god yes give me your hot cum, yes, yes, oh god yes fill me with your cum I screamed out when I felt his piston like cock begin to swell and grow even thicker.Fuck, fuck, oh shit yes Chris grunted and cried out as gobs of his hot burning cum shot out of his cock and splattered and splashed the walls of my cunt. He held himself deep inside me as I felt his cock jerking and throbbing as his sweet hot cum dribbled out deep inside my quivering pussy.With a long groan Chris lowered himself down and held himself above me with his elbows. I smiled up at him. I kissed him our tongues intertwining. He broke off the kiss and caught his breath and looked at me and said if that’s what real sex is I want it with you all the time.I tweaked his nose and said, mm come spoon me and snuggle me in your arms. We lay face to face at first devouring each others lips with long deep passionate kisses. He bent his lips to my breast encircling my nipples with his warm wet tongue.They responded by turning into hard tipped diamond points of pure lust. I gently kissed the top of his head. My mouth came open in surprise şişli escort when I felt his cock begin to swell and poke into my tummy. He gently pushed me on my back and I sighed out a quiet long moan as I opened my legs and felt the head of his fat cock nudging my cum drenched pussy. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his fat cock and sighed out mm as I guided it back into my syrupy wet cunt.He kissed me so soft, I breathed out and said; slow Chris, fuck me, fuck me real slow. Chris said um can I …well can I call you mom? I held his face in my hands and covered him in wet kisses as I said yes, of course darling. Do you want to fuck your mommies pussy? Is that what mommies little boy wants?Yes mom he responded. Mm that’s it my baby boy fuck mommy, fuck mommies hot wet pussy with your big fat cock. He laid his head beside mine and whispered oh mom I can’t believe I’m really fucking you. Your pussy is so hot oh god mom I’m the luckiest son alive.I whispered back yes Chris my darling son, and mommy loves your cock in her tight little cunt. Mm I whispered yes, baby, yes honey , uh huh fuck your mommy’s pussy with your big fat cock. You make mommy feel so good when you fuck her slow and gentle. Oh god you’re cock is so big. Mommy loves her baby boys cock in her pussy.We held each other tightly as our bodies were joined as one. Softly Chris whispered this is my dream come true mom. I’ve always wanted to fuck you and now I am and it’s incredible. Yes my darling it’s incredibly wonderful how your nice fat cock fits your mommy’s tight wet pussy so nicely. Mm baby I whispered fuck mommy uh huh my sweet baby boy fuck mommy with your big hard cock. Oh god your cock feels so good in mommy’s hot little pussy hole, uh huh that’s it oh god yes so slow and sweet uh huh fuck mommy just like you are.Chris began to make a low soft whispering moan as I rotated my hips and held him tightly in my pussy as I squeezed and milked his fat hard cock. I shushed him and said not yet baby, hold it in and fuck mommy’s slippery wet pussy with your big cock.Oh Chris uh huh , yes my darling baby boy, oh fuck your mommy, uh huh give her your nice fat cock, uh huh oh god yes , oh god baby, uh huh mommy’s going to cum for her baby boy oh god chris yes baby fuck me fuck me hard now , fuck mommy’s pussy real hard with your big fat cock.I moaned out a long piercing wail as my pussy gripped and clutched at Chris’s fat cock as he began to pound into my soaking wet hot pussy. Yes, oh god yes mommy’s baby boy is fucking her so good uh huh that’s it darling give mommy your hot thick wads of cum, oh yes that’s it yes, yes, oh god yes fill mommy’s cunt with your hot gooey sperm.Chris threw his head back and roared out yes mom, oh god yes mommy I’m cumming for you. I’m cumming in your burning hot pussy. Oh mom, oh god mom I can’t stop. Oh shit oh fuck yes, yes I’m cumming.Yes, I moaned out yes, that’s it my darling Chris oh god yes that’s it cum in mommy uh huh mommy want’s your hot gobs of cum in her tight wet little pussy. Yes baby boy come in mommy uh huh fuck her my sweet darling boy fuck mommy with your big huge cock.My head was rolling from side to side as a gigantic intense exploding orgasm ripped through my pussy when I felt Chris’s scalding hot cum blast and splatter my cervix with his hot burning jets of sperm. We both laid perfectly still in wonderment at the intensity and level of sex we just had. He was the first to speak. He said “ wow, holy fuck that was way too awesome, I can’t believe I came so hard.” I giggled as I lay under him and said my pussy says you came that hard. We both cracked up as I shoved him off of me.I rolled over on my side and this time we did spoon. He held me in his arms as he kissed the back of my neck and gently cupped my breast. I said “ you’d better be careful. I don’t think I can take anymore of that fat cock of yours, at least tonight” I said with a laugh.We lay there for about ten minutes with him kissing my neck and shoulder and gently fondling my breast. He was rolling my nipple between his thumb and finger and I heard him quietly laughing as my nipple hardened.I let out a long sigh as my pussy began to twitch. My mouth formed a surprised “ O “ when I felt Chris’s cock stirring and swelling to it’s full thickness and firmness. I closed my eyes and blew out a long whimpering moan when I felt the head of his cock begin to slip into my cum drenched pussy.I moaned even louder when Chris whispered in my ear “ oh god mom your pussy’s so hot and wet. Yes my darling son that’s because mommy loves her son’s big fat cock fucking her tight wet pussy. Chris I said “ there is one more special place mommy likes your cock too.” You just keep fucking mommy’s pussy and get your big hard cock nice and wet. Mommy really wants you to fuck her butt hole. I giggled and said “ my pussy needs a break from that big ole thing anyway.Just wet your finger and rub it on my mommy’s shit hole. Get your finger real wet too. Put your finger in mommy’s pussy and get her wet hot juices on your finger. Try it now. Put your big cock in mommy’s shit hole.I squeezed my eyes shut and grabbed the sheets as his big fat cock slowly slid into my pooper. Long deep moaning sighs escaped my lips as Chris began to inch his fat cock into my tight dark shit hole.Like that mom? Chris asked. Yes honey just like that! Now slowly fuck mommy’s shit hole with your big hard throbbing cock…Until next time…Mrs. X

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