Claire’s Invitation Pt. 05


I could get used to being naked with him. In fact, I was beginning to think I would enjoy never getting dressed again, if we could just lie together like this all the time. His skin is soft. His breath is warm. The curly hair on his chest is so… sexy. His kisses make me feel giggly. I always wondered what the big deal about sex was. Now, I can barely stop touching his naked body.

He likes touching me, too. He likes running his hands down over my hips, up over my back, cupping my breasts and playing with my nipples. He drives me stark raving crazy is the truth of the matter. His eyes are so beautiful; I never get tired of staring into them, grinning at him, kissing him on the lips and cheek and forehead and chest.

I haven’t kissed his penis yet. I know he wants me to. I’ve been thinking about it. I want to do it for him. I don’t want to disappoint him, but maybe I’ll disappoint him by being such an amateur.

It scares me. What do I do with it? His pee comes out of there! That’s kind of gross. But his stuff comes out of there, too. I tasted a little bit this morning to see what it’s like. It’s kinda weird. Not bad, but different. What if he cums in my mouth, what do I do then?

As soon as I try, he’ll realize that I don’t know what I’m doing. I could tell he loved the way Lydia did it. That was so wicked, to see him slipping in and out of her mouth. She looked a little scared. Or shocked, maybe. I guess he’s bigger than Todd. Watching them made me a little jealous, and a lot horny.

Oh, man. His fingers are in my pussy again. He enjoyes playing with me. Mmmmmm. And I love letting him play with me. I might never put my clothes on again.

We’re in his cousin’s house, and I suddenly remember Lydia interrupting us.

“You’re sure your cousin isn’t coming back until tomorrow?”

“Positive. He’s with his family. His dad’s birthday. He was happy to let me use his place.”

“Oh, sweetheart, that feels nice. It makes me horny. And being naked on your cousin’s sofa in his apartment seems… wild and naughty.”

“You’ve definitely become wild and naughty, Claire. I’m seeing a side of you I haven’t seen before.”

“Because I haven’t paraded around naked in front of you before!!”

He laughed.

“This is true. I love touching you like this, feeling your pussy get wet, feeling your skin grow hot. You’re so sexy!”

“Stop for a minute.”


“Because I want to say something and I can’t think when you’re stroking my clit like that.”

He smiled and pulled his hand from between my legs.

I didn’t know if I should do this. I didn’t have to. But somehow, being naked, doing these things together, it seemed like I needed to be completely honest with him.

“I feel like I need to tell you something I’ve never told anyone before. I hope you won’t hate me.”

“Hate you?”

“I wasn’t really a virgin when we, you know, when we made love last week.”


The words just came tumbling out.

“I’ve always told myself I was because, well, what happened before didn’t count. Or shouldn’t count. It was a mistake.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You remember Milton Shepherd?”

He nodded his head.

“He and I dated for a bit when I was 15. It was a mistake. Things went too far. I stopped seeing him after that, but it means you weren’t the first. I wish you had been the first, because making love to you is so wonderful, so perfect.”

He didn’t look at me for awhile. He was looking at my chest. I started to feel self-conscious, but then he kissed my chest very tenderly, and my throat, and my chin, my cheeks. I started to cry. I wanted to hold it together, but I couldn’t.

“I’m so sorry, Danny. I’m so sorry.”

“Shhhh. Don’t be sorry. Don’t feel that way. Thank you for telling me, but you didn’t have to. I don’t care whether you were a virgin or not. That’s not important to me, at all. All I care about is you, today, right now.”

Then he said something I’ve never forgotten.

“When we made love for the first time, was it because you wanted to prove something, or because you wanted me?”

“It was because I wanted you more than anyone sarıyer escort in the world.”

“And I wanted you just as much. So whatever you and Milton did, you didn’t make love, right?”

Sometimes, he seems to know me better than I know myself.

“No, it was just sex. We didn’t feel anything special. Milton wanted me, and I just wanted to piss off my mom.”

“Then, you’re still a love virgin, or you were, until a week ago. And when we made love, it was the first time that had ever happened to you like that, wasn’t it? The first time you’d really wanted to give yourself to someone. Right?”

I didn’t answer, just buried my face in his neck and hugged him as tightly as I could. We held each other like that for a very long time. Then I broke our hold and kissed him, gently at first, gratefully, then more hungrily, with a kind of raw need that I was starting to feel more and more comfortable letting out of the cage.

I pushed my hand down between us and found his penis. It wasn’t too difficult, since it was practically impaling my tummy. I stroked him gently, filled my right hand with him, amazed at how quickly he could grow with just the slightest attention.

“I like this thing you’ve got between your legs. It’s pretty darned interesting. You don’t mind if I touch it?”

“Oh, no. Touch it anytime you like. I’ll never stop you.”

I stroked him with my hand for awhile, then ran my fingers lightly over the fat head and along that stiff shaft and down to his balls. What a tool. A pleasure tool, designed to fit right into my vagina like a hand in a glove.

I kissed his nipples and flicked them with my tongue. Then I kissed his hairy chest and had to rub my nose when the curly hairs ticked. Then I slid lower and kissed his tummy, all while making him harder with my hand.

I looked up and found him watching me. I smiled.

“There are some interesting things happening down here. I thought I should examine it a bit more closely. What do you think?”

He sighed.

“I think you’re right.”

I turned my head and there it was, bigger than life. Fascinating. Engorged. Alive and occasionally jumping in my hand. The color of red grapes, maybe.

I rubbed my nose against the head and then around it in a circle. Soft skin. Warm to the touch.

I wanted to do this. So I stuck my tongue out and gave the head just the slightest little lick. He gasped. Sensitive. Like a big clit, I guess. A huge clit. I licked again, this time with the flat of my tongue, circling the head, leaving it glistening, tasting its saltiness. Then, I finished with a flick up the little slit at the center. He jumped a bit at that.

“Tell me if this feels good or not, ok?”

“So far, so good. More. Do it more.”

I figured if it’s just a big clit, I should treat it like a clit, so I started flicking my tongue all over the smooth head, around in circles, up and down, hard and soft, fast and slow, all while squeezing the shaft in my right hand.

Ok. So far so good. Time to see if I can get it in my mouth.

I opened my lips and engulfed the entire head. Way bigger than a grape, for damn sure! So different. Nothing at all like a banana. Lydia had been moving her mouth over his penis, so I tried doing the same thing, slurping him in and out of my mouth, sliding my lips over the head with a kind of pop, or a slurp. I took him in a little deeper and he raised his hips up a bit and met my mouth with a thrust that nearly choked me. I backed off, grabbed his penis hard and held him steady while I started sucking him in and out of my mouth.

The sucking was hard. Hurt my cheeks. Hard to figure out how to breathe.

“Don’t suck. Just roll your lips over me and tease me with your tongue.”

“I want to learn how to suck cock.”

He laughed.

“It’s just an expression. You don’t really have to suck on it. Think of a Tootsie-Roll Pop. Just move it in and out of your mouth. It feels wonderful, Claire. Wonderful. But, anytime you want to stop you can.”

“Do you want me to stop.”

“No way! More, please.”

I got back to work, slurping away, esenyurt escort kissing, licking, making love to him with my mouth, bobbing my head up and down faster and then slower, thinking all the time about sucking his cock the way he kissed and fondled my pussy.

It was fun! I felt powerful, I guess. He was excited, rock hard, moving slightly every time I took him deep. His fingers were in my hair sort of urging me along, setting the pace. I wanted it to be special; I was doing my best to figure out what would make this really great for him.

He seemed to respond the most when I alternated between playing my tongue over the head and letting him slide in and out of my lips. I picked up the pace.

It felt weird at first, having this big thing in my mouth, but as I got into it, not so much. I’d seen pictures of guy’s dicks, I’d had Danny’s inside of me, but I’d never been nose to penis before. There was a certain naughtiness about it that turned me on. Clearly he was turned on. I was gonna make him cum for the record books. In my enthusiasm, I’d kind of forgotten about the whole firehose-of-cum-down-my-throat thing. I would learn fast.

Something told me he was getting close. His movements were getting more frantic and jumpy. He was moaning. He was pressing on my head every time I pushed down on him.

“Claire! Claire! I’m gonna cum! You need to stop!”

But I didn’t stop. Wild horses couldn’t pull me off his cock now. I pumped him faster between my lips. His penis sort of jerked and then a warm jet of his cum gushed into my mouth. It took me completely by surprise. Whatever I was expecting, it wasn’t that, but I didn’t stop moving, kept on pumping him while his jism started leaking out of my lips and down my chin and my cheek. I started to choke on it all but swallowed instead, downing a huge gulp of him while he filled my mouth up again.

Good grief, what if it doesn’t stop! I briefly imagined the room filling with a lake of cum and ER doctors doing their best to shut off the flow. I kept sucking down everything he gave me, swallowing as much as I could until I pulled my mouth away, open, and sort of drooled his thick baby juice all over his tummy, with some of it trailing down my chest and my arm. I swallowed again and caught my breath. Danny was gasping, and a little stream of glistening white spunk was still oozing out of his penis. I caught it on my fingertip and smeared it all over his penis. Then I caught up some more and dripped it over my nipple, just to see what it would feel like. Sticky and slippery all at once. Pretty interesting.

I let go of his cock and slid my way up the couch until we were face to face again. He managed a weak smile, which grew bigger as he reached out and wiped up a drop of his cum from my chin.

“I made a mess of you, didn’t I?”

“You nearly drowned me.”

“I did try to warn you.”

“You didn’t say anything about a tsunami, though, did you?”

“I’m pretty sure I’ve never cum that much before, which suggests that it’s on you, both figuratively and literally. You’re just too good. A natural. You should insure that mouth with Lloyds of London.”

I laughed at that and punched him lightly on the arm.

Then we cuddled against each other and just listened to our breathing. We might have drifted off to sleep. Time got fuzzy.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Hmmm? What?”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you. Go back to sleep.”

“No, it’s ok, I heard you. I think you’re beautiful.”

“I’m not beautiful. I’m plain and gangly and my hips and breasts are out of proportion and my nose is too big…”

“Whoa. Slow down. I happen to love your nose. It’s adorable. And I could look at your breasts for hours on end, especially those gorgeous little nipples. And as for your hips, well, the reason I like to let you walk in front of me is because the sight of your hips moving as you walk is practically hypnotic. You’re beautiful to me, Claire. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? I think you’re gorgeous and sexy and probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been naked with.”


He laughed.

“You’re avrupa yakası escort the only woman I’ve ever been naked with… well, excepting Lydia just then. But I think you’re altogether perfect just the way you are.”

I reached for his penis. He was still soft, poor thing.

“Do you think you can get hard again?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Stuffing your sausage into my pussy.”

“Mmmm, sounds fun.”

He started growing. This was better than a wind-up toy on Christmas day.

“If you lick me it’ll help the process along.”

And so I did. And so he grew. And then he grew some more and I could feel myself getting wet. I climbed on top of him, straddled him, rubbed my pussy along his stiff penis and watched the head peek out between my pussy lips as I moved back and forth. He was wet; I was making him wetter.

I grasped him by the shaft and raised up, put that warm sausage against my opening, and while watching his eyes let my weight sink down slowly until he was in as deep as I could take him. I think my eyes might have bugged out a bit. Then I started moving my hips. Put my hands flat on his chest to help and started rocking up and down on his cock, feeling that exquisite hot fullness as I pressed him all the way inside and that exquisite emptying as I raised up almost all the way off of him. Such wild and indescribable feelings.

I found I could angle my hips a bit and rub my clit on him on the down stroke, and boy did that feel good. I picked up the pace and started stroking myself while I was stuffing my pussy. He put his hands on my breasts and squeezed them and played with my nipples. They’re so sensitive. I could feel little shocks down into my clit. I may have moaned. Probably moaned.

Then I found I could lean down even more and graze my nipples over his chest as I rode him. He cupped my bottom and pulled me down on him more forcefully. We were both speeding up the pace, I was sweating, he was panting, my clit was humming, my body was in some kind of a crazy, take no prisoners place where I was just focused on cumming again and cumming hard.

I heard myself making noises, but all I could think about was getting there, getting closer, just the right pressure, just the right rhythm, just the right state of consciousness.

His fingertip grazed my asshole very lightly, and something about that drove me into high gear.

“Oh shit, Danny! Fuck me, please. I’m almost there. Almost there. Come inside of me, please. Come… shit…”

A few more thrusts and I lost it. I came so hard I nearly leapt out of my skin. He groaned a few seconds later and pushed hard into my pussy and came with me. Two tsunamis. Two fire hoses. My pussy was suddenly sopping and rippling and I don’t know what all, and I just collapsed on top of him and gasped. And shook. Trembled. Held him as tightly as I could. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.

“Don’t let go of me, ever.”

“I won’t let you go, Claire.”

Then we slept. I dreamed of a river of cum running out of my pussy.

Then I woke up in a panic.

“You did it inside of me?!?”

He wasn’t awake, so I shook him. He groaned, then smiled at me. Such a great smile.

“Did you say something?”

“Yes. You came inside of me. Why did you do that?”

“Uhhh, because you told me to?”

“And you believed me?”


“Remember when I told you this isn’t a safe time for me?”

“Sure, but I figured you’d changed your mind or something.”

“I didn’t change my mind. I was in the grip of an orgasmic delusion of some kind. You should have stopped me.”

“I was supposed to be exercising good judgment while we were fucking each other crazy? No one exercises good judgment when they’re doing it like we were.”

“I know. I don’t really mean it. You’re right. I’m just angry with myself. I wanted you to come inside of me. It’s wonderful. I wasn’t thinking past that moment. I hope to God I’m not gonna get pregnant.”

We were both quiet.

“I’m not a responsible adult around you, Danny. You drive me wild. We need to be more careful.”

“Ok. I’ll buy some condoms. I’ve never bought condoms before. It’ll be an interesting experience. We could go shopping for them together at the pharmacy so you can pick out the colors you like best.”

I laughed.

“No pink and no blue. Aside from that I don’t care what color they are.”

We showered, dressed, and went condom-shopping together.

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