Clean Thoughts


Clean ThoughtsClean ThoughtsBy: Londebaaz Chohan What a pain in the neck. Even after complaining twice, the light around the confessional area was not fixed. Father Mahrzach could not tell, if he really saw someone go in the confessional or it were only his weak eyes and those shadows around his peripheral vision to blame. After at least an hour, Reverend came to the confessional. The divider in the middle was only showing a silhouette on the other side and father could not tell the age or the gender of the person. Once the voice was filtering through the divider, Reverend could tell it was a boy and a very clear image began to form in his mind. The voice was relatively young and soft to say his name as Ken. Father could conceive the gentle little mouth of the boy with very silky pouting lips, producing the attractive, alluring voice of innocence. The hesitance, shame and shyness giving a hushing hint to his tone was producing a touch of seduction in his voice as those words were breathed by the Ken boy instead of being spoken. As the verbal dullness led to the actual confession, Reverend’s mind began painting the picture of the Ken’s body; those pretty lips were a part of. He sounded to be a bit older on the fringes but not mature to know most if not all. Father figured, Ken must be a Junior in a High School. The delicate time of life when boys are at the brink of rapid change to be the men; developing day by day physically as well as emotionally. In father’s mind; Ken was dressed in a uniform, mostly worn by those beautiful students of the private schools, complete with a white or the blue striped shirt and grey shorts with blue neck tie and blue knee high socks. For no reason, this imaginary boy figure was breaking away from the set and fixed school code of uniform wearing a casual t-shirt and a very flimsy looking Lycra like shorts, tight hugging the middle of his body with the smelly sneakers and no sox. His youthful dress kind of told of his body frame being small but taut and elegant with fully developed curves of his hips, thighs and also around decently developed chest with already manly looking nipples showing through the t-shirt and cruel hinting of lust in the true emerald green eyes. Father Mahrzach was almost obsessing on this mental image of the Ken boy to the extent that he was hardly listening to the words of his confession until his ears heard the ringing of bells instead of the words, ‘Slumber Party’.“Oh pardon me, baby. Did you say ‘Slumber Party’? He interrupted. “Yes, father”. The boy said the words again with a bit of burden as the noble father could see those young but full lips saying those words. “My friend, Jimmy had invited me to his home on this Friday night to spend the night because we were supposed to go to the School next morning, we had both enrolled for the volunteer work in the front office of the principal”. Father’s mind, now had to rearrange the images to fit the scene. Both Ken and Jimmy were in the nightshirts as Reverend could see their images now and both in those short shorts for the bed time. Jimmy had longer legs with lots of hair on them. His body frame was not much larger but being a senior, Jimmy’s body frame was not as small as Ken and his arms also had more muscles and dense hair as his chest. Jimmy had blond hair and blue eyes. Heavenly father placed both of them on a larger bed, bouncing around playfully as they reviewed some magazines of men’s interest and made a conversation about the girls, laughing loud. “We did not do anything special that night”. Reverend heard Ken’s voice; “We only talked and guessed about what kind of work, we could be given to perform next morning at school. Somehow, we were coming back to talk about girls, after every few minutes. There was no reason to divulge but I did tell Jim that I had not kissed a girl as yet. Jim was known to have far more experience and I felt embarrassed and ashamed to say more and expose myself as still a virgin”. Ken kept saying. Generally, the man of God; would interrupt in most confessions and ask the person to leave kadıköy escort out the unimportant details and explain fully, what they think they had done wrong but not this time at all. This was a very special case. Every word was important and he needed to know them all and more.“Go on my c***d”. Encouraged the Holy father. “Well”. Ken hesitated for a moment as the Benevolent man feared that he would lose his nerve and then Kenneth spoke, “Jimmy started to tell me, how much he loved kissing girls making me more and more embarrassed. Finally, Jimmy asked me if I wanted to know, how it felt like to kiss”.The Virtuous Reverend almost gulped when he uttered, “What did you say to that”?“I was so embarrassed by now”. Ken answered, “If I said no, I would be a sure chicken”.“Did you say yes, that means”. Confirmed the Moral priest.“Yes”. Was the brief answer.“Did he show you, finally”. The Pious man was excited.“Yes”. Once again was the only answer and the Benevolent man had to draw more out of the boy. “How did he show you”?“He kissed me”. Was the answer after long pause!!Once again the scene started to move and change in the mind of the Celestial man. He could see the blond boy slide closer to Ken on the bed, leaning over gently and touched their lips together. Both had their eyes closed and mouths pressed to another.“Did you like it”? The father wanted to know.Once again there was a silent pause before the answer, “Yes”.“Did you kiss him back”? Was the query this time.This time the pause was lingering and the answer was in a very dim voice, “Yes father, I did”.The Hallowed Priest could imagine, both lips parting and the pair of tongues darting out, lips fluttering and mouths excited to explore. Their hands moving to each other’s legs, slightly above the knees to feel the velvety skin. “Oh God! No”. Reverend suddenly realized, his imaginations was taking him too far and making him aroused both physically as well as mentally. He could feel himself getting swollen and harder in his trousers as he asked with a silent whisper, “what happened next, my c***d”? “Nothing, I only said, it was cool and we talked some more”. Ken said.“You came to confess only this”. Father was afraid if the fun was over already .“No, father no. Later in the night, while we slept, something else also happened as we slept on his bed”.There was a cheer from the crowd in the Sacred man’s mind to feel the scene being continued so meaningfully. Now the both boys were in the very deep sleep on the top of the bedsheets; both bodies with a slight sheen of sweat, glistening their naked skin. Reverend’s bulge began to rise and strain against his pants. Ken was speaking, “We must have cuddled during our sleep, because as I woke up, Jimmy’s head was close next to mime and our bodies were also pressed together. One of his arm was on top of my stomach and his hand was relaxed on my”. He could not say the word.The Virtuous father knew, where that hand could be resting but he wanted to hear from the boy’s mouth and encouraged him to say it because it was absolutely must to be open minded when confessing to God himself.“His hand was on my penis. He was sleeping but his hand was packed in my shorts searching for something and rubbing there on my penis”. Ken gave the details.The Priest could envision those fingers fidgeting and cupping the meat there, growing much longer and harder, visible through the thin fabric easily to the Heavenly eyes. All this was making the father get even stiffer, as his hand u*********sly grabbed his own erect sex meat and began squeezing it through his trousers. Exactly then there was a sort of sigh from the boy and father Mahrzach could easily hear it.“Did this closeness of your friend, make you aroused”? Father asked.“Yes father”. Once again was the brief answer but the Blessed man wanted to hear more. “You mean, your friend’s warm breath on your neck and his fingers just innocently, absently playing with you, made you sexually aroused and excited”?“Yes father”. üsküdar escort Came the answer again but with a slightly louder sigh to follow this time. The boy was getting very much excited as he talked and remembered what happened on that bed.“What would you say, how talking about all this is effecting you right now”? The Religious man wanted to know. “Are you aroused now”?There was a total silence and father thought, Ken might walk out of the confessional and leave but then he heard the answer, “Yes I am”.Once again the scene in the Noble mind started to role. “What did you do, that night; after you got aroused by the actions of your friend”? Asked the saintly man. “Um, Aah, I played with myself”. Once again Ken gave a very brief answer and Holy father knew what was said but he needed to hear the words from that virgin mouth and virgin lips and tongue as he said, “Please be more specific, my boy”. “I, Ou, reached down and grabbed my WO.. Woc and began rubbing it”. Ken really struggled to say the word and finally did say ‘Cock’.Hearing the young virgin boy use the dirty word could have made the Neat man of God to be angry but no, father Mahrzach was instead driven to beyond limits with lust. His sexy muscle simply got out of control and began jumping, bouncing, throbbing. Father just could not ignore the need and reached to massage his staff through his pants. He was almost gagging with the lusty excitement as he asked, “Were you kind of wet down there, when you rubbed it”? Now there was absolutely no mistaking Ken’s tone. He was hot and no more trying to hide it. Virtuous father had to push further.“As you are thinking of that night now; are you wet again”?This time there was no silence. Perhaps Ken had an idea that the Holy man was turned on as well. Holy man did not care what was going in the young mind. He was only concerned to know how was the boy feeling as his friend rubbed his juice out then and was he leaking once again now.“Yes I am”. Came a straight forward answer.Holy father could not believe to hear himself say this but he said it, “What should you do right now is to rub your cock exactly the way, you did that night. There is nothing wrong in doing this and nobody has a thing to do with it but only you”.Holy father said that nobody had anything to do with it but in fact he had everything to do with it as his hands desperately were struggling to unzip his pants without the noise, to take out his Blessed piece of sex muscle and proceed along the boy to rub it. As the hot bedroom memory got sizzling in the young Ken’s mind, Divine father was now witnessing an intense image on the other side of the partition. Shorts ripped off the ankles, t-shirt raised over the head to rest at the back of his neck, pink, young and very suck able nipples showing and boy’s hand gripping his respectable length and massaging it gently, eager to do it faster soon.The zipper of the father’s trousers had also come down and raging hard, Consecrated cock finally, out in the open for the Reverend to grip it to feel the pulse with each heartbeat as he jerked and looked over.“Are you playing with yourself, like you were that night”. Asked the pious father. Father could recognize the young voice weak and trembling with the heat of sexy moans as he answered, “Yes father I am, am ammmm”! The boy had started jerking with vengeance already. Religious man could not hold back anymore and also began stroking his rigid length. The moans could be heard across from both sides along with the gasp and heavy breathing. Both emulating the other’s actions through the partition for mutual pleasure. Feeling the need and making sure to teach and preach the correct and the best method, father asked, “When you played with yourself that night, did you put any of your fingers inside you”? “Oh yes, Father”. The boy was getting far more courageous. The heat of the sex had melted all the dithering and the hesitations. “Use the bench”. Encouraged the father. “Lay on it as comfortably as you can”. He was glad that Ken did tuzla escort not cut his confession short and stayed with him as he could see the fingering being done to fan the flames flaring already out of control. Moans changing to growls from across the partition as the boy exceeded the pace of the action. Father Mahrzach was torn between the scenes. In one show, the boy was taught of deceit and depravity on his friend’s bed out in open, with his friend’s hand inside his shorts and masturbating, making sure, not to awake the sleeping beauty. In the other, the boy in the confessional with all the privacy of God’s house, sliding his hand up and down the moist shaft of his. The images started flickering as the action got much hotter and faster and Virtuous father had also raised his speed and rhythm on his cock, soaring, swelling much more. Ken was enjoying the blissful activity and moaning much louder than the Preacher. Both pumping and exciting one another. “Imagine, it was Jimmy’s hand playing with you. Believe me, if he knew you were awake, he would gladly jerk you off and might as well make you enjoy much more”. Father encouraged the boy. What a shame, there could be no way for the father to send his cock across the partition to the boy for all that more enjoyment, he was hinting to Ken nor he could ask Ken to propel his young virgin cock for him to enjoy it more.“Oouu, but father; I have seen a couple of videos and every time, I lay in my bed and rub myself in my bedroom, I insert my finger in my back hole as well but still I feel to do more as I saw in those videos and also done much more to me. I want someone to explore and tweak, twist and snatch my nipples. I want to kiss and be kissed like my friend Jimmy showed me and I even want to fuck someone and maybe even fucked; I would not mind. There are millions of nasty thoughts, I have to counter, every time I take off my clothes and go to bed after locking my room. I came to confess of those thoughts.Holy father was shocked to hear the boy talking dirty but he was glad that the virgin boy had lost the hesitations and was bold enough to get off on his dirty talk as much as he was. Father was almost ready to shoot his load, hearing the response but no, he was to guide the virgin boy. Sacred man, though started stroking his dick with more intent in anticipation. “That is fine my c***d. Do not think like a common street slut, which you are not and do not want to be. All your thoughts are divine and neat. You should keep them such. Think and decide; why would ‘nature’ provide the man with all those fun spots and areas if they were not meant to be explored and enjoyed”.“But why then, I cannot help myself and keep thinking it all to be nasty as I do that and want it done to me with much more zeal”. Boy asked.Reverent father was dangerously close now to unload the burden of the already boiling nectar in his balls and wanted the young virgin boy to squirt out his juices too and asked him once again, not to think of any sexual activity as nasty or against Nature’s desires. Now he knew, it was time to end the show and do it together. “Did you cum, that night”. Devout Priest was practically rocking the whole confessional booth with his rapid and fast masturbatory moves wishing that he could lurch at the boy somehow.“Yes father, yes. I did cum very hard that night thinking about Jimmy and feeling his warmth on my neck”.They both blasted together. The priest painted the wall on his side with his load splattering heavily while listening to the high pitched whimpering as the gay boy climaxed. Their mutual release lasted a bit longer as they both came down from their sexual high. The gay boy really wanted to know, what was his penance. The Holy man had shot little too much and was still dazed but he took the quick second to think and responded, “There is no penance for this, my c***d but a duty to inform me of any further activity that takes place with any of your friends to analyze and find out where it all leads you. The Devout man was really exhausted as he leaned against the other side wall of the confessional, sprinkled some holy water on his member and cleaned it with his inner robe while the boy rustled with his clothes and then walked out with clean thoughts after leaving the sinful nasty beliefs at the feet of the Lord to feel reborn Christian. The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Dec. 1/2019

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