collection adult theater short storys


collection adult theater short storysI love going to the local movie theater. my husband and i will go at a time that is not to crowded. normally there are a few couples there. we sit in the middle of the theater and begin kissing … we get a few lookers. then i will pull up my skirt ( no panties – for easy access) and sit on his dick and ride him up and down. before you know it, we have people watching and wishing. it is amazing how hot that is. some have asked to join, but we tell them no, but are welcome to watch.Me and my wife go out of town to do this,but we have lots of fun.she dosent fuck anyone and only sucks them with a condom. She flashes a little here and there,and she will only let men touch her tits and ass.but the main thing she likes is to have some watch us have sex. This weekend we are going to Brownsville,TX to playMe and the wife went into an adult movie store while on vacation few years back. I give her enough time to look at a few toys and books for her to get worked up a bit ! Went back to a booth to watch a movie, the booth had a peep hole from the next booth over. the guy in there was jerking of while getting to watch my wife blow me. both of us knew he was in there watching ! she really put on a show for him, took off her top and her bra for him to see.another time we went into a different store. the “glass walls” were maid so that if you push a button the wall becomes see through from one booth to another…she is blowing me, top off no bra on and she reaches up and pushes the button ! guy in the next booth got to see it all.The best I’ve had in an adult theater was this woman about 40 who was blowing her husband while I’m sitting next to her. Her dress is pulled up, no panties, fethiye escort so I start kissing her a##. She starts moaning pretty loudly so I start licking her twat and a##hole. Damn, she starts moaning really loud. I hook a thumb inside her twat and try to find her G-spot and lick her a## for all it’s worth. She’s bucking and groaning, finally stops giving the old man head and screams out loud. Two guys watching and jacking come like crazy on the floor. She sits up and gives me a hug, I swear! Then they both leave. No nut for me but damn good none the less.I went to theater in Atlanta…very horny…. an asian couple came in and sat behind me…I look back and she has legs wide open…hes rubbing her poon while she rubs his dick…..her white cotton panties were soaked and he gestured to me to come sit beside her….i did …got down and licked her poon good she was soaking wet and moaning….she stands up as he hands me a condom…she bends her little bum over and away I go…pumped her twenty minutes till I shot all over her ass and back ….damn good day!I had this strange feeling a few years back, that my husband was cheating on me. So one night I followed my husband and was shocked to see him park at an adult theater and go inside. I wondered whether to confront him or not. On one hand I had never been to one of those places and imagined being grabbed and groped – but then I imagined that my husband might be grabbing and groping some other girl, or worse, maybe another guy! So I gathered my courage and bought a ticket. Sure enough, my husband was in there, close to the front and seated right next to some other guy. There was plenty of room in there, so there was no need to sit next to anyone else escort fethiye unless…I took a seat in the back, holding back emotions and wondering what to do. I was considering my options when I felt a large, warm hand on my bare thigh and let out a muffled squeak that was loud enough for everyone in the small room to hear. Heads turned, eyes focused, and in another minute I had men on both sides, in front and behind stroking my hair and reaching under my skirt. I wanted to call out for my husband, but I was mad at him. And I suddenly had the idea that I could really get even with him if I go along with this for awhile.I closed my eyes and moaned softly as more and more masculine hands caressed and stroked me. Before I even realized it my blouse was unbuttoned and my skirt was turned almost inside out. I moaned loudly when a finger found my clitoris while at least two pairs of hands massaged my bare breasts. When a big hard c0ck presented itself, I did what I was used to doing for my husband… I just took it into my mouth and sucked away, hoping this stranger would appreciate it more than my husband does. In a few minutes I was wearing only my socks and hair bows, surrounded by cheating men all jerking, being sucked, or hoping for a chance at intercourse. I was horny enough to have let them all f*ck me, but I was also getting genuinely scared. Until a soft, boyish voice said, “I’ll be gentle, I promise,” and began to eat me out until I was writhing in my seat and willing to do anything for him. He wanted me on top, and I rode his fine hard c0ck while hungry masculine hands wandered all over my full, round, erect breasts and bouncing buttocks. I never did see my husband among the crowd of men who were fethiye escort bayan all taking turns at me, wanking onto my naked body. He was still at the front, with the other man, apparently getting each other off.A while back I took my wife once to a place in Houston. She was really horny and wanted to check it out. I ve been to a couple but its was a long time ago and never with my wife. She knew about the rooms, the videos and the glory holes and wanted to see them. We were in there for a bit talking, touching and watching the video in the booth. There were two holes in the booth as well. Eventually one c-ck came through and we watched for a bit and after a minute is pulled away. My wife was sitting on my lap and we were kissing as a touched her bare ass under he skirt. I told her she could touch or whatever else she wanted if another one popped through. About 5 minutes later another one did and as I rubbed her p-ssy, she got up and wanted to rub the thick white c-ck that was sticking out of the hole. She started rubbing it and I continued to rub her p-ssy which was very wet.The next thing she did was not take the c-ck in her mouth but stand up, lift her skirt up and slide the c-ck into her. I was shocked and I’m sure the guy on the other end was too. It was my fantasy to see a woman doing exactly this after seeing it in a video but I couldnt believe my wife was doing this. In any case she stood there slowly moving as the guy on the other side continued to do her. We could hear the guy on the other side moaning and breathing hard. After a few minutes he mumbled about coming and and my wife said ok. My wife stayed against the hole as he started to c=m inside her. She had an incredible orgasm the same time the guy came in her. He stayed in her for a bit, pulled out and c=m dropped onto the floor. I was so hard that I sat down on the chair with her on top of me and fucked her soaked pussy. I only last maybe a minute till I came in her.

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