Chuck Makes Arrangements for Me

Chuck Makes Arrangements for MeI spent most of the day looking forward to the evening’s party. The night before I’d gotten reasonably wasted at a party and had done something that I’d thought was unthinkable. Chuck and I were great flirts but we’d never done anything more than heighten our own sense of arousal in teasing others in public places, but last night we’d had a little test to see if I could get someone to make a pass a me using only body language. Of course, the body language had been amplified by a silk halter dress worn without underwear. A girl, Josie, who I’d started talking to, had caught me a little off guard. I had no idea she was with the man who joined us, but by the time the evening ended, she’d become very aggressive that her finger had gotten between my legs. She’d used the cover of a dark booth to show me her man’s cock and it’d been the nicest cock, of course, not including Chuck’s, I’d seen for a long time. My husband has a beautiful cock I had lusted for when he took self-photos while in Afghanistan and sent them to me in an email. It’s perfectly nice and he uses it very well. With Chuck, his body and cock are love objects, not fuck toys. This thing was just shy of being a monster. Most women won’t want to tell you, but the fact is after you’ve had a fair amount of sex, pussies are never as tight down there. I still keep up exercises, but I’ve got to tell you that this cock was so thick that I couldn’t close my fingers around it- and I haven’t got small hands.Anyway, the invitation was made; I’d had a little too much to drink, the opportunity presented itself and I slid down on it. I’d spent all afternoon wondering if I’d been imagining the feeling of that big head slipping all the way into me. It went up higher than I could have imagined. I think that if I’d put my hand on my stomach I could have felt it inside me. I’d just settled on it when my husband waved at me from across the room and I’d hastily moved aside, pulling it out of me. I hoped I hadn’t hurt the poor guy with my rapid dismount.Chuck had wasted no time in getting my legs over his ears in the back of our car and had joyfully busted me for having another cock in my pussy. To say he was thrilled would be understating it. He fucked me wildly in the car and then again, when we got home, and his language made me blush. He had always been nursing fantasies, wicked, dirty fantasies of seeing me with other men. He and I chatted about it before we were married, especially when I confessed to having a few lovers in the years following my divorce and during the period of time we corresponded. We went to the party at our neighbors. Mimi Rogers was a good friend and she was one of the neighbors I liked best. We live with neighbors that are spread out living on large lots and the neighborhood only gets together only once a year, if that. It was Mardi Gras time and everyone would be going masked. I knew that Bill and Josie would be there. Josie had told me the things she her man wanted to do to me and they’d pretty much corresponded with my husband’s fantasies, so I spent the afternoon in an erotic bliss. Chuck added to it by sucking the milk from my breasts and playing with my uncovered pussy every time he could. The party was in four hours but I spent the afternoon wet.Chuck hadn’t mentioned our experience this morning before he went off to run errands for me. He loves to run around doing this and that giving me time to myself on Saturday mornings. I guess I was a little worried that his enthusiasm had been the product of too much drink. Even stranger, he hadn’t asked me who owned the cock that had been up my pussy- he’d just expressed disappointment that there wasn’t any cum in me. I’d been horny all day but a little worried, I mean it wasn’t odd for Chuck to have fantasies about me being with other men. But we had actually discussed the men before I played with them since I really started playing with the men who came to suckle on me before he returned home from Afghanistan. Later in the afternoon, we grabbed a light snack before I went to the bedroom to prepare for the party. We’d picked up simple costumes, Chuck was going as a gladiator and I was going as Cleopatra. I had a halter with a kind of bra built in that fit me nicely, sequined all over and a skirt with a big medallion in the front. The skirt was just above my knees, and hung off my hips. I thought about wearing no underwear but I felt uncomfortable at the last minute and slipped on a t-back pair. We both had eye masks that we put on just as we rang the doorbell. Mimi’s house is the largest on the block, and is laid out so that the two wings surround their pool.The party would probably have sixty or seventy people there. Mimi was at the front door. She was about forty and she’d had her boobs done last year. Now she only wore clothes that showed them off and tonight I was sure I could see nipples through her lace toga. Normally Chuck and I would spend time together while we mingled with the other neighbors before we split up to visit specific people. I hadn’t had a chance to talk to him at all about last night’s experience, so I steered him over towards a corner. “Sweetheart I want to talk about last night.” He grinned, “We had a great time didn’t we?”“Well yes, but don’t you want to know exactly what happened?”“If you want to tell me. I’m hoping that you’ll give me a repeat and that this time I can watch, though, if that doesn’t work for you, I understand. But, you know how I am and what I enjoy with you.”“Chuck, of course I want you to be there. It just happened so suddenly and Josie..”He held up his hand, “Oh it was Josie. I understand now. After work last week, a few of us went for a drink. She made no secret of telling everyone how hot she thought you were.”“I wish you’d told me. I didn’t even know who she was. I guess she’s dating Bill.”He looked at me, “Is that who.” “It was just for a second. I, well I was moving across the bench seat in a booth in front of him and I just sat back and Josie was holding him. It was literally just a few seconds.”“Why only a few seconds?”“Well that was when I saw you wave and I just pulled off.”“Wow, that was it? You were very discreet. I can’t imagine anyone had any idea.”“So what do we do now?” I had no idea what he’d say, but I was glad I’d worn underwear because I could feel myself getting wet as I’d told him the details. I got wet every time I wrote to him about the suckling and the sex I had while he was gone and knew my words excited him as well.“What we do is flirt as usual, but we look for people who might be up to joining us. A couple of guys would be good, but so would one good one.”“A couple of guys? I don’t know about two. I don’t know if I could handle two other men plus you at the same time.”He leaned in close and I could feel his breath on my ear. “I think that your pussy was so wet last night that you could have done a troop. canlı bahis şirketleri And of course a couple of loads of cum in you would make you even wetter.”I shivered a little. He leaned in close and put his hand under my breast. “I’d love to see men playing with your milk-filled breasts.”He knew exactly what to say to me. He had been doing it since she started writing those stories when he was still in the army. He knew I adored having my breasts touched. I was completely lost in my thoughts and I was shocked to feel a hand on my shoulder. It was Mimi. “If I didn’t know that you were an old married couple I’d swear you two were talking about sex.”I laughed. This wasn’t the first time I’d been surprised by Mimi’s perceptive eye. “Well maybe we were, Mimi.” I felt a little daring and I pushed my finger against her lacy toga. “Is that a nipple there?”It stiffened immediately. Mimi said, “Why you naughty thing. I don’t think it was that obvious and I never knew you to touch the breast of another woman.”Chuck kissed me on the neck and said he was off to mingle. “Have fun. If you want to find me just look for the big sword.”We both watched him walk away. “Nice ass and legs,” Mimi said. She turned to me. “So who are you going to flirt with tonight?”I leaned close to her. “Well I think I started with you.” I brushed my arm along the side of her breast. “But I think I’ll go over to Goldilocks and that bear. He looks like a big bear. Maybe I’ll grab a little bear ass.” As I turned away, I felt her cup one of my cheeks. Maybe she was always this flirty too and I’d never noticed it before. I stopped one of the female elves running around with trays of punch and went over to Goldilocks.I adjusted my mask, “Did you find one that was just right?”Goldilocks turned to me and said, “What?” Maybe she was distracted. Or a little slow on the uptake. “You know, someone to eat who was not too hot and not too cold.”She laughed. “Oh, Mr. Bear here threatened to eat me for breaking his chair, but I showed him my goldilocks and he calmed down.” She flipped up the front of her short plaid skirt and I saw a flash of blond fuzz. The Bear nodded his head and then it popped up a little “This costume was a bad idea.” It was my neighbor Rob from the next street over. “I think this costume belonged to a real bear…” He paused, “and he died giving it up. It’s pretty hot and rank in here.”Goldilocks laughed. “He’s been bitching all night. I said if he complained anymore I’d send him back to his wife.”I’d thought Goldilocks was his wife. Now I realized it was Gloria. Cute little Gloria, who had the biggest natural boobs I’d ever seen in a bathing suit. She was wearing a little shirt tied above her waist. She must have had a huge bra on. I said to the Bear, “Why don’t you take off your clothes? You’d be a lot cooler.”“Oh, and go bare?”Gloria chuckled. She led him by the hand. “Come on. I’ll help get you out of the suit. Cleopatra you can stand guard.”We wandered over to one of the cabanas. The bear said, “If you see an a****l trainer with a top hat, warn me.” We took another round of drinks off the roving tray. The cabana was open, though only one of the blinds was drawn. There were groups of people around the pool. Goldilocks went to the back of the bear and he gave her directions about finding the zipper. When the suit came off, I could see why he was hot; he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and trousers. I looked back across the pool and saw a bear trainer looking around. It was definitely Rob’s wife, who would have been better dressed as a shrew. She turned back towards the house. I opened the door to give the bear a warning and was stopped cold by the sight of Goldilocks on her knees, Mr. Bear’s cock in her mouth. “Oops, excuse me. But there is a trainer looking around, she just went back into the house.”Goldilocks looked up. “We can finish this later.” She turned to me, “Help me get his costume back on.”I peeked back through the door. I could see the trainer moving through the room, but then I saw her head up the stairs. “She’s going upstairs. You sure you don’t want to finish?” Goldilocks looked at me “Jamie? I thought that was you.”Rob was turned towards me. His cock was throbbing. Goldilocks turned her back to us and said, “Come on just a quickie “ She flipped up her skirt and I saw her pink slit. Rob looked at me and bent over, sticking his cock in her. Her pussy was obviously wet because he made a squishy noise as he pulled out. I watched them fuck for a few minutes, my eyes on the door. He came quickly and then he stepped into the suit. I stood behind him while Goldilocks ran to the bathroom and I helped him into the suit. His cock was still a little hard. Goldilocks came back into the room and I quickly bent down, taking his wet cock in my mouth, sucking off her juices, pulling that last little bit of cum out. I stood up.“Let’s go. Mr. Bear, you’d better leave first.”We watched from the door as he made his way across the patio. He looked like a very stealthy bear. Goldilocks stood beside me. “I didn’t know you played around. I thought you just teased. Thanks for being cool.”I lifted up my mask. “I want to see your tits.”Goldilocks said, “Wow you are different than I thought.” She untied her shirt and reached behind to undo the bra. I helped her out of it. “You need to not wear a bra in that shirt.” Her boobs were huge. I lifted one of them. She had pink hard little nipples and her areolas were smaller than I would have thought. I did something I never thought I’d do, I lifted one breast to my mouth and sucked her nipple. And then I juggled them a little, enjoying their weight. I felt her hands under mine and then she was peeling one of my halter straps down, exposing one of my breasts. She touched her tongue to its tip and then sucked hard. I felt a gush of milk flow from my nipple and I lifted her mask. I had never kissed a woman. She tasted of sweet milk, honey and cinnamon and I felt her boob press against mine. I looked up and saw someone I recognized as her husband walking onto the patio.“Your hubby is looking around.” He turned and went back inside. When I turned back, she had the shirt tied. “He definitely wouldn’t mind catching us kissing,” she laughed. I put my breast away. We went out onto the patio and wandered into the house. Most of the people had their masks off now and I saw Josie against the wall talking to Chuck. I wondered what they were saying. Goldilocks was still beside me. We walked up to Chuck and Josie. Josie was dressed as a harem girl, her huge boobs encase by a tiny bra. I said, “Nice outfit you’re almost wearing.” I reached over and moved one of the triangles. A hard nipple popped out. I pinched it and then moved the triangle back. Goldilocks hadn’t said a word. Josie said, “We were just talking about you.” She looked at me speculatively. Chuck is very enthusiastic about the project you canlı poker oyna and I talked about last night.”I know I blushed and I felt Goldilocks gaze on me. She said, “This has to do with sex doesn’t it?”Josie looked at her with interest, and I think noticed her chest for the first time. “Wow, you have really huge boobs.”Goldilocks stuck her chest out. “I do, don’t I?” She looked around to see who was watching and, satisfied, unbuttoned to expose one. Chuck’s eyes moved at her movement catching it fully. She put it away.I had been sipping wine and it had loosened my tongue. I said, “I caught Goldilocks here blowing someone and I helped her out. I want you both to know that I had someone’s cock in my mouth and then sucked her titty. But I haven’t found any men to fuck me.”Goldilocks said, “Oh I want to be there. I’ve got a strap-on. I’ll fuck you. When are you going to do this?”Chuck said, “We’re thinking about an hour from now.”Goldilocks asked, “How about my husband? I know he’d be happy to oblige.”I’d flirted with Dan a few times in the past. He had nice hands. I nodded.Josie said, “Well then that’s it.” She leaned in close and said, “I can’t wait to get you properly fucked.” I felt a shiver up my body. Goldilocks left to find her husband and Josie went off to collect Bill. I leaned into Chuck, “Are you happy?”He grinned at me. “Oh yes. Not as happy as I will be in a couple of hours.”“Don’t you think it’s funny that all of a sudden we’re planning having sex with others?”“Oh I wasn’t planning on having sex with anyone else.”I looked at him, “I don’t think that’s fair. I want you getting fucked too, in a way. Well, sort of. Okay, I want to fuck you while you’re eating Josie’s pussy. I hadn’t realized Mimi was behind me when I said that. She grabbed me by the elbow. “I can’t believe you swing.”I turned, “Oh we were just k**ding. You know how we love to tease.” I realized she was slightly drunk, so maybe she wouldn’t think anything of it. She grabbed me around the waist. “I’ll believe you if you let me check you.”I said, “Sweetheart, I always get wet when I flirt. That’s why I flirt. It arouses me. I love that feeling of making people want to fuck me, I love knowing they want to fuck me even before they know they want to fuck me.” I saw that her toga had come a little undone. She shifted her leg and I saw a little drip on her thigh. “Mimi you’ve got cum on your leg.” She looked down and giggled. “Yes, I do. I’m a little drunk and I think I got carried away. Would you help me upstairs?”I nodded at Chuck and she leaned into me. She stumbled a couple of times but I got her to her bedroom, locking the door while I got her settled. She sat in a chair while I folded the bed down, saying only, “Damn, I didn’t think I had that much to drink.” When she stood up she was naked and she had a very distinct trail of cum on her leg. I lay her down and she said, “Can you get a washcloth for me? I’d hate Johnny to come to bed and find all that cum on me, even though I know he got some tonight too.”I went and got a warm washcloth and wiped her leg. She spread her legs apart. “Don’t forget that part, Honey.”Her pussy had been shaved and was very pink. There was a lot of cum oozing out. I said, “You’ve got a lot inside you. Are you sure you don’t want to go the bathroom?” “I need to go to sleep. A lot of cum. Yeah, three loads. I got fucked good tonight.”I leaned down and did something else I thought I’d never do, licked the top of her pussy. She moaned and I said, ”I have to get back downstairs.” I stuck a finger up and felt her wet, and then pulled it out. It was covered in cum. I gave her a last wipe and then went to the bathroom to wash my hands. She leaned towards me, her boobs in my face, her nipples long and pink. “When I’m sober I want to lick you. It’ll be fun.”When I went back downstairs, Chuck was waiting. “Let’s go get ready.” We walked down the street, holding hands. I ran upstairs and had a shower, and then I put on a teddy and a dressing gown. There didn’t seem any point to getting dressed. Chuck had a drink waiting for me and then he ran to shower as well. Bill and Josie were the first at the door. She had a little travel bag, but she put it on a table and threw her arms around my neck. “Are you ready for this? All these hands on you?”“Actually I’m a little scared. Shouldn’t I use condoms?” “Good idea. I brought a big box, I know Bill was just tested before he started work, but I don’t know about the other couple.”“Mmm. I guess it depends on how promiscuous they are. I know Gloria has been fucking Rob as well as her husband. I know you were talking about having loads of cum in me but maybe on me will do.”Chuck and Bill were talking over a drink and the bell rang again. Goldilocks was there along with her husband Dan. She slipped into the door and motioned to me. “Rob is outside in his car. I told him we were coming over to play but I didn’t know if you wanted another cock. If I don’t wave to him he’s just going to drive home.”Josie said, “That’s perfect.” She noticed the concern on my face. “If you’re not up to it I’m sure the rest of us can make use of him.”I shrugged and said to Gloria, “Sure, why not.” I looked at Josie. “I had him in my mouth for a brief second. He’s a nice size.”“Oh I’ll think you’ll find that all sizes are welcome.I felt a shiver start at my toes at the things we might get up to. Josie looked at the guest bedroom that was off our living room. “We need about ten minutes to get things arranged. Why don’t you get a pitcher of ice water and glasses,” she grinned. “Take your time.” I went into the kitchen on shaky legs and made a pitcher of margaritas and one of ice water. I took as long as I could and then Chuck came into the kitchen for me. “We’re ready for you.” “Chuck, I’m so nervous. Maybe this is too much too fast.” He held my face in his hands and kissed my eyes. “Any time you get uncomfortable you say “rascal” to me and I’ll get everyone to go home. Josie says she’s going to take things very slow.” I went into the room. The furniture had been moved to the side and the twin size mattress from the guest room had been moved into the center of the floor. Sheets and pillows had been arranged. The lights were off but a dozen large candles had been positioned around the room. Josie and Gloria were sitting on the mattress their legs curled underneath. The men were nowhere in sight. They patted the bed. “We’re going to give you a massage.” I took off my robe, folded it on the sofa, and sat on the bed. Gloria lifted my teddy off me and motioned me to lie down, covering me with a small towel. The next ten minutes passed in a flash. First, they relaxed my back and shoulders, rubbing me with almond oil and then there were four hands rubbing my butt, pulling my cheeks apart. My calves were massaged and then my inner thighs, I could feel myself getting wetter. When they turned me over I had a glimpse perabet güvenilir mi of naked flesh; they had both stripped, and Josie tied a blindfold over my eyes. I felt each breast being massaged by two hands and then I felt a heavy weight dragged over my breast and felt a hard nipple rub against mine. There was a lot of giggling and then I felt breasts all over me; on my stomach on my thighs. It must have been Gloria’s huge boob that lay between my thighs and her hand nipple that danced over my clit. Two hands were rubbing my breasts and then on legs and then I knew there were more hands, and fingers were touching my mouth and my eyes and my nipples and then a finger was inside me. It was almost too much. I felt both my legs lifted and each was being rubbed with long strokes and then my legs were separated and I felt hot breath on my pussy. A tongue lapped me, then there was movement, and my legs were lifted so my but was off the mattress and another tongue was probing deep inside me. I gasped and then a mouth was on my clit, lapping and sucking, at the same time that the tongue was deep inside. I felt the deep welling of my orgasm, but before I could come, the tongue disappeared and I felt something warm at my entrance. An incredible fullness and a cock slid inside me. It must be Bill because I felt that stretch again. This time I put one hand on my stomach and felt his cock poke up inside. God he was huge. The mouth on my clit was still there, even with that monster cock going in and out of me and now I couldn’t hold back- an orgasm ripped through me. I clenched down on the cock, which started pumping me harder. I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. The lips disappeared and everyone was quiet for a minute, but then the cock started moving again and I felt my nipples sucked and pulled. I wanted to concentrate on the feeling of this amazing cock, but now my legs were being flipped and I was moved to a doggie position. I felt Bill’s hands on my hips and felt him pull his tool all the way out. I waited for him to push back in and he did, filling me up. He started moving deeply inside me and I tightened up. I reached behind to grab his balls and felt them tight and heavy against his cock. I moved my head up, surprised to feel another cock at my mouth. Like a baby with a pacifier I latched on, sucking it inside my mouth. The sensation of Bill fucking me put me in another space. I realized that this fucking would go on as long as I liked and that for once I didn’t have to worry that my lover would come before I’d finished. I started to really enjoy the mystery cock, but then there were fingers underneath us and I felt someone touch my clit. Bill sped up his pumping and I could tell he was about to cum. I reached under the mystery cock, past the balls and found a tight little hole. I let some saliva coat the finger and then I slipped it in. The cock in my mouth started to leak a little and I redoubled my efforts. Bill started cumming and I wondered if he was wearing a condom, but then I felt myself leaking around his cock and knew he’d splashed his semen into my cunt. I started cumming at the thought and felt my mouth fill with cum.I didn’t let the cum escape my mouth but swallowed all of it, then rolled to my side. The blindfold was taken off my eyes and a glass of water appeared. I was parched. I looked around. Chuck was sitting in a chair, his cock completely hard. Bill was at the end of the bed and Rob lay back, a little cum leaking from his cock. Gloria and Joie were sitting back on their haunches smiling. “That was fabulous,” I said.“Are you ready for more?” I nodded. “Dan lay down here.” Dan had been in the shadows and now he came forward. His cock was shorter than any of the others but it was definitely the thickest and it turned up at the end. He lay down and Josie leaned over him, sucking him briefly. She started to unroll a condom onto his cock then stopped. “Now Jamie, mount this thick cock.” I got onto my hands and knees and moved over him. Josie held his cock up and I squatted down. It was much thicker than Bill’s and felt wonderful. I moved a little and then Josie was on her knees over his face and I saw her lower her pussy to his lips. “Oh that feels good” She leaned forward to kiss me and I put my arms around her, lifting her boobs with my hands. I moved up and down on Dan’s cock and then I felt Chuck beside me. I broke my kiss with Josie and felt his mouth on mine. He moved behind me and I felt a finger up my ass and some lube. Surely he wasn’t. Then an incredible feeling of fullness. He was up my ass, moving very slowly. I put my hands on Josie’s shoulders, only to feel Gloria step between us, her pussy at my face level. I stuck out my tongue and tasted her. That taste of honey and cinnamon that I remembered from earlier. I felt Josie’s fingers beside her clit and I sucked it in. That had distracted me from the other sensations, but now Chuck and Dan were moving together and all of the sensations were just too much and I started cumming again. This time there was no pause for me and the movement just continued through my orgasm. Amazingly, I just kept on cumming. At one point Gloria started cumming too and my mouth was drenched in her liquid. She gushed on me and then I felt her hands on my tits, rubbing her juice into me. I was almost relieved when both men shouted their orgasms. I felt the pressure of Chuck’s cum fill my ass, and then they were both out of me. I flopped over. God, I’d been fucked.Bill appeared with a bunch of washcloths and cleaned me off. I sat up and said, “Well, that was amazing.” Gloria laughed. “Oh, it’s not over, Sweetie. I want you to suck my tits, then I want them titty fucked by every cock in the room, and then I want to use my strap on. But first, Bill you’re up to bat.” I scooted over while Bill lay down. Gloria insisted that I hold his cock for her. It was just as big up close and she obligingly leaned back on her hands so I could lick and kiss them both as they joined. Chuck lay down next to me and I motioned for Josie to move and sit on his mouth. It was great to see him eat her and then I lay back and watched her climax on his lips. After a few minutes, I felt Rob curl next to me and it seemed only companionable to position myself so his cock could fill my pussy. I didn’t think I had another orgasm in me, but watching Chuck and then Gloria’s huge tits bobbing started to work on me and Rob’s cock found exactly the right spot. Soon the room filled with the sounds of women orgasming and I was treated to the sight of Dan’s cock being fed alternately to each of our willing mouths. We fucked in every conceivable position for three more hours. I brought both Gloria and Josie to screaming orgasms and Gloria fucked my pussy and then my ass with her strap-on while the men sucked as many titties as they could find. At the end, the men had barely enough energy replace the mattress on the bed. Chuck waited until everyone had left and then he gave me his final gift. He lay me down on our bed and got between my legs, talking to my pussy telling her how much he loved her, kissing her and cleaning her with his tongue. What a night!

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